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R Oct 13, 2019 Review updated:

The recent Burger King commercial about the impossible whopper concerns me. In the commercial, a man says, "I'm a damn fool." I am a teacher, and I strive daily to teach my kids about the importance of using kind, appropriate words. It is hard to reinforce expectations when businesses such as yourself use profanity in commercials. Kids are listening. Please use greater care in your selection of words when broadcasting to such a varied audience. Thank you.


  • Ka
    Kay Kerns Oct 20, 2019

    Add should be pulled

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  • Ni
    Nicole Bass Jan 12, 2020

    @Kay Kerns A Boycott is needed to teach those Vile Corporate Basterds from using Such Profanity, ! May they Burn in the HellFires of Dammnation ! A Pox upon them ! Burn, Burn in the Pit of Despair . Boycott em Y'all, jes like DaWalmart when dey stopped selling AMMO . Protect are 2nd Amendment !
    Help us Jesus from such wickedness. #maga !!

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  • Go
    goodfella.6969 Jan 13, 2020

    @Um is not an answer! Jesus says nothing about guns but the first amendment does guarantee our right to free speech.

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  • Bu
    BurgerKang666 Oct 21, 2019

    Go fuck yourself.

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  • Bu
    BurgerKang666 Oct 21, 2019

    You’re a snowflake.

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  • Ev
    Everywhere Oct 21, 2019

    Please find something worthy to be concerned about... this isn't it.

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  • Ki
    Kirk Horne Nov 02, 2019

    I agree that it’s your job to parent and teach your kids right from wrong. But, when I want to watch football on Saturday and Sunday and the background TV is so loud and my three year old starts saying “I’m a damn fool” that irritates me a bit. Yes, I tell her it’s an unkind word and to not use it. However, she is three... you can’t expect her to never say it again... this doesn’t make anyone a snowflake... it makes us involved parents noticing negative rhetoric on TV which we are clearly monitoring. It should be removed or blurbed out.

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  • Cu
    Curt Jones Nov 07, 2019

    Well, he is a damn fool for thinking a plant burger is better than a beef burger. No cowboy on this planet steps on their own toes that way...we should all be offended by that damn fool!

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  • Jr
    J Ramzey Nov 09, 2019

    I too feel this commercial is inappropriate. The use of this language has negatively impacted my opinion of the franchise.

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  • Fr
    Fred20637 Dec 29, 2019

    I think the commercial has to be understood in the context of what the founder of Whole Foods said about plant based meat substitutes. Eating beef, or eating a traditional veggie patty made out of beans, onions, etc., is infinitely more healthy than the chemical-laden products that "bleed" and try to imitate the flavor and texture of meat. The actor in the commercial is alluding to this; if you ingest one of these hideous frankenstein patties, you are in fact, "a damned fool".

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