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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingunethical behavior

After sitting in the driver thru line for 25 minutes, the girl, and I believe it was the manager, had a pink phone in her hand using it, put down her nasty phone on the counter where food goes, ran her fingers through her hair, then picked up a French fry container and filled it with my fries.
When she handed me my food, I nicely told her she what she had done and she interrupted me and pushed the window shut then locked it while I was talking.
A phone is one of the dirtiest things you can handle, and she should not have been handling that and the food at the same time! and her attitude was unacceptable! She was a young brown haired white girl. The lady working the window was very apologetic and nice, but the other girl was horrible. I went inside to get different, clean, fries, and she completely ignored the fact that I was standing there. A blonde haired lady helped me and gave me clean fries. If the other girl is the manager you should fire her. First for not having staff on hand, second for having her nasty phone on the food lines, third for touching her hair and her phone before handling food, especially open French fries, and fourth for her horrid attitude and shutting the window in my face while I was trying to get clean food! Totally unacceptable! I will never go back to this store ever. And I am, WAS, a frequent customer.