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Boschappliance repair and customer service

File#1532202 My name is Geri O'Sullvan
dishwasher model SHP68T55UC/07
On 5/28/16 I purchased the dishwasher, on 8/8/16 I called repair because it was leaking. The tech came to my home and filed his report on 8/10/2016 saying it was not repairable and covered by the manufacturers warranty and should take about a week. Today is 8/30/2016, I have called 4 times, and have been given the run around that it has been in management review and product safety review, and this is after I have called, not one person from Bosch has made any effort to communicate with me via email, or by phone, it has always been communication initiated by me. I run a home catering business and now this is starting to cost me money. I no longer am interested in having the dishwasher replaced, I now want someone to come get it and I want a refund. I have never dealt with a company that has been so unprofessional and disinterested in quality customer service.

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    Boschinspection camera

    Bosch designed for life... I guess so,
    That is, if your life is only one week long!!!

    After recently taking a faulty bosch inspection camera to their melbourne service centre, it came back replaced with a brand new one! Wow that's fantastic service! So we thought???

    This was short lived, when not even one week passed and we went to use our new bosch inspection camera for the second time,
    Only to find it too is faulty with the exact same fault as our original!

    And the official words straight from the bosch service centre

    "proof of purchase date on original replacement is 24/3/13.
    The warranty period for this purchase
    Was 2 years, the tool was replaced under goodwill, the warranty period has long expired"

    In other words we gave you a new one and don't really care that it only lasted less than a week! That's your problem now!

    Well that's one sure way to go from fantastic service to I think if that's how they treat there customers, we sure won't be stocking any of our companies service vehicles with bosch anymore.

    I'll keep you all posted on wether this is seriously how bosch are content to treat their customers and in the meantime does anyone know any brands for a decent inspection camera?
    As looks like we are in the market for a new one!

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      • Ry
        Ryan Vear Jun 27, 2016
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer


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      Bosch home appliancesbosch washing machine

      I bought a bosch fl washing machine from a local dealer in chennai and the machine carries a warranty of 2 years. It was out of order during march 2016 and I made a complaint immediately. The service mechanic attended the complaint and told me that he has ordered the spares and it will take one week to replace the defective parts. Now it is more than 3 months he is repeating the same story that he has ordered the spares and yet to receive th same. All my complaints in their website also useless as nobody bothers to give a fitting reply. My experience with bosch is very bad and never experienced such worst after sales service. If this continues soon they have to pack from indian soil.

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        Bosch — washing machine

        Hi Purchased bosch wm wax18260in 5.5 classix on 05/11/12. But in year 2016 the machine started giving...

        Bosch — dishwasher repair

        I purchased a model shx53t55uc/01, serial #fd930701912 from lowes in 2013.in april of 2016, I called bosch...

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        Microwave purchased in November 2014 stopped working after 10 months. They don't have local technicians and outsource to local providers, in my case Masco Appliances, whose technicians are as rude and careless as they can be. It took me 2 months to have the appliance running again due to a part back order. After 3 months the microwave stopped working again and now it's been a month with no solution yet. Whoever reads this, do yourself a favor and buy an American brand with local support, avoid the headache of non reliable appliances with terrible customer service.

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          Bosch dishwasher sms - 69-t22el
          We purchased this dishwasher on high recommendation and sales offer at harvey norman.
          It's usage is not very heavy and used mainly on weekends.
          All of a sudden the machine stopped working few days back. After complaining bosch they came after two weeks to attend. After checking they told us
          A) the spares are not available in malaysia
          B) it will take three weeks to get spares from germany and then only they can repair
          C) the parts failed are in power circuit and is costing us now 1/3 rd of the original machine

          I am surprised to get such a disastrous quality from a german company for the equipment as well as the service part.

          After checking the internet now I am finding many people are in the same boat as far as bosch products are concerned.

          I strongly recommend to check for better options and more reliable products

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            Bsh Home Appliances Sdn Bhd — customer service

            I have a problem with my Siemens dishwasher recently. BSH is a company in Malaysia that provides service...


            Best of greetings,

            June 2015 I bought all Bosch appliances for my new condo. All my appliances in the US (home and clinic) are your products. I never had a complaint with you for so many long years. The appliances I bought in Amman were from Carfour Amman Mall. All are in good working condition. The first day the oven arrived, my wife used it and it got so hot that it was almost impossible toughing the keys on the panel or the panel. It overheated to the point she had to use hardcovers. Then she used the next day. Same thing happend. We called your distributor who owns Bosch centers in Jabal Alhusain Mr. Mohammad Diab (land line [protected]). To make the story short, he sent his maintenance people. They told us they fixed the problem. Then we called again, and again, and again. Each time they fixed something. They refused to change the oven. At the time it had only been bought less than a week. We asked them to replace it, two weeks ago he (Mr. Diab) sent his people to take the oven to test it. To date, they have not returned it or called us back. I am so disappointed and ask that you please contact your distributor in Amman, Mr. Diab, to fix this problem. I am in the US and will not be able to visit Amman again until this summer. Can you help?

