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takes forever to get a repair!

I had my television stop working at the end of May 2007. I called in for a repair and I am still awaiting repair today 41 days later. I talked to customer service and they are saying, there is nothing we can do. Sorry out of luck.

Do not buy extended warranties. They have no obligation to fix your problem with any time frame.

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    Ron Rawlinson Dec 14, 2007
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    Best Buy Sux!!!
    We are having the same trouble getting BB to do anything about our broken TV. The service company has recommended they replace the set... but they just say they will review it. 45 days of reviewing is enough!!!

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  • Xx
    xxxxyyy Dec 30, 2007

    ...Same problem...still reviewing the service company's recommendation 30 days later...

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    Justin LeJeune Feb 02, 2008
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    I'm kind of mixed about the investing in an extended warranty. In my case, my television crapped out three years after I bought it. Once the repair man arrived to fix it, he said he would have to replace the optical drive and the color wheel. I'm thinking thank god for the extended warranty. Then I called Best Buy to find out when I could expect a return from the technician. They informed me Mid March would be the time frame because the parts are on back order. My TV died in the beginning of January. That was unacceptable to me. The store manager felt sympothetic to my situation but couldn't do anything. I read the extended warranty fine print and there is no mention of a time frame in making a repair. I think full disclosure should be a matter of practice, however, that may shy people away. I'm thinking about protesting at the store. Since I can't watch TV till march, might as well spend the time trying to save the next ignorant soul who falls for their gimmic.

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  • Ka
    Kayla Apr 11, 2008
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    In most cases, it is best you buy the warranty. They can completely replace the item within the warranty time-frame depending upon what's up with it. I have had trouble with Kodak cameras, so I bought warranty. The motor on it crapped out after 1 yr and I got a brand new one. Excellent investment.

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  • Aw
    awais_487 May 01, 2012

    I bought a laptop from bestbuy 14 months ago, some dead pixels appeared on the screen so i turned it in, they returned it after repairing, but screwed something else, turned it in again (i noticed the problem when i was at the store to pick up my laptop, so i didn't even take to home) they changed video card and returned to me, but this time they screwed a lot, laptop would crash every now and then, just used for a day this time, so turned it in back again, they changed the motherboard and returned it, took it to home, used it and noticed another issue after a little use, when battery would be almost getting empty, windows will process to go to sleep mode and instead would just crash. had to use the laptop for my job critical work so used it for a week and turned it back to bestbuy last night and they said they are sending for repairs, its the 4th time its going for repairs, and its been 2 and half months during all these repairs, i bought it for my use not for best buy to keep it and do experiments. they won't even acknowledge it a LEMON under NO LEMON POLICY. best buy suck big time...

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performance plan is a rip off!

Purchased dyson dc-14 vacuum along w/best buy performance service plan. They sold the plan telling me any problems at all, just call us and we will take care of it!

The hose on the dyson has a large crack which is expanding.

Called best buy - they do not carry parts for dyson at all. If I want, I can get the part then replace it and they will reimburse me! I did not pay for an extended warranty to fix it myself!

I did not pay to buy the part and wait on them to reimburse me. Since they won't fix it, after I paid for them to - why would I believe they will send me the money?

I spend an hour on the phone w/3 different people and 1 supervisor for best buy - that's an hour i'll never got back. They hung up on my twice!

I have the option of a pro-rated refund of my contract. Why pro-rated - they would not have honored any part of it since they can't get the parts!

I will never purchase from best buy again!

  • Ba
    bajaskier Mar 11, 2008
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    Best Buy, Circuit City, American and the like are in the business of selling service contracts, not merchandise.

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it should be called worst buy!

Once again I am asking myself why the heck did I ever go to best buy!! I mailed an overpayment of $200 to the...

extended warranty is a rip off!

Two years ago we purchased a laptop from Best Buy and also bought the extended service plan. About six months ago the laptop monitor began to crack, and we took it to the store and spoke to the geek squad. At that time they told us that this is a common problem with the hinges on the laptops but that it wasn't covered under our warranty because it is considered "accidental damage". We argued at that time that it wasn't accidental damage but that the hinges wouldn't move. The recommendation of the geek squad member was to use an external monitor.

