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Jun 28, 2019

Booking.com — i'm raising a complaint as a hotelier, towards customer services and unethical behaviour, fraudulent activity

Booking.com have made an appalling string of errors, which was first raised on the 15th March 2019 booking...

Booking.commisleading photos

We have recently booked a holiday to apartments in Puerto Banus Spain, after booking it on booking .com we realised that the photos displayed on their website were in fact computer generated, they looked so real and there was no disclaimer that the photos weren't real.
We found this worrying so we reviewed the property on trip advisor to find the true pictures were the exact opposite, the apartments look
Horrendous with a lot of terrible reviews.
We rang booking.com to request a free cancellation and they would not help at all. Under the trading standards it is not allowed to misrepresent how it looks and they should show a true likeness.
Is there anything we can do?

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    Booking.comrefusal to provide vat number + refusal of paying the reward refer a friend

    I received a confirmation in writing from Booking.com (EUR15) as part of their refer a friend programme. Everything is confirmed in writing. If Booking.com did make a mistake by sending the confirmation this is not my problem as if I do a cancelation there is no window for error.

    in addition I did request the VAT number to the property and the property did not provide it by insisting that Booking shall provide it. This is pretty much a vicious cycle conversation where everyone is blaming the other.

    I do expect everything sorted ASAP.

    I do have full documentation available in PDF.


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      Jun 23, 2019

      Booking.com — the fact booking.com do nothing to safeguard their customer’s experience

      Booked a room in Valletta, Malta. Recent reviews (posted since I booked) indicate the room was not a...

      Booking.comhotel palacio del cobertizo de santa ines

      Hi. I had a booking at this hotel in Granada, SPAIN booked through Booking.com Conf number: [protected] for 7th June. Prior to arrival we received an email from the hotel saying we should check-in at Hotel Rosa D'Oro instead as both hotels ‘are annexes of each other' and had a shared reception. When we arrived at Hotel Rosa the man at the front desk told us that Hotel Palacio del Cobertizo had closed down 2weeks earlier but not to worry he had a room for us at Hotel Rosa instead. He played down any connection between the hotel saying he had been left to handle the damage. We did not want the room at Hotel Rosa and he advised that he would refund our money. He said because the hotels were not connected he was unable to refund our money using his EFTPOS machine but he had a pile of refunds he showed us that he said had to go to the bank on Monday. We booked another hotel up the street for the night and subsequently formalised the refund request through Booking.com. I had not received a refund several days later so filed a complaint with you and lodged a poor review of the property. The review was rejected by you although I could not determine why, and I was unable to edit it using the link provided in your reply to me.

      I still have not received a refund from this hotel, which has clearly scammed me. You should not be dealing with this hotel, but I can still see it is able to be booked through your site. So I assume it has not closed down at all but was merely trying to move us to a cheaper hotel through devious means. If I do not receive my refund very soon I will be doing everything in my power to complain about both the hotel and Booking.com to the relevant authorities, as you have been highly unresponsive to this issue so far.

      Mark Phelps

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        Booking.comno entry to apartment and no refund given

        Guest name:
        Debby Lennard
        Sun 16 Jun 2019
        Tue 18 Jun 2019
        Property name:
        Neoresid - Résidence Les Jardins de Mozart
        Booking number:

        I arrived at the apartment as per their email between 15.00 and 18.00 when they said someone would be there to check me in. There was no one there. I used door code I was given in case I was late, to get in. I opened the key box but no keys for the apartment 115. I tried to ring. One number went to VM, the other was unobtainable. I emailed. I then left for an hour and came back. Still no one and no keys. It was now getting on for 17.00. I had to obtain alternative accommodation at greater cost and inconvenience. I emailed and asked for a refund.

        This has been refused. I am appalled. I wish to escalate this to you. The provider is either incompetent and has no customer service, or a fraudster. Either way I would appreciate your assistance in getting my money returned. My telephone number is [protected] and my email is [protected]@icloud.com


        Debby Lennard

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          Booking.comoyo townhouse 16 ilford hill 3-star hotel

          I will never book a hotel through booking again. Last time I booked a hotel was in Ilford, London, the hotel has canceled my booking when I arrive because someone has taken the room. The guy at the reception was so Racist. We were so tired when I and my mum arrived telling us to leave immediately from the hotel or he will be rude with us. I really will never ever book a hotel through booking. We were treated like thieves. Despite, I have booked through my credit card and when I receive an email that there is a problem in the credit, I have called them that I will pay by cash and they have told me that there's no problem and they confirm that by email. The worst experience ever !!!

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            Jun 12, 2019

            Booking.com — booking a hotel.

            More like Booking.Wrong! Failing Customers! Booking.com should be called Booking.wrong! When things go wrong...

            Jun 11, 2019

            Guesthouse Vintage — hotel booking cancellation harassment

            I booked a room on booking.com. Immediately, I noticed the room description was deceptive. It had no...

