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BP Gas Stationbad customer service

I went to the gas station on saturday 4/11/09 around 7:30pm to purchase a $5 calling card and add minutes to a cellphone for $10 which would equal to $15. I handed the cashier(a black lady with braids, I didn't get her name)$20 then I couldn't add the minutes it wasn't going through, so I told her ok then just give me the $5 calling card, she handed me $5 back(the wrong change)! So I said "I gave you a$20 you're supposed to give me $15 back, she started arguing with me and said no you gave me$10, then I replied I'm not a liar, you better count the register, she then asked another co-worker(An older hispanic man)I don't know if he was the manager or not to give her $10 to give me, if her register's short she will pay him back! I felt disrecpected by that girl by insinuating that I lied, after giving me my exact change she kept on cussing and getting loud so I told her she needs to check her attitude she doesn't know how to deal with customers, the other guy just stood there while he let her act a fool...she then followed me outside screaming, I told her sorry behind to get back inside cause I don't have time for was the 1st time that happened and the last time cause I won't set foot in that store...


  • Ma
    Marika Horvath Aug 25, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good morning,
    I am contacting you, because I am very disappointed how a situation been handled by the cashier and manger of the BP gestation on 704 N Federal HWY, Hallandale FL 33009. I stopped yesterday around 4PM to buy fuel at pump nr 4, I swipe my card, selected Premium fuel, inserted the nozel in my fuel tank and let it run.I was standing next to my vehicle, and after couple a minutes later I realized that the fuel is pouring on me (my brand new sued boots, jeans, on the car, on the floor…) I suddenly took out the nozle from the tank and it stoped. I was soaked in gasoline, astonished I walked in the store and I told the cashier what happened, his answer without letting me to finish was:" that is not his fault"…..and start talking to the next customer totally ignoring me. I requested to talk to the manager, he was sitting a couple of feet away, and overheard the conversation. His fist world was “not my fault”, I asked if he new that pump #4 is faulty? he said, you not supposed to inset the nozle all the way (if is so? put a sign on it!).. and he just ignored me, looked away. My question is, a management of a gastation not supposed to close an unsafe pump? I was soaked in gasoline, on the floor was fuel around, that is hazardous!! And next to the safety issue, I am a paying costumer, aren’t I sopposed to get help? I had to cancel my meeting and go home to change, try to clean my new sued $150 boots, it is ruined, together with my jeans, and I had to take my car to was the floor mats. I am very disappointed by the behavior of the management and how they handled the situation.

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  • Ma
    Maritza Reyes Jun 15, 2016

    On 10/5/13 I desperately pulled into BP gas station at 11:30 and lined up behind the car the attendant was pulling the gas nozzle out of the car he was servicing. Once he retired the nozzle back on the station he turned and waved me away with his hand and stated "no more" I asked to please sell me has as told him I had no more gas and my gas light indicator came on and I was out of gas.. He then processed to clap his hands to together as in he is done w the conversation and stated "machine is turned off". At any other time/day I wouldn't have even asked twined, but I was a single woman with a child in her girl, in desperate need Of gas at the mercy of a BP serviceman and I was turned away
    To continue my search to the next gas station that was 5 miles away. I frequent that station, well use to, and for any attendant to brush away a woman in distress is just the worse of customer service I have encountered. I would like to formalize this complaint against the only attendant at this station at 11:30 and am asking what is BP offering as a compensation to the rudeness and insensitivity presented by one of their representative?

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  • Ni
    Nianzu Chan Sep 26, 2013

    I a, Nianzu chan and I wanted to complaint about one of your B.P. staff, today evening I went to your B.P. gas station at B.P. connect, Flat Bush on the corner of Ormiston road and Te-irrirangi drive (East tamaki, Auckland), I went their to fill up my gas bottle. I went inside and their was a guy standing on till i ask him that please send someone to fill my gas bottle, he was serving customers so he ask a girl named SIMU to fill up the bottle
    but that girl was so rude to him and was looking angry, she was doing nothing was just standing near to Barista machine, she refused to fill my bottle and was yelling at that guy that she is not going out,
    I was sitting their and was watching everything I could see that guy was alone at the counter, their was another girl in the kitchen but she didn't come out, and that guy was serving all the customer and she (Simu) was doing nothing she yelled at him and was saying she has filled up too many gas bottles now she doesn't want to go
    Cause of that girl I had to wait for too long and she was so bad in nature instead of helping that guy she was talking rudely to him and made me waiting and I am sure if you ask that guy he will definitely tell you how rude was she, I was going for party but that girl made me late and my mood was off cause of her behavior
    I just came from party and specially writing you this mail at this time so that you people can take action against that girl
    cause of her i don't wish to go their again but I really appreciate that guy who was serving their and I appreciate his calm nature.

