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My daughter was fired unfairly Herb the store manager. He continuously singled her out when there are others who have missed way more days than she has. When she was hired she made it known that she was a Senior at Franklin Military Academy. He claims that she was written up multiple times for calling out and that is not true. She would not have had to call out had the managers in the store communicated properly because she always notified them in advance about days that she would need off to participate in fun raising activities for her school that she is required to for certain credits to graduate Military School. Any day she missed was due to school activities that she had no choice but participate in and she always notified them in advance, if she was written up she was not properly notified. Her name is Angel she came in on days off always stayed latesl when asked even though she had school and also had to take public transportation home sometimes past 10:30 pm. If I have to I will make this public she deserves to keep her job and in necessary transferred to a new location. My name is Sharmaine if I am not contacted by someone I plan on taking this to the news because it's unfair especially when the managers are the one's who are not communicating properly. Thank you

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  • Cw
      Oct 10, 2019

    Maybe they were just looking for someone more dependable, who doesn't blow off work (for whatever reason) and doesn't have a curfew as a convenient excuse to not work till close? Just throwing that out there...

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  •   Oct 10, 2019

    They need reliable help and not people who call out continually.

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