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  • Ar
    Arlene h Jan 21, 2010

    house flooded on 12/20/2017. They received the check will not turn over to the remolding company to restore the home. They even know I have a child with severe ashma that has been at the urgent care three times. The insurance I pay for to be covered for a loss. they do not care because I asked for a home modification in Sept 2017. Still not completed. Taylor Bean and whitker sold them the loan after I request a modification in 5/2017. Getting the run around from everyone except the insurance company Modern Home insurane was wonderful on their action. Bank of America needs to be sued for allowing the work not to be done with sick child in the home. If I lived like this children would be taken away. House is all in shambles living in one room.

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  • Fa
    farhat Jan 23, 2010

    I am a bank of America prima account holder for 6 years. Have various accounts at B/a amounting to $62000, and also money in brokrage account above $100, 000 . I stared a loan with B/A in september My house apprised with my equity of over $ 400, 000 and a credit score for for tu 812, equ 808, exp 819. I am a female doctor with over $30, 0000 monthly income and bank of america has denied me a car loan and a house loan for mere $280, 000

    I an over 64 years of age and from another country . What is the bank looking for ???

    who can I complain to,

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  • Cl
    claire2010 Jan 29, 2010

    Good for the people who did not experienced it yet. The customer service are bad liars. We even recorded the conversation with them for evidence of how they are. I would rather keep my money in my bathroom, use it to wipe my butt and flush it down the toilet than put it in this bank again which was worse than a crappy, nasty and stinky toilet anyway. At least my toilet is nice and clean.

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  • Cl
    claire2010 Jan 29, 2010

    Good for the people who did not experienced it yet. The customer service are bad liars. We even recorded the conversation with them for evidence of how they are. I would rather keep my money in my bathroom, use it to wipe my butt and flush it down the toilet than put it in this bank again which was worse than a crappy, nasty and stinky toilet anyway. At least my toilet is nice and clean.

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  • Hu
    Hujine Feb 02, 2010

    Well I was told some information about the Process of there transactions (pending, cleared and fees). Next thing I know I do exactly what he told me I could do with the account and I was charged 6 overdraft fees for pending transactions and I had my direct deposit pending. Now when I call in they told me that there was nothing I could do about it. There rep gave me the all the bad info I could have and I am forced to pay the charges because of him. They do not and will not fix the situation that was occured from there rep. Watch out, there customer service sucks. Stay far away. They are not worth the trouble.

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  • Ec
    E. Camacho Feb 03, 2010

    I ordered a MLB Authenic NY Mets Baseball Jersey, Last Year, before the season started. I recieved the Baseball Jersey this year, but a size to big. I spoke with a representive incharge of Bank Of America MLB sports ware. She, Ms. Anita DeSandra, Phone #[protected] informed me to return the shirt to her, and she will forward the right size. Anitta is incharge of the program. As of todAY I have not received or had my jersey returned. I also spoke with a member of Bank of America, Supervisor Myer, and she informed me I have to still talk to Ms. DeSandra. How, ever every time I call the number I get no call back...I have been robbed and violated as a customer to Bank Of America. I need your help..

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  • De
    Destrave Feb 03, 2010

    I am very disappointed and quite frankly shocked I have to write this comment.I was always bragging about Bank of America .Anyway I am as we speak taking my money out of their bank and closing all accounts. I suggest you do the same. They are changing. And it is to bad. In November 08 I received a disturbing letter that due to my credit rating my rate was going to increase on my credit card account.I had always paid them on time and at least the minimum balance so I was upset by this. I called immediately to argue the change I was told, after a long discussion that I could use my card and the rate would stay the same. I thanked him and moved on.Well with Chistmas I made some purchases on my card and to my suprise my rate increased I called to get this fixed and was told thaey could not help me that I used my card therefore I recieved the threatened increase. I told them the situation they said I was given false information and there was nothing they could do.Well there is somrthing they could have done. They could have acknowledged their employees mistake and said from here on out if you use your card it will be at the higher rate. Which would have been fair. But they refused and they have lost a Bank of America supporting customer. Sorry for them They had such a good thing going. Be wary of what they tell you get it in writing!!! They should be ashamed.

