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I attempted to re-join this site. I had a membership under a prior username and deleted it some years ago. I then received an e-mail enjoining me to go to (which is Bear411's way of saying you've been rejected for Bear411.) If you Google "Bear411 issues" there are quite a number of blogs and forums regarding the issues people have had with the owner of this site, with apparently arbitrary discriminatory policies regarding who gets to join or not join, and people having their profiles deleted without warning.

The owner according to the complaints is notorious for censoring e-mails, messages and chat sessions if there are any URL's posted regarding any other websites, particularly Bear-related sites.


  • Ma
    MASTERPC Aug 06, 2012

    Hey there,

    I'm not sure if you ever got your issue resolved or have decided to simply move on but I just wanted to let you know that I had the same issue last year. I still had time within my paid up membership and had decided to change my handle by deleting my old profile BEFORE getting my new one approved. Well, like you, I was rejected and referred to another site but I wasn't satisfied with that response so, after three emails to the owner, with my "Priority Access" code included in the last one, he finally went in and granted the request. You are right in that there is certainly discrimination which makes no sense to me because each "applicant" could end up being revenue for him. *shrugs*

    I hope you found something instead that is good for you.



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  • Sc
    Scubabearusa Jul 18, 2016

    Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit against bear411 and its owner? I've been trying to get my profile deleted with no luck. Scubabearusa

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  • Jo
    Jon Mitchell1975 Feb 16, 2019

    Bear411 is a has been site! It was OK when there were no other sites but now you have a lot of better choices that suit your life better... bye bye to bear411

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  • Bay222 Apr 07, 2019

    I think the owner of this site works out of his mothers basement somewhere...I have tried to quit. I deleted my profile and I can no longer log in (I tried only once) and I am afraid to log in in case they assume I'm a paying member again.
    It has been three months and they continue to charge my credit card. There is NO ONE to actually talk to there to rectify the problem.
    If it doesn't say 'you can quit at any time and not be charged' I will never join any group. I never did meet anyone on bear411 anyway...I still get emails with pictures of some I'd like to meet but not going through that again.
    I joined Silverdaddies and problem. (I might join them again)
    Hopefully my credit card company can put a stop to the charges.
    Beware of Bear411

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  • Re
    Rezamedar Nov 17, 2019

    you must upload a photo with the text "delete this profile"
    because photo approval is the only way i know of to make it delete you.

    his VIP restriction isnt even true either. it's random. i have multiple accounts here, none of which are VIP memberships. some of them can log in, some cant and it varies from day to day.

    If you don't know how cookies work, maybe learn about those and be mortified by how this site actually works.

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  • La
    LarryBear40 Nov 29, 2019

    I was suddenly unable to access the 411 cam despite a subscription which had been open to me previously. No easy contact for customer support... long story short.
    . I went to their page for signing up as a new member and in the personal description section told them the situation and THAT got their attention. I had access to cam within the hour

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