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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Shocking and pathetic service

I have recently received the most disgusting service from barclays bank uk and I want to take this matter further as they just don't give a continental!!! I have spent hours on the phone to them, they blocked a business account after repeatedly requesting they are not to block the account. They promised delivery of credit cards which we are still waiting for and the sad fact is it seems they could get away with it. Where are the rights of the consumer?? Could someone please help

Resolved Unethical Credit Card Practice

I had a credit line of $1200. Without prior notification, my account was reducted to $950. The money i owe on my account is $885. NOw my account is to it's limit. Their excuse was: we reviewed your account and decided that you didn't need the entire credit line of $1200. EXCUSE ME!! I called today, 12/20/08 and they said they were in the process of sending letters to their customers to explain this.

I used the card, paid on time and most often ahead of time, and this is what i get????

I could have made one purchase and would have been over my limit. I asked what can be done, they told me nothing. I complained that this is unfair and told them i am taking my business elsewhere. The representative offered to give me the payoff balance in effort to be sly.

I have been with this company for years, and for them to do this without notice is totally ridiculous. I have complained to the company and to every complaint site possible. I transferred my balance to another company. They will not get one more penny from me. (that is, if they don't find a way to get more money from me)

  • Jo
    John I Mar 18, 2009

    I have had a similar experience with Juniper. Introductory interest rate of 8.99%...all is well for several years...I making all payments on time, early or complete payoff. One time in January 09 I am 2 days late with TWO payments, and Juniper jacks my interest rate to 26.99% (!!!), and charges me a 39.00 late fee. I have a balance on this card that I will pay off in 1-2 months, then I will never do business with them again. I will then spend a good deal of my time crusading on message boards about the illegal and unethical practices of Juniper/Barclays. I will do as I told them - I will cost them many times more money than they have extracted from me through the power of the Internet. Join me in spreading the word about Juniper's illegal and unethical business practices and help me FIRE BARCLAYS/JUNIPER.

    GOOD RIDDANCE Juniper/Barclays.

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Resolved Bait and switch fraud

Barclays (Juniper) issued me a credit card with a credit limit of $2500. I could see this online for...

Turned in to credit bureau

My husband and I have worked hard to have good credit all of our lives. We always pay our bills on time and/or pay them off. We've made several real estate investments. We found our future retirement home and we are in the process of purchasing. We found out the Barclays Bank of Delaare had turned us in to the credit bureau. Thus, making us have bad credit and a higher interest rate on our loan. Spirit Airlkines said that we applied for a card. We do not have a card, do not remember ever applying for a card, and there is no balance they say on the card. BUT, they want us to pay an annual fee and because we didn't then they turned us in. I can't believe this is happening. I am a good patron of Spirit Airlines. I've been flying on the flights for several years, but never again. Now the loan for our retirement home is at fault and we have to pay a higher interest rate. I would understand if this was a bill that we let go and never paid, but we never even USED the card. Please, help us. My husband has been on the phone with Barfclays Bank in Delaware and they are saying it would take months to get rectified. This is totally ridiculous.

  • Em
    E Martinez Jan 04, 2010

    I am not surprised. I recently applied for the Spirit Mastercard issued through Barclays Bank and was denied based on the following primary reasons:

    1. High number of recent inquires
    2. High utilization of another credit card
    3. Recent delinquency

    When I read this letter I freaked out. I pulled my credit report from all three bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) expecting to find a mistake or fraudulent activity on one of my accounts. Instead, I found my spotless credit - 10 years of NEVER making a late payment (NO delinquencies!), a FICO score of 741, and an all around solid credit history. Let me also mention that I have not requested any kind of loan or CC in over two years NOR have I even used a credit card, let alone "highly utilized" a credit card, in over 14 months. In fact, I usually pay double my minimum payment every month on every balance. I am a responsible borrower.

    So what do you think happened when I called Barclays Bank to try and solve this mis-matched credit mystery???? They told me to call the Credit Bureau! I said, "Sir. There's nothing wrong with my credit. That's the point! I think Barclay's Bank ran someone else's Social Security number on my name... Do you see the problem with this????" They said NOTHING in response. They would not acknowledge any wrong doing, offer any solutions, or explanations. According to Barclay's Bank, this was apparently my problem. End of story.

