Brakes Plus Corporateac service

J Sep 11, 2018

I took my car in to have the ac charged, got the car back same day it was a Sunday the system held a charge the next morning I came out to a puddle underneath the car I took the car back Monday morning they tell me that a hose has a hole in it and they needed to call the dealership to have them order the part and to fix it would cost me 575 dollars I go in to pick up the car the guy asks if I could find the part myself I said I can for only 30$ he then says oh I could only find it for 130$ so he lied, I asked about the warrant y he shrugged... I just had a baby2 days before this so I left before I got super emotional, how can the ac hold a charge for a whole day and then a hose has a hole in it the next day and nothing is covered by your warranty, so my hundred and eight dollars was just wasted and I still cant put my newborn in a car in Phoenix az where it's over 100 degrees out... what's the warranty for then... I want a refund of something because this is wrong and needs to be addressed

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