We keep the laptop on a desk so we didn't argue the point and removed the screen so that we could use an external monitor. About a week ago we took the laptop to Best Buy geek squad and asked that they fix the hard drive because it had gone bad. The Geek Squad Manager told us, that because we had removed the screen, the hard drive issue wasn't under warranty because the laptop had been "abused". We explained to the manager that the geek squad had told us to remove the monitor when we brought it in for the screen cracking. He even admitted that the hinge problem was a common issue and that even if we had brought the laptop in with the screen cracking it would have been considered abuse, and they would not warranty the hard drive.

We went back and forth for about a half an hour and he told us to call the 1-800 number to get customer service to authorize the repair. When we called customer service they said that the laptop would not be warrantied. They said that they had no control over what would be warrantied because Best Buy warranties are managed by another company. They would not fix the laptop hard drive even though the monitor does not affect the hard drive condition.

We will need to purchase another hard drive or laptop to replace the laptop. Also Best Buy will not refund our entire ($300) extended warranty, only the amount for the year remaining even though they wont warranty the laptop and have never done any other repair on anything we have purchased from them.

Best Buy
Company Address:
21051 Haggerty Rd
Novi MI 48375

unprofessional and apathetic experience!

I wrote Best Buy's "upper board echelon" concerning a customer service fowl-up that was just disclosed to me yesterday (04/02/07), but the problem actually began two weeks ago (03/18/07) when I walked to the Dedham, Mass. Best Buy to have my Minolta camera repaired. I explained that the built-in flash no longer pops up and there appeared to be something small broken where the bulb is located. I explained that we had purchased many cameras at that store, this was “my favorite, my left-arm” and I mentioned several times it had to be repaired and back in my hands for me to photograph a friend's wedding on April 7, 2007. I was told at that time that I would have a quote phone call within 72 hours from a company in Connecticut, called Precision Camera.

Days passed and I heard nothing. I emailed Precision Camera several times; I called Precision Camera several times--no responses came back to the calls nor the emails. I called Best Buy on 03/27/07 and was told I would get a call back as to the status of the camera; I heard nothing. Yesterday early afternoon (o4/01/07) I called yet again and nicely insisted I hear from someone—I was having no luck reaching Precision Camera and the wedding I’m photographing is this coming Saturday. "Mike Pellteer" told me that "Greg Pelletier" was the manager of this department and would definitely call me back as soon as he was out of a meeting. I waited 4-1/2 hours for this call and didn’t get a response; I called yet again and the store was closed. (To date, Pelletier has never called me back.)

I emailed Precision Camera again on the morning of 04/02/07 begging for a response as to what was going on with my camera--I needed it repaired and back for this Saturday. I finally got a response at 4pm (EST) that day (04/02/07). I was told that Best Buy sent the camera with the wrong paperwork (a different camera we purchased) and Precision’s policy was to send back the camera untouched; it arrived in Dedham last week Wednesday yet, yesterday when I called Best Buy totally stressed about the camera's whereabouts, I was never told the camera was there and I could just as easily get it repaired here versus sending it back to Connecticut. My camera hasn’t been looked at, hasn’t been repaired and is sitting two miles away from me when I need it operational this coming Saturday. Upon contacting the Dedham store this afternoon (to find out what on God’s green earth went wrong) I was put on hold countless times for no less than 8 minutes each time—which seemed quite purposeful to this customer. When I finally got an employee they heard my situation and again offered to have Greg Pelletier call me “for sure, this afternoon.” Same guy from yesterday, I explained I’d heard this promise before and I would never get a call back from him. This afternoon Dedham store and got one person after another with an “I could care less about your problem” attitude. I was told to call the customer service office at 888-Best-Buy and I spoke with my fourth Best Buy employee, “Sam” had the same “not my problem” attitude and the more he upset me the ‘thicker’ his inane telemarketer voice became.