    This happened 2 days ago. I have still not resolved this. If anyone has any advice on who I should complain to, PLEASE HELP!

    p.s. I'm really tired of watching this banking system get away with making such flippant decisions over people's credit histories -- and futures. They hold such stringent rules for us to uphold, but they don't even pretend to abide by any rules themselves. Is it too much to ask for some accountability?

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Resolved Fraud and scam

When the bank solicited me, they indicated it was a 'special deal' for Travel Agents like myself involving specialized points for travel and an opportunity to earn larger commissions from their travel partners. Fraudulent Representation.
As with so many others writing a complaint here, I too fell victim of them illegally withholding funds that cleared the bank. That's when I canceled the card. After the account closed, my insurance carrier inadvertently charged something in error on the closed account. I filed a dispute with both Juniper and the insurance carrier. It took 30 days for the insurance carrier to process the credit.

Juniper added a $39 overlimit fee, a $29 late fee as well as increasing interest on the incorrect billing. Although Juniper processed the credit for the initial disputed charge, they are ILLEGALLY charging the $39 over limit and $29 late fee in addition to 31% interest on all the the incorrect billing.

Now, the kicker is, Juniper refused a physical address to Fed Ex documentation to remedy the matter. I contacted the Department of Banking and Insurance receiving a physical address as well as the president of the Credit Division, Richard Vauge. A package was sent containing documentation and a formal letter of dispute FED EX. Juniper refused to accept the package and sent it back. They continually refuse to accept any registered documentation that would 'hold up' in court and disregard all inquiries sent to the PO Box on the statements.

Oh, and the FTC sent their same usual response - a pamphlet outlining my rights and an apology that all they can do is monitor the actives, but not ENFORCE any existing consumer protection laws.

What do we have to do to give the Dept of Banking and Insurance TEETH to SHUT disreputable businesses down.

  • Go
    gosu May 26, 2009

    juniper sucks!!

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  • Sw
    SWalker Jun 15, 2009

    Juniper Bank*
    100 S. West St.
    Wilmington, DE 19801

    physical address

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  • Sw
    SWalker Jun 15, 2009

    Anyone who needs Chase Credit Card let me know.

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  • Mi
    milkysauce Oct 11, 2010

    Stop using you card for cash you losers

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  • In
    inAtlanta Jan 14, 2011

    JUniper bank is a scam and they rip people off repeatedly. They tell you anything to get you to pay lump sums of money to them, then renig on the deal with what that lump sum of money and good faith payment will do for your account. They have the worst customer service in the world and when their "fake" managers get on the phone then there is nothing they can doeither so why even have a freakin manager. Then they have the nerve to ask me if I'd like to apply for a new account! Heck naw!!! They are the worst credit card company ever!

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  • Je
    Jess Cantu May 20, 2011

    Just received a solicitation letter from Juniper Loans.com with an approval code and an offer of up to $500 cash in minutes. I immediately looked for complaints about Juniper and found your posts. Thank you for posting and helping those of us who don't want to be lured in by bad businesses. I'm sorry for those of you who have gone through a tough experience, but your posts are making a difference. May you find only legit and honest lenders from here forward.

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Increase in account fees

A call to all Barclays Additions Plus customers; you may have received a letter today informing you that your account fee has increased to £16 per month as Barclays 'have listened to your feedback'. Did any of you ask for your fee's to be increased? I think the answer is no. Why don't they just drop some of the meaningless benefits they use to keep the fees so high. Please complain and email Barclays customer services.

  • Ph
    Phyllis Minto Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did, nt know i had it . i have called the Barclays complaints department. Unbelivable!!

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  • Js
    jscooby86 Feb 19, 2009

    Hi, why dont you use your head and look into other accounts they offer with less benefits for a cheaper price. Its not the only fee paying account they offer

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  • Ja
    James29 Nov 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was given Additions without even agreeing to it in 2003!! I phoned to ask what the Additions was on my Account only to be told "it was an extra which had to be paid on all Accounts and if i didn't like it I'd have to close my account". Since 2003 I have paid £1400.00 for a service I did not know the benefits of and have just been offered a "GOODWILL" payment of £168.00. I'll see the idiots in Court!!!

