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ChnLove.com reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 1, 2010. The latest review Membership - and fraud was posted on Oct 9, 2020. ChnLove.com has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 16 reviews. ChnLove.com has resolved 0 complaints.

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ChnLove.com Complaints & Reviews

Chnlove.comMembership - and fraud

1 day ago purchase just 150 points to try out site then I was charged 399.00 and now my bank card won't work. I have filed fraud with my bank.
The customs service is no help not to mention bad connection. We were disconnected and I called back with no answer.
They need to refund the error charge.

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    Chnlove.comIt's a fraud

    Please, stay away and be careful. This website is run by fraudsters and you should be aware of this.
    I am absolutely sure that those women are recruited by the website management for one purpose - to take as much money as possible.
    I am glad I didn't invest thousand dollars in this crap, but I personally know a guy who came to China to see "a girl of his life" and at the airport was met by her "friend" who said that this girl of his life broke her leg and is now at the hospital and he can't visit her.
    It's an old scheme, many men fall on that.
    Don't be fooled by this website, guys.

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      Qpid Dating Network charmdate.com, idateasia.com, chnlove.com — Extreme huge scam please read and be aware !!

      The whole objective is to get contact information and eventually meet, right? Dont expect any meaningful...

      Chnlove — Scam alert! Avoid!

      These people are money hungry thieves! I wasted so much money on ChnLove and never met a real live human...

      Chnlove.comOnline dating scam site

      I had a problem with a lady whom, after spending nearly $3000 on her, had forgotten that I had spoken to her mother only a week earlier, and even accused me of talking to another ladies mother. (I wrote another review about this previously) She wouldn't give me her phone number, or even call me because she was "afraid I might find out her phone number". Again, this woman was "Vicky, Profile # P272064
      After complaining to CHNlove, or Qpid about this "fraud", they did Nothing for me. absolutely did not care at all. SO, I contacted my credit card company and had the charges reversed claiming fraud... Qpid THEN contacted me at first telling me I had to call my credit card company to reverse the reversal...Following this??... Anyway, They finally said if I reverse the reversal of charges on my credit card, they would grant me 50 credits. The charges got reversed (again) and I paid my debt, but...Qpid did NOT give me the 50 credits they promised me... They Lied. They only care about getting money, even though they tell you they care about your experience. SO, Whether the ladies are "real" or not, is one thing... the fact is..Chnlove and Qpid will not care about you if there is a problem...and they Lie... I have written proof of it...SO, Keep that in mind if you go there. And NOW, because I complained to them about it, they are terminating my membership... after I spent nearly $8000.00 there. Some of the ladies are real, but the company itself is where the real SCAM is!!! They only care about making money. Now that they got their money... they terminated my membership... While I was still talking to a lady of interest... Its BS.

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        Chnlove.comPrice charged for love calls either from ladies or to ladies

        The price of phone calls either to or authorised from ladies to gentlemen is charged at 1 credit per minute (cost of 1 credit in NZ$10.00), .
        I recently, authorised, (mistakenly), for a Chinese lady to call me anytime,
        so a phone call was received at 4 pm afternoon, my time.
        After explaining that it was CHN LOVE calling and the Ladies reference number, I proceeded to ask the lady her name . It took me 6 minutes to establish she had no grasp of English language and by that time, operator was intterupting phone call by telling me i had 45 seconds to end this call, as my credits were running out.
        So to sum things up, I did no even get the ladies first name, she could not speak any English, but no interpretor was present, and it cost me the equivilant of NZ$60.00 for the 6 minute phone call.

        While on the subject of CHNLOVE.COM. the site issue you with bonus popints, each time you use a credit to write to a lady in China.
        That is fine, you redeem 10 bonus points instead of a credit if you reply to a letter you have received. Suffice to say, that you are only offered this alternate way of paying for new contacts, which makes the bonus points worthless, if you have chosen one lady and write to her exclusively

        Think CHNL9OVE.COM is a complete Rip off treating men and women as cash cows to add value to their site, and alternately to the owners pockets.