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  • La
    Larry Jeffery Feb 11, 2010

    With the downturn in the economy, my wife and I contacted B of A to renegotiate the terms of our mortgage. We have an ARM and wanted to refinance with a fixed rate. Like the other poster, we were never able to talk to the same person twice. One representative told us our loan was in workout review and to stop making payments during the review process. We did as we were instructed and discovered B of A was reporting to the credit agencies we were not making payments. We resumed making payments to attempt to salvage our credit. B of A continued reporting we were not making payments and did not credit any payments to our account. This nightmare has gone on for nearly a year. Even though a workout was approved and we have honored our agreement, we still have an ARM, payments are not being credited, and they are still reporting adversely to credit agencies. They have created a situation where our credit is ruined and they are the only company we can do business with. This feels like FRAUD to us. Are we wrong?

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  • Di
    discnmom Feb 11, 2010

    I try to re finance my existing home loan. We are offered an FHA loan and we pay the $400 for the appraisal up front. The loan officer has no clue what he's doing and we wait 6 weeks for communcation. The appraisal says we have some chipping paint on our 40 year old home and it has to be rectified before we can close. We have had two feet of snow and below average tempurature and it's January. No body can paint a window in 4 degrees on an icy roof. I explain to these Texas folks that it's not gongto happen, and find tis is only a requirement on the FHA! Then Bank of America cannot convert it to a conventional loan as they say our credit rating is too low. We check it ourselves and their numbers are almost 100 points lower than what we pull of the websites directly. They promise our 400 returned, I hav not seen it.

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  • Fo
    Folke Feb 12, 2010

    There has been a random transaction of deduction of monthly maintenance fee on my checking account. I work in US since last two years and my salary gets deposited in this account. Still, this monthly maintenance fee has got deducted from my account randomly 5-6 times. I called BOFA cust service multiple times and every time they assured me that the amount will be refunded and they said they will put a note of my conversation regarding this on my account. But the amount never got credited. I have lost more than $25 in such way in last two years. Again this happened in November 2017 and I kept calling customer service and they said they cant do anything about the previous amounts since it is more than 90 days on those transactions but they will refund the recent one. Again it was not refunded. Recently I called BOFA two weeks back and they said I need to go to Bank and only the Bank center can see the transactions and they can refund me. I went to the Banking center today and the manager kept telling me that it is too late now since it is more than 90 days she can’t do anything, She said she can not find any notes of my conversation with customer service center. Instead of sympathizing with me and trying to find out solution, she kept asking me the name of the customer representative and the time of the call. I have called cust service more than 10 times, Am I supposed to note the name of the cust rep each time? This is ridiculous. I mean, who does that? And if she does not have the resource to find the notes of my conversation with them on my account, what good the name and the time of the call do? The manager knew that whatever deductions have happened were wrong but she did not agree even after I told her than this is my salary account and I have been working since last two years. I was expecting she would at least say that the charges were wrong and she can make sure they do not happen again but instead she kept saying that she can not do anything because of the law of 90 days. I was not asking her to refund my money from her own pockets. Her attitude was rude and it clearly seemed she did not want to help or find any resolution. I finally asked if she can check the setup of my account and try to find if my account was wrongly setup because of which I am being charged the monthly maintenance fee but she said she does not have access to that and not trained to do so. And she was calling herself manager of the banking center. I was highly surprised and did not know what to say. Finally she said she can send email to concerned department to research this problem. She did not take my account number nor my name and since it was bank's closing time she got up and indicated that I should leave. It was obvious that she would not send any email about the research request without my account number and name. I had no choice but to leave. She moved on to open the Bank's closed door and I left. I am sure now that nothing is going to happen about the money I lost and I don’t know what to do if they again charge me the monthly maintenance fee. This has been my worst experience with BOFA. I really regret having an account here.

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  • Ba
    Batchine Feb 15, 2010

    Tuesday, (3/24) I went into your Branch at Gilbert and Guadalupe to pay overdraft fees and figure out why I wasn't receiving banking notifications. I was already very embarrassed about the situation, and the teller made me feel like I wasn't valued at all. When I asked about the notifications, she automatically assumed I was trying to get out of fees, and proceeded to tell me any errors were mine and my fees were not her problem. It was extremely rude and unprofessional. At this point I asked if there was a phone number or person I could talk to higher up, and she refused, saying there was none. I've always had great service with Bank of America, but I was so upset by this experience, I asked her to close my account. I doubt I'll be back. That was the worst customer service I've ever had in my life.