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Resolved Stranded without cash on holiday

I've been a Barclays customer for over 25 years and have noticed
that the service has got worse and worse. The straw that broke
the cammel's back though was when Barclays left me stranded without
any money for most of my recent boliday to Crete. I tried my
debit (Connect) card in an ATM in Stalis but got a "refer to card issuer"
message. I thought nothing of this - Stalis is a small village and probably
the network connections were down. A couple of days later I visited the
main city on Crete - Hiraklion where there seem to be even more banks than
on the Isle of Man or Jersey (or the Cayman's for that matter). First
one gives - "refer to card issuer", second one "refer to card issuer", third
one same. Now I'm starting to think that there may be a fault with my debit
card so my partner tries her Nationwide card (Note: Nationwide does not
charge their customers fees for foreign transactions !) - it works fine.
Undeterred I try another ATM and another and another ...
until after a couple of dozen I finally give up.
Back at the ranch I decide to give the number Barclays have given me for
their call centre a ring to find out WTF is going on. Helpfully there
is a reverse-the-charge-anywhere-in-the-world number. Unhelpfully it
doesn't work (Note to Barclays: Greece is that funny shaped country
in the south east corner of Europe - turn right at Bulgaria). So I try
to give the other number a ring and guess what ... yep the dreaded "choose 1 for ..
choose 2 for ... " messages. After a half a dozen menus I'm prompted to enter
my card number (doesn't sound very secure but WTH ... ) and guess what the
line goes dead. I try again this time with the "stolen card" line only
to be put on hold while the phone steadily eats up the last of my euros
at international call rates (to the UK ... during office hours ...). Why do
Barclays charge customers to report stolen cars - are they punishing them ?
Eventually I hang up in exasperation and the hotel owner, noticing my rather flustered
manner asks what it wrong. I explain the situation and she looks at the
bank card and with a look of deja vu says that "many people have had problems
with these cards, perhaps it is your bank"). You've got to hand it these
people - they didn't invent philopsophy for nothing.
Later on I'm drowning my sorrows in an (obviously cheap !) beer or two
and happen to recount my woes to the barmaid (bit of Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra
in the background please ...). Without prompting she says - "you're not with Barclays
are you, people have had problems all summer with getting money out of the ATM
with them".
So now the penny/euro has finally dropped. Barclays has been blocking the cash
withdrawls of holiday makers all summer leaving them stranded high and dry.
In light of this my partner and I scraped up the last of our euros and worked
out an emergency daily ration to see us through. No more evening meals, no car
hire, no trips out just a whole week and half of scrimping and saving all thanks
to Barclays. Welcome to the return of the student budget holiday - I'd have brought
a backpack and an InterRail pass had I known.
On return to blighty where at least Barclays have graciously allowed me to withdraw
my own money I came home to two letters on the doormat from "the bank that likes
to say no" (to cash withdrawls by its own customers). It turns out
that they had thoughfully decided to block my card because they thought it was
being used fradulently. How very considerate. Seems they've introduced a new
Barclays Fraud Detection service supposedly for my benefit but not actually got around
to telling me about it (perhaps they were too busy sending out unwanted
adverts for loans). Maybe Barclays assume that their customers never go
on holiday abroad or perhaps (because of the credit crunch) they don't want
to give up their sterling - who knows.
Anyway I'm currently chasing Barclays for compensation and I will let you
know how I get on once all the legal bits are tied up.
Moral of this story: if you are going abroad and don't want to use travellers
cheques get yourself a Nationwide account. Amazingly enough they do allow
their customers to withdraw their *own* money and they don't rip you off
with transaction charges like Barclays.

  • Js
    jscooby86 Feb 19, 2009

    aw my god you are so stupid! if it were the other way around and someone did clone your card and barclays didnt stop the clone in another country you would be crying about that. All you need to do is give them a quick 2 minute call and let them know where ur going so the card wont get blocked. Not rocket science shirlock

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Excessive harassment

I overdrew by account ten pounds 5 pence and Barclays levied three 20 pounds charges. After discussion they withdrew one of the charges. I credited ten pounds to the account leaving only unjustified bank charges. I still couldn't abide Barclays theft from my account and stopped using the account. One year later Barclays levies more interest payments and charges taking it to one hundred pounds overdrawn. I then got threatening letters and phone calls. I've since had over 30 letters and 50 phone calls sometimes one a day. Often they'd call 9am on Saturday waking me up. I explained numerous times but to deaf ears and they still didn't get it. Hell would freeze over before I gave them the money they tried to steal from me. I wonder if the shareholders of this bank know how much money they've wasted chasing this debt which wasn't valid, justified or reasonable. Their call center approach is just for harassment. If a genuine Barclays employee had called me I would have made them understand that chasing this debt would just burn their blood and waste their money.