‘Sam’ did ask what the Dedham store “offered to do for me” and when I said, “They offered me the ‘corporate office number of 888-Best Buy, it’s obvious they don’t think anything was done wrong.” Sam then yapped on about me being upset (as though I had no reason to be, which was really infuriating) and said he could “do nothing more for me” (as though listening to me was doing something to remedy the situation Best Buy had created. I explained that a weak apology didn’t undo the “balls that had been dropped by Best Buy on this repair, that his apology wasn’t going to help get my camera repaired by this Saturday and that I couldn’t take pictures with his apology. This phone call to the Best Buy ‘corporate office’ was a complete and total waste of this customer’s time and Sam also could have cared less. He acted as though re-sending the camera to Precision with the correct paperwork this time was a huge immpostion on his part but he’d do it anyway. Please! This should have been done five days ago, but it was ignored by all at the Dedham store.

Again, I called the Best Buy Dedham store (after speaking with ‘Sam’) and was transferred and then put on hold by 3 different employees—all of whom I was nice to—and after holding 15 minutes on the third transfer I listened to Musak for fifteen minutes before hanging up and redialing and then complaining that I’d been holding for 15 minutes and could someone walk over to the repair desk and see if Peter or Susann Low’s Minolta camera was still there. Someone did, it is there and I asked that it stay there--we will pick it up tonight after 7pm. How much do you want to bet I will be forced to pay the $70.00 “look at” fee?

My problem is this. I trusted Best Buy with the very camera I had purchased from them and they completely abused my sense of store loyalty. Even after goofing up the repair paperwork no one contacted me, fixed the paperwork nor expedited the camera back to Precision; Best Buy took my camera from me two weeks ago and yet, it’s sitting in Dedham again for the last five days. This is shameful.

I went last night to retrieve my broken camera and was told that it was PRECISION CAMERA that 'screwed up' and not Best Buy. Ironically, there were people there to pick up other repairs--none of which were done. "We got busy and we couldn't get to it. It's opened up but we need another few hours." This was the lament I heard three times to three different customers while I stood waiting for them to locate my camera. "John" had the unfortunate experience of dealing with me last night.

I now will spend my day tomorrow going into Boston to see who can repair my favorite camera—and probably pay top dollar to have this done as I need the unit by 10am this Saturday. I then will have the stress of waiting for parts, quotes, etc. all because Best Buy's "geek desk" couldn't pick up a geeky phone and say, "Sorry, we dropped the ball, your camera is actually here for the last 4-5 days but we didn't email you... we're geeks and email just isn't our thing..."

My husband and I have been loyal customers of Best Buy but I have to ask why loyal customers would be treated so shabbily, the employees I spoke with throughout this experience were unprofessional and apathetic to the situation--they are clearly there for the discount and nothing more. Customer service is an oxymoron in this customer's eyes.

I shared this experience with the Best Buy "big wigs" mentioned below via fax I sent yesterday (04/02/07) around 5:30pm. I asked to hear from someone very soon as to what will be done to remedy this debacle; a friend’s wedding memories are counting on it. I think at the very least they can generously discount a flash attachment for me or we can resolve this in small claims after I pay a few hundred in rush fees to get my camera in working order by this coming Saturday's wedding. Sad, really sad.

Susann E. Low


Bradbury H. “Brad” Anderson, Vice Chairman and CEO
Brian J. Dunn, President and Chief Executive Officer
Timothy D. “Tim” McGeehan, Exec. V.P., Retail Sales
Tamara A. Kozikowski, Sr. V.P. Retail Support


Best Buy Co., Inc.
7601 Penn Avenue
Richfield, MN 55423

  • Mi
    Mike Wildrix Apr 05, 2007
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    Bestbuy convinced me to purchase "extend coverage" saying that if I had a problem with my Canon Powershot s230 camera, they would fix or replace that camera. Well when I took it in they called back a month later, saying the can't fix and will replace. OK fine...but when I arrived today 4/5/07 the Store Manager "Chris Miller: @ the bestbuy in Humble Texas, told me they would not replace it, and the only thing they would do it give me a camera with the same features, which , to bestbuy meant trying to get me to take a Cheap Kodak camera. I paid $508.58 for my Canon Powershot with the extended coverage, and the cheap looking looking kodak cost $149.00. Chris the manger told me that' the way it is, and he was very rude, and as I was walking away he yelled the Corp Bestbuy Phone number. I did call it two time already, and it is the same BS... I will never go to Bestbuy again. I will tell anyone and everyone I can for the rest of my life. I think they must be doing that to everyone, because no one was in the store today. Please Avoid Bestbuy if your looking for Customer Service. Try Circuit City, instead, you will be better off, when something happens with your purchase, because if the Store Manager don't care about me, and my problem, then no one will. It starts @ the top down... Sad, Sad, Sad customer service. They didn't even try to Help... Thanks Chris... for nothing...