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  • Jk
    JKinkennon Feb 15, 2010

    I had a credit card with Bank of America and carried a balance. I purchased, from Bank of America's website account insurance to take care of this debt incase of involuntary unemployment or disability. I suffered a disabling injury in Oct. 2017 and filed with the insurance company that Bank of America owns. They repeatedly denied my claim.
    I have been declared permanently disabled for a year by the Social Security Adminstration as my arm is not likely to grow back.
    The insurance company that Bank of America markets on their website is liable for this debt, not me because of the insurance I had purchased in good faith. I filed a claim and they repeatedly denied it.
    I look forward to seeing them in court and intend to sue for fraud for selling insurance and not having any intent for honoring claims.

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  • Lo
    Lokker Feb 19, 2010

    I started my refinance on my home 2/16/09 today is 4/21/09 still waiting to sign paper work. I have been banking with Bank Of America for the last 7 years and thought I would get treated good. I thought wrong and as soon as we get our loan done I am closing our accounts out..I am done with the Bank Of America ! ! ! No wonder they are in trouble they deserve it ! ! No service.. never return phone calls or emails...I don't recommend BOFA to anyone. Wells Fargo here I come and I hope they are better.

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  • Ma
    Mary N Feb 21, 2010

    Maya882: I am certainly not a fan of seeing a credit line cut down as this does affect one's credit score rating. However, one thing I learned recently is that for ANY Credit Card to offer you a credit line, they have to set aside similar funds in case you use the card, so they can pay the merchant. Most of us don't understand this. For example, my card has a $20, 000 credit line. In this economy, the chances that any card issuer would just set aside $20, 000 in case I use my card, is slim. I would expect my credit line to be decreased as well. Most of our credit scores are messed up right now, and that is the only thing that keeps me from worrying about it too much.

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  • Br
    Bruce Pott Feb 23, 2010

    I am glad I ran into this site because I thought it was just Me! I have been charged hundreds of dollars in NSF charges due to manipulating of deposits and debits by B of A to maximize NSF charges. The tactics they employed were criminal in my opinion. Tactic #1, over a three day period they would debit the largest charge first to put my account in the negative and then charge small debits as NSF when the larger debit actually occurred two days after the smaller debits. This allowed them to charge 4 or 5 $35.00 NSF charges that would NOT have overdrawn the account had they been kept in the actual order that they occurred! Tactic #2, When a check was mailed by the "Bill Pay" company(which they claimed was a seperate entity) they charged an NSF charge even though the check did NOT clear until two days later when there were sufficient funds to cover it. However, when a deposit was made by check from even the U.S. Treasury, they held the funds until the check cleared. C'mon B of A, You can't have it both ways. These tactics were changed when the government started to investigate preditory practices by banks. Note the dates of similar complaints on this website that stopped somewhere around Sept. of 2017. I really do not understand how people of good conscience actually defended these practices while knowing full well they were aiding and abetting B of A defrauding their customers. I guess it shows people will commit crimes for the pay check if the company is big enough.

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  • Dr
    Dromvell Feb 23, 2010

    Alright first of all I admit the overcharge was my fault. I currently have two bank accounts because of my temporary stay in Indiana. There are no bank branches located here for BOA. So as it sits, I didn't have any money in my BOA account as I'm not planning on using it again until I reached my final destination. I had comcast accidentally charge my BOA account which was my fault and have no problem paying one overdraft fee. Guess what they do? They charge me everyday I don't get the cash in to the account. I contacted them as soon as I realized my mistake and let them know I was having the cash transferred over but it would take 3 days to be approved. So being the generous understanding people they are they charge my account DAILY UNTIL THE CASH IS APPROVED AND TRANSFERRED. Well you ### got my hard earned money, I hope you are happy, I'm closing my account after comcast finally receives their money. I've always heard you people were trash, now I know.