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  • Pa
    panduh815girl Apr 15, 2013

    I was getting my gas pumped when I noticed that the driver in the car next to mine was smoking so I asked the gas attendant to ask the driver to stop smoking then he started yelling at me what do you want me to do I said tell them not to smoke. He then said that I should tell then I said it's not my job. I then pointed to the big signs all over the pumps stating "NO SMOKING" I told him that I was going to report him to the police that he wasn't obeying the law. He then started yelling again that I should write down her plate number & report the driver. I then went into the gas station store to report what just happened. Just then the gas attendant can in yelling to the man behind the counter in a language that I didn't know then left. I asked the man behind their license number but he refused to give it to me.
    So I decided to contact BP to see what they would have to say. The gas station is located in Medford NY Suffolk County It is on Horseblock Rd & Old Medford Ave. The driver & gas attendant should have more concern for the other people around the gas pumps.
    write me back if you agree [email protected]

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  • Br
    Bradfor May 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been working on getting a simple receipt from BP. I tried working with Eddie the manager at a bp in chapel Hill NC. He is the most rude person that I have ever tried working with. At one point he laid the phone down to help a person inside the store. I could here him cursing to the other customer because I was asking him for help. I had to beg someone in the bp front office for help only to find out that the only way I could get help is to get the manager to call in on my behalf. BP is a joke and you have lost another customer.

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  • No
    No name guy Feb 26, 2012

    Just went into a BP and purchased a bottle of beer with a newspaper. After it was rung up and paid for and I was about to leave another clerk said there were no beer sales on Sunday and took the beer and refunded the money. There were no signs saying they did not sell on Sunday and the drug store right across the street does sell on Sunday. From what I have read above BP misses no chance to alienate costomers.

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  • An
    Another Observer Aug 06, 2011

    GLOBAL BOYCOTT of BP Gas Stations

    A GLOBAL Boycott has been started
    To Close Down BP Franchises due to
    rude service, ripoffs, bad gas,
    and alleged fraudfulent charges,

    In 1776 we kicked the British out of the United
    States over some teabags. In 2011 we can do it
    over their bad manners and other ripoffs.

    As consumers, collectively, we pay the salaries
    of every BP employee, OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS..

    In return, we get a company that RIPS US OFF,
    pollutes our Gulf of Mexico, destroys our
    environment, kills our defenseless wildlife, and
    INSULTS EACH OF US who pays their bills.

    Then they buy off our elected officials with promises
    they don't keep to clean up their mess, until the heat
    dies down...Then back to business as usual.



    Here is how.

    This will take a little work on your part but here
    is how to make an effective protest, hit BP hard in the
    SALES with minimum effort on your part.

    A. Write a polite letter stating your complaint

    B. State you are joining the GLOBAL BOYCOTT OF

    C. Send a copy of your complaint to the following
    people. You can find the address on the internet.
    2. Chairman, British Petroleum
    3. Editor, Each of your local Newspapers.
    4. Editor, your Statewide Newspaper.
    5. Post a copy here
    6. Send a copy to the British Broadcasting Company(BBC)

    D. Send email copies of your letters to your friends.
    ask them to send to 10 friends. Ask them to ask
    their friends to pass it on.
    This will start a chain reaction of at least 10 to the
    10th power...which is more than the population of
    the earth. SOMEONE WILL NOTICE.

    E. Add your comments. Get them in Facebook
    and Twitter. Send copies of this to your friends.
    Ask everyone to pass it on.

