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My pregnant daughter and three grandchildren went to store #13761 (Chrystal City, MO) today. She was treated extremely rudely. When she returned home with our dinner, my fish sandwich was spoiled and had slimy lettuce and you could tell it had been recooked. My grandchildren could not eat their meals either. Nasty, slimy burgers and cold fries. I want restitution and an apology from the employees and manager at that Burger King! I also want my money back as the food was not edible but garbage. I feel that this is really getting out of hand. Poor service, nasty spoiled and cold food. I have tried to Email BK, but to no avail. Perhaps someone reading this can contact them... I am unable to do so. I should sue them for a couple of million dollars... Maybe then they would shape up. This store should be shut down. Oh and by the way, I took one bite of the twice cooked/reheated slimy fish sandwich and I threw it up. Someone help please.

JJW in DeSoto, MO.


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Apr 14, 2010 10:21 pm

Well, If you want something to happen just STOP going tell your friends tell everyone what happened when you were there everyone will STOP going to Burger King and The end . Simple as that . And that's just nasty with the hair ugh that's why you don't ###ing hire 10 year old's to work in fast food .. First time i went there i almost threw up looking at it . I was afraid to ask to make it again but obviously you never know if they would spit in it . *Rolls eyes*

Jan 29, 2010 12:56 pm

What are you going to sue them for? Giving you food that you didn't want to eat? You cannot sue someone just because you feel like it. I would understand if this food caused you or your family harm, but throwing up one time doesn't warrant you millions of dollars. You sue people for compensation for damages, which there are clearly none in this case.

Aug 19, 2008 5:45 pm

Call imformation for Burger king Regional office numbers

Dec 08, 2007 5:21 am

I went to BK #13242 Tolley Road, Summerville SC. Every time I go there it takes 15 minutes to get something in the drive thru. If you go in it takes even loner. The only reason why I went again is because my daughter wanted an IDOG. (a toy). I stood in line behind a lady who obviously had been waiting for sometime. It took them 5 more minutes to assist her. The customer wanted a $100 give card. The girl did not know how to do it! The manager took 3 minutes to find the card and then proceeded to do the card, the girl did not even watch to learn how to do it. Then when it came time for payment, the girl couldn't even run the debit card because her nails were so long. I told my daughter NEVER ask me to come to BK again. The girl heard this and became offended. She finished with the customer who bought the generous gift card and did not even say Thank You, come again. I was so pissed off. Then when it was my turn she just stood there looking at me. Did not acknowledge me, just stared at me. I said are you not going to say how can I help you? She just stood there. So I ordered my daughters kid meal so she could get the toy. Then I said to the girl that her customer service sucked and I could not believe that you did not even thank the lady for buying the gift card. I said it so loud everyone ( all africian american) stopped and watch. The manager came came out, she could not talk she had lost her voice. I told her what she did and that girl sat there and continued to yell at me telling me not to treat her like I am her mother and tell me how to do my job. I told the manager what she did and the girl just walked away from her register. So the manager proceeded to take my order and apologized the best she could in her cracking voice. I asked her for the girls name and store # so I can report her. But by the sounds of it, it does not do any good. I will not go to another BK in any state. I am even going to write to McDonald's and suggest that they improve there customer service and offer Flammed Burgers that BK does. Because, that is the only reason why I go to BK. Everything else you can get anywhere. They say in the south the blacks still have an attitude about slavery. Well, not for nothing, they need to get over it. They have their freedom and they should be thankful. Now they are just work slaves to making a living like everyone else in the world. If you do not work, you do not have a home or food or other things. There is no such things as a free lunch! It does not matter what your ethnic background is, it is your work ethics. You get out of it what you put into.
Unfortunately, these people a victims of circumstance. They have no drive to do better or right. I honestly cannot wait for the "Jefferson's" era, when computers and robots replace all the work force.

Nov 27, 2007 10:30 am

On Nov. 21 2008 at 6:40 PM I entered the establishment of Burger King Store#9918 in Newport News, Virginia. My receipt number is 170 with Rachel R Cash on my receipt the time is 6:50 PM.

I purchase a Junior Whopper and a small Strawberry Milkshake. The wait time was now 10 minutes and the restaurant was clearly short staffed with 1 person on the drive through, 1 guy preparing food and another one walking around and the Manager preparing the food. On the register was a young man who had asked several customers ahead of me the general greeting: may I take your order-to go or for here, well by 6:50 PM as he was processing orders and taking money he came back to the register and stood at the register and said nothing to me, so I gave my order and I moved down.

The customer behind me had placed an order for 2 or 3 whopper juniors and then as I continued to stand there, the second customer placed a order for a large strawberry milkshake and a order of fries.The guy on the register again processed orders and gave the customer behind me his order and then gave the third customer his large strawberry milkshake and fries and then by now it is 7 PM. All the people that were behind me was gone with the exception of the third customer who was standing with me. I approached the counter and the guy brought both our orders at the same time. I asked if I could have a fry for having to wait so long.

He looked at the receipt and then looked at the clock and said you only waited 10 minutes just like everyone else. Now if that were the case then why was I still there after 3 orders had been taken and processed and two of the customers had already left? I let him know that the one customer received his large strawberry milkshake before me and I had ordered a small one and he stated the guy only ordered fries and I said and a large strawberry milkshake. I told him that the guy after me ordered 3 whopper juniors and he told me that they were short staffed and there was nothing he could do about it and started to walk away. The tone and attitude that followed was unreal. I asked for the Manager and then he barked loudly, SHE IS BUSY and I told you there is nothing I could do. He never asked the Manager to come to the counter-by now none of the employees was doing any work. I asked for my money back and he loudly said NO!