            Dr. M. Hamza

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              Bero Boschi And Associatesthey changed price of the shares and no news from them

              We signed the contract with the company Bero Boschi and Associates. We wanted to buy time shares from them. And these guys were ready to provide them, but suddenly they told us that the price was changed. It was strange, but we agreed to their new price and they promised to provide them within 3 days. We waited for the courier, ‘coz the rep promised to send them with him, but no one showed up and no shares. No idea what to do now, please help us to solve this problem.

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                • Pa
                  payback45 Feb 17, 2012
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I resaled my timeshare and they closed my account. I can't receive my paperwork and they don't answer my calls. The guy who scammed me used alias Josh Brennan.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Bosch Washing MachineBosch service

                Im writing from İstanbul/ Turkiye! My washing machine had proplem! Bosh service(4446333) came to my house twice! But, evry tecknishen told us different prolem! TWO OF THEM couldnt the prolem of the machine! Now, Ihava no washing mashine! Service didnt want the new tecknıshen to us! İn my opinoun, Teckihens are not sufficient! İT is worse! MY comlaint is not listenned to!!

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Boschwashing not good

                  We have buyed the above washing machine in jan 2014 but in that clothes are not washed properly and I am very upset that I have first time buyed this from bosch company, while I am a mechanical engineer I got more faith in it but now I am very sad about that because washing was not good as I am putting front load powders and clothes upto 10nos only. What I have to do now either sold existing one to another or buy new one from other company.
                  After that complaint
                  Bosch service person reached us and gave us rs 700 worth powder for washing machine cleaning but still its washing in the same level. What I have do?

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                    • An
                      AnnnieR Jan 17, 2011

                      I just bought a top-of - line Bosch dishwasher and had it installed barely 3 weeks ago. I used it a few times and now it has stopped working.
                      I called customer service and the earliest they can get someone out to fix it is in 2 weeks!!
                      This is the last Bosch appliance I will ever buy!

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                    • Cr
                      cravenA Mar 24, 2010

                      I asked a very simple question about the fact that my washing machine was not draining. I offered £10 or $10 dollars (the lowest charge)for the answer. I have now received my credit card statement and I note that £20 has been charged. This is a DISGRACE and a gross overcharge.

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                    • Sa
                      sagra Nov 07, 2009

                      In January 2009, Bosch recalled several models of dishwasher due to overheating and fires, including my model (SHE43C) and serial number, which has since overheated and died. But when I contacted Bosch, they refused to repair.

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                    • Cl
                      cls911 Jul 16, 2009

                      I, like many others, have had the control panel on my Bosch dishwasher replaced twice. The company refused to give any compensation on their product that has had issues with this part. There are too many choices in appliances to buy Bosch again.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Bosch Front Load Washing Machinebreaks down quickly

                    I purchased a bosch large capacity front load washing machine model wfm3200uc from pc richards in watchung, nj in 2006. It was very expensive, so I also purchased the extended warranty. The electronic controls failed just after the warranty ran out. As I really liked the washing machine at that time, I spent the nearly $300 to replace the part, as well as a few other items, the door boot seal and the front door latch mechanism. I didn't think much about it at the time, except for the outrageous prices, but, heck, it's german, so what did I expect? Anyway, today, at the start of a holiday weekend, the motor quit. I did some research and found information that said this is a common problem, and that all I needed were carbon brushes. Except this is a brushless model. The bosch website lists the motor (Another $161 plus shipping) as "unavailable". A call to the company (On hold for 12 minutes) says that they are off for the holiday weekend (Supposed to be available until 6pm saturdays), call back tuesday. I tried all over the tri-county area (Union, middlesex, somerset), but no one has a new or reconditioned motor. Pc richards no longer carries bosch. I wonder why?

                    Bottom line: stay away from bosch products!

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                      Sandown Motors Stellenboschpanel beating

                      It is sad to find a company like Sandown motors have resorted to sending their vehicles to a backyard panel shop without the necessary accredited backing. When buying a vehicle at Mercedes and taking a warranty you may not send your car to a non accredited dealer for repairs without losing your warranty, yet Mercedes in Stellenbosch have their vehicles repaired and sprayed at a non accredited dealer where is the justification in that.

                      I realise we all try and save money here and there but not at the expense of a client. I trust that you will look into this complaint and use an accredited outlet to do the repairs in the future.