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  • St
    StephanieMV Feb 25, 2010

    Bank of America are liars. They don't give you your incentive. You spend HOURS talking with customer service with online chat and on the phone and still get no where. If I knew it was going to be this much effort I would have never signed up for an "incentive" program. More headache than the $ was worth. Closed my account and went to Wells Fargo. Their customer service is MUCH better. Couldn't be happier with Wells Fargo.

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  • He
    heyI'mnotstupid Feb 25, 2010

    My complaint is a serious matter pertaining to the Constitutionality of a BofA "representative" closing two of my Bank of America credit cards without cause. I paid my two high interest credit cards off a few days ago and today I received a phone call from a representative advising me that I had to have a "credit review" with her by phone. My caller ID did not indicate that the call was from BofA and I told her I did not want to engage with her via phone. She stated that my BofA credit cards would be changed and I would receive information via mail about it. She was so incredibly rude that I knew enough to contact my local bank. Sure enough..less than an hour later I learned that this snarling rep cancelled my credit cards.

    If I was to be "reviewed" for my credit worthiness, she did not obtain any information from me to make her decision. In other words, she cancelled my accounts based on only information from my credit report, which is not a bad report. How can she unilaterally make a decision that my debt to income ratio is wrong if she does not have all the information? She cancelled my cards (because I PAID THEM) and the impact on my credit rating will be adverse. My "status" was fine with them while I was paying 25% interest and is suddenly "not acceptable" because I paid them off!

    I have read through many other posts here about similar situations. Not sure I have seen one where cards were cancelled because they were paid off. Obviously, from what I have seen, change in ones "status" is open season for BofA to apply whatever gestapo tactics they want. If this has happened to anyone else and/or if there is any recourse anyone knows of for me, please let me know. I'd appreciate it.

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  • Em
    emiller12 Feb 26, 2010

    I would agree with this complaint, and this practice is still happening. Another tactic they use is to make it impossible for you to transfer funds in time to prevent an overdraft, I had this happen to me yesterday. I tried to transfer $100 from my savings to checking to cover incoming checks @ 7:00 am, but the on-line message was that I could not transfer. So then I went to a cash machine at 7:00 am, same thing. I had to go to work, so then I called, but got nothing but extremely long hold times. When I finally got a hold of someone at 11:00 AM, they said they would transfer my funds to cover the checks in time, and yet the very next day, that $100 I transfered to cover those checks was instead used as NSF fees and the items were returned instead!!!

    Put a fork in me...I'm DONE...dealing with B of A!

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  • Ga
    Galifee Mar 02, 2010

    B of A ( Bank of America ) utilizes data gathering techniques beyond information provided on checking, savings and cd accounts to develop security clearance questions. For a bank to use covert data gathering information which goes beyond information provided in the course of doing business is appalling and truly an invasion of privacy. Simple questions regarding mother's maiden name, etc are expected. But, to ask questions regarding additional family members who have had nothing to do with the account, including their current addresses, ages, martial status, etc are extremely subversive and indicative of a lack of respect for their customers. I will never do business with this company again and find their actions to be unconscionable and a true invasive action. This type of information is not critical but to use data gathering to the level shows intent to profile clients and use this information in a variety of methods not normally seen in day to day business interaction. I have no credit cards, credit lines or loans with this company and now I will have nothing to do with them going forward. Their explanations were marginal at best and they state the information was gathered through public sources. I left Wells Fargo fifteen years ago and now I am adding Bank of America to my Black List of vendors to never do business with.

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  • Ek
    Eklone Mar 02, 2010

    When I first opened the account and ask for a stop payment on a check, and I was told by a csr that the check would be stopped! I went to use my atm card, it denied my request, because the check went through anyways. The only thing that bank of america could tell me was we apologize. Myself not knowing that if I did not use the card, that Bank of America would keep adding fees onto my account, anyways the balance was 400.00 and some odd dollars. Then, come to find out it was still on my credit unpaid. Not only that, i wasn't able to have online banking and more and more and more money kept coming out of my account, of so called insufficient funds, when I even would make sure and put what money I was told by a representive to put in to keep from having any insufficient funds, by the way a csr also had me driving into 3 different counties b/c the atm where I was banking was broken. I was still charged for insufficient funds, even though I was able to make the amount I was told to put in the bank account. I have recently requested statements 3 times, yet have I received the ones requested. I am disgusted and disappointed with Bank of America. I am still trying to get a copy of statements I need.