I said except me and then he asked if I wanted a fry and I said no and I again asked for the Manager to come to the front and then he leaned over the fry bin where the supervisor was laughing with the other 2 employees and remarking he is hot, he is mad and he loud and very confrontational and told her to give him the key so he could get into the drawer because she wants her money because it took too long and then he remarked it is only 2 dollars and change and he opened the drawer and basically threw the $2.85 at me and said BYE. Then he asked if anyone wanted some free food. I walked out to avoid having the police called because I feel that the unnecessary tone, rudeness and pure unprofessionalism that he displayed only valid that he should not be working in a place like that-you don't talk to a adult like that and a customer that is giving you their business.

Now if I had been just as rude to him then that would have been a different story. I work in the Customer Service/Accounts Payable Department for Enterprise Rent A Car so I daily deal with all types of persons and if I were to be like that with a customer for no reason I would be at fault and I would at least apologized. Now if the customer was rude, I would excuse myself and inform my supervisor and let her handle it. I was in shock at his attitude and rude behavior. I have never been so embarrassed and left.

I don't know if the video camera had film in and recording, but if your office would review this you will see that 6:40 pm or 6:45pm a lady with a red mid length sweater, black pants, black shoes, braided/twisted hair and notice the next 2 customers and see that I am still standing there after they are gone.

The rudeness of this employee and the tone and manner in which he spoke was totally deplorable. I am requesting this employee be terminated from this establishment and the Manager be reprehended for her lack of doing nothing when the situation clearly could have been handled in a different way. If you Managers that act childlike I would be concerned and maybe look into getting an adult to run the establishment.

This has been the worse experience I have had at any food establishment and I am 42 years of age. I respectfully ask that this employee be terminated as soon as possible and the Manager.

May 18, 2007 5:06 pm

I have been going to our local B K for almost 17 years, and lately the service is so bad one can barely stand it, and today going down to get three whoppers for my Grandkids was the worse. I have many time ask them and had to double check the order, for a certain way to have my food done, and a lot of the time I have had to take it back and have it done over to what I had asked for in the first place. BUT today I ask for 3 Whoppers with just pickle and extra Onion, and thats ALL. I also repeated it 4 times to the young lady at the drive thru. When I got to the window to pay I was asked if I ordered a Whopper with cheese, i EXPLAINED TO THE YOUNG GIRL, WHAT i HAD ORDERED, and she left the window. She came back a few mins later and handed me the order, to say the least, I was alone with a long line behind me and in a hurry, so I was unable to check the order, left and went home which I may add is a was to travel. Got to the house, three hunger kids ready to eat, by the way they are unable to eat the secret sauce, tomatoes and so on, so when they started to eat the three Whoppers I ordered special was TOTALLY WRONG... The had the works, UNEXCEPTABLE... I called B K and spoke to the manager I think and explained what had happened, and that I was really upset about it, I was told by a young lady, and I "WELL SORRY ABOUT THAT WHAT DO U WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT, YOU TOOK THE ORDER, AND LEFT, SO!. I was so mad I just hung up on her, never again will I go back, and will tell all I know about there service and attitude... SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE WITH THIS STORE, ITS NOT CLEAN, AND THE SERVICE ****.

Apr 08, 2007 12:56 pm

Sub: Hair in food, worst customer service

On easter after visiting my mother in the hospital, we (my wife and i) decided to get some "bk on the way" as we call it. After arriving home and eating about one quarter of my triple w/cheese i noticed a large hair in it. Well needless to say we drive 10 min. Back to the store to return it. After asking for a manager to attend to this; mis "matty" shows up immediately putting up an attitude, "yes" was all i got out of her rather rudely. I proceeded to explain "i would like a refund due to the hair." she takes the receipt to refund it and states "the whopper." "no ma'am the triple" i respond. "yeah well thats all your getting she states.""thats all i want" i replied. She proceeds to process the refund with attitude, at which time she rudely placed the money in my hand causing it to fall on the counter. I exclaimed "you don't need to throw it at me." her response was "i didn't you dropped it." at this time i asked for a number to upper management and was told "there wasn't one." not a complaint line, general management or even a upper store manager. I stated "i'll just go on line and get it." there was another employee there who gave the number to savannah restaurant corp. To us to file a complaint. I called and left a message to no avail.this whole day ruining experience could have been averted by the simple implementing of hair nets. Even proper customer service after that point would have rectified the situation instead of causing it to spiral out of control.

Mar 28, 2007 10:46 am

I usually don't write these letters cause nothing ever gets done about it..but today this really pissed me off...

I was at Buger King Drive thru
Castor and Aramingo
WEd March 28th at 13:45:29 2007
#16 - Server # 5

Not only did I wait in the drive thru line for 10 minutes for a salad , but when I got to the window, the Lady was soooo freaking rude, No Hi, No Thank you, No nothing! Nothing like getting your food though at you from a drive thru window... Not only was she rude, but she was also dirty... Does no-one see this. A manager? No One? How could you let someone soooo rude and dirty work there and treat customers like crap? If they don't want to work in fast food, then they should not be hired... So I get back to the office and open up the bag with my salad in... and guess what... the lettuce was slimy and turning brown. Got a bag with the grilled chicken... no lie... 3 freaking pcs... and they charge 5.45 for this... I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE GO TO ANY BURGER KING AS LONG AS I LIVE AND WILL SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE CASTOR AND ARAMINGO BRANCH... Your managers should see this and correct the problem, or maybe the managers are the ones you should take a second look at...

Very pissed ex-customer!


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