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Stopped at wilsonville and was Hungary so since Burger King sign was on I just expected your store to be open but day at the drive up intercom and nobody ever answered?? The door to the back was wide open, their were people going in and out but do you think any one of them.could just say "we are closed " even though it couldn, 't have been but around
10 :30pm as left Beaverton at 10 and it's 10 miles at most.
So we drove pDt the serving window it was lit up bright but nobody was visible so left wondering if you even bother to turn the sign off? I worked and managed convenience store where we turned the sign off as people would think you were opened and you aren't so may not go back if this is your practice, stop in take a guess if we're open, have it my way? OK right, !
Nobody that u care about

  • Updated by Andy Kizer, Oct 01, 2019

    I first want to complain about this form disappearing after I took the time to explain what was going on.
    Evidently you don't mind your employees discriminating me since I couldn't see code on coupon, won't go into it as probably loose all the info as earlier when I needed to answer my phone! So I will just tell you I recently had cataract surgery and can't see up close so when I didn't tell your employee code on coupon I added taco and didn't get it, nor did I get MY receipt, I got one for the car ahead and the car behind and didn't get taco so when I went inside to see what if been charged I was told I didn't order taco when I drove up to window with coupon I needed to order as you need code before she can put order in and it was my fault, I really didn't care but wanted to know what id been charged
    Since I used debit card!!! I don't appreciate your employee shaming me telling me, if you would of followed our strict rules, I find it odd the bk down the street doesn't and never had done business in this manner and if you are in a dark car well good luck!
    There are plenty of other places nearby that would appreciate my business so guess I will go there!
    No thank you, KMA or a bit of graditude that I frequented your bk

Oct 02, 2019

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