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  • Sc
    Scotty B. Apr 10, 2007
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    I understand being frustrated with a company like Best Buy. I've been there myself. You must also understand to get a little respect from the employees you have to respect them a little bit. If you go out and running at them like you are pissed off then why the hell would they go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. Words like thanks and please and a little casual conversation gets you a lot farther than ### and Whining...

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terrible service and management!

My complaint is with Best Buy in Lancaster, Ohio. We purchased a car stereo and had it installed by them
with the purchase. After we got into our car we realized that our signal lights and hazards did not work. We told them about this and they told us that it was not their fault. They told us they would try to work us in on the following Monday. They were told that this was not acceptable and that we wanted to speak with a manager. They then changed their tune and decided to fix them right there and here it was, they had crossed the wires in the dash. Well the stereo that we purchased had a detachable faceplate, when we tried to remove the face plate it was broke. We went back to the store and asked to speak to a manager, the manager told us that we broke it. One of the technicians looked at the stereo and said that whoever installed it should have customized the dash, we were not told that this needed to be done. The manager said they would do it but we would have to pay for this to be done. We told him that this was not explained to us when we purchased the stereo and said it was not his problem we would have to pay to have it done. We were so frustrated we walked out and I e-mailed the corporate headquarters and I am waiting to hear back now. This manager and his whole staff during this whole process were very rude and acted as though because we did not purchase a very expensive stereo that were not important and blew us off.

terrible customer service!

After spending Thanksgiving night on line to get the best possible deal, we purchased a Namsung Dual x DVD 8181 for the dashboard. It was a defected item, so we returned it and was told they would have a new one to be picked up on January 23, 2007. When we went to the store, we were told they didn't have one. They told they could get us one, but we would have to pay an additional $100.00-$150.00 for the same item.

I said that was unacceptable, since when do you pay more money because you bought a defected item on sale. Then I was told that they had other DVD in other warehouses in the tri-state area, after I informed them I would call every Best Buy in the Tri-state. Then I was informed, that I would have to pick it up and they wouldn't ship it to the store. That was unacceptable, I wasn't going to travel, when they sold me a defected item and could easily have it shipped. The manager didn't want to be bothered, and gave me one story after another. We even suggested they give us back the DVD, so we could send it to Namsung ourselves. Of course they didn't have it. I will never do business with Best Buy again.

Best Buys
Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10312

product lost during delivery and no settlement yet!

I had ordered a product (a vacuum cleaner) from BestBuy store at Perimeter (GA, Atlanta) on 2/15/2007. The product was supposed to be delivered by UPS on 2/21/2007 but it got lost. UPS delivery report said its delivered but i had not received anything. I called up UPS to find out, they said i need to call BestBuy to start a claim. I called BestBuy and they said their system is not allowing them to file a claim. I called them once again the next day (22nd) and they asked me to call up UPS. I did that and UPS said BestBuy has not filed any claim for this shipment and we can do nothing about it but you as a consumer can start a tracer for this lost package and they did that.

I called best buy again after couple of days and they advised me to go to the bestbuy store and talk to them. I obliged and went there. The store manager did not listen to me rather than connected me to someone from their store and they gave me a suggestion that you purchase another one if you need the product urgently as we wont refund you any money and asked me to call 1-888-bestbuy. I did it from their store to hear the same old story.

The next day i called them again to hear that the claim has been filed and i need to wait fr 8-10 business days to get the claim settled. I obliged and called them again after 10 days to learn that they are still tracing it. Meanwhile I checked the status of the claim from the UPS site and which said that the tracer is complete and the package is not found. I called up BestBuy again to hear that they have no update on it. Its been more than 10 days now after the Tracer was closed by UPS and BestBuy still says that they have no information on the lost package. I asked them to refund my money but they have no answers to that. Infact I had to take a screen shot of the UPS report and email it to them.

I haven't received any followup call from BestBuy till date regarding the package and dont know what shall i do now.