    F. JOIN THE GLOBAL BOYCOTT. It's cheap, easy,
    effective. SHUT BP DOWN.

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  • Mo
    Moira92 Jul 01, 2011

    I went to a BP gas station to get a coffee Tuesday June 28 at roughly 9pm, and I accidentally spilled a dribble of hot cocoa as I was filling my coffee cup. The employee was hovering over my shoulder watching me. If you have ever had anyone watch you and felt them practically breathing hostility on you, then you will understand what i am talking about here. I pushed the button to stop filling my cup and tried to move away but she blocked me and in an antagonistic and very loud (I was the only customer in the store) voice said Would I mind waiting until the machine has stopped dripping because she just cleaned up." This wasn't a request. It was a demand. I offered to clean up (the "mess" was the last drops of the hot chocolate had dribbled from the cappuccino machine) but before I could even finish, she yelled (she was yelling throughout the entire episode) "I don't need no HELP from YOU, " and if looks could kill, I would be one sick woman right now. I asked if she had a problem with me; she was rude to me the one other time I had gone in. Have I mentioned I was the only customer in the store? As far as I know, the whole place contained only her, the man behind the counter watching, and me.
    She went nuclear. Completely. After that, she was just yelling and yelling and I remember her accusing me of "starting s***" and me saying "No, no, no, " I was tired and I just wanted to leave. She was yelling, she would not stop yelling at me and I asked her to stop and calm down; I tried to mention that I had worked in a gas station before, and even though I knew it was part of her job to clean up the counter (and in truth, only about a tablespoonful had spilled inside the metal grating) I offered to clean it up; she got so enraged so FAST it scared me. ... before I could even finish speaking, she was off. I walked to the counter and the man back there charged me $1.39 or something. I said "You have a very rude employee." And she was watching me still because she screeched across the store "Whatchoo talkin to HIM for? You got somethin to say to me b****?!?" I paid for the coffee and left. I wish I hadn't paid for the coffee. I wish I had just left but I was trying to hold onto my dignity and it's hard to think when a crazy woman is screaming at you.
    On Thursday, I went back. The same man was behind the counter. This time there were a few other people in the place. I asked for the name of the woman who was working on Tuesday when all Hell broke loose. She was standing behind him. I hadn't seen her so she must have stepped out from behind something when she heard me ask. She said "MY NAME'S JOSEPHINE." At least she wasn't screaming but she was still loud.
    The man behind the counter said "What do YOU want?"
    I said I wanted to file a complaint. The man behind the counter smirked and said "Just drop it."
    I had paid for the coffee. I had kept my composure. Nobody should be treated like that and I have never made a complaint against anyone in my life and the man behind the counter (no nametags in your stores?) was nasty and the woman who worked there is unbalanced.

    The sneering man behind the counter told me to just drop it. But I just could not let this go and say nothing. Customers in gas stations or any store in the retail business expect to be treated with respect; and they treat the employees with respect. It's an unwritten law. clients are not treated with open hostility. She would not stop shouting; even as I was walking out the door. I was afraid she was going to follow me and I was afraid she was going to resort to violence. I did not want to leave my real name here and I am nervous about even giving you my email address, although the man was probably right; probably nothing will happen to them. This may be pointless, but I have to try and hope someone reads this and I hope these two people are fired.
    This is unacceptable.
    The BP Gas Station is located at 19995 Evergreen, Southfield, MI 48075

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  • Mo
    Moira92 Jul 01, 2011

    i went to a BP gas station to get a coffee at roughly 9pm, and i accidentally spilled a dribble of hot cocoa as i was filling my coffee cup. the employee (i took steps today to find her name: Josephine, by asking the man at the counter.) He was surly toward me; and as luck would have it, Josephine was standing right behind him; and in a raised voice said "What do YOU want?"
    i said i wanted to file a complaint. The man behind the counter smirked some more and said after what "i" did, my complaint would be useless.
    i had paid for the coffee.
    i calmly asked Josephine to stop yelling and calm down; in fact i tried to establish some common ground by mentioning that i had worked in a gas station before... but before i could even finish speaking, she was off again. Voice raised so high that i can safely call it yelling.
    the sneering man behind the counter told me to just drop it. but i just could not let this go and say nothing. Customers in gas stations or any store in the retail business expect to be treated with respect; and they treat the employees with respect. it's an unwritten law. clients are not treated with open hostility. She would not stop shouting; even as i was walking out the door. i was afraid she was going to follow me and i was afraid she was going to resort to violence.
    i have never felt the need to file a complaint, but this is unacceptable.
    the BP Gas Station is located at 19995 Evergreen, Southfield, MI 48075