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  • Su
    Sufinelt Mar 03, 2010

    I have been charged 4 nsf charges 3 of which should have never been applied. I was charged $35 on 6/8/09 and my balance was +$38.09 making my balance +$3.08. Because of this charge it caused a debit of $25.69 to bring my account to a negative balance, which in turn caused another NSF charge. At this point there should have never been a NSF charge at all because my account never went into a negative balance the balance would be +$12.40, but instead it was -$57.60. Now when a charge of $21.35 came out of my account my balance should have been -$13.29 but BOA now has me at -$78.95 and BOA charged me another 2 charges of $35 ($70) bringing my total to -$148.95!!! My account balance should actually be at -$48.29. (see attached). This has become a common practice with BOA, I guess this has been their way to take advantage of the economic crisis and continue to profit on accounts that run low on funds! How can it be legal to charge a debit on an account with NSF charges when the balance has not been overdrawn? Well their answer to that is to set up a savings account (with them of course) or a credit card so that they can transfer funds- from one account to another-there will be a service charge for this I'm sure! So instead they charge your account for a negative balance that "might" or "could" happen. This is plain and simple racketeering-stealing! Not only does it reflect badly on the account holder for a long time it isn't right. I spent at least an hour on a chat with the BOA representative about these charges and their explanation was that charges were authorized or pending but hadn't necessarily been sent through the bank, or an actual charge. In most of these cases they never do come through the bank but they charge the account for a NSF even if there was no actual money transaction. I was told last night by 2 BOA reps that one of these charges was credited back to my account but obviously that wasn't done.

    So BOA gets taxpayer's money to "Bail them out" while they continue to charge astronomical % on small overdrawn balances-but now they charge for not having an overdrawn balance too!!

    Americans are struggling to feed their families, find employment, healthcare- just survive and BOA profits from their misfortune! I have a hard time believing that this country and those in power can allow this abuse to continue.

    I am sending this to my representatives, the Commisoner of Banks, consumer watchdog advocates and all Federal agencies that have a consumer advocate. I have now spent hours fighting for money that I spent hours earning.

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  • Me
    Meloman Mar 03, 2010

    I started a process of refinancing my home through Bank of America. I had previously been a customer of Countrywide. Everything seemed ok except I had to keep re faxing things more than 2-3 times. I live in Kansas, my mortgage officer was in California and the processor was in Texas. The day before the loan was to be signed the processor had called me to give me signing details. I reviewed the information the officer had given me the day before which was tuned out to be a different payment by almost $70.00 a month. I reviewed the cost information with the processor and told him that the officer said that because my appraisal was high enough I did not need the PMI insurance on it. I was told by the processor that he was correct and either take it or leave it. . I told him I would call the officer and get her take on this. She stated that the processor must have not read one of her emails and that the loan had changed and that the loan would have to be redone. I stated I understood that and asked how long it would take. She said she would assign a new processor and it would take up to 2 months. No, I was not happy and expressed that I did not understand why it would take so long since they just needed to re write it. She basically said that she was giving me this time limit to keep me from being unhappy if it took longer. She also stated she was not sure if the rate would still be locked in.

    The next day I received a call from a Notary republic saying she had not received the loan document for me to sign. I called her back and explained what had happened; that the loan needed to be reworked. She was upset since she had canceled her morning to witness my signing. I apologized. I then called the processor who had ordered her and left a message he should do his job and stay up on emails. I told him I had to do his apologies and he had wasted more than several person’s time that day. I turned around and left a message also for the loan officer than I did not appreciate having to apologies for them with the Notary and that I was not sure about having to wait for 2 months since I was quite sure I could get it from a local bank in much faster time with what was seeming better customer service. Yes I was angry but did not curse at anyone!
    Since then no one will return my call. I receive emails from the loan officer that she receives my pay stub and that “we are working on it.” This week I received the loan documents in the mail to again fax things they already have to a undisclosed person. I am being treated as I am not worthy of a simple phone call back. I am so angry at this point I am ready to say the hell with you and walk out at the last minute too. (I do not have to refinance at this point). (Before this I was receiving regular phone calls).