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          Chnlove.comFake ladies

          I was a member of www.chnlove.com for about a month and now I'm officially done with this terrible scam website! Most of the girls I met there were obviously fake. I'd like to tell about the girl I recently spoke to. She has really nice photos and look like a real model. Well, they all do. But the worst part was that she didn't speak like a woman at all! She told me about her business and fancy cars! She also said she was quite famous and very rich. So then I asked her what was she doing on Chnlove. I also asked her how was she able to run her business if she was always online. She said that this was the only way for her to find a real man, that all her previous husbands were after her money. What a sad story. And the best part was that three other girls told me the same story! Fakes! Stay away from this terrible website!

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            Chnlove.com — Fraud!

            The two ladies I met on Chnlove website told me that they were coming to the USA soon. One was going to...

            Chnlove.comComplete Scam!

            I found a nice girl on ChnLove and we become very close. But the whole thing was very expensive, so I told her I couldn't afford to keep writing so often and she agreed. The prices are really high! $10 to read a letter and another $10 to send a letter. I thought I found a loophole as she had a sister in my country. I asked her sisters phone number. She could not find it. Later she said she wanted to keep her sister out of it. That was strange, because we knew each other for months and I thought became very close. I made a little research and found her on Facebook! She was actually married and even had kids! I spend thousands of dollars on her! I was scammed and robbed!

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              Chnlove.comDate site

              This site has taken over NZ$3, 000:00 for providing no service except online "chats" & emails thru' their site. Any attempt to make contact is thwarted by their translation security! Al the photo's, any thing sent or received cost's the client credits which he must buy first. Credits are very expensive. A call from the so- called online girl is charged to your credits! I made several complaints to them. I have their email replies. They claimed that after 10 "letters" I would be given contact details. Then told 90 days! Perhaps not all their girls are involved which gives them a very good facade of operating a legitimate date site. Constant offers of pornographic "chats" are sent to my inbox! These girls attempt to offer online camera sex! All being charged credits. When I refused they create delays etc all costing credits while you are online. They girls will cause delays when you are trying to stop chats! I thought the woman was genuine at first! She tried to go along with me but now I realize she was just part of the scam! I was joined onto three other date sites by Chnlove.com without my permission. Including LATAM.COM, ANASTASIA.COM & ASIANDATE.COM. When I opened an introductory email in my inbox it went to one of these three date sites. Also a Ukraine date site would pop up. To prevent their accessing further funds I blocked my cards ASAP. However on the first occasion on one of these sites they withdrew seven amounts of NZ$24:76! And smaller amounts of NZ$4.56! I was unaware until I left the site & checked my account! They have never informed me of their accessing my information via ChnLove.com! I can forward the emails as I am unable to upload them. If you provide me with an email address I will forward my emails sent as enquiries to ChnLove.com.

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                Charming Date.chnlove Date Latama Date — they closed my live chat with ladies

                for several month is i am a their customer i wrote a profile in my account but that sites never show my...

                Chnlove.comImpersonate innocence lady seeking foreign love

                International cheat, lady maybe real, correspondents were done by worker of the agency, they cheat me and thousands of genuine man looking for wife and they cheat openly without fearing the authority punishment, useless Chinese Government, allowing such scam operating in your door step.
                Their love call is real expensive at approx.USD8/per min. A lady arrange to have a direct call with me and I will have to initiate by calling a Hong Kong number and then connect to the lady and it cost me USD100plus for a mere 15 minute talk, the agency knew i will ask the lady her phone number, they allocate an un answer number for the lady to gave it to me and again, deny me a chance having direct contact with the lady. This serve to inform anyone here never be trick to use love call. A very simple and clever ploy and it worked wonder.
                Anyone guess, the photo shown and the lady I talk to may not be the same lady, probably an impersonate person

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                  Chnlove — Scam

                  The word SCAM, greatly defines this dating site. The beautiful young ladie's pictures are used a...

                  Chnlove.comAdvertising Deception

                  ChnLove.com is just one of many East Asian dating sites, out to take advantage of Western men.

                  Probably at least 99% of dating sites featuring East Asian women right now, are crime rings.

