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Bloomex is an online florist, based in Ottawa, that offers same-day delivery across Canada.

But the company has strict policies on returns and refunds. And customers say they can't escalate their complaints when things go wrong.

Colleen Clarke ordered two plant arrangements on the morning of Dec. 31. One was going to Calgary, the other to Edmonton.

"Bloomex guaranteed same-day delivery, which is why I chose to use the company," she says.

The Calgary basket arrived on Jan. 3. The Edmonton basket didn't show up by Jan. 4, when she left for an overseas trip.

Her aunt in Edmonton said the flowers were upside down and out of the basket when they finally arrived. Bloomex has a policy that customers can't get replacements unless they send photos by email. But not everyone can comply.

"My aunt, who's over 75, told them four times that she didn't have a camera and had no way of taking the picture. Finally, she told them to forget it," Clarke says.

Back in Toronto on Jan. 21, she tried to speak to a Bloomex manager. She reached only a call centre.

On Jan. 28, she got her Visa bill showing a refund for the Edmonton order. Bloomex had picked it up from her aunt's home on Jan. 15.

But she was still charged $9.95 each for the two late deliveries.

"At this point, I am spitting mad," she said. "I want the two delivery fees deleted and an apology for the horrific treatment, live on the phone by a management person."

I found many Bloomex complaints online. The Better Business Bureau had processed 37 complaints in midwestern Ontario and 63 complaints in eastern Ontario. (There's no BBB in Toronto.)

"The company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to its decision not to accept or respond to complaints from the BBB," both bureaus said.

When I called president Dimitri Lokhonia, whose name I got from the BBB website, he called me back right away. He said Bloomex delivered 10,000 orders a month. By cutting out the middleman, the company could offer fresher flowers and lower prices.

Clarke should have read the terms and conditions, posted online and sent by email to her, he said.

Bloomex doesn't deliver on Sunday and statutory holidays. Nor does it offer same-day delivery in Edmonton. That's available only in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Because she'd placed her order on Dec. 31, she couldn't expect same-day delivery.

"Some people are not happy. As a consumer writer, you can understand that," Lokhonia tells me. Posting a comment at the On Your Side blog, he tries to explain the many complaints.

"We compete against all local overpriced flower shops and sometimes owners of these shops put their comments online, pretending to be an unhappy customer."

He sends me Clarke's file and I can see why she's angry. All the communication is at her end and she never gets a response.

On Jan. 23, she asked for someone in authority to call her or she'd go to the newspaper. A note on her file said: "Order was picked up. She was refunded. Nothing we can do at this point."

Bloomex boasts about caring for customers and uses [protected] as its email address.

But if Lokhonia truly cared, he would pick up the phone when customers asked for a manager, stop badmouthing complainers and start co-operating with the BBB.

Then, he'd see his online business really start to bloom.

Write to [protected]


  • Ja
    Jason Ford Jul 16, 2008

    I have used Bloomex and will never use them again.

    I wanted to have flowers delivered for my wife grad from university and was dissapointed when flowwers never showed. I tried to phone Bloomex but was forward to a voice mail saying they only deal online when it comes to complaints. I tried online to get there "live on line help" with no availe. I had left upward to 10 voice mail messages with no responce. I finally got through to an online operator after hours trying to get through. After hestitation on thier part and refusing us a refund they sent us flowers (half dead) two weeks after the date ordered.


    Jason Ford

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  • Qu
    quynh Jul 27, 2008

    bonjours a tous,
    j ai commande des fleurs depuis le mois de mai cad depuis 3 mois deja pour l anniversaire de ma grand mere cherie et ca n a jamais ete livre et en plus impossible de me faire rembourser puisqu ils n ont jamais repondu a mes emails ou appels .C est une vrai arnaque ce site !!!
    ordre d achat :813685

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  • Qu
    quynh Jul 27, 2008


    depuis 3 mois deja que j ai commande les fleurs et ca n a jamais ete envoye et quand je contacte leur service, ils sont incompetents, ne savent rien et me repondent automatiquement tous qu ils sont en train de travailler sur ma commande et ca fait 3 mois qu ils me disent la meme chose...Et aucun remboursement de leur part et aucun email ou appel .Je trouve ca degueulasse de me faire arnaquer de cette facon..

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  • i an very unhappy as well. I was promised next day delivery of a basket. It was delivered 5 days late. I sent numerous emails and chats to try to cancel the late order and to discuss the complaint but have not received any response by email or phone.

