Budget Rent A Carcleaning fee

M Jul 20, 2019

I rented a car at the Knoxville airport 7/8/19 -7/11/19. I informed them in advance that I would have a service dog with me. I was told that is no problem.the dog traveled from the airport to my home and back to the airport to fly back to Tampa. I then received a bill for $75 stating mud on the floor mats front and back seat and pet hair front and back seat. The fact that it rained in Knoxville the week I used the car seems unusual that you would bill me for that when you never have in the past. I rent from Budget every trip and have never been billed for mud on the floor mat. Now the back seat of the car was never used by a person or the dog. The dog does not shed and even if the car was vacuumed on the way to the airport the dog still needed to ride in the car. I was told by customer service when I called that Budget does not vacuum cars when they are returned and it's the customers responsibility to do that. So if I had a peanut allergy and assumed Budget vacuumed the cars between rental that would not be correct. The dog is for a disability and not traveling as a pet. I have returned cars before with mud on the floor mats and never been charged. I do believe Budget is showing discrimination to people with service dogs. The rental counter and drop off is clearly seeing there has been a dog in the car and automatically charging a cleaning fee. I will no longer use Budget again and yes I'm sure this is a scam and game all rental companies do. Shame on you!

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