                  The scam begins with the images on the ads. Yes, wait until you find out how misleading the images are.

                  How can you tell if the woman in the photo is a genuine or fake East Asian woman? I will teach you what you need to know.

                  Dr. Ing Gon Kim, owner of the Apkujung Feel Aesthetic Clinic and one of Seoul's best-qualified plastic surgeons. How can we discern whether or not, we are looking at a genuine East Asian face?

                  "Koreans are born with small eyes, wide and flat faces, and flat, low noses. What they would like are larger eyes, narrower and more oval-shaped faces, and higher and narrower noses."

                  Wow, that's interesting, Dr. Ing Gon Kim! I notice that almost all the women featured on ChnLove.com, have the plastic surgery faces! Thanks for that information.


                  Soo-Young Chin, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Southern California. When I was growing up, the East Asian kids I knew had small eyes. But on ChnLove.com, the women have big eyes. What can you tell us about East Asian eyes?

                  “When I was studying in Korea, I saw a lot of women with double lids. I asked one woman why, and she said it was because her whole generation was born that way. Obviously her mother had had it done to her at birth, and never told her. Well, she’ll figure it out when she has kids of her own.”

                  Soo-Young Chin, that's really helpful. East Asian parents can give their children plastic surgery, even as newborns. This will surely help our readers. Thanks.


                  Shin Yong Ho, you are a renowned Korean cosmetic surgeon. You head a hospital which claims it had performed cosmetic procedures for a third of Korea's A-list celebrities. The Chinese media reported, that you said that 95 per cent of the celebrities in Korea had gone under the knife. There have been sightings of East Asian celebrities on East Asian dating site images. This has brought up much suspicion. How genuine are the looks of these celebrities?

                  "In the Korean entertainment industry, cosmetic surgery is a pre-requisite to entering showbiz. Just at the hospital I work at, a few hundred celebrities have had work done."

                  Interesting. I guess there aren't really any East Asian celebrities, who have kept their genuine East Asian looks. They'd have to use their talents and personalities to be noticed, ha ha. So these dating sites really are using photos of fake celebrities, to appeal to lonely Western men who don't know any better. I mean, Western men seem to more often be attracted to Western women. So images of East Asians, with lots of Western features and colourings airbrushed in, are used as bait. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Shin Yong Ho.


                  Luigina Webb, you are the author of An Australian's Economic and Social Guide to the New Korea. Well, when I was growing up in Canada, all the East Asian kids had brown skin. But on these dating sites, for some reason, the women are quite fair. How is this possible?

                  "99% of Korean moisturisers appear to contain some kind of whitening agent. Without even noticing (much) my skin color has CHANGED (slightly) FREAKISHLY. There are really not that many varying shades if you want to buy cosmetics in Korea, and most brands only stock two colors (if that) ; WHITE, and WHITER (not kidding)."

                  Luigina, that makes perfect sense. Thank you.


                  BBC Leicester's Tony Wadsworth, you put together a piece that spotlighted the use of skin whiteners in Asia. Do you have anything to tell us?

                  "In Japan all skin creams contain a lightening agent."

                  Oh, really. That is very useful for our readers. I really appreciate it, Tony.


                  There we have it. Please avoid these crime rings, operating as East Asian dating sites. Dealing with a culture you are not familiar with, you really need to do your research. Most likely, the men getting scammed on these sites, are chatting with hired employees. The employees look nothing like the women in the images. They could even be men, for all you know. The dating site employees play games of make-believe romance with the men. They want you to keep spending money on the site, until you figure out you're being scammed.

                  This just in. I've been given a set of images, to help us study what the fake and genuine East Asian women look like. Before = genuine. After = fake.






                  We hope you've enjoyed our consumer advocate show. Protecting the people from ChnLove.com. That's it for now.

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                    Chnlove Yongbang Agency — Scammers

                    Chnlove YongBang Agency from Fushun is dating agency which is offering possibility to meet people you are...

                    Chnlove.asia — Complete and total scam and these guys will be laughing all the way to the bank as they probably steal your identity as well

                    Complete and total scam and these guys will be laughing all the way to the bank as they probably steal your...

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