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  • Yv
    YVONNE Apr 27, 2009

    don't feel bad ... because I told the truth about the glitch in the system that charges you more after you give your credit card info I am still waiting for my final pay from November 2008. Dimitri (the owner) tells me if I tell the customers that I was PMS'ing I can have my pay. Needless to say Im still waiting for my pay. and I will keep posting blogs about this company in as many sites as I can until I get my Final Pay ... don't give up, keep calling, keep posting and most of all Let Your Friends and Family know about Bloomex the best advertisement is WORD OF MOUTH ...

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  • Pe
    Peed BF Sep 16, 2009


    To the management of bloomex flowers:

    That is not true that the flowers were delivered on time. Bloomex obviously was not there is barely anyone working for this company in any department.The company is an automated service that is setup by an incompetent IT person. DO NOT TRY AND CALL THEM AS NO ONE ANSWERS or RETURNS YOUR MESSAGES when A PROBLEM OCCURS. I did receive an email from a manager 5 days later which called me a liar that the flowers were delivered on time. The manager responding has no idea what he/she is talking about. So far Bloomex flower service has been the worst I have used to date. The flowers were not on-time even though I paid for morning delivery and the quality of many of the flowers in the bunch were marginal and did not last more than three days. The card was printed from the computer and you could see various website and html jargon on the face of the card which looked really bad. The balloon was a weird green color which did not match the card or the flowers. The flower arrangement was appropriate and put together properly but the overall package was lacking in many areas. My girlfriend actually liked the flowers because I spent a decent amount of money but they did not last over the weekend. She asked me today to go buy more flowers because she did not get to enjoy them for a reasonable amount of time. My main concern is that the service I paid for, especially the service of morning delivery was not performed.

    As proof, I was on the phone with my girlfriend at 12:27PM on Sept 10 and it had not been delivered yet. She immediately called me back when they were delivered which was sometime after that. We had a conversation and I said I was really upset with the service and told her that I had paid for morning delivery and called and emailed and left messages all morning and that no one from your company called me or contacted me. I tried to call corporate office as well as the Calgary division and was forwarded to the same annoying voice mail message. The more I called and emailed people to try and find out if I needed to buy more flowers the more upset I got with the company's terrible service. I spent the whole day wondering whether or not I had to go buy more flowers and deliver them to her myself.

    In my eyes, the consumer is the most important. In this company they try to avoid you once they have your money. The manager called me a liar implying that they had no intention to reconcile the issue or provide any reasonable level of compensation or service for the screwup. I read a review on google about the management from Bloomex giving customers a hard time and being late with delivery. Apparently another customer had the delivery one day late and received only a hard time when he/she tried to follow up on it. Unfortunatley I had to experience it and I am going to add to that person's comment as well. I am also reporting bloomex to the better business bureau to spite their poor attitude, service, and to try to reconcile the money which I paid for a service I did not receive. Furthermore, I am posting this email on google for all to see.

    I hope that other online shoppers find this message prior so that they do not end up hoping and wishing that they get what they paid for when it matters most. Maybe Bloomex will realize that they have to treat people properly and provide people with what they pay for.

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  • Yv
    YVONNE Sep 17, 2009

    read the comments that people have posted you are not alone ... All the sales agents work from home no one is bonded ... and Dimitri couldnt care less what you think or anyone else ... Dimitri who is the owner is only interested in who he can rip off believe me I worked for Bloomex and am still waiting for my last weeks pay ... which Im not getting because I told people that he was ripping them off with each sale ... after you give your credit credit info the price changes "A glitch in the system"... As a sales operator I was told not to give the total till after the credit card so they wouldnt have to do refunds ... all the operators were told the same thing .. actually I still have the email from head office if you would like to see it .. Keep posting your comments . Even the BBB won't accept Bloomex.

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  • Bo
    bobajanee Feb 08, 2020

    @YVONNE may i view the e-mail?

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  • Yv
    YVONNE Nov 15, 2009

    bloomex has been ripping people off since it started and will continue to do so because they can and Dimtri gets away with it ... Im still waiting over a year for a last weeks pay that he wont pay me because I wouldn't lie to customers anymore ... and steal ... from them .. the man is a crook ...