Order Number: [protected]
Item 7385448 (MO82660 - VISION CANISTER), Qty 1

Havent seen such a poor customer care in my entire life. Looks like I did a big mistake by going to bestbuy.

Resolved poor customer treatment!

I bought a Jabra BT160 bluetooth headset from the Best Buy in Carmel, Indiana. At the time I had just signed up at their store for Sprint and a new phone. The sales associate had recommended that I buy the Jabra over the Motorola headset cause she said it was better quality and had better audio. I was told that there would be no problem bringing it back if I had problems, that they would just exchange it for another one. Well, in the first few weeks I stopped into the store many times because after I had turned it on it would work then go off. So they would get it back on and it worked. This went on and on about 4 times. Then I figured out that it never staid on longer then 3o minutes at a time. I took it back and asked if I could please exchange it. The girl at the returns counter said no, cause even though it had been just a couple of days past 30 days, they didn't return anything after that time. She said take it up with the Jabra company instead. Didn't call in a manager to try and help me or resolve my situation. Just, sorry can't help, call the jabra company. I have bought so much stuff from Best Buy. That is why after I was treated like this I went to H.H.Gregg instead for a 55 inch Sony.

Best Buy promotes themselves as there for the customer, when they really aren't.

Resolved never, never buy anything from best buy!

Best Buy sold me a replacement contract for my son’s ipod. They said it would replace the unit “no matter what”. Untrue, when I called the 800 number on the contract I was told by a third party representative that BB no longer honors any replacements of items valued over $300.

They will only try and fix it. My ipod was in their option not repairable. So I was “out-a-luck” I was told by the service manager. The store manager would not even talk to me. They lied and then lied again to cover up the salespersons mis representations. To further insult me they told me that the replacement plan was coded on the invoice as a service plan and that they used the replacement contract form because they probably didn’t have any service plan contracts on hand so they just used that one. What a total bunch of jerks! BTW I cleaned out the ipod and it works find, a little dirt in the contacts on the connection to the computer link. Never, never buy anything from Best Buy!

  • Pe
    Penny J Jul 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Having bought a $300.00 ipod and the extended warranty, I spent the first year standing at the geek squad desk while they tried to fix it. After twice sent in for "repair" they replaced this piece of crap with someone else's piece of crap, known as a "refurbished" ipod. Now have ipod in for 3rd "repair". Had been told by store that after two services, it would be replaced with a new one. Now that we're into the 3rd repair I'm told it's not up to Best Buy but Apple. If it was really still under warranty with Apple, why pay the money for the "extended warranty" from Best Buy?

    Let's face it-the ipod I purchased was a lemon only to be replaced with another lemon. The only reason I purchased it from Best Buy was for the warranty.

    Needless to say, I haven't bought another item from this store since my first disappointing visit to geek squad. And never will I purchase again. BEWARE! RIP OFF! And the mgmt. act as if they know nothing of their dishonest practice! They play dumb so well they should win a "best perfomance for lying" award.

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Resolved best buy refused to give me credit for the remaining extended warranty!

I purchased a zenith combination dvd/vhs recorder model xbr413 on 7/1/04. I also paid $99.99 for a four year extended warranty.

The unit failed and was returned for repair under the extended warranty on 12/12/06 and again on 1/16/07. (The first time the recorder was returned to me without actually being repaired.

My complaint:
Best buy notified me that they could not repair the recorder and would give me a store credit for the original purchase price of the unit. They refused to give me credit for the remaining extended warranty. The value of this item is not as important as the principal involved.

Best buy's manager on duty at store no. 378, told me he didn't care what I thought was fair since he was following the terms of their written warranty plan.

Best buy's extended warranty policy says that "the plan is fulfilled if the item is replaced with a new one after the manufacturer's warrant expires." in effect, you could buy a five year warranty on a product that has a 30 day guarantee and on the 31st day if it fails beyond repair then best buy will give you your money back for the item and keep the extended warranty purchase price. Since warrnaties run about 20% of the purchase amount, this isn't a bad profit for best buy at all.

Note: circuit city will prorate the warranty under the same circumstances. Also there are better warranties for less money available from other sources online.

