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Burlington Coat Factory Complaints & Reviews

Burlington Coat Factory / loss prevention officer and management rude and unprofessional

Lcaji on Jul 17, 2017
On July 15, 2017 we visited the Burlington Store at 4131 Meridian Street in Bellingham at 4pm. We are from Canada and stopped by here on the way home from camping in Blaine to get some clothing for the kids. We tied our two dogs outside while we shopped for about an hour. About 40minute...

Burlington Coat Factory / gift card balance shows 0

Sindoora on Jul 13, 2017
I purchased an item through their website and since some part of it was missing, I returned it in a store and they gave me a gift card in Dec 2015, for a bal of $115. Since then I haven't used the gift card. In March 2017 when I went to a store and used the same gift card, they said it had...

Burlington Coat Factory / rude unprofessional cashier that represents your company!

Msfigueroa on Jun 30, 2017
On 6/29/17 I visited the store location of 700 E. Hunting Park Plaza, Philadelphia, PA Store: 00547. There I shopped for well over a hour, once I was done I took my items up to the counter. One of the items I found on the clearance rack wasn't marked. So once I went to the register I asked...

Burlington Coat Factory / return policy receipt

Tanee Forbes on Jun 24, 2017
On 6/24/2017 this afternoon I went into the store to return a hair clip that was broken. The cashier told me that I could not return it because 1) it was not in its original form and 2.) I had no purchase barcode. I spoke to a supervisor who told me same after I asked her to show me on the...

Burlington Coat Factory / rude and insensitive behavior

Kermitt on Jun 6, 2017
My wife and I came to purchase luggage for an up coming trip. The Luggage area was very neat and well organized. Some of the luggage did not have pricing and one piece was in the clearance area but not marked as clearance. I called for help using my cell phone because there was no one...

Burlington Coat Factory / unethical behavior

Amzz on May 25, 2017
The cashier at the 625 Atlantic Avenue Burlington Store was very rude and unethical. Her name was Nia according to the receipt that i got. So, while she was bagging the stuff that i bought, she was complaining to her co-cashier that i didn't help her and i just stand there watching her...

Burlington Coat Factory / Employee discount

emily sanchez on May 6, 2017
I'm a sales associates at Burlington and I believe that the new discounts card that can only be given to our kids and spouses is NOT Right!!. 95% of the workers who work here at Burlington are Students who are enrolled in School, Are single young mothers or simply Young Adults Who Work...

Burlington Coat Factory / the burlington store I recently purchased items from

Dale Byars on Apr 22, 2017
I went to the Burlington store to purchase some sandals for my kids and when I went to check out the sandals the lady at the cash register took the sandals and told me they were not for sale which she didn't place under the register to keep for herself on a friend I would like a response...

Burlington Coat Factory / rude associate sara andrews

Sanantha ross on Apr 21, 2017
Did not want to help with my layaway and walked away when no one else was at the counter stating that thats not her job to ring up customers.I found her to be rude and immature for some one to claim that she runs the front end.I stood in line for at least 20 minutes just to get turned...

Burlington Coat Factory / manager name nuvia

Mimi3779 on Apr 15, 2017
I am a customer and love shopping at Burlington. I was at the location at Plaza of America Mall located here in Houston Tx. And I witness the manager on duty Nuvia totally down grade an employee that I felt quite disturbing and the employee was simply asking for help because of how busy...

Burlington Coat Factory / Clothes purchased from store #00424

wafaa ramadan on Apr 5, 2017
I do not know what to say very poor skill cashier need training poor management Debora Douglas she hide her id badge I ask cashier about her name she did not give to me she charged my credit card $150 then by mistake canceled the transaction as sale but never credit my card back the $150...

Burlington Coat Factory / Layaway/burlington, grapevine mills mall

Medlo on Mar 4, 2017
I started a layaway, and decided to cancel the layaway and they charged me $5.00 to start the layaway and another $10.00 to cancel it. This is such a rip-off. Is this how this company stay in business by ripping people off? and to add to the problem I paid cash to start this layaway, and...

Burlington Coat Factory / Store management customer service

RosMNC on Feb 26, 2017
02/26/17 approximately 5:20pm in Burlington Store # 00817 an internal issue occurred, no credit card or debt transactions were accepted; cash only transactions. After driving from Gastonia, NC to Charlotte NC. South Blvd store a 45 minutes' transport, shopping about 2 hours; we had a cart...

Burlington Coat Factory / Stolen Purse

Esmeorejel on Feb 23, 2017
Today February 23rd my purse was stolen at one of your locations inside the chula vista mall. I demanded to see their cameras but I was not helped immediately, I was told that the only person whom had access to the cameras would not show up until tomorrow afternoon. I shop here all the...

Burlington Coat Factory / Associate

Ex loyal customer on Jan 31, 2017
I purchased a car seat on 1/09/2017. I ended up not liking the car seat because it took up too much room for my other kids to sit comfortably. I tried looking for the receipt but I couldn't find it. I know you guys can find a receipt with my phone number so I didn't worry to much about it...

Burlington Coat Factory / Assistant manager

Bee Keeper on Jan 27, 2017
I've been in and out of your store with my family I have never had a rude and disrespectful person cash me out as these women, I refuse to come in anymore and told of my family and friends about your store and the way your Employees are . Your Assistant manager was very rude and...

Burlington Coat Factory / Sales person in the fitting room

Vern 1 on Dec 21, 2016
Yesterday 12/20/2016 me and my boyfriend went to pick up some Christmas presents for the family at Burlington Coatfactory in Ocean Twp, NJ. While I was trying on a jacket, I was looking around for a mirror and walked to the big mirror in the fitting room. My boyfriend walked right behind...

Burlington Coat Factory / A cancelled order without any notice.

Jwinnie on Dec 21, 2016
I'm very disappointed with the website, I ordered a coat for my mother for Christmas and my order was cancelled by Excelled. I would have been able to find a replacement if I received an email notifying me that the orders been cancelled. Instead I have been waiting for the coat in the...

Burlington Coat Factory / Customer service

Heather O'Neal Flowers on Dec 19, 2016
Today I traveled an hour and a half to shop at the Savannah GA store to purchase items for my daughter's Christmas list. She is 19 and autistic and only wished for a bassinet and high chair for her baby. These items are her must haves and she wanted real baby items (not made for doll...

Burlington / Dirty bedding set

Khayla Williams on Dec 11, 2016
On 12/10/16, I found a comforter set that I really wanted and I knew my chances of getting it else where was rare. I bought a turquoise comforter set that had two billow shams and a comforter. I opened it up and was horrified by what laid in side. One of the pillow shams had brown stain...

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