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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Bank of Americaloan modification declined

Aug 2008, Our American dream became a reality when our then 2 year old and 3 year old ran into our new home as if it had always been theirs. Late 2008, Mother-in-law moves in, with living, dental & medical expenses. 2009…I get a 15% paycut. My work hours change by more than 3 hours – we get daycare for kids. 2010, contact B of A for a loan modification and it takes them 3 months just to send the papers. After a couple of months being on a trial period which brought our mortgage from $3300 down to $2500. Our CRM, Amy (that’s what their called : Customer “Relations” Managers) was never clear on what was happening. I spoke to her at least once every 2 weeks. She tells me after 3 months that i'm one month behind, but im paying my mortgage every month over the phone with you I stated. Later I find out that B of A cashed my mortgage check, decided it was a partial payment (which it was not – we were on a trial payment base) and reissued a check to me. Oh wait, I never received a check. My CRM (Amy) wants me to check if the check was cashed. She could not even tell me if the check that was issued by B of A was cashed?! She made me do it. When I called back to advise we never received or cashed a check she said she would escalate the issue…3 weeks later she tells us a new check is in the mail. At the end of the trail payment she was never clear about terms, so I declined the modification and requested a new CRM. Here comes Jerardo Beltran….another CRM who didn’t even bother to look at our file. He told me that I would not have to pay a balloon payment unless I sold the house. When I was signing papers it said $136, 000 due on Aug 2041. I called him back, he said a supervisor was just walking by and will check with him. He came back to the phone and said “oh im sorry but you do have to pay that upfront in 2041. I was shocked since I was speaking to an expert. My husband and I decided we would go ahead and sign. Sign and have everything notarized (another $100). Jerardo tells us that we are declined because we declined the 1st loan modification. Again I told him we didn’t sign due to not understanding terms.

In June 2012, there is a event held by Bank of America. I call in sick and drive 3 hours to Fresno, Ca. I am sent back home that evening to sign more papers. I call in sick again on Tuesday June 12 and drive the 3 hour drive and submit everything but they don’t like the copies of my bank statement (which were printed from their office they had at the hotel where the event was held. I drive around looking for my chase bank and paid more fees to get copies. I submitted them and was told I should hear back from them by 6pm that evening. They were so assuring that all would be ok, since they had 2 managers. I checked everything before they submitted it to the underwriters that were sitting right there working on loans. Never got a call. I called every number. I googled and it referred me back to Jerardo. He tells me on Friday June 15 that I was declined for modification due to being current.

This is over 2 ½ years of going back and forth with different reps, supervisors and managers. I never got a response or callback. I have left countless messages for the CRM's, apparently they love playing tag. I've emailed them, and my email "read" notifications show that they have been opened yet they
have never responded. Jerardo would not even provide me with a email address. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to get their email address.

Its first and last name
Spoke to Hope line and there was nothing they can do. She (Mercedes) checked my credit report and Bank of America listed me as 11 months late and I owe a balance of over $35, 000.
Wasn’t I told that they declined to modification due to being current? My credit score is currently 566 due to their errors and mixups. Anyone have any suggestions? Please help. This is what I get for trying to work with them.

Here are some of the people im sending this email to: jerardo.[protected]; GERARDO.[protected]@BANKOFAMERICA.COM; BELTRAN.[protected]@BANKOFAMERICA.COM; BELTRAN.[protected]@BANKOFAMERICA.COM; anna.[protected]; jorge.[protected]; [protected]; mailto:[protected]; [protected]; [protected]; mark.harnishfeger; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]

I have contacted the following since I planted my gripe - Yes! I got a lawyer!

ARAG® – A global provider of legal solutions
400 Locust Street, Suite 480
Des Moines, IA 50309

Fax [protected]
Our Global Mission
Since inception more than 75 years ago, ARAG has focused on a single goal – to help people protect their rights and assets by making quality legal services affordable to all. ARAG empowers individuals to protect their families, finances and future by providing outstanding service and meaningful relief for everyday legal issues.