  • Al
    Al K Nov 15, 2009

    To add to this old post : If you purchase an extended service contract, and that item is REPLACED, THERE IS NO such thing as a "prorated" warranty refund. It states in all terms in conditions that upon replacement of the unit (at current market value) or issue of a cash reimbursment (at current market value)..the service contract is fufilled.

    You can pay $1500 for a TV today, and in a few years, if a comparable unit it valued at $700. You will get either that unit or $700.

    I went through this with a computer I paid $900 for at circuit city, I was issued $500 due to current value. Service plan was fulfilled. (after a 3month battle with claims)

    The only good part about paying for ESPs is that they cover power surges, manufacturers coverage don't.

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Resolved vista not even released yet - how about telling us exactly what the coupon says?

I purchased a laptop from bestbuy. com last week with microsoft xp but with a free vista upgrade. They would even pay the shipping and handling charges. Just print the rebate form and send it in for the free vista express upgrade disc.

I called the rebate center at [protected]. They said this is false and bestbuy and circuit city are not telling the truth about this. There is just a discounted coupon you are entitled to. It is not free and you have to purchase vista. What a lie and a rip off from such big companies at holiday time. We should all be entitled to a get a real vista upgrade for free. I am disgusted.

Please don’t be fooled by the free vista upgrade lie and don’t buy from bestbuy. com.

  • Ta
    tan Jun 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    San Bernardino, CA BestBuy Manager and Employee are rude, liar, and racist. June 28, 2008 9:00 p.m. We were stand in line at best buy to apply for a best buy card to get the 10 % discount of first purchase, we had asked the employee about if everything in best buy we can get the 10% discount she answer "yes everything in best buy" after we had choose the Home Theater Bose system stand in line to purchase it the Manager of best buy say that we cant use the 10% on the Bose system, after we had already apply for the best buy card. DO anyone think this is a Scam that bestbuy created? I would like an explanation from best buy on how does a cooperation as large as best buy can conduct a scam to customer or was it just a 1 employee mistake. I personally dont think best buy would scam their customer but if they dont give us an explanation then who know..

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charge me a late fee for the next month

I have a best buy credit card and have bought some items on it....

The statement data for me is on the 14th..... During the month of september I made payment on august 28 and it was posted in my september bill... I made a payment on the 14 th of september and that was also posted on the same bill even though the dta of the bill said september 14th...

now they are chargin a late fee of 29$ because My payment for month of october went on 14th and not on 15th+ of september and it was posted into the month of September where you can see payments....

If the statement date says 14th how can te payment of the next month also show up there and then they charge me a late fee for the next month.


  • Fr
    friendy Nov 06, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bachelor Degree Online.

    Ordered my bachelor degree online from

    they dinged me $459 on my credit card, and then wanted more before sending it to me.

    Then i went to, and got ripped off again.

    Finally I found and they processed my application and sent out my degree immediately. Very impressive. they alsoresponded the fastest.


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after 3 1/2 months best buy has my $950.00 and I have no tv

I bought a 32"flast screen hdt in june, then it died 60 days later. I brought it back to best buy in dedham, ma and they said it would be repaired, under warranty, in a month. A month later they said they were waiting for a part. A week later they said it could not be repaired and I would get a replacement ina few days. Another week went by, and they have no idea when I might have a tv. So after 3 1/2 months, best buy has my $950.00 and I have no tv and no idea when I might have one. Nice way to treat a (Former) reward zone customer who has spent thousands in their store. With a couple exceptions, they have been incredibly rude and dismissive. I predict best buy will be out of business in 3 years, crippled by competitors who know how to treat customers and don't force them to buy scams like"reward zone"and redundant"service aggreements." thankfully, massachusetts has strong consumer protection laws. This one is headed to court.

  • Kw
    K Wolf Aug 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lol... RewardZone is a free program now, they even sent their previous paying members a credit to pay them back for their initial investment. How was it a scam anyway? You didn't even mention anything negative about that program. Did they not send you certificates from it?

    And interestingly enough Best Buy is doing a lot better than Circuit City when it comes to overall company infrastructure and customer service related awards. Circuit is going out of business within 2 years and they have double the locations as Best Buy.

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very poor business practice

We purchaced an lg lcd television and lg "french door" refrigerator on 7/12/06. At the time the salesman asked if we'd like bb to come out and set up the tv. We declined.

