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Over the weekend, my sister visted me and wanted to visit Myrtle Beach, SC. After searching all the search engine, I decided to book a hotel through When we arrived in Myrtle Beach and waited for one hour to check in, we were told by the hotel manager that we do not have a reservation. The manager indicated " had overbooked us. The hotel was sold out as of 48 hours before we got our reservation online." He also hold us it was not their problem and that we will have to call So, I called and waited for 25 mintues before I get a CSR on the line. The CSR told me it was my fault for not confirming my reservation in advance and that there is nothing she can do for me other than give me my refund. Of course, I have a problem with this. This is 4pm on a Saturday late afernoon during peak season, where in the world will I get a hotel?!!! I just canceled my 5pm show just so I can be on the phone with trying to find a place to sleep. Finally, I convinced the CSR to find me another hotel but then there was a catch. I would have to pay the $55 price difference. And of course, I have a problem with this. So once again, I convinced her to get the okay from management to waive the fee. 15 minutes she put me on hold to only tell me the hotel no longer has availability and that they are having system problem, causing their system to show availaibility when there are none. I spoke with the manager and she told me the same story. THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR ME other than give me my refund immediately. I JUST SPENT 1 1/2 HOUR ON THE PHONE FOR NO REASON WHEN I COULD OF SEARCH FOR A HOTEL MYSELF.

Long story short, DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING FROM We finally found another hotel two hours later that was 5 miles from our destination area. And also, as of today, I have not received my refund. When I called their CSR line, I was told I will have to wait for another 7-10 business days.

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