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ADVERTISIMENT / reviews & complaints / complaints 32 / - unable to send my profile picture

When I registered I was asked to send a profile pic to : [protected] I keep getting kick back e mails. What can I do to send you my profile picture so I may be a member? I have been a member before but had to take time off due to personal reason. I would like very much to get back on this dating site. Please respond to my email as soon as possible / - Chatraum

Ich wollte heute meine chats abrufen, komme aber nicht mehr auf die Website? Wer blockiert hier den Zugang? Steht diese Seite nun auch auf den Index? Wie weit geht die Diskriminierung noch? Oder erlaubt der Betreiber nur noch den Zugang, wenn man zahlendes Mitglied ist? Bitte um Aufklärung und andere Möglichkeiten um wieder an meine Frundschaften zu gelangen. / - Bear411. Period.

I'm a guy who's put on a few lbs., but do not consider myself a "Bear"; "cub"; "otter"(?!) or whatever. A good friend of mine from the Bear "community", laughed when I told him that I was on Bear411...

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May 08, 2021 / - Bear411 login

Have not been able to log back in since site allegedly taken down and moved to new servers. Move was allegedly completed in Mid April 2021.

Had been on site for almost 20 years. Got email from SysOp/owner/Webmaster asking me to update profile (which I try to do every year in month of my birth). Attempted to log in, failed. Would be nice if I could get back on.

Login name was Flintdad

I haven't been ab le to get on either - for a long time.

No the site owner got greedy and made it pay to access. / - I cant access to the site


Id : iaorana on

Since 12 april I can t acess to I don t understand what happen... Every time I try to go on the site I return on start page of
I try every day but the problem is always the same. Is this site ( closed?

Thanks for your help and answer to access again

My mail is [protected]

M / - Cannot answer my messages web master has it blocked.

I have been unable to answer my messages as the webmaster has had it restricted for a week already. I would like an answer to my question. I would like to at least be able to get my messages answered. I cannot do that if the webmaster is continually keeping it blocked. The last time I was on bear411 was 4/4/'2021. Thank-you, mark j. Vonbank -

I was blocked from getting messages for a week. After I complained, my profile was deleted. My husband tried to get on Bear411, but his profile was also deleted. We were not paying members, so I guess that we were taking up space. Oh well, that's life!

Mar 17, 2021 / - Bearworld

I purchased a one-time 6 month membership when it went on sale. I recently got charged for another 6 months, without my permission. On their website you are told to contact PriorityHelp (you can only message them once), now I have waited over 3 weeks and still no one has responded to me.
They are not interested in being helpful or available. It's disgusting.

Desired outcome: I want a refund / -

On march 4th I was locked out of I understand that as a non paying member at this point. I understand being shut out a day or two is the policy. I had been shut out on march 1st for 30 hours (about) so being shut out again on the 4th was a surprise. But after 6 days. I wrote [protected] to ask why I had been shut out again and for so long. I got a failed to deliver message from my email provider. I have tried twice since then and gotten the failure both times. I have been looking for a way to just ask why I have been shut out for so long, It is 11 days at this point. But this is the only option that I have come up with. If I am being shut out for a reason. Id like to know it. If not somehow I am in some kind of catch-22. No way to log in and no way to find out why.

Bo Stith - coyotebo user name.

Desired outcome: access back in or explanation of why I am shut out.

I've been locked behind the paywall for almost a year now. What triggered it was if you get messages. If you don't get messages very often you're probably safe. / - Cannot open unread messages

I just signed up with payment this morning.
But, I cannot open unread messages suddenly.
And I cannot do anything at this moment.
There is no contact administration.
Please support for this issue from anyone.

You fix this? Same problem for me

Nov 26, 2020 / - Messaging

I am unable to receive any messages when I am using the mobile app. It just shows a blank screen when I go to respond. It says I have 29 messages but when I log onto the desktop version, it shows I have none. Something is jacked up with the website and if I can't use it, then I want a refund. People do not like to pay for a service they cannot use and if the website doesn't work, refund our money.

Same problen here. You fix this?

Dec 23, 2019 / - bear411 refuses to accept my password

I just created a new account: Nashobabear53 (password same). Bear411 rejects my password. (email: [protected]

I have an older profile (nashobabtear) I cannot retrieve that password because it is linked to an old email account I can no longer access.

this problem has been going on for years now. I cannot justify paying for a service I cannot actually use.

J / - access to my messages

I do understand the necessity of supporting your financial costs. Even though not a happy camper at the moment (this is the second time in a month my login has been rejected leaving me unable to access my profile or even read my messages) I am considering making Bear411 my only membership commitment...but not this moment! And these diversions are not wonderful!
Online I am Joachimbear
My email is: [protected]
Joachim Hawn

T / - service

Weeks ago, I moved to Netherland and was looking for a gay web what feet with my style and my characteristics. I had the pleasure to find bear411 on internet and make a profile there. After 3 day...

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L / -

Yesterday (8/18) I paid online for renewal of my subscription so that I could continue to receive "subscriber benefits." It is now more than 24 hours later and am still locked out of those benefits and have not received the usual email telling me that payment has been made and that subscriber services are now available to me.
I hope I don't have to go to my credit card bank to see whether a charge has been made by

Larry Ledford ([protected]

Bear411 nickname: LarryBear40

I / - crockett from tampa fl

This member and I started out chatting nicely and when I could not meet him since my sister had passed away from cancer and needed time to grieve he got rude and mean and started harassing me. I have told him to stop bothering me and he will not take no for an answer please tell this member to stop harasssing me I am not responding to him and he keeps harassing me. Can you please tell this member to leave me alone or you will take him off the site I am just here to chat with others and not to be harassed. Thanks ian

Update by ian flanders
Apr 05, 2019

This member crockett has been harassing me we started out as friends chatting but when my sister passed away and my mother passed away he got rude and started harassing me and putting me down. I tried to tell him to leave me alone but he keeps going at it. I am nor have I ever bothered this guy he just keeps bothering me I am not responding anymore please tell this member to stop harrassing me or you will take him off the sight I am here just to chat and not looking for some guy that won't take no for an answer he is the one that keeps contacting me I will just ignore him. Just please tell him to leave me alone thank you for your time. I just want to move on and chat with nice people.

N / - must subscribe to enter site

I rejoined the site as a non-paying member after many years. Sad to say things have worsened. At first you get everything and you're even able to browse the pics of other users. After a while you are...

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Aug 27, 2018 / - unethical behavior of another member.

Hello, I'd first like to express how much I enjoy Bear411. I am Donald, handle name: squeaker7, from Seattle, WA, and had a run in - spat on line a couple weeks back with another member: CUBWESTSEA...

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B / - unable to access account apparently must pay to enter

I've been member (non-paying) on the Bear 411 for over 10 years. Now today I am unable to log in and keep being brought back to page to pay for subscription. Seems you now must pay to even enter the...

Read full review / - gay dating site

For some reason this site has decided to block non members from communicating with members of the site. I certainly doubt the site owners have told their members they are no longer permitted to...

Read full review / - no access to my profile.

It seems now that if you are not paying to use the site, you are going to be denied access. If it costs money to be on this site, then maybe Bear411 should deny all new people trying to join and tell...

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