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Bosch / BSH Home Appliances Complaints & Reviews

Bosch / BSH Home Appliances / front load washing machine wak24268in/01

Rajendra Singh Swar on Sep 12, 2017
Purchased above product in Nov'15 in Noida (India). It went out of order on 22.8.17. Complaint was lodged with Bosch service centre on 23.8.17 vide complaint ID 0475859798. Machine is under warranty. The technician visited the same day and told that machine's PCB is required to be changed...

Bosch / BSH Home Appliances / bosch fridge model kdn46xi30i - purchased on 26 nov 2016

SidneyDSouza on Sep 12, 2017
Hi Simran Tawde The WRENWANE Digital Freezer Thermometer delivered to my home vide Tax Invoice No IN-HL#1093 dated 09 Sept 2017 on Sunday 10 Sept 2017 has been kept in the topmost chiller compartment immediately below the freezer. The Digital LCD displays around 13 degrees C during the...

Bosch / BSH Home Appliances / bosch refrigerator

Amir AKhan on Jul 26, 2017
We purchased a Bosch refrigerator (KGN56VI30U)[226070290931000535] which is still under warranty. Per warranty we are entitled to repair and service of the refrigerator. We first tried to figure out who to ask to send us the repair person and it was not easy. We went to Safran (Authorized...

Bosch / BSH Home Appliances / bosch shx9er55uc/55 serial 00214 worst dishwasher

Shahab Ahmed on Jul 17, 2017
We purchased Bosch model SHX9Er55UC/55 from PC Richards, NY on 09/227/12. Immediately after installation we have message E06. Bosh tech fixed after complain. Problem started again i n April 2017. After complain they came to fix and told us problem with recall of their power cord . They...

Bosch / BSH Home Appliances / kettle

Emma mcnamara on Jun 26, 2017
I bought a kettle about a year ago I can't find receipt as my moved out I paid £49.99 it the black one which you can pick which setting you won't it to boil to I thought I would be Good for my son's baby bottles ever since I've had it it knocks it's self off with out even boiling and now it...

Bosch / fridge

nhtdonmez on May 12, 2017
I have a bosch fridge under warranty. All fridges have only one mission-keep foods cold. But mine couldnt do it. I called many times customer service of bosch. They came and fixed many times. But it is still not working. I insist to change it. They insist to donot. Is bosch too poor to...

Bosch / gcm15vw20n/03 freezer change because of damage

Mr. Demirtaş on Apr 26, 2017
Hello there, I am a costumer, I live in İstanbul, I did buy a bosch product which is box-type frame freezer (GCM15VW20N/03), I received in 08 February 2017 in my home. But there was a damage on it, and also adjusting rod was missing. They saw and confirmed the change but no any feedback. I...

Bosch / microwave model# hmb5050/01, serial #9301100555

Raju Desai on Apr 10, 2017
Microwave start running but do not let you put any time or does not stop with out opening the door, or does not heat up any thing. It run long time before it stop by it self, and only than you can worm up any thing. and same problem every single time. so we call Bosch Authorised Repair Co...

Bosch / Sound system

AliciaPro Events on Mar 22, 2017
The EV product range are indeed a class above the rest, and their constant need to upgrade models and meet the ever changing demographics of the industry.And i believe that Soundline has not wavered in their pursuit of service excellence.But having said that, Robert Bosch the holding...

Bosch / Drill

declanharley on Jan 31, 2017
i bought a drill on december 2015 from a screwfix store in derry city northern ireland. the type is GSB 18 V-LI 3601 H67 100. it packed up around november 2016. the batteries don, t hold a charge and the chuck does not hold drill bits tight. when i called the store for advice they told me...

Bosch home appliances / Faulty washing machine and no reply from customer service uk

joromik on Nov 25, 2016
This brand new washing machine that we bought on 17th August 2016 is unable to complete a wash cycle most of the time and cannot spin more than about 2 kg of clothes at a time. We bought the appliance in the UK where my wife is resident and shipped it to our holiday home in Ghana. Bosch Service...

Bosch / Fridge freezer bosch kgn39vp15r

Kavus Abushov on Nov 24, 2016
Dear Madam or Sir, i am writing to you from Azerbaijan about a fridge freezer I bought 10 months ago from the official distributor of Bosch in Azerbaijan (Optimal). The fridge has since its purchase worked with a lot of noise, the noise is engine noise, very much similar to that of a car...

Bosch / Refrigerator M:B22ct80sns01

Dennis Hayes on Oct 7, 2016
I have owned this refrigerator since 4/15 and about 3/16 the ice in the tray started melting together to make one big ice sheet. I called an authorized Bosch repair store in Austin, Texas and they sent someone out. The fellow told me that it would take both the ice maker and the water...

Bosch / Appliance repair and customer service

gmosullivan on Aug 30, 2016
File#1532202 My name is Geri O'Sullvan dishwasher model SHP68T55UC/07 On 5/28/16 I purchased the dishwasher, on 8/8/16 I called repair because it was leaking. The tech came to my home and filed his report on 8/10/2016 saying it was not repairable and covered by the manufacturers warranty and...

Bosch / Inspection Camera

Ryan Vear on Jun 27, 2016
BOSCH Designed for LIFE... I guess so, That is, if your life is only ONE Week Long!!! After recently taking a faulty Bosch Inspection camera to their Melbourne Service Centre, it came back replaced with a brand new one! Wow that's fantastic service! So we thought??? This was short lived...

Bosch home appliances / Bosch washing machine

keischidambaram on Jun 18, 2016
I bought a BOSCH FL WASHING MACHINE from a local dealer in chennai and the machine carries a warranty of 2 Years. It was out of order during March 2016 and I made a complaint immediately. the service mechanic attended the complaint and told me that he has ordered the spares and it will...

Bosch / Washing Machine

Sunny S on May 18, 2016
Hi Purchased BOSCH WM Wax18260IN 5.5 Classix on 05/11/12. But in Year 2016 the machine started giving problems. We had called the technician and he charged us Rs800/- saying its BOSCH policy. And quoted Rs9800/- for the Control Module saying its faulty and needs replacement. I asked why cannot Bosch...

Bosch / Dishwasher repair

robert henrichsen on May 9, 2016
I purchased a model SHX53T55UC/01, serial #FD930701912 from Lowes in 2013. In April of 2016, I called Bosch regarding a problem with the unit and was given the name of a local repair service, A To Z Repair. After 3 weeks, the the unit was not repaired, excuses included being very busy to...

Bosch / Microwave

Felipe L on Mar 14, 2016
Microwave purchased in November 2014 stopped working after 10 months. They don't have local technicians and outsource to local providers, in my case Masco Appliances, whose technicians are as rude and careless as they can be. It took me 2 months to have the appliance running again due to a...

Bosch / Dishwasher

Reviewer96415 on Feb 15, 2016
BOSCH DISHWASHER SMS- 69-T22EL We purchased this dishwasher on high recommendation and sales offer at Harvey Norman. It's usage is not very heavy and used mainly on weekends. All of a sudden the machine stopped working few days back. After complaining Bosch they came after two weeks to...

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