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If you are trying to find a deal or lowest rate, stay away from we were planning a trip to disney world and wanted a nice hotel. We found the hotel and went with bookit as the offered the best price. We paid 45 days in advance and at first we were not going to get the insurance. Something to me to go ahead and pay the extra $18 just in case. Well we ended up finding a rental house with all of the same benefits plus our own pool. I called bookit customer service to cancel our reservation. There policy is that you get all of your money back minus the insurance if you cancel before june 13. That was three days before our arrival. I canceled almost 25 before arrival. You expect to get your money returned no later than 3-5 business days later. This company has a 7-10 business days to refund your money. It is business day 10 and two weeks later no refund. I called them and they claim it was schedule to be returned today. If anyone has fallen into this same situation I suggest we get together and file a class action for breach of contract.

Update by atruesoldier
May 08, 2014 6:15 pm EDT

This is years later but i finally got my money back by filing a dispute with my CC. Bookit finally refunded my money. Since that incident, i have NOT used them again 4 years later.

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Sep 20, 2017 5:42 am EDT
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I book a room thru bookit on two different time in one mont which was April 13 an April 19-21 each time I went to check in the hotel the hotel cancel my room cause I live 30 mile from the local so I ask was my card going to be charge they told me they was going to send a cancellation to bookit so I won't be charge the hotel charge bookit so then bookit charge my bank card I called about my refund never can get anybody back on the phone now it been a nightmare. I went to the hotel they telling me there system don't go back that far to check cancellation so they also told me they never charge my credit card that bookit did now bookit telling me they got to call the hotel an check it out so I get a email telling me they can't refund me my money until they spreak to the hotel now, which the hotel is not picking up the phone, when I spoke to the hotel Manager at the Knight Inn in Morrow Ga she told me if I come on there property again they going to call the police. Cause I ask about my paperwork to get my money back from bookit. Now i'am in the wrong for trying to get back $160 I was told to see about going to small claim court, or can't anybody tell me how to start a class action law suit for this company. Plus I got on audio the front desk told me her manager stated she was going to give me my money back butt I did a bad review on my Facebook so she not giving me my money back cause of that. Freedom of speech even if I did do a review I have all rights to speak my mind.

Aug 09, 2017 9:26 am EDT

I booked my vacation through your company online. I had nothing but problems from the beginning of my arrival to the hotel. I did not have issues with the flights or the hotel directly, just your company. The flights were as smooth as possible and the hotel was absolutely beautiful. It fulfilled every promise that the website stated.
I booked three excursions online when I booked the hotel and flight. Those included deep sea fishing, ATV/ Ziplining, and a lobster dinner on the beach. The vouchers or website for that matter did not explain where the excursions were to take place or how long they would last. Transportation was only provided for the ATV/ Ziplining but that was a problem as well.
Upon checking in with your company on arrival, as instructed to, we found out that the ATV/ Ziplining excursion was not even on your list and they had no idea when we were going to be picked up or that the excursion was booked for us. You then spent over an hour on the phone trying to figure out where the missing piece of the puzzle was. The people at the hotel even told us to double check because sometimes transportation does not show up for your excursions.
Another issue that we had was that private taxis were needed for the other two excursions. Which that is ok, but the lobster dinner was an hour away in Cancun and that was not including traffic. The deep sea fishing excursion was ok because it was only 10-15 minutes away and was not that expensive.
The lobster dinner excursion was all the way in Cancun and would have costed $85 for a one-way taxi ticket. That is $170 for transportation to one excursion that we were not informed of and would have lost due to the excursion being canceled. There was no other transportation available and your company could not help at all. Not to mention the fact that the ATC/ Ziplining excursion was that day and by the time we got back to the hotel we would have been 15 minutes late to the lobster dinner excursion, not including traffic and our excursion would have been canceled anyways.
The excursion that was missed (The Lobster Dinner), was supposed to be a celebration for a five-year anniversary. It did not happen due to poor communication with YOUR company! I am severely disgruntled and am disappointed for the missed opportunity.
I am requesting a full refund for the missed excursion due to multiple communication errors and circumstances around the event. Why would you book an excursion over an hour away from the hotel I booked at? Why was transportation an issue and not offered, if not at an extra cost, for the two excursions that transportation was not set up for? Why were approximate times for how long the excursions lasted on the excursions when you book them? How can you allow an excursion to be booked and not provide assistance when an issue arises with it?
All around this experience was awful and I would not consider booking with your company again! I feel that I was wronged by your company and a vacation that was supposed to be relaxing turned out stressful and incomplete. We missed a dinner planned for our 5-year anniversary because of the lack of communication and poor customer service. For that I am requesting a full refund for the missed excursion!

