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NOMOREBear411 on Sep 2, 2018

I rejoined the site as a non-paying member after many years. Sad to say things have worsened. At first you get everything and you're even able to browse the pics of other users. After a while you are only allowed to see a certain number of pics and are invited to subscribe to see the... / / unethical behavior of another member.

Squeaker7 on Aug 27, 2018

Hello, I'd first like to express how much I enjoy Bear411. I am Donald, handle name: squeaker7, from Seattle, WA, and had a run in - spat on line a couple weeks back with another member: CUBWESTSEA, also from Seattle, WA. I was informed and then confirmed he has copied one of my photos -... / / unable to access account apparently must pay to enter

Bryan Norris on Aug 4, 2018

I've been member (non-paying) on the Bear 411 for over 10 years. Now today I am unable to log in and keep being brought back to page to pay for subscription. Seems you now must pay to even enter the site which is ok but this was done without any notice or a chance for me to delete any... / gay dating site

one pissed off dudeII on Jul 20, 2018

For some reason this site has decided to block non members from communicating with members of the site. I certainly doubt the site owners have told their members they are no longer permitted to communicate with nonmembers. I am a nonmember and have been having ongoing conversations with... / / no access to my profile.

Eric bingham on Jun 15, 2018

It seems now that if you are not paying to use the site, you are going to be denied access. If it costs money to be on this site, then maybe Bear411 should deny all new people trying to join and tell the ones to either get a paying account or terminate that person's account immediately... / / verotel

Doug Morgan on Apr 18, 2018

I was a premium member for many years when all of a sudden Verotel flagged me as fraudulent. This has never changed and when I called Verotel I was on hold for 40 minutes when I hung up. Thought I would try again, and same thing years later. These guys run the most antiquated, pathetic... / / trying to take a webcam image

AlDE on Jan 1, 2018

I'm trying to take a webcam image in messenger And the camera image goes gray screen after an initial 2-4 seconds with a watch icon over the gray area... I tried and allowed every permission possible... / / social website

Betty123456 on Dec 13, 2017

There is no place to access personal account on website. Account mysteriously turned into paying account without my approval. Cannot access account to cancel or find any help to do so. I thought it was illegal to not have this information clearly stated and on the website main page. I do... / / bear411 user has my profile posted on facebook

NWManPDX on Oct 18, 2017

A user didn't like my constructive criticism and posted my comment from here to a group on facebook. TuckerPup is the user on here from Salem Oregon. It violates the group policy on facebook and I have contacted both the admin of that group and the member to remove the post. It reveals my... / / bear411

bgpete on Jul 12, 2017

Similar to others, was on for a couple of years. but generally the same o same o, seldom if ever actually hooked up with anyone. But my biggest complaint is how outdated the site is, not always easy to find people you've talked with or are interested in, there's no place to contact the... / Verotel / website and credit card renewal verification

Doug Morgan on Mar 22, 2016

I tried several times to renew an annual subscription to this site only to run into Verotel blocking me. I wrote them to find that they discovered I was on a fraud list. I called my Bank Capitol One 360 and they had no clue what list Verotel was using. I tried to get Verotel to contact my... / unable to close my account

Le Bamboo on Jan 3, 2016 Bear411 PO Box 459 Drums Pennsylvania United States - 18222 Customer Care Phone: 1 570 708 8780 2 2 Web: Complaints & Reviews / Unable to close my account Hi I have had no response from greg in regards to closing my bear411 account. Made... / unable to close my account

Reviewer89388 on Oct 12, 2015

I have had no response from greg in regards to closing my bear411 account. Made several attemps and hear nothing back from the websites owner, greg. This is unacceptable as i should have every right to close an account and my bank account should no longer be used and or charged. This is a...

Bear411 AKA Bearworld / blocking logging on

F. F Mann on Jan 10, 2014

It use to be a somewhat decent site. Way back when if you were not a paying member based on your nickname you would only log on even days 2 4 6 ect or odd days 1 3 5 ect. Of I brought a membership after the odd conversations one has when the other person is only on the days you are off! It... / there's quite a few problems with the site and the webmaster

Tudashe on Nov 26, 2012

Similar issues as other reviewers. The site is coded from the 1990's, and the total number of members is actually quite inflated, the actual active member count is quite low. The site just went thru another week of 'only VIP members (paid) can log in', and oddly enough my... / stay away from these guys

Lomisande on Apr 22, 2012

I attempted to re-join this site. I had a membership under a prior username and deleted it some years ago. I then received an e-mail enjoining me to go to (which is Bear411's way of saying you've been rejected for Bear411.) If you Google "Bear411 issues" there are... / i'm trying to delete my account, and the site will not allow it

CHrumlone on May 16, 2011

I joined the site for free. After a few visits to the site, I was blocked access unless I paid. I decided to subscribe for a month, after that month, the same thing started happening, some days it would allow me in, other days it would require me to pay in order to access my account. Now...