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Burger King complaints 3940

Burger King - food

I stopped at Burger King a MONTH ago and ordered 5 bacon burgers Plain!
When we got home, my picky kids all refused to eat when they found all the burgers had tomatoes, lettuce etc!
It was a long day at work I had 5 kids with me. I had to make dinner.
I was so upset I called customer service, she took my name and number and said someone will be in touch! I am still waiting!
Money and time wasted!

Burger King - service

Myself and my whole family were completely shocked with the service at SugarHill/Buford location. I ordered 2 for 6 whoppers and then I had a coupon for a free whopper with purchase. (3 total) The total came out to 10.48. I asked are the whoppers still 2 for 6 and the cashier rolled her eyes, made a horrible disgusted face at me and said Yeah. I asked why it was 10.48 since I had a free whopper. This conversation went on 4 times, with myself explaining, I believe the total should be 6 something. Her answer every time was it's 10.48, with a rude, ugly attitude. I asked can I please talk with someone else about my total. She screamed for the manager and said this lady wants to talk to you. She threw her hands up in disgust. (All I was doing is talking to her and asking her about the cost I was not rude, I was not ugly and I was just confused at the total) The lady that was already screaming at an employee about something was the one that came to help me. I believe her name was Sarah. I said I don't know why she is being so mean to me, but I haven't done anything to her and she is rolling her eyes and throwing her hands up. Instead of addressing the matter she said very rudely maam what do you need. I told her I just believe I am being over charged. She was extremely hateful at the time. I told her I am buying 3 whoppers 2 for 6 and I get one free. She asked me why I thought I could have a free whopper. I said excuse me, I have a coupon. She then said you have to buy one and it's BOGO. I said no, I am buying 2 whoppers then I have a free whopper coupon, 3 total. She told me, you can't have 2 for 6 whoppers and then use a coupon. She was so hateful why saying this I told her I felt I should just leave instead of purchasing. She screamed while I was leaving have a nice day. It seemed like she and the other lady cashier wanted to fight. I will never go here again. The last time I was in this store we got there at 9:15 and the cashier told me it was to late to make any more whoppers.

Burger King - complaint of not letting me use my coupons on whopper wednesday

Today July 18, 2018 I went to use my two coupons at the Burger King in Prince George, BC for two whopper meals for $11.29. When I placed my order through drive thru I was told that it is whopper...

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Burger King - service and quality of food

Twice now I went to Burger King in Columbia, pa and the staff there are unprofessional, the place is dirty, they don't care how the food looks or taste when they send it out. I got sick from eating here twice now in the last 2 months I am done. I loved your chicken sandwich but there it's like eating a big cardboard grass hut. They mess up my order all the time also ask for onions and lettuce on a spicy chicken sandwich I get a regular chicken with everything. When I get fries it's only half filled. Very dissatisfied customer.

Burger King - manager and cashier

I been coming every morning before work to Burger King for the last 2 weeks.i am 2 months pregnant and been craving it.the morning staff is usually awesome I get the ultimate platter no pancakes cause they make my stomach hurt sub French toast sticks.today July 18th 2018 I came in and it was a different staff cashier was rude and said I couldn't get French toast I told her I get it every morning she preceded to get a manager who came out rude asking me who gives that to me every morning they are in trouble they do not do that.i am a General manager of a franchise and I would fire any of my management team who spoke like that to any of my customers.i will never ever go to a Burger King agin .both these employees should get in trouble for there actions not professional at all.they both need training in respect!

Burger King - no drinking water

Yesterday at 1:20p.m. I ordered a whopper combo from Burger King, Ironshore location in Montego Bay Jamaica. I requested bottled water instead of the sweet drinks, and was told there was no water...

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Burger King - menu issue at the pat booker location in san antonio texas

its close to a year since I've had a meal at burger king. I went in Sunday July 15th located in san Antonio texas at the pat booker road location somewhere around 4 pm. I ordered a number 2 double whopper. when the order was complete and I had taken a couple of bites I noticed that their were jalapeno's in the burger. when I approached the sales person at the counter and pointed that out they stated that that's how the order came. I pointed out that the picture and the description on the counter menu did not say that. it was restated to me again that jalapeno's were standard in a double whopper. I returned to my seat and simply removed them and completed my meal. as I left I also noticed that a double whopper #2 picture showed a tomato which I did not get with my order. I went online today to see what comes in a double whopper and it stated NO jalapeno's but did note tomatoe's as being part of burger.

