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Burger King / rude drive thru

Br Mar 25, 2019

Date Monday 3/25/19
I tried to order through the drive through, spoke clearly and loudly. The person taking the order could not have been more RUDE. Maybe they couldn't understand me for some reason, but it was a very simple, straightforward and basic order. They seemed to react like I was speaking a different language or something (we were both speaking English). They didn't ask me to repeat it. They just went silent for a while and then said rudely "what is it you want?" after each thing I ordered. I approached today with an open mind, but quickly remembered that in the past when I pick up order here at drive through, I say thank you, they say nothing, maybe occasionally "you're welcome". Excuse me, they should be thanking me too. I'm the paying customer. And I expect to be greeted friendly and with respect when I place my order. Not treated like I am an unwelcome interruption to their day when I try to place a simple order through the drive through. Does Burger King not train anyone beyond the mechanics of how to use the equipment? They need to be trained on how to speak to paying customers. You just lost one for good. I've had enough of being treated rudely when I was just minding my own business in the first place. I am a working professional, that has an office nearby. I will drive by this location on my way to somewhere else to eat to eat from now on.

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