Have been contacted by the following
Ralph S.
Consumer Advisor
Consumer Action

Complaint ID#: 437204
Business Name: BANK OF AMERICA
BBB of the Tri-Counties
P.O. Box 129
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
Hilda T. Cohen
Dispute Resolution Specialist
BBB Complaint Department

Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices are when the homeowner alleges that
the foreclosing party acted in such a way to render the mortgage agreement
void. This defense is typically used against the bank/lender. Examples of this
behavior include misrepresenting terms and conditions to the homeowner
or not providing important disclosures to the borrowers before they took on
the loan.
Seeking knowledgeable mortgage help can often prevent the foreclosure
process from occurring at all. When seeking legal assistance, search for
attorneys who have experience with foreclosure defense and /or bankruptcy
and are licensed in the state in which you reside and where the mortgaged real
estate is located.

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also has
officially approved counselors available for free or low cost, at both the national
and state levels:
Additional information on current government relief programs:
The Federal Trade Commission also provides information on mortgage
relief scams:

6/27 - Recieved call from Social Media Dept BofA. - 6/27

6/28 - New CRM left voicemail
6/29 - I left voicemail for CRM

6/30 - Received call from another new CRM - she said she was the new crm assigned to me (I think in place of Jerardo. I advised her that I've been contacted by escalation. Can you believe she called me on a Saturday!

7/1 - email from [protected]
This is to let you know that we have sent your complaint to the company for a response, which is the first step in our complaint resolution procedure. We will notify you of the company's response as soon as we receive it, but please allow at least 14 days to hear from us. In the meantime, if the company should contact you directly, please let us know.

Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau.

7/1 - Forwarded letter to

Customer Assistance Unit
Regional Administrator of National Banks
Comptroller of the Currency
1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450
Houston, TX [protected]

7/2 - Received call from a different rep from Social Media Department. Bank of America called back and left a voicemail.

7/3 - Received voicemail from Theresa b. - CRM.
I called Danny B. & Joe K. back and advised that I've left several voicmails.

Better Business Bureau ( Complain about businesses.

Consumer Action ( Call [protected]) or
send a webmail for advice and referrals. Access free, multilingual brochures.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) (
Submit complaints about credit cards and other financial services.

Federal Trade Commission ( Submit complaints about unfair or
deceptive business practices, fraud, scams, credit reports and collections abuse.

*******************Letter Disputing Credit Reporting Agency Report*********************
This document creates a letter disputing one or more items that appear on your credit report received from a credit reporting agency (CRA). After the CRA reinvestigates your dispute, you will get a response and an updated report from the CRA. Experian shows that I am 11 months late on my mortgage with Bank of America & I owe Bank of America $35, 000

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
( Submit complaints about an
investment or financial advisor or brokerage under FINRA’s mediation program.

Help With My Bank (OCC) ( Submit complaints about
national banks (with “national association” or “NA” in the name).

Legal Aid: Legal Services Corporation Directory ( Find legal assistance
for low-income individuals and families.

National Association of Attorneys Generals (AGs) ( Find your
state AG’s office to make a complaint of fraud or unfair business practices.
National Association for Community Mediation ( Find a local
mediation organization.

National Association of Consumer Advocates ( Search by location
and specialty to find a consumer attorney.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ( Submit investment
related complaints.

Consumer Action Handbook ( Get this free
resource for helping you complain effectively

Complaint Submitted
Thank you for contacting the FTC. Your complaint has been entered into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database available to thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide. Your reference number is:3x4x9x9x

cc as of 7/3/2012:
dan.b.[protected]; crystal.[protected]; michael.[protected]; brandie.[protected]; pamela.[protected]; natalia.[protected]; jimmy.[protected]; deborah3.[protected]; irene.[protected]; yvonne.[protected]; carlos.marcelo.[protected]; zachery.[protected]; sandra.[protected]; [protected]; kim.[protected]; brian.t.[protected]; shaun.[protected]; loretta.[protected]; ken.[protected]; jacquelyn.[protected]; matthew.j.[protected]; daniel.[protected]; minerva.[protected]; jeremy.[protected]; shaun.[protected]; irene.[protected]; deborah3.[protected]

ADDITIONAL INFO FROM 2011.******************************************

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 17:30:52 -0500
Subject: GreenPath Debt Solutions - Budget Summary from GreenPath
To: gia.[protected], nita.[protected]

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Attached is a summary of the conversation we had in addition to a summary of your budget.

Please contact us at [protected] if you need additional information or assistance.


GreenPath Debt Solutions
An affiliate of the Homeownership Preservation Foundation

The attachment is in Adobe Acrobat format. Many computers will recognize this format and open it automatically when you click on the document. If you do not have this software, you can download a free copy by going to the following internet address:

If you continue to have problems, please contact GreenPath Debt Solutions Customer Care at [protected].