    I know I am not the only one they are working with but honestly, don't I deserve a simple phone call? I have questions that are not being answered and if this is the way they are treating me now I am thinking that it will really suck when I am locked into the loan.

    I am over all a very reasonable person. I have good credit and always pay my bills on time and I know that this may never get to the right eyes but to treat people like this because they are scared I may be upset with them. Well my answer is life is tough! But honestly I am not the one who screwed up!

    I am hoping someone who has some power can see this complaint and realize that their personnel may need some training in customer service!

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  • Wb
    wburger1 Mar 05, 2010

    Applied for a home mortgage refinance with the great Bank of America. Loan officer said I was pre approved but I needed to send proof of flood insurance. He also said no other information was needed at the time. A week later I get a letter from Bank of America asking for 13 items to prove I have the assets I told them about. Well the letter came Friday night and it said if I did not give them all the information they needed by Sunday and they are not even open on Sunday my load would be cancelled even though I already paid them $400 for the loan application. I talke dto my loan officer and he said I would have to fax in the information. It was about 50 pages. I told him I could email it a lot easier because I hate fax machines. Do you know how much it costs to go to Kinko's and fax 50 pages?? Ithought this was unreasonable and that I should be able to email the information, so I sent an email to his supervisor along with several voice messages but still have not got a response. BOA has no complaints department and I am going crazy. Since I did not want to cancell my load, I faxed all 50 pages. Only took 5 trys. You can check your staus on line which I do day after day and nothing seems to hppen there. My 4.5% rate will end in 30 days and they are dragging it out until it will go up.

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  • Tr
    Trubian Mar 09, 2010

    Bank of America has worked out many techniques to pry the $ from their customers.

    10 overdraft fees in one day amounting to $350 is possible.

    They pay from highest amount to lowest to maximize the overdraft fees they charge while explaining to their customers that this practice is in their best interest.

    The latest techique BA uses involves ATM deposits. Any deposit via the ATM that is less than $100 they will make available right away. They also make another $100 available as "pending". This allows their customers to think (mistakingly) that they have more money then they thought. The Customer then uses the debit card for another purchase. The next day the customer discovers as many as 10 overdraft fees the next day.

    Bank of America has brain-storming sessions at the management level to develop new techniques to pry the $ from they customers while making the customer feel that they deserve it.

    I know all this because my wife works for BA and has for the past 30 years.

    Bank of America is the last bank to do business with.

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  • Ka
    Karl123 Mar 12, 2010

    I have always paid my bills. Now I am getting a bit old and I do forget. I did all my financial business with BOA... ALL.
    For years I tried to arrange that my credit card is paid on the due date with funds from my checking account.
    I talked to a personal banker and tried on the internet. I can set up a procedure that $15 is paid automatically every month, but this does not avoid the interest charges when I forget to pay on time. Over the years I had to pay hundreds of dollars for various late charges. This is despite the fact that I keep my life savings in a BOA savings account. Today I called their 1-800 number to find out the due date to pay my balance in full. They told me it is in April (its March now). After digging for several minutes, I found out, that I was only 2 days away from the due date. They got me again, but I did pay over the phone, so no harm done.
    Considering the low interest rates, I fear better keeping my money under the pillow, next to my 45.
    Banking and Credit card is computerized fraud by design.

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  • In
    integrity76 Mar 13, 2010

    I had my credit card payment set up to be paid automatically online at the same time every month. One month they decided to begin processing it 6 days earlier, which made my payment one day too early. I caught this after two months and contacted them. I had made no changes regarding the timing of my payment. They did. I asked the rep (who was very rude) how they can charge $100 in fees for being one day EARLY with my payment when they changed their processing time. He said that's the way it is. I spoke with a supervisor. He was just as helpful. I told him I would be paying off the account and closing it. He said that he was sorry to lose my business.

    I feel sorry for those who are unable to pay off balances and be done with Bank of America. If you do not have a credit card with them, do yourself a favor and don't get involved.

    Discover card has been wonerful. Go with them.

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  • Re
    realisticfeedback78 Mar 13, 2010

    Bank of America can suck the fat one... Good for ###in you! There a bunch of ### sticks...

