Budget Rent A Carfraud, deceptive practices and unethical behaviour

K Oct 02, 2019

September 6, 2019
Rental # [protected]

after contacting Budget three (3) times prior to paying for the rental, we were told my son - who is Active Duty Military - would not have to pay the Under-Age Drive Fee. Once he turned in the car, he was charged the fee anyway. My son and I called, spoke to a manager, who told my son to take a picture of his Military ID, send it to the email address the manager provided and that it would be resolved.

It never got credited and now they claim they aren't going to credit it and that we were never told it would be credited. Budget customer service agents are lying to customers which seems customary with Budget. Deceptive practices and unethical behavior are definitely part of their daily program. I just want my $174.00 back. I'm reporting them to the BBB, sending a copy to my Lawyer and reporting them to whatever government agency oversees rental car companies. They are deceitful liars and they seem to be pretty proud of it when you talk to them on the phone.

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