On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 5:16 PM, NITA Sandhu ; wrote:
>> Hello Elizabeth,
>> Thank you for your assistance. Since we spoke...we did recieve the loan modification papers from
>> Bank of America. We sent them end of January and after many attempts found out that they had
>> recieved our paperwork. Meanwhile we also recieved a letter from Bank of America that we
>> needed to provide additional paperwork. Again after many attempts i came to know that
>> the name of our case worker is Christian at [protected]. He advised he is our negotiater.
>> He also said that our paperwork had been recieved in early Feb. and it was forwarded to
>> the underwriter. I have heard many stories of denial...our financial sitution is getting worse.
>> My friend said she submitted her paperwork 3 times and it took over 2years...she had
>> submitted exactly the same paperwork all three times. I want to make sure they
>> take us seriously. Can you please advise on the next steps or schedule a
>> conference call with Christian?
>> Thank you in advance
>> Nita Sahota
>> On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 10:30 AM, wrote:
>>> GreenPath is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals!
>>> Please review the attached document. If you have any questions, please let us know.
>>> Kind Regards,
>>> GreenPath Debt Solutions
>>> The attachment is in Adobe Acrobat format. Many computers will recognize this format and open it automatically when you click on the document. If you do not have this software, you can download a free copy by going to the following internet address:

*****************************************THIS IS FROM A TV NEWS STATION ********************************
On Friday, January 7, 2011, NITA Sandhu wrote:
>> Hello
>> I would greatly appreciate if you could assist me in this issue.
>> We have been trying to get our loan modification thru Bank of America since sept. Each time i call they say a packet will be sent out..which has never arrived. i have now been told to wait till mid jan for a package. Today i had to take the last $1000 from a cd account and put it into my checking to pay off bills. I have been on short term disability since sept. our current interest rate is %5 and our payments are $3200.00. we also have an additional family member that has permanently moved in with us. she has no insurance so her medical bills have to be paid in cash...we have worked very hard to keep our credit in good standing...any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I dont understand why Bank of America cant even send out a packet...please help us keep our home...we have already lost much time in going back and forth with the bank..
>> thank you in advance for your much needed assistance.
>> nita s
>> On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 10:11 AM, ABC7 7 ON YOUR SIDE <[protected]> wrote:
>>> Dear ABC7 Viewer,
>>> Thank you for contacting 7 On Your Side at ABC7 News in the San
>>> Francisco Bay Area. We appreciate you taking the time to share your
>>> experience with us. Because we read and respond to each and every
>>> email, it may take a couple of days for us to research and get back to
>>> you. If we can assist you with your consumer complaint it may take up
>>> to three weeks. We appreciate your patience and will reply to you as
>>> quickly as possible.
>>> If you have written to us from outside the Bay Area, you should
>>> contact the 7 On Your Side team in your area for assistance. We have
>>> included a list of other stations with consumer teams which may be
>>> able to help.
>>> Thanks again for writing and for watching ABC7 News and 7 On Your Side.
>>> Monday-Thursday 10am-12pm
>>> [protected]
>>> [protected]
>>> 312-750-7news
>>> Abc I Team
>>> 190 North State Street
>>> Chicago, IL 60601
>>> [protected]
>>> [protected]
>>> Phone: [protected] x 700
>>> Mail: 7 On Your Side Investigator
>>> 477 Carpenter Street
>>> Evansville, IN 47708
>>> KABC – Does not have a “7 On Your Side” consumer team, but do have a
>>> consumer reporter -- Ric Romero)
>>> ABC7 Broadcast Center
>>> 500 Circle Seven Drive
>>> Glendale, CA 91201
>>> (818) 863.7777
>>> [protected]
>>> WJLA – 7 On Your Side
>>> 1100 Wilson Blvd.
>>> Arlington, VA 22209
>>> [protected] or [protected]


7/5 ******************************************
received a call from another CRM advising she was from the offices of CEO & President. (nicole)
after speaking to her for more than an hour...I called back and left vm for Casey, Joe K & Danny B -
what is happening, who really is my contact, what steps do i need to take now?
The call from Nicole sounded like we were starting all over on a loan modification. I asked if my credit was going to be fixed and late fees will be refunded and if they are gong to go back and give me the loan mod from the first time i filed for a loan mod. since the bank had misrepresented so much info to me. She will check on it... advised i will rcve a call on monday morning, 7/9.

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