Jul 13, 2017 12:03 pm EDT must be shut down. They are crooks and liars! We have tried to cancel our reservations as soon as my doctor informed me not to travel to our destination. Bookit replied "we have not been able to hear back from the resort, we can't do anything until they respond, give them 48 hours!" We called every day and they kept giving us the runaround! Then they say there is a $25K penalty for canceling your trip! When our entire trip costed $4k! They are a fraud and must be shut down. Tried calling them on several occasions where they place you on hold for hours without any end result. Will be letting the credit card company handle this! Will be contacting BBB...this is so unacceptable on so many levels and very infuriating. I don't know how they are still in business

Sep 20, 2017 5:47 am EDT
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I been thru the same thing I called them on yesterday an stayed on hold 1 hour I can't get anybody on the phone when it come to a refund.

May 09, 2017 8:24 am EDT
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I canceled my trip with book since April 6th 2017. The first payment that I made was with an account that was compromised and there were fraud charges on there. So I closed the account and change banks I did not want to do business with that bank any longer. So when I canceled my trip to Tulum the rep from book it put me on hold to cancel my reservation. She then informed me that I would be receiving 3 payment to the account that I used the fist being to a bank account I closed I informed her that I no longer have that bank and that it is a closed account. I have not seen that refund back they keep giving me the run around telling me that the bank has to give me a rejection letter. The bank has no such letter. And they also tell you that the bank will give you a check for that money. Not true the bank send them there money back for the reason that the money has no where to go for an account that does not exist. You can call over and over but you get no where. They tell you to file a complaint with there customer care. That's a joke you never hear from them. No one contacts you. You can send a million e-mails no one will ever respond and you just get the run around. I do have a statement from the bank showing there has been no activity in that account and that it is closed but they want a letter from the bank. This is very frustrating. I am trying to resolve this matter and have exhausted all of my option so far. I have contacted the BBB . I opinion is that this company should not be in business.

Jul 15, 2016 2:37 pm EDT

I am having the same problem. I will never use a third party again. We were told that we would not need a passport to go to St. Maarten by a Bookit rep. Well it turns out that we did! The Westin says to contact Bookit because they are the third party but Bookit is swearing that the Westin is saying no refund nor a voucher for another day. That's close to $1000, 00 dollars down the drain. The guy at the Westin said that I should book directly with them. He said that they are flexible and that they aim to please, and that they could match those third parties prices. I know that the third parties have rules and their business is to make a profit. However, they could have given a voucher for a later date. This is so unfair! At the present time, I trying to get a chargeback. Funny thing is, my sister used Expedia to book the same trip and was not charged a dime to postpone everything in time to get passports. My husband I had to pay 500 dollars to change our flights and nothing can be done about the hotel fee which is close to a grand.

Oct 08, 2015 8:40 am EDT

I've called twice in the last 12 hours regarding a $900 cancellation fee for Dream Tulum that was charged without any prior notification. The rep I spoke to last night told me that he was sure I would get a refund. The rep this morning said they never give refunds. I asked that they contact the resort directly as advised by my credit card company, but they can't seem to reach anyone at the resort. If I had booked directly with Dreams, the cancellation fee would have been $50. This is crazy. My credit card company told that if they don't agree to a refund then I should request a chargeback. What a mess!

Aug 31, 2015 2:28 pm EDT

My husband and I were heading to bike week in myrtle beach this year sept- oct. as I am reading this I am on hold with them. It has been nothing but a hassle they want to charge me 70.00 to cancel my room mind you my reservation is sept 30. There s a 25$ processing fee plus 19.95 plus there fee for canceling it for you. Funny read the small writing in case of rare event processing fee will be waived. Thank god for iPads and you can make those words huge. So now I am on hold for ten minutes costing me 45 to cancel with her word my money will be on there in 7-10 business days. We are going to see cause if not hell hath no fury like a woman whose money is being messed with..

Jul 25, 2013 4:07 pm EDT

Was this issue ever resolved? I am having the same issue

Dear Valued Guest,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the situation you described. Typically it takes anywhere from 7 to 10 business days to process a refund back to the guest’s credit card on file. Since I do not have the specific details of your booking I am unable to find out what happened with your refund.

We would like the opportunity to assist you further in this matter. You may either fill out our form at, if you haven't done so already or email me at [email protected] I will personally see that one of our Resolutions Representatives takes care of your concerns. At® we take Customer Support very seriously. In fact, one of our core values states that if our customers are merely satisfied, we haven't done our job.



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