  • Pa
    Partick Jan 12, 2010

    THIS is harassment


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Resolved Scam and cheating

I signed up for automatic payment. Barclay's Credit Card company pulls money out of for the amount which...

Crooked Bank


Horrific Juniper Bank. Tried to use Juniper's online system to pay credit card monthly payment (very first month). Their system did not credit my payment through...after I had followed all of its miserable instructions. What a creative money sieve. Reading all these other complaints...This is a truly cheat bank system...Barclays, Delaware, Joe Biden connections, whatever it is.

Customer service..."Customer Service"...has the easy out and non assistance (trained) individuals to easily dismiss your claim and move on with their day with no way to help you. Sorry sir, your rate is now such and such, and you are delinquent. That will be $39 additional for your problem, and a new higher rate. Sorry.

Luckily I can still get the hell away from this bank, but some poor schnookered people won't be able to get away from them and it's another example of the implosion from within that is hidden from sight...and we all suffer. Fat cats laughing all the way to the bank...and these poor bank customer service reps...so laughable what they are stuck to do.

Stay away from Juniper and watch out for them all.


Frontier Airlines offer this card that is being financed and run by Barclay Bank in Wilmington, DE...

Internet fraud

I received this on sunday night

Barclays bank plc
25 riverpool street
London e14 5hp. United kingdom.
Our ref: bbplc/lon/pa/inv/2008

Dear sir/madam,

Last notice on your lottery prize payment
This is to inform you of your recent lottery winning prize with uk
Lottery promotion played under computer ballot system (Cbs) which your
Email id won you the prize sum of & pound;501, 034 (Five hundred and one thousand
And thirty four pounnds sterling) , and it is ready to pay off.

Ticket winning number: uklp/
Therefore, you are advised to contact investment department of barclays
Bank plc:-

Dr. David wood
Telephone no: 44-[protected]
Email: [protected]@live.Co. Uk and submit the following information to enable
Him process your payment immediately.

Your name:...
Marital status:...
Telephone no:...

Your id/or driving licence (Photocopy) for identification.
Note: if you fail to contact the officer-incharge for your payment within
Ten (10) working days of this notice, your winning will be revoked and
Declare null and void. Finally, you are strictly advised to keep your
Ticket winning number confidential to avoid being defrauded by

Congratulations to you once again, while we look forward to hear from you
In due course.

Yours faithfully,
Sir ken allan
Co-ordinator, uk lottery promotion.
— msg sent via ksu webmail - http://atmail.com/

Credit card rip off through barclays

The juniper card and barclays bank is a financial scam!
I was checking out a new computer at the santa monica apple store and an employee said if I filled out a form, that I might be eligible for immediate credit with the juniper card with terms of 0% for 1 year. Because of my excellent credit rating, I was approved for over $1, 000 and I went home to further research their products, I then received a call that my dad had died of a heart attack and I left immediately. While out of state for almost a month, handling all the funeral arrangements and the estate business, my bills were being paid by auto-debit. When I returned to ca, I used the juniper card and I saw on their first statement that my interest rate jumped from 0% for one year, to 29.99%!
When I called, the people at juniper and barclays bank of delaware, I waited over 15 minutes for an agent and everyone I spoke with was unbelievably rude. The supervisor said the reason the interest went up 30% was because I didn't use the juniper card at an apple store within 30 days! I used it 32 days later. The apple employees explained none of this to me at either time! Before using the juniper card, I browsed the terms and information but missed a & ldquo;see below” fine print line. There is a (Very small and hidden) sentence in the contract that states, if you don't use the juniper card by barclays bank of delaware in 30 days, the interest goes from 0% for a year to 29.99%. Even though I spent less than the credit limit, the interest put me over the limit! I explained the situation, and no one at barclays bank or juniper was helpful, friendly or the least bit understanding. Not only would they would not lower the interest rate, or the over limit fee, even for as a gesture of good will, they charged me a $39 late fee because while I had been on the phone with them, because I missed the payment cutoff time by 45 minutes est! I highly suggest that you never use barclays bank or juniper! I have the feeling they may be up for a class action suit, if we really do see reform as promised, after the recent elections. I am wondering if this is one of the banks we bailed out!
To juniper and barclays bank, any means, including, a small oversight from grieving the death of a parent is another way to make more money.

