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Reviews and Complaints

Bob EvansFood/service

We visited this restaurant on 2/16/20. Table 88/1

We were seated within 5 minutes however waited over 12 minutes before I had to ask if we had a server. The staff walked by us numerous times no one acknowledged us. After I asked for a server it took another 4 min for her to appear. We ordered and waited another 26 min for our food. I never got a refill on my drink . I ordered fresh toast with bacon and my husband ordered blueberry pancakes with sausage. This is ridiculous. There was no apologies. I felt like no one cared how long we waited ... We only spent 21 dollars but for that kinda service i should have went to .McDonalds..

Bob EvansHorrible food, wrong order, terrible service

my husband ordered 4 eggs over lite and only recvd two-he was very upset since he stated TWICE what he wanted. i ordered grilled chicken fresh carrots and salad. the carrots were anything but fresh---yikkkkk they had to be frozen for at lst 2 yrs and werent even orange. looked horrible when served and tasted awful. the waitress heard me complain the minute i set my eyes on them but acted like she didnt. they were not crowded at all and 1/2 hr br4 closing. stood at fron waiting to check out no one came so i had to go look for someone then she came up and check wouldnt go thru- i had to been standing there over 15 min getting very angry...

Horrible food, wrong order, terrible service

  • Ba
    Barbara Tanner Aug 11, 2013

    Had dirtiest bathroom I have ever been in - West Virginia. I hate to think how dirty the kitchen is.

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  • Bl
    blame the parents here Dec 21, 2013

    How do you know the waitress heard you. Do you have her hearing. Are you a mind reader?

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  • Bl
    blame the parents here Dec 21, 2013

    Also if you had not mentioned you were married, judging from your spelling and inability to wait 15 minutes I would have thought you were a child.

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