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  • Wo
    Worstbank BOFA Mar 16, 2010

    To whom it may concern,

    The foreclosure process is the worst experience of my life, I feel like a puppy in the middle of the 405 @ 5pm. I have no where to go and everywhere I go is the same answer no I can not assist you. Assist me ever since I can remember I have paid taxes on everything. I pay taxes at the end of the year and all year long and jet I can not qualify to stay in my own home. While millions of people are in welfare, what kind of massage is this you work hard and you get punish for doing so. I called bank of America was in hold over an hour transfer from agent to agent when my phone call was finally answer by an agent chewing gum, to be told “I apologize my system frozen and can not assist you, you must call in three days. What, it doesn’t make sense to me. You have an agent call me to refer me to another once you call they refer you to another and at the end of the conversation or sentence you are more confuse than what you began with. I am still upset, confuse and modified at the outcome of this situation. No wonder many do what they do is so frustrating to attempt to work with agents that do not know their left from their right. Our home is a home not just a house like the Bank of America sees it and I am just not a number I am a human being. No wonder they are getting sued left and right. Its sad because at the end I know my tax money is contributing to those pay offs and jet I can not get assistance, I called I do not qualify for any program well how would I qualify if they have the wrong information. This AMERICA for all

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  • An
    AngryConsumer1981 Mar 30, 2010

    I transferred money from my savings account to my checking account on a Friday and they did not post it until Tuesday. Since they did this (there is no reason why as it was an account to account transfer) my account was overdrawn and they had no problem charging me over $100. These people are crooks and I think that everyone that uses them should switch banks. I will be. My family has bank with them since before they were Bank of America and has over $100, 000 in different accounts. You would think they would be more interested in keeping customers, but apparently not.

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  • Ha
    HATES BOA Mar 31, 2010
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    We have a mortgage that was acquired by BOA when they bought out Countrywide. I contact them almost a year ago about my husband going out on disability because of knee surgery. We sent in all the appropriate documents and made sure to make ourselves available for any calls fromt the bank.
    In August we were denied the Making Home Affordable program and placed into a modification request. We recieved paperwork from BOA the week after Christmas for the modification, signed and returned it the first week of January. The paperwork stated that the modification loan would begin in February. I sent in the February payment (which was supposed to be the 1st payment for the modification) the first week of February. I noticed online that our payment had not posted by February 16th so I called to get a status. I got ahold of my negotiator and found out that the paperwork we had signed and returned was sent to us in error. There had been some issues with several modifications being sent out even though they had not been approved.
    I then asked my negotiator what to expect next. She told me several times that any further paperwork received she would notify us about. Stating that she would personally contact us about EVERYTHING that was taking place because of this error.
    At the end of February (not even 2 weeks later) we received more paperwork. Again we signed and returned the paperwork. Now I have been contacting the bank only to get NO RESPONSE from my negotiator. She does not call me, does not answer my calls, and does not respond to ANY of the messages that I have requested to have sent to her. I don't know what is going on and just want a status on our modification. I feel like something shady is going on and am appalled to see that the LARGEST mortgage company is treating a customer like this. I have hired a cousilor to assist us with any further contacts with BOA and have also obtained a lawyer to help with the situation. I am sick of being jerked around by BOA.

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  • At
    ATM con Apr 01, 2010

    I deposited a nice fat check into a bank of america atm and received a printed receipt. Ok.
    I then withdrew $20.00 and also received a printed receipt but no money came out of
    The atm machine! When I called to ask them to rectify the situation, they gave me run around, told me to cll
    Another number, I did, they put me on hold for 30 minutes, I called back twice and still no help.
    Ultimately the bank did nothing to help me, not even to cancel the transaction. But the atm took
    My money, documented it, but gave no money. So now it is going to be my word against theirs that I got
    No money back. What a rip off!!!

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  • Di
    Dissapointed in USA Apr 02, 2010

    I recently found out that Bank of America has listed me with Experian as a bad payer. I had no idea I was a bad payer as I have been paying my mortgage religiously and have actually paid my mortgage in advance by more than one months payment. When we called the bank they confirmed we are paid in advance and then proceeded to inform us that they will not remove our name from Experien, and that it is our problem. I am really angry about this situation, as I am new to the country and have had mortgages in the country where we lived, for 20 years, and never had this type of problem.

    I have evidence of payments made to Bank of America should that be required. Did not want to attach as I am not sure how secure this is.

