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Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Complaints & Reviews

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers / oil change service

Jerry7008 on Oct 8, 2018

I did oil change at express oilchange buford GA store in 10/08/2018. I found they didn't change oil filter for me. I drove back and talked with manager ED. He go down check it and clean the old filter, then told me they changed filter, just dirty.he said we alreay changed filter, I can put...

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers / tires

Cliff Miller on Oct 3, 2017

I bought a set of Michelin Sport tires for my 2008 Mercedes S550 two years ago. The tires had 6000 milers on them. I brought the car in for service at the dealer and they noted that the incorrect size tires were on the rear of the car. Tire Engineers in Eunice La. (formerly Larrys Tire...

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers / Air filter change

Dan Chambers on Mar 10, 2017

store at 4342 Washington Rd, Evans GA 30809. On March 3 2017 at 0506pm. My daughter visited your store to get a oil change and a air filter change on her 2014 Ford Focus which was running fine. Merchant id: ky13332127001/invoice number: 06075-344889, She stared to have problems with her...

Express Oil Change / Washer fluid

Roy Spencer on Feb 25, 2017

I almost never complain about service. And this might seem kind of trivial, but it is a potentially dangerous situation. The last two times I had my oil changed this winter (2016-2017), the windshield washer fluid they used froze when the temperature went into the upper 20s. If you are...

Express Oil Change Decatur ALA / They said that it was impossible to fix the tires

Reviewer87062 on Feb 19, 2016

I recently had a deal with the company Express Oil Change Decatur ALA. I have driven my car and their repair man said that it was impossible to fix the tires and he offered to buy new one. I didn’t have such sum with me, so I contacted my friend, who told me to bring the car to his salon...

Express Oil Change / Tire

Debbie Crowell on Feb 8, 2016

Express oil change in Decatur, Alabama is ripping people off right and left. They told me a lie about my tire could not be repaired and tried to sell me a set of 2 new tires and I said no and I went to my tire man and he told me it was not on the outside wall and he repaired it and showed me...

Express Oil Change / Bad Battery Still Under Warranty - No Help

Reviewer15608 on Aug 21, 2015

I have a battery that I was manipulated into purchasing 2 1/2 months ago when my car suspiciously would not start after they changed my oil.My car was running fine before that oil change. Anyways, the battery is now bad (tested at more than one part store) and they won't replace or...

Express Oil Change - Birmingham / Bad Oil Change

Shea Moore on Nov 18, 2014

Read this carefully before going to an Express Oil Change. On September 16, 2014, my truck received an oil change at the Cahaba Height location. My truck was then driven a few miles and parked until September 18, 2014 when I drove it to Talladega, Alabama. After I arrived in Talladega...

Express Oil Change / Causes oil leak

BrittneyisPissed on Sep 29, 2014

On 09/11/2014 I took my car on my lunch break to have the oil changed...7 days later the oil light was on in my car. Took it back and was told we can't see where the leak is coming from so we will just put more oil in it and spray some stuff on it to see where the oil leak is coming...

Express Oil Change / Rip off

jdmshawn on Sep 18, 2011

This place sucks i used to work there and they do not care about there employees at all all they care about is appearance and making the shop look good. You get ripped off all customers that go there are getting ripped off the dealership does not even charge as much to do the work they do...

Express Oil Change / Bad Service


I went to Express Oil Change on June 18, 2010 to have my oil changed. While I was there, the mechanic said my husband was behind me. I told him I was not married. I also heard the person in the pit telling someone to leave this area is for employees only. I was told my car would leak oil...

Express Oil Change / Ruined my 2004 dura max

This location changed the oil in the transfer case in my Dura Max Desiel and ruined it, at a cost of 2100.00 dollars. I had oil samples taken to make sure that it was their service work that did the damage. And it came back they were the cause of the damage. I contacted the owner RON...

Express Oil / Ruined my vehicle


In March 2008, I took my 1997 Chevy truck into Express Oil in Leeds, Al for a simple oil change. Upon completion, the truck would not start. The mechanic without using a diagnostic machine said it was a fuel pump. They tried to charge an outrageous price so I went across the street ...

Express Oil Change / Incomplete service


On August 4th 2008, I went to Express Oil Change and Service Center at 60 willow lane, McDonough, GA for an oil change. 20 miles after leaving the service center my engine started smoking heavily, the temp needle went to super hot and my check engine light came on. I got off the highway...