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  • Pr
    pragna Feb 05, 2011

    I wouldn't stop at this gas station never ever again where employee gives cutomer nasty altitude blaim them evenough it's their fault not having parking cleanned out. I think owner is really cheap and didn't wanted spend money clean parking lot and gas station. This is really shameful and losing reputation of their business and so does BP Company.

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  • Pr
    pragna Feb 05, 2011

    i was at Bp gas station Saturday 2/5/11 7:40am morning to get gas. Eventually, the owner whom you gave bulilding and gas station to, did not clean parking lot. The parking lot was completely slippery. When i pulled in parking lot, my car slid straight into big pile of snow, also when i finally got to pump, got out of my car to pump the gas, i slipped ride on parking lot. No one took care pump area or parking lot. This gas station is completely mess. The owner didn't bother cleaning or putting snow on parking or pump area. When i went inside building to prepay for gas, employee gave me nasty altitude instead apologize. He said snow guy took care of parking already and It's my shoes fault, where i was wearing regular skechers. I get my gas at this location all the time for all of my four cars but, i'm never going to shop at this gas station
    again because of bad ownership and nasty altitude. This location need major improvement

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  • Ho
    holly and michael Jan 16, 2011

    I stopped in the store to grab me and my bf a couple drinks. The store clerk was nowhere to be found. We waited about 5 or 6 minutes. The assistant manager finally comes back from the office. I also was getting cigarettes when I realized I didn't have my ID on me. So my bf comes in to see what was going onhe was going to pay for the stuff when the manager decides to get a cocky attitude and says well I need to see your ID. He shows the manager his ID but asked what took him so long to get there. The manager then refused to let us pay for our stuff and says "get the hell out of my sore I don't have to sale you anything" I was shocked cause I work at a gas station and I know we can't refuse a customer and cursing would be automatic determination. I would just like for something to be done cause me and my bf are regular customers. Store #159 roadrunner landrum sc

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  • Fo
    foodforthought Jul 01, 2010

    spell check... get you some

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  • Br
    bridget allison Jul 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The bp gas driver who delievers the gasoline flipped out at a towermart when he seen me go to lite a ciggerette sitting in the truck. This guy called me names was screaming call the cops, was totally outline i could not believe it. He was trying to fight me and calling me a prositute etc. Yesterday i saw him screaming at this black girl who was panhandling at the same towermart and he was sreaming at her he was going to call the cops because she was asking customers for money. I f i would of known and thought it was bp i really would of torn into his ###. I mean who r they to say anything they should be boycotted.. Talk about some bad business practices but hey look what they are doing in the gulf what could i expect. ?Bridget a [email protected]

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  • Wa
    wanderer_of_Darkdreams May 25, 2010

    Just this Monday I got treated like crap at a BP station (400 Martin Luther King Blvd.; Wilmington, DE) and I 've just been looking around for a way to file a complaint and can't find any contact info to file such herein the states at all. Does anyone know the contact info for filing a complaint against a station in Delaware?

    In the UK it seems they have office to file complaints all over the place, none in America, what the hell?

    My story (short form), I stopped at this station, 5 blocks away from the train station for a soda to take my medication. Taking mass-transit, I had my leather back pack (small) with my valuables in it. I walked in and got half back to the soda case when the owner call to me from the register to tell me I couldn't take my backpack in the store. NP, so I walked back to the register and asked him to hold onto it while I got my "stuff". He refused to hold it behind the counter for me, instead insisting I leave it by the door, unattained. I tried to question how this offers no protection for my valuables and the "owner" yelled at me that " I had no right to question his policy in "his" store". A policy, which I might ad isn't posted in any windows in front of the store (I checked again today).

    Any suggestions or ideas?
    The 30 odd workers at my place of employment (8 blocks away) have all agreed to boycott this station.

