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I purchased a Total Tech package with Geek Squad that included a warranty on all devices purchased at Best Buy. I had 5 devices under warranty. In March 2023 I received a fraud alert from my bank that questioned a charge from Best Buy.

I wasn't sure if the charge was legitimate, so I called Best Buy to be sure before I declined the charge. Best Buy informed me that my Total Tech package was in good standing and that the charge appeared to be illegitimate. With that information, I declined the charge.

3 months later I tried to use Total Tech to service one of my devices. At that time, I discovered that my Total Tech had been cancelled along with all of my warranties due to non-payment. I explained to the agent what happened and was informed that Total Tech does not offer those warranties anymore and therefore they cannot reinstate them.

I lost my warranties because of wrong information from Best Buy. I did not receive any notification that my Total Tech was cancelled and did not have an opportunity to rectify the situation.

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