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                        Bosch & Siemensrequest for replacement of faulty siemens refrigerator

                        Siemens refrigerator, as pre details below, owned by me in india is down since beginning of november 2013.

                        E number kd49nx63ne/08
                        Fd number 8906
                        Serial number 10046
                        Purchase date 09.08.2009

                        Siemens has failed to rectify the fault even after 5 months which implies that there is inherent design/manufacturing defect in the subject refrigerator. The clear intent of buying siemens, a world class top of the line product with more than thrice the price of local refrigerator, was to have a full potential long service life. This non rectification of refrigerator by siemens has resulted appreciable amount of financial loss, loss of time and harassment because of siemens inability to rectify the fault.

                        It is therefore humbly requested to please replace my refrigerator with equivalent or higher model of brand new siemens refrigerator at the earliest on free of charge basis.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Boschoven defect

                          I used the self clean programme on my oven a couple of days ago and towards the end of the cycle the inner glass panel broke! I rang up Bosch customer services and was told that if there is any grease on the glass prior to use it causes a hotspot which can cause the glass to break. I told them I always wiped the oven and door with a damp cloth as instructed in their manual so I didn't believe I was liable to pay for its repair. I also said that if Bosch knew there was a risk of the glass breaking why wasn't it mentioned in their manual. I was told it wasn't necessary as the manual says the door should be cleaned prior to use. As I have had the oven for approx five years I have been told I will have to pay for its repair as it is outside of their guarantee.

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Bosch Router Mod. 1618 Fixed Base — motor housing corrosion

                            I have had this router for a few years but it hasn't been used that much but the base and motor housing...

                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Bosch Hillfoxvehicle not handed back

                            My complaint is against bosch car service - hillfox autotronic

                            It all started last year january 2012 when I proceeded to talk to pratresh the client manager at bosch. The vehicle was stripped at the engine and asked pratresh to please repair the vehicle to road standard. It was agreed upon that bosch would have a look at the vehicle to establish what would be cheaper and easier for them in the end, the two options they would consider was to put a whole new engine in the vehicle or repair current engine back to running condition.

                            In april I received a phone call from pratresh with a quote to fix the vehicle and it was for r 12500.00. Question I asked was if that would be all to repair the vehicle and was assured by pratresh that it was all that was wrong and they would fix the problem easy.

                            Two days later I received another call from pratresh to give a new quote as they have found parts to be short to complete the work. The second quote was for r 38 500.00 suddenly a difference of more r 25000.00. When asked why the sudden rise in price his response was they could not open the boot before to see what would be short to complete their work. As I use my vehicle for my work I proceeded to borrow the money to complete the work as this was an influence on my personal life.

                            When payment was made I asked to be informed how long this would take and it was said to be two to three weeks as they had to order parts. Accepted by as they had already worked on the engine they assured that it was cheaper than putting a new engine in the vehicle. After another 3 months the vehicle was finally completed as I received a phone call from pratresh to inform me I could come and collect my vehicle that was in 100% working order. Happy about it all I went in with my employer to collect the vehicle. Once taken to my vehicle pratresh informed us that they could not remove the engine light at the moment but all was in order with the vehicle and should come back in a couple of days to switch it of. Was also assured the vehicle would be no problem to drive. All of this is on voice recording and also highlighted why they never put a new engine from the start and poor answers was given.

                            First trip to durban cost me 10 litres of oil as it was pouring onto the road. It was taken for an aa test and failed badly. When I informed pratresh, he told us that the vehicle should come back so they could sort out his problem. The vehicle was returned by end june and was assured by pratresh that it was a small problem and would take two to three days to sort out. As I made another tape when talking to pratresh he admitted they did not do the correct job from the start and admitted it would have made more sense to have put a new engine in from the start.

                            Then the main owner gideon was involved on emails and proceeded to inform us the vehicle was personally worked on by him as he took owner ship of fixing this problem of a simple oil leak. He admitted on email that his working staff did not do the correct work and that it would have to start all over on the vehicle again. After a month passed there was still no answer again and I was left without my vehicle.

                            Then they proceeded to give me a tazz from his work shop to use while they are fixing the vehicle. This is a 13 tazz and my vehicle is a volvo s60 so that was a trade for a week while they would fix the problem and have my vehicle back to me. After one more month my patience was running out and confronted pratresh once more to follow up on the state of the vehicle to find they had no answer on the small oil leak and had to wait for their engineers to come back on problem. No answer could be given on when I could receive my vehicle back. Then pratresh informed me I should just be happy they are fixing the vehicle as it is in such a bad way. I asked him about his words previously that all was 100% as they have fixed all and said they did not cause this problem but have it on email and voice recording they admit they were at fault.

