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N Aug 15, 2018

Fw: Vihara Residence (1014.018.228)
Noel O Donovan
Good morning

this is my fourteenth and final email. Over a 5 week period, I have corresponded with Allen Y, Andrew, Clara, and Bethlehem K. This torturous process led to the most recent email from yourselves which stated:

- 'The property informed us that you checked out because you did not like the room'.

- 'We were not informed about the issue and you made the decision to check out. We advise for the future to get in touch with us before making the decision as we do need some evidence like pictures from the room to check the standards'.

The above comments do not address the fundamental issue here which was that the 'property' and '' did not fulfill the original booking which was made, '3 x double rooms with balcony overlooking the swimming pool'. We were offered 2 x double rooms and 1 x single room on the ground floor looking out at the back wall. We were told that the rooms we booked were occupied, and that nothing comparable was available. Of course I did not like the room, I did not get what I booked. (As mentioned previously, the rooms were dirty as well). You say that we should have got in touch with yourselves, we should have taken pictures. It was 9.00 at night, we were in a strange (for us) country, in unfamiliar surroundings. We were anxious to get someplace else to stay while we still had the chance. We asked the taxi driver to bring us to the nearest 5 star hotel, where they facilitated us. We had little option. We got in touch with later that night when we were settled elsewhere.

This whole experience has been very stressful, compounded by very poor customer service from since our return. Needless to say, we do not intend to use your services going forward. We have also mentioned it to a few people. We may also make a formal complaint, because I feel strongly that we have not been treated fairly or been dealt with in a professional or courteous manner. is a large and I am sure very successful organisation. I have no doubt that it will continue to prosper. It will be without our custom though,



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