Bob Evans Store 146hostess seating


store 146 We frequent Bob Evans 2 to 4 times a month. On 7-5-09 at 9a.m.we walked in and asked the hostess to seat us with Trish (our favorite waitress). She looked at the stations, came back and seated us. A few seconds later a different waitress came to our table. I asked if Trish was going to wait on us. She said her station must have been full is it ok if I wait on you? Initially I said ok and she served us coffee. As she walked away I started to think why didn"t the hostess tell us Trish wasn't available and give us the option to wait untill she had something available? I ended up talking with the manager and she did give us Trish and moved our table. The reason I am voicing concern is because the hostess lacked communication and disregard for the customers wishes. Just wanted to share this information. Thank you, by the way Trish is an outstanding employee/waitress!!!<br />
Terry Lubrano

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