Turned out we had a bit of trouble. I called next day for help. After spending about $3500 with them,
They wanted to charge $100 for a service call, which I declined. I also let the person on the phone
Know that that type of "service" is very poor business practice for the amount of money we'd thrown
In their laps.

But wait! There's more!

The refrigerator arrives, is installed well, the guys were great. However, when attempting to remove
All the protective tape from 14 gabillion parts in this refrigerator, I snapped off a little arm on the slide-up "opti-bin crisper/humidifier" door. I called for help and a replacement part. Customer service didn't return the call as they said they would.
I called again. Finally they called back. The fellow promised he'd look into it and get a part for me, or find out what he could and call me back... He didn't.
I called the 888 number for best buy customer service. Spent 1/2 hour on the phone only to find out
1) they don't have the part
2) they don't have the part because the product is new and they don't know if they can even get the part
3) they can send out a service guy to take a look and order the part that they can't get.

Do you think i'll be a loyal customer of best buy now? Doubtful!

  • Kl
    KLB Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think my complaint can out-do yours! I purchased a new HP pc on February 1 of 2008 from the Kennewick, WA Best Buy and spent the extra $100 to have it optimized and also spent more money having one of the Geeks come and transfer all my files from my other 1-yr old HP that I spent MORE money on having viruses removed. After less than 3 months, I began to have serious problems with the pc. I have spent the last 8 and 1/2 months on the phone and online with Microsoft and HP, ran diagnostics until I was "blue" in the face (yeah, like the "blue screen of death" that continually shows up), was told to perform a recovery which should solve my problems, only to find out it made matters worse - and the list goes on!

    The last 2 days, I have been speaking with a case manager from HP, thinking it was HP's fault. Wait, it gets better! This morning, he informed me after further investigation and a full lookup on my model and serial number, that the pc I was sold was a refurbished one, not a new one that Best Buy represented it to be!! To make matters even worse, Best Buy recorded the sale in December of 2007, instead of February of 2008 when I purchased the pc (yep, you bet I have receipts!) The HP case manager has offered HP's full back-up and cooperation in helping me resolve this with Best Buy. He informed me that "They cannot legally advertise refurbished units as new, and even the computer itself shows activity prior to (my) buying it, so they will not have a case against (me)."

    So, I now have the unpleasant job of storming the doors of the Kennewick Best Buy and demanding they either give me my money back in full, or replace the misrepresented pc with a genuine NEW one. If they won't do anything, then I will be forced to contact their corporate headquarters and try and get satisfaction there. Believe me, I will be armed and dangerous with receipts and communications and the help of HP!

    I would advise anyone in the Tri-City area to refrain from shopping at the Kennewick Best Buy! You do so at your own peril!

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  • Bo
    bob Apr 01, 2009

    Sorry, except for the part about the door handle (which forgive me if I'm wrong... but you broke?) if you decline a service like them installing it (setup when you purchase a product) then it's an entire service setup again, thus the $100 charge.

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  • Me
    me4sweetd Aug 31, 2009

    the response of "for the amount of money we'd thrown in their laps" sounds like something someone would say that has never worked a retail job. All retailers have to buy those products from companies and 3500 isn't much for a french door and a tv. i'm sure you probably got a deal for buying both too, that best buy is notorious for practically giving away tv at cost. so let's say they made $200 off of your purchase(not saying they did, but then again i do know what cost is on a fridge like that) Do you really expect them to come out to your house and set up your tv because you don't know what you are d0ing AND THEN replace a part on a fridge that you admit you broke off yourself?(you can blame LG for the bazillion parts of plastic, best buy didn't put them there). they couldn't survive as a company if they gave away their install services wirth hundreds and pay out of pocket for parts they didn't even brake and pay the overhead of having a building you can walk into and pay people to sell and explain things to you. I understand your frustration of not having things work the way you plan but it sounds like you just want to blame someone and best buy was the only place you could think of to blame(cause you can't blame yourself for not paying them to install it the first time right?). PS if you buy new stuff from LG and parts break when you unwrap them, if you contact LG they usually send you out replacements right away. Still don't understand how you can even blame best buy for that one.

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