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I am livid about the lack of compassion and understanding with bell. We have been a customer for over 20 years And the constant price increases is awful. My mother is a senior and her phone bill with all services almost 300 ridiculous and wrong . Her bill hiked to over $800 in 3 months and when asking for a payment plan they basically refused and said she needed to pay off bill in 2 payments within 2 weeks how is this possible on a old age pension. She wanted a payment of $100 every 2 weeks till paid off I wish I could take bell to court thieves


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      Nov 06, 2018

    Solve your Bell Phone Service once & for all.

    2 years ago, I cancelled Bell's way over priced Phone System. Their overall charges for all 3 services was getting way out of hand. As I'm using Fibe TV, I have to keep their Internet. After doing my due-diligence, I chose VONAGE &, have never been more pleased. The customer reviews were all good - they've been in Canada for about 12 years. The alternative was Comwave - - the reviews were all BAD.

    My only regret is that I didn't make this change years ago. The first 6 months I paid $11.95 tax in - - Now $29.00 tax in. All the features Bell offers but at NO extra charge - Call waiting - Caller I.D. - Voicemail which not only comes into my phone but, also to my email Inbox both in Audio &Written - Free Long Distance Canada/U.S. 24/7. They will block up to 50 phone numbers at NO CHARGE - great for getting rid of telemarketers. Customer Service is terrific - no surely/rude reps who can't wait to get rid of your call & move on to the next like Ma Bell.

    As I said - now 56 years with Bell &, they treat me like garbage - to be polite. It's, most definitely, time to divest as much of Bell as one can. I also plan to cancel both TV & Internet - it's just a question of finding the right provider &, there are others out there.

    Good Luck,

    D. F.

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