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This is a complaint about of the Best Buy Store in Matthews, NC. On January 27, 2022 at 12pm, I went in to get an iphone for personal use. Tried to buy it online but since I did not want to transfer a phone number, but get a new one, I am told to make an in-store appointment, which I do. I receive an email from Best Buy on what to do when I get to the store, and I follow those directions. Basically, I am told to check-in with someone by the door and they will guide to the right spot. I check in and the person at the front sends me to the Geek Squad - which is for repairs. So, I waited in an incorrect line and then the lady at the Geek Squad tell me that I am in the wrong line and I need to go to the cell phone area. This should not be so hard.

When I get to the cell phone area, I see 3 people mulling around and not being helpful at all. I tell one of them that I have an appointment and they don't seem to care but instead ask me what I want. I tell them I want to buy an ATT phone that I saw online. The guy whose name is Raymond, then start peppering me with questions like what service do I have, what will I use the phone for, why iPhone 13 and not iPhone 12 - and not in a nice way. He is already very rude. I basically tell him, I saw a deal on their website for the 13 and I could not buy it online as I needed a new number and I do not need help choosing a service or phone. I also tell him I did not want monthly payments and I wanted to try out the service. On the Best Buy website, it clearly states that I have 14 days to return the device (yes I know there is a restocking fee). I am assuming that once I activate the service and buy the phone, I have 14 days. After 14 days I can cancel the service or why let me return the phone and not let me cancel the service. Once Raymond hears that I wanted to have the 14 days return option which would mean I could cancel the service he tells me that I need to keep the phone for 6-months before he can sell it to me. He tells me that he would require that I sign an agreement that I would keep the phone for 6-months. I tell him that on their website it says something completely different and then he loses it and goes off on me. He tells me that if I cancel, Best Buy will lose money and I will lose money. I ask him again, why the website has a 14-days return policy and why he is ignoring it. I also ask him if he works for Verizon or Best Buy (on his name tag it said Verizon so I thought maybe he was no familiar with the Best Buy policy). He says and I quote, "no I wear a blue shirt because I like it. Now get out." At this point his two other colleagues start laughing; I feel belittled and I go and try to find a manger. I have most of this interaction recorded on my phone.

I had to wait forever for a manager, and I saw that Raymond had already gone to the manager's office to talk to him before I could talk to the manager (cover-up in the making). When the manager comes out, the first thing he tells me is not to record him. Then he says that since I want to cancel my service and not keep the phone for 90-180 days, they will NOT sell me the device. I made sure he understood NC single consent laws but I decided to honor his request and not record him. I then asked him why Raymond was forcing me to sign a 180 day agreement when the manager just told me it can be 90 days and why would the website say that I have 14-days to return. The manager, whose name was Homy, changed his tune and said well it depends, and left it at that. I then asked him if he was going to sell me a phone, and he said no because I would cancel the service and that I should leave the store. I told him I have Raymond on camera being a bigot and exhibiting bad customer service, but Homy did not care. And then they threatened to call the police on me - not sure for what. On the way-out Raymond was by the door and I told him that I was happy waiting for the police because I have done nothing wrong. At this point Raymond shows me a pin on his collar and says that he has been with the police for 20-years and that I should get the F-out. This was clearly an implied threat that he knows the police and they can make trouble for me. At this point I told him that it was great that someone with 20-years of police experience is now selling phones for a living at $12/hour (ok, I was angry). And then another female manager tells Raymond to calm down. Also, I am pretty sure that this same female manager came outside and took a picture of my license plate. I waited in my car for 15 minutes for the police, but they never came, and I left.

Fortunately, NC is a single consent state, and I can record by giving my consent. I have 80% of the conversation with Raymond recorded which I may place on YouTube or TikTok so people can really see how racist (and I did not want to use this word, but this is how they treated me) and bigoted these employees are at Best Buy. And to top it off, management at this store does not seem to care. If you look at the reviews on BBB or Yelp, you can see how badly these stores have been rated and this issue that I experienced is not something unique or new. As a matter of fact, on the way out, an older African-American gentleman who was in the store and heard the whole conversation remarked that this place is so messed up and he too is having issues with them and Homy has been working on his issues without a resolution.

I have been a C-level executive. I have an MBA and a JD. I am highly educated, and this is how they treated me. Imagine how they treat the others who are not as fortunate. Finally, I looked at how much I spent at Best Buy in 2021 - $5, 676.35; 2020 - $3, 822.88. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT Best Buy again. Leadership in MN needs to investigate this store, the managers, and especially Raymond and fire the lot.


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