  • Ma
    madman Mar 13, 2009

    This bank is nothing but a rip-off by a bunch of filthy ###. They should be shutdown, and left holding the bag for every penny every single customer owes them.

    A class action lawsuit seems to be a good answer here, they deserve it, as they rip-off everyone they do business with.

    They are truly THIEVES.

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  • Cb
    CBbrooklynMOS Jul 13, 2009

    This bank is the most unscrupulous bank I have EVER done business with. A few months ago they sent me a notice stating that they will be raising my interest rate unless I cancelled the account. I called and promptly did so. A month later I am hit with an increase of my interest rate. They stated that they never received such a phone call. I e-mailed Barclays directly in England - on three different occasions. On all three they apologized and stated that they will be getting back to me - that was April, and here we are in mid-July.

    My suggestion - DO NOT DO BUSINESS of any kind with this bank or their affiliates - you can take heed to this advice now - or pay dearly later.

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  • Or
    Orin Sep 18, 2009

    So let me get this straight - the fact that you took a thousand dollars from a bank and didn't read the terms and conditions under which they were lending you that money is the bank's fault?

    Sounds like the story of that lady who sued McDonald's for making her fat.

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Three weeks and no response

Many years ago I took out a personal pension plan with Barclays bank, the simple reason being my brother had...

Illegal bills unethical approach

Dear Sir, Madam,

Please cancel my Barcley priority circle membership. (Card no [protected])

I was told on that their will be no charge’s got a call from your one of executive Arun. But during my interaction he never said

that its having any charge he said its free of cost you will be receiving some trolley bags, resort coupons etc etc& then he

Handed it over to Marketing executive Rakesh he said the same its free you don’t have to pay anything, then I said okay if

its free.

Now on 1st Oct I got message on my mobile([protected]) ----- Welcome to barcley priority circle you will be receiving welcome

letter in 7 days but I have never received it till now& on 8th I am getting message that you have to pay 6741.6 DR.

I got shocked & called at customer care that I have never used this card how come then they said it’s a priority circle fess.

I told Manorma, Virendra your customer executives the same they told me to contact [protected]. Continuously I am

Trying on that no but it’s busy, keeping me only on hold option.

Till even I have not received my pin no. How can one charge if I have not signed any welcome letter or even I have not received it.

Kindly cancel my priority circle membership which I had never applied even.

Don’t force me to take harsh action on Barclay Bank

Tushar Mattoo

Process Engg

& Social Activist (New Delhi

  • Ch
    Chloe Jun 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recenlty asked to port my mortgage from one property to another and downsize from a £240k mortgage to a £160k as I was finding a £240k too much for me.

    I thought the process would be simple one as I could retain my existing mortgage and pay off £70k. everyone is happy "SIMPLE"


    I have had nothing but hell for weeks and I have never experienced such incompetence, lack of common sense, and failure to return calls.

    I have been asked for duplicate documentation and asked to prove I can afford less than my exosting mortgage from their underwriters.

    If they keep treating customers like this then I expect sharp declines in customer numbers as they will be leaving in droves due to a severe lack customer service.

    I have now lodged a complaint and will have to wait up to 4 weeks to find out what action they are going to take, lets see if hey are still fluent in finance or see if they developed a stutter.

    This is a very brief overview and I will be posting a more detailed report in due course.

    in trying to do this and I have spoken people in Barclays who are completely clueless asked to provide all my details agian, which barclays already had. They asked to prove I could afford a £160k mortgage as requested by their underwriters, even though I was paying

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  • Ev
    Evander Oct 16, 2009

    I closed my Barclays account years ago due to the extortionate charges and downright bad service. Apparently so did my parents. I didn’t know this the other day when I transferred some money to their non-existent account. Barclays of course have accepted my payment and my money is somewhere in cyberspace.