Burger King - poor drive thru service in clarksburg wv

I just submitted a survey that you can retrieve and read in full detail what my complaint is, as there are not enough characters left for me to explain it here. My survey validation code is FF36294 if that helps you to retrieve the survey. I probably will never return to Store # 13601 and I will let my friends and family know why. Sorry for bad PR.
Coupons for nuggets, original chicken sandwiches and crispy chicken sandwiches, coupon #'s were 2- 8711's, 1-9080, 1-8827. Did not receive nuggets or ranch dressing, received drinks and frozen cokes that I ordered. Was charged 32.16, gave $35.00 was asked to pull around to front doors and food would be brought out. Girl that brought out food, did not have receipt. I had to ask for one. She had to go back and retrieve, did not bring me my change. Was hot and had grandchildren with me. Did not want to argue with incompetent staff. Went home, discovered nuggets were not in bag, called store, told them about nuggets and change and receipt and that I was not coming back out. I have COPD and extreme heat exacerbates my condition so I chose to not return and I will not be returning to this particular franchise. I may frequent the one in Bridgeport, but I do intend to inform family and friends on all of my social media accounts as to my poor service at your establisment this afternoon. If you need information from my receipt, it was order #53, Store #13601 Time stamp 04:00OPM Tuesday July 17, 2018. Look forward to hearing from you, my email account is [protected]@live.com. Thank you.

Burger King - the food wasn’t cooked all the way, employees smelled like marijuana & used slot of profanity

I asked to to speak with manager and she had a attitude, I had waited for my food for at least 25 minutes when I asked for my money back the manager had walked away and said my food would be finished immediately which it wasn't : I smelled marijuana the whole entire time there, especially the cashier who took my order & her eyes were red like an apple

Burger King - Atmosphere

On 7/3/18 I was traveling through Wytheville VA on my way to the beach and we decided to stop at the Burger King at 3223 Chapman Rd Wytheville VA 24382 #8758. We went inside to eat and upon immediately walking into the restaurant you were hit with a heat wave. The gentleman at the counter told us to have a seat in the play area where it was much cooler that their ac was broken and had been broken for a while. Being a customer and being inside in the heat was almost unbearable just standing there waiting on your food I can only imagine how the workers felt. I have worked in fast food before and its hot working in the grill anyway with proper ac I couldn't imagine having to do it when its 85+ degree inside. I don't know if this issue has been resolved for them and I hope it has. If it hasn't I truly hope that someone reading this will ensure that their ac problem gets fixed. The employees at this restaurant were extremely kind and had great customer service and should not have to endure working in the heat.

Burger King - drive thru

I drove 20 minutes away from home to order a family bundle for me, my husband and two children I came to the drive thru at approximately 10:00-10:30p.m. and was told I would have to come inside to place my order if I wanted it but if I ordered everything separately (not as a family bundle, only as individual meals) I would not have to come inside. I chose drive thru so I would not have to transport my children outside the car and was refused service. Its was very inconvenient and bad service because I had already had a late night at work and needed to feed my children because it was already late and we stay a little further from the town where burger is located.

Burger King - service

My name isHadeel Saleh, I stopped at restaurant #14209 at 201 museum street, Hilton Head Island, SC on Monday 07/16/18 at 9:25pm coming from Atlanta after long drive on a very heavy rain weather and once I entered with my family the employee (Desiree) instead of saying welcome she said we are closing in a minute so I was confused what time is it and looked at my watch then asked her I thought you close st 10pm so she said yes but we need to clean up, I said we have 35 minutes which will be enough for us to eat at and told her I know what we need so I will order quickly but she was very rude and keep staring at me then said to her colleague come and continue the order and went to another one talking about us saying that we are mean!!!
Then we asked for the manager, the general manager came (Kelly) who was nice and handled the situation in a better way but this employee made my visit today the worst experience in my favorite fast food restaurant

