Bell Canadabilling after cancellation of service.

P Aug 01, 2018

We had to cancel our Bell service (as of June 15, 2018) because we were moving and our new house was not ready yet. I had planned on using Bell for our new home. However, after experiencing the horrific treatment after cancelling I will go with anyone but Bell. As soon as I cancelled, Bell sends your last bill to collections and they begin to call you everyday and sometimes more than once a day. I had the last bill in my hand and I told the Bell collection person that it was not due until July 4th, and that is when it would be paid. They didn't care and wanted it paid immediately. I told them that if they wanted it immediately, then why didn't that last bill state that. Of course they had no good answer, so I had to say the same thing every day for a couple of weeks. How completely disrespectful and rude of Bell to do that when we have paid every bill with no issue. Now as it turns out, I received another statement and now Bell is showing a credit which they have not paid me. Well Bell get ready I am going to call and bug every day and multiple times a day and waste your staffs time over and over again until you pay me. Your procedures are terrible and you need to fix this, but don't worry your going to hear it from me over and over again.

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