    I have subsequently tried to find information to be able to lodge my complaint with Experian, and when I google them I am redirected all sorts of other sites.

    Please could someone point in the right direction.

    Thank you

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  • Ha
    hairyman1984 Apr 05, 2010

    I agree that it sucks...very much. Unfortunately they are right. What you'll need to do is get in touch with Experian. You can file with them that the report is bad. I believe, in that case, they'll do research and update everything. The good news is that they'll take care of the other credit bureau's as well.

    It sucks, but can be fixed!

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  • Ha
    hairyman1984 Apr 05, 2010

    I meant to add too, if you need further assistance just send me a message and I'll see what all I can do to help.

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  • Jo
    Josh Apr 05, 2010

    Anyone that has a checking account with Bank of America watch your account closely for fees that shouldn't be. The advantage checking account fees are supposed to be waived if you carry over a certain balance. My mortgage balance alone covered that, however BOA changed my mortgage loan number then started charging me fees. Even after bringing it to there attention, they have the new loan number linked to my checking account so it won't happen again, but hey why aren't they crediting my account for there past mistakes to the tune of $20.00? My guess is that everyone got a new loan number at the start of the year & when you got thousands of customers falling under balance and getting hit with $20 fees, its a big chunk in their pocket.

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  • Ro
    Rodder Apr 05, 2010

    I am one of those 400, 000 CountryWide home loans that were made after 2017 and before 2017 that the our Federal government gave 8.4 Billion dollars to Bank of American, when they absorbed CountryWide, to help correct the injustices done by Countrywide to us. What the heck if B of A doing with that money? They are not using it for the Obama programs that fund mortgage modifications because that comes out of a totally separate fund from the government. I do not qualify for any current federal plan because my loan exceeds the $729, 000 maximum allowed for the programs. I am a senior citizen, and was retired at the time of the loan, have a payment option, ARM, negative amortization loan, the worst toxic loan out there. I took the loan out with CountryWide in 2017. They did everything possible to convince me to take the loan including overstating my income by 100%, taking out a piggyback HEL to help finance the original loan and failing to tell me that the stated payments on the "good faith estimate" would result in negative amortization. I know that I am responsible for my actions but they were deceptive in the application. A hefty prepayment penalty kept me from cancelling the loan when I realized what was going on. I am now up-side-down in my mortgage by over 50%, have never been late or missed a payment and have excellent credit. Hardtimes have hit me and if nothing is done within the next year I will most probably lose the home as the only way I am making payments now if from my savings, which are not that much.
    How can I find out what they are doing with the 8.4 Billion (3.5 earmarked for CA) that was given to them to help out people like me?? Do I have a case for legal action?? HELP

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  • Br
    BruceRB9 Apr 06, 2010

    I've been trying to complete a short sale now for over 9 months with Bank of America. My first purchase contract came on Sept 2, 2017 and after waiting 6 months to decide BofA decided that they wanted me to pay and additional 10% over what the buyer was willing to pay. Because I've spent the last 5 years paying the mortgage in spite of being out of work twice I simply don't have any money left. They killed the sale so we relisted the house to include that premium and we now have another contract for that amount and again they are saying they won't approve the sale unless we pony up about 8% this time. I still don't have that money so it looks like they're going to again kill the sale. I can't list the house for this new amount because it simply won't appraise for that amount.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • Gl
    Glore Apr 06, 2010

    I am very disappointed with Bank of America. I have maintained a steady account balance over the past 15 years with this bank. Out of the blue I am hit with a service charge even though I have been maintaining the minimum balance that I was given. Turns out they recently changed the minimum balance requirements. When I signed up it was to maintain $300 to waive the monthly fee. Now its up to $750! I am now looking into REAL free checking as this Bank does not offer it. Thanks a lot Bank of America.

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  • Si
    Sirialle Apr 07, 2010

    No one else should ever set up an account with Bank of America . They should have been one of the businesses that folded. Instead they used the government money to turn around and rip everyone off as often as possible. They labeled us as a high risk and increased our interest rate from9% to 37%. And then said we could take out a consolidation loan, through them mind you, to fix it. Any one and everyone should pull bank of America accounts immediately before they get you!!!

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