            Booking.comcloud pool & spa

            This hotel again has deveiving photo. I booked 2 rooms for price of about $500/night in total. The reason I booked this hotel wirh this price was to use private pool (walk out from the room). Pool appeared long and big in the picture but when we arrived it was about 2x bath tub size and it was so dirty... none of my family member used it since it appeared so outdated and dirty. I am not sure if they have claned the pool and fence... i only swam 15min and came out... the hotel also charges $100 extra to keep water heated... so I spent way too much what I can't use...

            Most hotel look same upon arrival but this hotel and ocean palace hotel in your website are posting deceiving pictures of the hotel.. please ask hotel to post only current photos of their facility not the photos of when they were built.

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              Booking.comapartment booking

              Confirmation number: [protected]
              PIN code: 5443

              I have made a booking for 3 apartments for 3 nights for 20 people.
              The confirmation stated 3 aparments with 20 beds.

              However, through a series of messages with the property owner, revealed:
              a) There is only 3 double beds
              a) 3 of the beds are baby cots and not adult beds.
              b) Asked to sleep on the floor, because short of beds.
              c) Asked to bring 10 sleeping bags, because short of beds.
              d) The owner only have one apartment, contrary to the 3 apartments as per website.

              Please kindly look into the above confirmation.
              Below are the messages:

              Confirmation number: [protected]

              You have a new message from CASA DI DONNA INES

              You have a new message from CASA DI DONNA INES
              CASA DI DONNA INES said:
              Hello, nice to meet you! i want to know which is the age of the people come to my house and i want to tell you that the bed are three double bed and three cots, one little cot for baby and three couches. Somebody will have to sleep on the floor. The taxes are 3.50 euro for person for day that you will have to pay to me and i will pay taxes in Rome for you.

              Please reply to this email to respond to the property.

              Most recent messages

              All 20 people are above 30 years old. We will need 20 beds. Your website shows there is a sofa bed in the living room and each apartment can sleep 8 people. Can you provide 20 beds?
              10 Jun 2019

              CASA DI DONNA INES said:
              Is very diffficult to find other 10 bed for the house, can you bring 10 sleeping bag? You are so many people and i can't pay supplement for just one day for you. Do you understand me?

              Please reply to this email to respond to the property.

              I think you are not aware of the complete booking. I have booked 3 apartments and you replied that each apartment has 3 double beds. That is 3 x 2 x 3 = 18 beds. If you can use the sofa beds (as mentioned in your website) that would be great. 3 apartment for 20 people.
              10 Jun 2019

              CASA DI DONNA INES said:

              I have just 1 apartment of 125 mq

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                • Updated by Kwong Kang Choon · Jun 10, 2019

                  Please kindly check the above confirmation

                Booking.comabout the non refund of money as per the free cancellation policy

                Dear Sir/Ma'am,
                I had booked a hotel throgh you in Puri from 31/05/2019 to 04/06/2019 ( 3 king size a/c/ room in hotel Gouri palace via Goroomgo ( Booking ID : [protected] ).
                I had made a payment of Rs.4000/- to hotel through a link of' Payumoney', which was given by hotel.

                Unfortunately I could not go there due to natural calamity ( storm FANI ) and scarcity of proper electrification and convience.
                As per the free cancellation policy I cancelled the trip through you on 27/05/2019 and also informed the Goroomgo( hotel ) about it.
                I have repeatedly contacted the hotel for the Refund of money, which is yet to be solved.
                So, I request you to take initiative for the Refund of money as soon as possible.
                Thanks and Regards,
                SATYABRATA BOSE( E-mail: [protected]@gmail.com )

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                  Booking.comhotel vinccy lys valencia - reclamation

                  Dear sirs,

                  i booked hotel Vinccy Lys from 3-6 may, double or twin bed, which is described :26 m²
                  Bath fot 1 adoult in 1 child 3 yeras old. I have arivved at hotel around 00:30 4. may and they gave me keys to my room (511). Room Was small around 10-12 m2, bed was 140x 190cm, there was no bath. Shower has no hot warm. There was so litlle space tahat was no room for suitcase to be on the floor. Next day i said that this is not the room i reserved and they said that there is no other rooms, if i want to change room i have to said that next mornig till 8am (after i chcked in came other guest who arrived with the same plane as i and have normal rooms). On booking was still free rooms all the time. On 5 may they finally changed my room. I get room which i actually resreved and paid (i have to paid before they gave me keys). After i checked out i want to speak with manager. i want half of my money back, because they gave me room wihic fit for 1 pereson and is cheapar then my. They didn't want to hear nothing about that. In adittion i gave you photo of toloris (red is room in whic they plače me and my child). On the whole hotrel there is no such small room. I would like to have half my money back, because the room they gave me is 50% cheaper from that i paid and resreved.