                            As months passed no communication from them my wife proceeded to try and find out when it would be completed. Pratresh informed her we should not phone anymore as they are spending over r 30000.00 from their side to fix my vehicle that was in poor condition that they supposed to have fixed. They would not talk to us as I was abusing their vehicle that they offered to give without signing or taking responsibility. Now they are coming with stories that it the reason for the vehicle to be delayed.

                            When asked for a report on the vehicle they refuse and state it is not required as they are paying to fix vehicle. On this point it was paid 6 months ago according to their quote by me and was not a small amount. Now if I paid r38500.00 and they r 30000.00 it sure does not make sense how a new engine of r 25000 would not have been the better option.

                            Now I am at the stage of taking legal action and it is in process. I have also phoned your office and spoke to hilda to put in a complaint against them. She phoned them and proceeded to inform me the vehicle was set to be completed by 21 january 2013. I told her that I have been hearing this for the last 6 months and said I could not do anything but wait. Now we are on 31 january 2013 and not even a word received back from bosch when this problem is to be sorted out.

                            When the vehicle was taken to them there was no problem with fixing it back to working order. Now that it was more difficult to fix and that they never did proper job in assessing the damage to the engine in the first place it becomes my fault? It was assured by pratresh that they work on allot of volvo motors and mine wouldn’t have been a problem.

                            I appeal to you please help me with this problem as I believe this is not legal to what is happening to me as person. Money has been paid and vehicle was release and this is 6 months later, how could this be right? If the vehicle was repaired by them and still more had to be done and still no luck I would believe the work quality is poor and not up to standard as advertised and supported by sambra.

                            This problem is running for more than a year and would like my vehicle back in working order as I have paid for it. Not once have they contacted us to give progress report and now that I enquire about a report on what has all been done on the vehicle it is denied?

                            Please assist in this matter.

                            [protected] johan

                            To whom it may concern:
                            Once again service that we have received from everyone involved in this matter up to date has been none existence.
                            As soon as anyone speaks to bosch’s manager and listens to their side of the case it just gets accepted without proper investigations being done because it seems to be trouble for people to do their jobs correct.
                            ‘simple points that would not make sense if you ask simple questions to the matter at hand’
                            1) the matter of warranty is a matter that cannot be relevant in this case because the vehicle was booked out 7 days and then returned to bosch for repairs.
                            Now think logical about this 7 days driving 30 000km is impossible if logic is put to that question.
                            2) bosch had replied a week after the vehicle was booked in to render apology because it had taken so long. The same letter from bosch states in their own words that it is a small oil leak and I should not worry that they will fix the problem without cost.
                            3) now the big question why on earth would they offer to provide me with another vehicle to drive around that is registered to bosch???
                            4) does this make sense that if the warranty has expired and that it is result of bad driving the vehicle handed back to them in such a bad condition how on earth would they write a letter to state all cost will be carried by them and that the problem was a small one??? And then why provide me a vehicle after all of that???

                            Do I sound frastrated yes!!! Bad service can be provided and then we all need to accept this and in the end take responsibility for others incompetence.

                            Just think logically 175000km exactly and then returned one week later with 30 000km extra???
                            This point they tried to create didn’t work because their poor work done on the vehicle didn’t even last a month for them to get away from the warranty. This is un logical if you once again apply logic!!!

                            Why is it so hard to resolve bad service without the customer spending more money as what he already has just to prove he is not at fault?

                            How possible is this that written letters and emails from their side is not looked at? How much more is needed video footage? Of this we also have.

                            For the consumer board it all started out so positive and then it was a struggle as your people are on leave and then the systems are down. Is there only one person in that whole department?
                            Once he is on leave the matter of the consumer must be left until one day he has actually has time to deal with my matter.

                            This is sad we are a country that has to fight to receive the simple things that we do pay for.

                            Johan nel

                            Post electronic

                            1st floor,
                            Silver fem building,
                            Femridge office park,
                            5 hunter str,
                            Postnet suite #444
                            Private bag x1
                            Jukskei park

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                              Boschstarted on fire

                              Just had our bosch dishwasher start on fire. We had started the load after a late supper and I happened to still be awake when there came a crackling/popping noise from the kitchen. I went in to find flames coming out of the selector button area of the dishwasher. It also charred the underside and front edge of our kitchen counter top. I am so glad 1) that we were home and not at a time that I started a load and ran errands and 2) that I was still awake to hear it and catch it early. Very scary. By the looks of these other complaints I do not think we will purchase another bosch.

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                                Bosch Dishwasher — paid for product never received

                                We bought an item for $580 on ebay. The company has high ratings on ebay so thought it was a good company to...

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