    After a quick call to my own bank today (prompt reply, friendly staff with some knowledge of the bank’s processes), I was directed towards Barclays. I couldn’t have spent a more frustrating day. After scouring the myriad of numbers to call, I decided on one that said Customer Services. Wrong one apparently and I was given another number. So I called that, selected the option for not having my banking details (I don’t hold an account there after all) and the woman that answered told me I was again in the wrong place and forwarded me to another number. The new number had me on hold for an hour and a quarter. I timed every second. And then I gave up.

    I ended up on here reading everyone else’s stories and thanks to speedduck, used an alternative number which only took 10 minutes to answer (it’s worrying that I now consider that a good time!). After much explaining and to-ing and fro-ing between people who might know bank procedure for this situation I was told to phone my bank again. When I did my bank answered promptly, gave me some knowledgeable information on how CHAPS trace procedures require 10 days waiting period from the transfer date (I’m just below that) and advised me to call back in a few days. I hung up on my bank feeling a lot better since at least they knew what they were doing!

    I find myself reminded today of why I left this bank in the first place – all I was left with was infuriation. We may not be able to cause a boycott but we can let others know what these companies are like (this being the worst I have personally dealt with in the past).

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  • 55
    556Shizo Oct 28, 2009

    In February 2017 following failings in the Barclaycard telephone system I was unable to register my new card valid from March 1st 2017 I cut up the card, returned it to Barclaycard and closed the account. Final payment on the existing card was due and paid in February. My March statement from them confirms that the balance is zero.

    Since February I have received at intervals four text message stating that I owe money to Barclaycard and failure to pay will result in my credit rating being affected. I have at my own expense wriiten letters, telephoned and sent faxes to stop this nuisance, a totla of seven transactions In view of my time and money wasted I asked Barclaycard for a payment fo £20 for each transaction, they have refused.

    Barclaycard have refused to take the matter further and not even offered an apology. These text messages are libellous, can be seen by any member of my family should they happen to pick up my telephone.

    This is clearly a breach of confidential information that even if it was correct should not be transmitted in this manner.

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  • Vl
    Vlad902002 Jul 26, 2011

    Whilst the High Court has thrown out Lenders argument that overdraft charges are not for providing a service, Barclays have become the first bank to introduce novel new ways of fleecing customers – they are now window dressing penalties so they look more like a service.

    It’s an overdraft facility that :

    1. A customer hasn’t asked for.

    2. A customer is automatically opted-in unless he/she opt-out.

    3. If overdraft used, £22 is added every five days unless customer goes back into credit. So if you go overdrawn for twenty days, you are charged £88 - all with your permission.

    Obviously no mention of the recent court decision, and the bank seems to think they are doing customers a favour by all the blurb. The more customers that don't opt-out, the more bank can say they provide a service - hence charges.

    Straight in the shredder, unless customers find good reason to have such a facility.

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  • Ju
    Justice_Fighter Oct 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had an infuriating experience recently with Barclays as well. I was reading your story, and just cannot sympathize more. I don't want to bore you with my details, but we have a business account with them. They made mistake on the mandate and bounced back 5 checks that had the same signature as always before. When I asked the relationship manager, he simply told me the reason was because of the insufficient funds, even I told him repeatedly their back office called us to tell us it was the signature problem. For each bounced back check, they charged us 35 pounds! This manager later offered 100 pounds as a "good will gesture" and told me to forget about it and move on. I am going to fight till the end to find out the truth!

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  • Cd
    CDL - choose different lender Oct 03, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I applied for a CDL at the beginning of July. I have still not been paid and it is now the 3rd of October. I had my documentation sent back for information that wasn´t asked on the application form, and then gave it over the phone with no problem.

    They do not phone you but send everything by post, 2nd class, so you hear nothing for weeks then suddenly get a letter dated a week ago. You can´t go into a branch and ask as yoiu get told quite hastily to phone up and basically get lost.

    While many operators have a reasonable command of English, half of them do not, and are incapable of following you. Bear that in mind when phoning as you will just be ignored otherwise. It really is a question of luck.

    I am currently waiting patiently for documents that were sent 7 days ago... all I have to do is sign them, send them back again (that's 3 times recorded delivery) and within 7 days of them opening the thing I should be paid. They refuse to send it to addresses not on your original form, even though most of us are students who have MOVED to study. So not only do I have to pay once again for postage, so do my parents. Not to mention the phone calls too.