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  • Ke
    kenney/bp worker Apr 02, 2010

    ok after i sorted through the gibberish, i think i know why they couldnt help you...1) employees dont have to know how to work pumps, never get an attitude towards an employee its like shooting the messanger 2) the other two employees werent at a register because you have to sign onto the register and total out the drawer everytime you exit your station, if they were stocking it would be highly inconvienent 3) dont expect to be treated differently just because you spent $50, the ten people in front of you spent more than your fifty $ said you work at a gas station, you know how chaotic it can get, they dont need a customer getting pissed off and belligerent over a small mishap.

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  • Ye
    YESENIA OLIVERA21 Mar 04, 2010

    Im A regular customer i always put gas there because is close to where i just moved they always have 3 or more employess working and theres always a HUGE line i always have to end up going inside because there credit card machine never works outside for me so today i switch to a diffrent pump i did all the process of the c/c and it always says see cashier so there i have to walk over inside where theres a HUGE line and theres 3 employess and only one in the register i ask the young guy thats was just standing there without doing nothing that what is the purpose of them having the option to pay with my c/c outside if it never works?his answer to me was that he has no idea why i told but this is all the pumps cause i have try diffrent pumps and they all say see cashier and he answers back to me with a very cocky attitude well you must be putting the wrong zip code or you dont have any money in your account thats not very respectfull of you i said i do have money in my account and i am placing the correct zip code then he answer well i dont know you will have to pay inside then i said ok let me have 10 dollors of gas on number 2 he goes yeah when you do the line i said after i been out there in thats pump i have to do a line of ten people and he says OH WELL..I ASK FOR A MANAGER SHE COMES OUT AND SAYS YEAH WHAT HAPPEN I EXPLAIN TO HER MY SITUATION AND SHE SAYS YOU MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG OUT THERE AND I TELL HER THE HAVE EXPRINCE WORKING AT THE RACETRAC GAS STATION AND I KNOW WHAT IM DOING OUT THERE IN THOSE PUMPS SHE GOES OH WELL THEN THERES NO SUCH THING FOR TO FIX THOSE C/C OUTSIDE THATS NO OUR RESPONSABILTY BUT VERRY RUDE I HER YOU KNOW YOU GUYS HAVE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SHE SAYS IN SPANISH OH IF WE HAVE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE THEN WHY DONT YOU PUT GAS WHERE YOU WORK AT THAT NOT RITE OF YOU I SAID TO HER I ASKED HER FOR THE COPRATE PHONE NUMBER AND SHE LAUGHS ATME AND SAY THERES NO SUCH THING A COPRATE NUMBERAND I ASK FOR NAME AND SHE LAUGHS AGAIN AND SAY MY NAME IS MARTHA AND WHATS YOURS WITH A VERRY COCKY TONE..

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  • Ms
    Ms Stewart Aug 07, 2009

    On Friday August 7th 2009, I went to the BP gas station at 1266 34th St No. I swiped my debit card and pressed the 87 octane Regular gas button, I pumped $20.00 in my tank. When I was done it prited my receipt, and in looking at it I noticed the receipt said "Ultimate which is 97 octane and they charged my card $56.78 . I would like to know how thes people can get away with this. The police said there was nothing they could do, that I need to take it up with the owner. This is wrong and I will never ever go to another BP gas station again. The owner was very rude and nasty. Told me to call whomm ever because I wasn't getting any money back.

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  • Uz
    uzipolo Aug 02, 2009

