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We purchased a Maytag Clothes Dryer from Best Buy about 2 1/2 years ago.

We did not purchase a repair/warranty contract.

We needed repair work on our Maytag Clothes Dryer on June 10th 2023 and (naturally, but not again!) called Best Buy for a repair. Over the phone (Geek Squad?) we were told the breakdown was probably due to one orf two parts failing and that THEY would have to order the parts (we gave them the model and serial number at their direction) and were told that we would be contacted when the parts came in. An appointment was scheduled for June 28, 2023 as a worse case, but the person on the phone would call us if the parts came in earlier. A Geek Squaw guy came to our house on the 28th of June and informed us that "no parts had been ordered. As I later found out, Best Buy/Geek Squad does not order parts in advance for "COD repairs" (repairs for products not under any repair or warranty contract). This was never communicated and, indeed, the person first contacted on June 10th, 2023 specifically wanted model and serial numbers to make sure he ordered the right parts. This colossal "screw up" took three hours of calls to a variety of "customer service" representative who were unwilling, except the last guy, to "get" that there was a total miscommunication about what Best Buy/Geek Squad will or won't do and to communicate a customer's options. And, in this case, a misrepresentation on June 10, 2023 that parts were ordered.

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