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M Jul 30, 2019

We came to the BK restaurant at 13.30 on 30/07 2019. There were 5 people before us in the line. One registry was open.

Our order was taken at 13.57. The excuse that was given by the only person in taking the orders was "it came a big order we are dealing with"
It was 1 whopper meal and 4 kids menus.

Whilst the guy taking our order (Olof) the man from the big order came back with 4 cheese burgers. not containing cheese.. then we watched 4 people opening the burgers and discussing the issue saying "let's just add cheese". Health and safety regulations is apparently not important.

Our order was eventually taken and we sat down. (Now there was 15 people behind us.) I explained that one of my children is type 1 diabetic and I asked how long it would take to get the food so we can prebolus insulin. "It won't be more than 5 min"
15 min later I had to take my child over to the soda machines to give her some full sugar coke due to her blood glucose was coming down like a rocket.
I was then informed by a young man with a bad attitude that I was stealing and it would be 10sek for a refill and that I shouldn't give a diabetic sugar drink cause "that's is how she became diabetic in the first place" I do not appreciate being taught how to care for my child by an 18 year old. And I informed him that if she do not drink the coke she will die. Also my child was diagnosed at 16 months whilst still being breast fed. Also her twin is non diabetic

Sitting and waiting some friends to the cashier came in. They got their food straight away and left before we had our food delivered

It took 30 min to get our food. It was cold. At this point we just needed food so we just ate it
However we only got two of our three ordered adult meals. The 6 pack of chicken nuggets for the kids had 5 nuggets and they forgot the union rings. The last adult meal arrived 10 min later with the union rings we had to ask for 2 times. This was also cold

I have never been treated this bad in my life. The concept of "fast" food seams not apply to Burger King and discriminating and bad customer service is apparently norm.

I would like an email with a response from the complains team. I do not think this experience is appropriate nor acceptable

My email is

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