    i went to bP at 4350 jonesboro road in atlanta ga sunday august 2nd 2009 at 3 50 pm EST and tried to pay for 4.00 worth of gas i told the attendant(which i had a disagreement once before, we will get to that in a minute) that i wanted 4.00 on pump number 1 i gave him 2 dollars in bills and the rest in change, he told me he cant take the coins because they were oily and dirty the reason.. because i just ran out of gas and this was the only change i could find on the ground, and i was like what do you mean you cant take the money this is american money its good its just alittle dirty but i need to take care of my gfamily to put gas in the tank he said that he could not use the money i was like... WHAT?!? i was like let me have your district managers number he was like a chinese american and i was black i was like i dont know if you have problems with afican americans or what ever but this is the SECOND TIME i had problems with you.. he still did not give me no mumbers nor did he have a name tag on, just a green bp gas station shirthe just refused, because he knew i was right i jotted down the name of the store and the address a lidy came in and just gave me the other two dollars in exchange for the dirty coins, then he REFUSED my service ALL TOGETHER so i just stormed out the store and got online to find a complaint department for BP website, which they dont have so i will call the REGIONAL companies that they have in USA when you go under the CONTACT US TAB where there like 5 american divisions and contact numbers i also ran into him before i was dressed up at the time comming from work(i was in jeans and sneakers on that other occasion) there were no lottery pensils to fill out lottery slips, so i asked where are the pencils he said at the table, now i checked and checked and checked before i even asked him but he kept saying they are on the table, he then said i need to look good..then he said wait come with me and i will show you, i was like no thats ok i dont have to wait for youy to takeMORE customers in line to tell me about pencils you dont have, and i left the store he should be fired whoever this attendant is at this store

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  • Po
    poddys Jul 23, 2009

    I don't know why people have to be so rude. If I am served by a smiling face, I leave the store far mor elikely to return, even if there was a problem with the service. Give me bad service, I don't EVER want to go back there, which is one reason I will never shop best Buy again.

    Incidentally turbojoys, you were probably paying far more than you needed to for your calling card. I make a lot of international calls and use - they have the best rates I have found with no hidden costs. Hope this helps.

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  • Kl
    klhsph Jul 09, 2009

    My husband went into the BP here in Kirksville MO to get me a caffine free pepsi. When we got home it was flat, my husband looked at the experation date...and it had expired the month before. We didn't think much of it, and went about our lives. Two weeks later I had my husband go to the BP again to get the same drink. They were still putting the expired pepsi on the shelves. My husband asked if they would go in back and get a new one. They were kind enough to do so. My husband asked what they were going to do with the expired pepsi, because he assumed they would stop selling it. They said they had to send it back to the manufacturer. Well, I had my husband go back to the BP yesterday. And guess what...the old pepsi is still on the shelves!!! My husband asked if he could get a new one from the back, and he said that they didn't have any! I think someone should look into this...but when I went to make a complaint to BP. I see they have no complaint department online.

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  • Cl
    Clyde Rogers May 17, 2009

    Scamming---Sign says one price, pump says another. A microscopic sign on the pump says you must use debit card to receive discount. Full price must be displayed on sign. I use BP Credit Card and I get charged 4 cents higher than sign price. Complaints are incredible, but nothing has been done to correct this. Please correct this or put these people out of business.

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  • Tu
    turbojoys Apr 29, 2009

    i just had a similar situation in one of the BP stores in NY. its location is on a island intercepted by Broadway and Union Ave in Brooklyn, NY 11206.

    i went there to purchase a drink which i gave a $20 dollar cash note as payment. then she handed back $8 and a couple quarter to me. when i said thats not right, i gave you 20, she show me a $10 on her counter n said that i only gave her $10, like i didnot know how much money i have in my wallet today. n her reaction was like i was tricking her at the first place and totally ignore what i hav to say subsequently.

    i was not lucky like you, coz i had to go back to work n plus there was no elder co-worker in my case. i didnot keep on arguing n left, n commit my lost due entirely to my carelessness. i should hav been more careful when handing over my money. i mean this kind of argue would not favour the customer as the cashier would be in complete advantages. if iwas gonna keep on arguing n get my justice back, i suspect i would sacrafice the rest of the afternoon.

    but afterall, who would hav thought a customer service agent from the renown BP would do such a dishonorous thing n trick someone who totally trust the cash handling and moral of BP's employee.

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  • Ro
    ROCCO ALLESSANDRO Dec 11, 2008

    i was filling my tank with gas when at 25 dollars n some change it stopped cause my tank was filled so i thought but the price kept going after i pulled the nozzel from the tank the price kept goinf until it finnally stopped at 39 dollares and change i told the attendent and he refused to do anything i told him i was going to report this and he said he dont care cause its not his station. please let me know about this matter or do i have to go to the papers ans tell them this also happened to a another custer and he gave them a refund this happened on 12/5/08 i was on my way home i live upstate please advise me what matter was taken. here is my email
    [email protected] if you need anymore info please let me know


    rocco alessandro

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