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  • To
    tofuchick Apr 12, 2011

    BLOOMEX MOTHERS DAY NIGHTMARE! My husband lovingly tried to order me flowers for my very first mothers day with this company. What a mistake. For one, they delivered the flowers on the WRONG DAY. How a major national company like Bloomex can screw up delivering flowers on Mothers Day is beyond comprehension, but they delivered the flowers a day early.
    When I opened the box of flowers, over half of them were dead. Not just wilted, but dead. The package my husband ordered also came with a chocolate box: instead of good quality truffles they sent dollar store liqour bottle chocolates.
    SO...we tried to go through customer service. They would not return calls, or emails, for weeks. From a floral perspective, my first mothers day was ruined. They eventually got back to us, and, despite pictures of the dead flowers and incorrect chocolates sent, refused to give us a refund. They said that they would send replacement flowers, but they never came.
    Customer service was deplorable and exhaustive. Owners should be embarassed.

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  • Fo
    FollyMark Apr 22, 2011

    Bloomex are scammers, i truely regret dealing with this ridiculous company... i'm surprised no legal action was taken to close it down once and for all !

    2 Votes
  • Dr
    drg1 Jun 17, 2018

    DO NO USE THIS COMPANY. Ordered a $90 Anniversary bouquet and they delivered a full day late. Flowers were wilted, not in water and hot as if sitting in a car all day. I complained and they advised they were delivered on time. Terrible customer service. ITS A SCAM!

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  • Jo
    John L Mann Aug 15, 2018

    Parents 65th wedding anniversary basket did not arrive. I ordered a gift basket for my parents 65th wedding anniversary on August 9th for an August 14th delivery date. As of this date the basket has not arrived, but they apologized for any inconvenience. They advertise guaranteed delivery but it doesn't happen. Order #02264293 where are you?

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  • Bo
    bobajanee Feb 08, 2020

    @John L Mann At least your order was delivered!
    But we're all on the same boat

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  • Be
    bella26 Feb 22, 2019

    Bloomex should be shut down. especially winnipeg location. I ordered funeral flower's to be delivered the next day for the funeral. got charged the delivery fee of $14.99. I spent all day on the computer with the online help chat... aka automated answer's. I finally got ahold of an operator kelly, to tell me that it hasn't even be shipped. I got an email saying it got delivered to a man that I don't even know in saskatoon. I am so embarrassed!!. horrible customer service, they once again a week late, they delivered the wrong flower's. again, I had to get ahold of customer service... and of course to everyone's thought's. they were the wrong flower's. it was a horrible experience ontop of grieving.. disgusted with customer service first offered me a 15% coupon... wtf. also fake advertisement's. worst experience and horrible horrible company!!! i've learned not to use bloomex ever again. I will let friend's and family know how disgusting this company is. ruined a funeral! screwed up 3 time's. good job!! should be out of business!!

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  • Bo
    bobajanee Feb 08, 2020

    On December 23rd, 2019, I ordered a package ( to arrive on December 24th, 2019.

    Let me make it clear that there was NOWHERE on the site that said orders couldn't be delivered on Christmas/Eve.
    This wasn't even shown on the calendar.

    Now I'm here waiting hoping for the intended recipients to send me an e-mail saying that they received the gift.

    I didn't get anything. Now I'm starting to feel concerned.
    On December 24th around 9 pm, I spoke to an 'Anna'.
    She told me that they're closed on the 25th and 26th which meant that my order that was supposed to be delivered on that day wouldn't get there until the earliest, 27th!

    After that, I talked to their live support and was shocked to see that my order had been pushed up to January 2nd, 2020 without my knowledge! They claimed they weren't told either, but I find that hard to swallow.

    Come January 2nd around 7 pm (PST), I'm connected to a 'Matt' who apologized for the delay and gave me a tracking code along with a discount code as if Bloomex was going to be my first option next time.
    At this point, I'm starting to think these names are made up.
    He also wrote that somebody would get back to me by e-mail the next day, but legend says that e-mail is still on its way.
    In that same chat, I also asked for a refund and he finally gave me an answer after trying to dodge it: no, I could not get a refund because apparently it's a "Custom order".

    Between December 23rd and now, I've sent multiple e-mails, started numerous chats, contacted them through Twitter, and even called their number today.

    When you call, it'll give you the option to start a new order (1) or follow up on a previous order (2).
    When 1 is clicked, you'll almost immediately be connected to someone with a thick accent. However, when you press 2, an automated voice says something along the lines of "Go to our website. This phone line is only for people who want to get scammed out of their money."

    I started collecting receipts, screenshots and anything I could from the minute I ordered and got the confirmation e-mail which I'm now realizing was the best thing to do.

    I hope this company is sued or at least goes completely out of business

    To sum it all up, Bloomex is a SCAM that I wish I could've seen before I bought something worth of $100CAD on their website.

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