    Of course, when it's time to pay up, you can bet your life Barclays will be all over me, but as far as holding up their part of the bargain, forget it.

    Apply to Co-op first. I haven´t used them but even if they are just as bad, they can´t be worse. Surely...?

    CDL Barclays - go with money to uni and don´t depend on them. Take a year out and save.

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Ineffective card and bad usage

The rules engine for card usage prohibits people from using this card. So many times, I've had this card declined because of some "security" reason. This even occurs in the same zipcode as my billing address. When I called to see what solution can be provided, they said there is nothing they can do short of me calling each time go out of my area ahead of time. Thatsince this happens even in my own billing zipcode, what do I do? The answer was "sorry for the inconvenience". After 40 minutes on the phone with them with 30 minutes of it being on hold while their figure out how to pull their head of their their [email protected]#$%!!

Then the account gets closed on me so when I tried using it later in the afternoon, it was declined yet again. Once again, back on the phone with them and they reinstated the card and I have to wait 24 hours before I can use it again. The response this time was "sorry ma'am, this is procedure. there is nothing we can do but wait 24 hours". NOTHING!!! Even when it was a mistake on their part.

ONCE AGAIN, I GET INCONVENIENCED!!! Oh, but if I want to complain, I can fax a letter to their fax number.

Harrasment and torture

I am biju george, and barclay credit card no. Is [protected]. I had
Made a transaction of rs.299 / - from archies gallery on 29/02/08. I
Deposited a cheque of rs.299 / - of punjab and sind bank bearing cheque no.
081358 for the same in a skypak box located at kid's house (Needs dept
Store) a-2/5, acharya niketan, patparganj main mkt, near bata showroom,
Mayur vihar-phase-1, new delhi, 110091 (Box_no-sk0583). Through next
Statement I came to know that barclay’s had not received the cheque.
I called there customer care and told them about cheque details and skypak
Box details where I had deposited the cheque. There executive told me
That they are going to look into the matter and revert back to me. I
Waited for some weeks but there was no response from there side. Then I
Called them again and again just to settle the issue as I have been using
Others credit cards and services where I have never been a defaulter. I
Have been making my payment on time and avoided any hassles and late
Payment fees. Each time I called barclay’s the executives used to
Take all details and promised to update me of the same. For three months
They kept on debiting my account with late payment fees and interest.In
July, I called there customer care to finally finish the issue, the
Executive told to pay the principal amount i. E. Rs.299 / - and then we will
Definitely sort the issue and then again I made my payment of rs.299 / -
Through same skypak box which the barclay’s received. Still next
Month on they kept on debiting my account with late payment fees and
Interest. Since august onwards, daily they started calling me up 5 to 6
Times a day and send 4-6 sms daily. I was fed up with them, and in
September, I wrote a complaint narrating the whole incident and tear the
Card and dropped the complaint as well as the torn card in complaint box
In barclays bank plc, first floor, eros corporate tower, nehru place.
Still there was no communication from their side. I called them and there
Executive told me that they received the complaint but still they kept on
Bothering me since them. I need some advice on this issue. Pls guide me
What to do next.

Consequences : I feel I am being harassed and mentally tortured. I want
To get rid of it. The barclay’s phone call and sms have been
Disturbing me daily in and out.

Resolved Scam and cheating

I had my LLBean Visa a long time and then when they switched to Barclays I was declined. I waited five weeks for my Barclays card and they never sent me a letter of decline. I was promised that I would get the card in two weeks. I am angry. They would not give me reasons why I was declined. That worries me because I gave Barclays employees all kinds of personal info. That makes me wonder what the status of all the banking institutions are if a bank like Barclays are rejecting people like me. Sad... sad... Oh well!

  • Jo
    Joe Roa Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You were probably declined because your credit sucks.

    You should get better credit.

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  • Sa
    satish kr. kochhar Oct 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Manager
    Barclays Bank PLC
    Nehru Place
    New Delhi.

    Savings Bank a/c 000002747531


    I have joint a/c with my wife Laxmi Kochhar who issue a cheque in favour of M/s Mothoot Finance
    Pvt. Ltd. dt. 9.10.08 for Rs. Ninty thousand. The cheque was retured by Barclays reason sign mismatch.