Burger King - customer services

This is the first complaint I have ever submitted with any company. In this case I feel a complaint is warranted so that service is improved and I can continue to enjoy eating at the restaurant. I went with my children to dine in on Sunday evening at 9:45 pm, but there were no customers inside and the door was locked. The dine-in hours stated closing hours at 12:00 am. We settled for going through the drive -thru. At the speaker I asked for an order of chicken fries, a hamburger w/no pickles, a crispy chicken sandwich and 2 small onion rings. When I arrived to the window I payed using my debit card and checked my order. I had an extra order of chicken fries and reviewed my receipt. I realized I paid for the extra order. However? I was told that I could not be reimbursed because the cash register was in the process of closing. I was offered ab extra fry instead and accepted it because I didn't want a confrontation at the time and there was a long line of cars behind me. I was upset but accepted the fries instead even though the fries cost much less than the chicken fries. I then asked for a zesty sauce and was told it was already in the bag. After arriving home I realized the zesty sauce was not in the bag and furthermore the hamburger had cheese in it. My son can not eat cheese as a result of medical issues. I did not return to make the change because at this point I was quite upset as were my children. I believe this to be awful service. I am not seeking any reimbursement, but I do hope that the lack of adequate service is addressed and remediated. Thank you for your time.

Burger King - emergency alarm on door

A person mistakenly tried to get out the emergency door. No one came to turn off the alarm, so I went to the desk and the only person who could turn it off was busy. She would be there as soon as possible. There was no one at the counter, but she was working the driveway. So The 15 people who were suffering, waited. When she didn't come again, I went again to the desk. She apologized, but had to wait on the driveway. This is unacceptable. That was a very Annoying noise, hard on the ears, and it took her 15 seconds

Burger King - service

Saturday July 14, 2018 12:30 p.m. my wife and I went to Burger King for lunch. We had to wait for the cashier/manager to finally take our order (we were the only one in line). There was no ice in the pop machine and over half of the beverages were empty. If you wanted a pop you had to get it from the front counter. The lobby was disgusting. We had to clean a table so we could sit down.
After we sat down, my sandwich was not made the way I wanted, I picked off the unwanted items and ate it anyway. Didn't want to chance getting it screwed up again. My wife's sandwich was also wrong.
We watched 2 different people come into the restaurant, stand in line and wait to be served and left without being served or even spoken to.
The Burger King in question is located on Fenton Road, Flint Michigan 48507. There was even a gentleman filling out an application for employment on the lobby . After he finished with the application, he stood at the counter for a good 5 minutes before walking out. I feel sorry for him if he gets hired.

Burger King - staff

There were only 2 people running this place on a Friday evening at this airport. 1 Cashier that also had to stop taking orders to fix drinks and bag the food. One cook to cook everything and package it. the line was so long even to get just an order of chicken fries and onion rings with 2 drinks took 17 minutes. the manager should make better scheduling choices.

Burger King - about the manager alana c 10 14 is a number written by her name on the receipt

Went to Burger King ordered my order through the drive-thru like I always do every time I go through there the manager is rude I am Hispanic I went through there today the address is 2335 South East...

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Burger King - bad service and employees out of an ac

I went to the cornelius burger king the main manager looks like she does not care always woth a mean face ando spoke to one of the employees there if they had an ac in the kitchen since i seen most of them working hard and it was soo hot and saw them even sweating and this employee said no the one in the kitchen does not work only the one in counter .

Burger King - service

Service was slow, I waited for 15 min. For my food and there was two more people ahead of me who was complaining. The manager was sitting in his office not helping. The guy who was preparing the food disappeared for for 10 minutes someone else had to come and prepare my food my french fries warm and clump together. On weekdays service is great but we can crew is the worst.

I signal over to the manager and shout "Do you need some help? Or can you do this? We people gotta go and eat."

Burger King - entire store

This was by all means THE worst BK I have ever been in. Bad management is the best I can state ! Water dripping on customers at the counter, cashier going back to help with food preparation with no gloves after handling money, didn't receive my complete order and waited 16 minutes for my order as I watched people after me receive their food. The place was filthy from the door handle to the table. Store is located in Springfield, Fl. Store number 12722 It should be closed immediately! Will never go back !

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