                  Kind regards, [removed]

                  hotel vinccy lys valencia - reclamation

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                    Booking.comvilla does not exist

                    I booked a room at Batu Ferringhi Beach Villa in Penang (booking#[protected]), and followed direction as given (the place is stated close to Double Tree Hilton). upon arrival to the destination, the Batu Ferringhi Beach Villa could not be located. I have asked Grab driver twice but failed to identify the villa. I asked Hilton Hotel staff to drive me to location, the driver told me that the location which is shown in the map: no more exist

                    Please refund accordingly

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                      Booking.comhotel bookings via booking.com

                      I reserved two hotels via booking.com (as a regular customer), and both properties in Tel Aviv had serious safety, false, location, and service issues. Hotels have refused to cooperate, and booking.com has not been helpful at all in resolving the matters. I do not want to pay for service not rendered as advertised or for inferior hotels. Dirty properties, etc. Booking.com only cares about their profit and not assisting customers. Yet they love taking the commissions. They are a terrible company when it comes to the needs and concerns of customers and simply hang up on me, tell me that they will intervene when they don't, or respond. Such abuse should not be acceptable.

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                        Booking.comfailure to provide with rules and regulations

                        This complaint is in regard to a booking.com reservation (confirmation #[protected]). I booked 5 nights stay at Dream Loft Residencies and made a payment in full, directly to the Dream Loft Residencies. Dream Loft Residencies have a strict policy of checking hours between 14:00 and 21:00. With this in mind, I put a call to booking.com asking to notify Dream Loft Residencies that my 18 years old son is running late, because his train is being delayed at the boarder patrol. One of Booking.com representative, promptly telephoned Dream Loft Properties, and spoke with Dream Loft Residencies representative, to notify that my son will be arriving an hour later. Booking.com representative also send an email, stating that she spoke with Dream Loft Residencies to keep reservation for my son. When my son arrived at 22:00, nobody was available to check him in. Few hours later I received an email from booking.com stating that Dream Loft Residencies cancelled the TOTAL stay, all 5 nights, and re-rented this room to another guest. Dream Loft Residencies refused to reimburse me, even partially. They kept the total payment for 5 nights reservation while re-renting the room to another quest for the same exact dates. Booking.com is unable to help me in obtaining reimbursement, citing the "no-show' policies of Dream Loft Residencies that I was not made aware of. If I was aware of such policies, I would never make this reservation.
                        Please help me to solve the reimbursement issue. Not only my son was left stranded in a foreign country, he was forced to urgently find another place to stay at substantially higher price.
                        Lidia Djosan

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                          May 28, 2019

                          Booking.com — credit card fraud booking.com

                          I booked a motel in Rotorua through booking.com it was around nzd 126 and they charged me nzd 1041.62. I...

                          Booking.comreservation check-in


                          I'm writing to express my discontent about my reservation made on booking, number: [protected].

                          I stayed at the Ryerson University International Living Learning centre. And the reason I booked this Hotel was the 12pm check-in, as seen in the attached image, as my flight was arriving to Toronto at 6am, so I needed a place early. I even requested early check-in through Booking...However, when I got there I was told I couldn't check in until 4pm. This means I had to wander for four hours, carrying the luggage with me, just because Booking gave me the wrong information. I want to express my formal complaint about this, and demand a fair compensation. I paid for a 12pm to 12 pm service, and I was given a 4pm/11am service, 5 hours less than promised.

                          Please let me know if you consider this is acceptable, or if I should expect an apology and a compensation.

                          Many thanks,

                          reservation check-in

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                            Booking.comreservation at hyatt place

                            I tried making a reservation at Hyatt Hotel in Short Pump, VA. Booking.com made it look like I was at Hyatt Hotel in Short Pump, VA but my reservation went to Hyatt Place in Innsbrook which is nearby. All my family is at Hyatt Hotel! And they will cancel but keep all my money. This is bad and makes Richmond and Short Pump, VA look bad for tourists.

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                              Booking.comcancellation, clean and safe rooms at the hotel/hostel

                              Dear Sir / Madam,

                              I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Customer of Booking

                              The issue that I have experienced was: I booked the hostel via booking.com and checked all the reviews (total ranking was 4.6 out of 5) I chose the way to pay at the property and I did not expect something unusual. When I went there and checked-in, in the shared room there was nothing at the basic. Anything provided for my luggage to set safe or anything for my things to be put. I asked the receptionist to cancel my booking and at least to get refunded with half of the price I paid, because I did not stay there, as I checked-in, went to the room, saw the condition and left to cancel, but the guy did not speak english and said only it is not possible.

                              It occurred on: 19/05/2019

                              This meant that I was traveling since 2 days and I was very tired and got wet in the morning in the airport. Plus, I could not find any place to stay that day but luckily at the end I could find a place. Yet it affected me morally and financially.

                              I would like to get refunded by the amount I paid. It was 15.50 Eur

                              I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

                              Yours faithfully,
                              Parvin Abdurahmanov

                              Booking Reference [protected]

                              Square Plasky, 92
                              Brussels Belgium

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