    On 15.10.08 at 10 a.m. my wife approached the bank and shown the returned cheque to Ms.Sanjana in the presence of 3 others bank officer who told me the signatures were perfectlly all right and she was kind
    enough and called the transaction department for some minutes but failed to connect the department as no body was picking up the phone.

    Ms. Sanjna scanned the cheque and e-mailed the wrong act done by barclays and requested my wife
    to present the same again and the same will be honured. But I issued another cheque to the party.

    Now I am at shock how to recover the excellent immage I have gained these years and incurred heavy expenses and penalities and metnal strain and stress. Please inform how the bank is going to compenciate the same and in what manner as poor class services rendered by world class bank is really really hearting me.


    Satish kr. kochhar



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  • 10
    10Michelle Jul 21, 2009

    Trust me, you should be very gratefulyou didn't get approved. They are out and out thieves, liars, totally incompentent and no one speaks english.

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Resolved Rip off

Juniper is the credit card for Frontier Airlines frequent flier. I have made many complaints to Frontier and Juniper to no avail about how bad the bank, credit card, and treatment is from Juniper or Barclays as they are now. Customer service is rude as are the supervisors which for sure reflects upper management. Some of their tricks are to label a payment "nonconforming" so that it is handled longer and therefore generates late fees and interest; transfer you to their headquarters customer service which is no better than regular customer service; mail statements first class that take 10 days to reach someone and then any reverse USPS mailing also first class takes another 10 days on a 21 day grace period---guess what happens every time--late fees and interest. When you pay on transactions without "their" envelope it's a non-conforming payment. When you pay without an official printed statement returned to them, it's a non-conforming payment. I finally canceled my card and my peace of mind has tripled. I will never ever work with Barclays or Juniper.

  • Valerie Nov 24, 2008

    I cannot believe the conversation I just had with Gary, one of the so called relationship managers with Juniper Bank. Guess what? THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OVER! Because I mistakenly sent them my September payment, on time by the way, in an amount that was $5 (that's five dollars) less than the correct amount, this company not only charged me a $39 late payment fee, they also raised my already obscene interest rate to an even higher obscene rate! 26.99% APR. Now here's the best part... are you ready... for October I sent them a $5000 payment, on record before I spoke with Gary, think that had any bearing? NO WAY! They still raised my APR. I've never been late, always paid the minimum, often paid more. Obviously Barclays is not interested in a happy and satisfied customer, angry and upset is OK as long as they pay. Well, not this customer. I have cut up my card, and will be sending the pieces to their executive management, and paying off the remaining balance of my account.

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  • Jo
    John I Mar 18, 2009

    I have had a similar experience with Juniper. Introductory interest rate of 8.99%...all is well for several years...I making all payments on time, early or complete payoff. One time in January 90 I am 2 days late with TWO payments, and Juniper jacks my interest rate to 26.99% (!!!), and charges me a 39.00 late fee. I have a balance on this card that I will pay off in 1-2 months, then I will never do business with them again. I will then spend a good deal of my time crusading on message boards about the illegal and unethical practices of Juniper/Barclays. I will do as I told them I would - I will cost them many times more money than they have extracted from me through the power of the Internet. TELLO EVERYONE ABOUT THIS AND FIRE JUNIPER.

    GOOD RIDDANCE Juniper/Barclays.

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Atm fraud

Dear sir/madam

I am banking with Barclays bank and on the 7th of September my account was illegally used, the amount of 5241dirhams was withdrawn in the Filipinos, I realized this on the 11th and contacted the bank the consultant then said to me that I will receive a call back from the bank within 24-48hrs after submitting a claim form witch I submitted on the same day. I then waited till Sunday the 14th and did not hear from them I then contacted the bank and was told that this is not their problem and will be called within 180 days, I explained to them that this is my salary account and that this is my living money, they told me there is nothing they can do and that this is the bank policy I feel this not to be appropriate as I trusted the bank with my details and expected them to be using the best technology to protect us from such crimes. I do not feel that this is my problem as im still in position of my only card supplied by the bank, is there something I can do about this legally and how do I go about it.

Yours sincerely
Stephanus Ferreira