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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King verified

never get my order & rude cashier

Date/time of the incident:
Wed. July 24, 2019
03:52 PM

Burger King
290 Oxmoor Road Birmingham, AL 36209

Hi, I write this to complain about the service and the rude cashier. I ordered a large cup of coffee and the cashier said it is going to take 4-5 minutes to brew and I accepted it. My coffee didn't come out after waiting for 25 minutes with patience(because I didn't want to be rude), and I approached to the cashier and asked if my coffee will be ready soon. She apologized me but it was very rude and was in insincere manner. The crew who seemed is in charge of brewing coffee seemed just chit-chatting with other crews and customers, not doing his job. I got mad and told cashier that I don't need my coffee and am going to complain about it. You guys can't run a business like this. I would like a full refund and further for my wasted time(30 minutes of waiting for a cup of coffee, but never got it) and my ruined day. Absolutely disgusting service and attitude to the customers. Should you have any question: [protected]

Thank you.

never get my order & rude cashier