Bank Of America Corporationaccounts specialist lie to people

Bank of america is the worst company in the world. I opened a savings and checking account, deposited my payroll check, they then promptly locked said account so I was unable to draw any money from my account. This being a friday night and after "business hours" there was no one in the office at customer non-service. The next day I went into the financial center to have the lock removed and was told I could not have any money because there was a hold on my deposited check and I would have to wait till it cleared.
On monday I called customer service to see what the hold was for and they really had no answers for me. Now the one person I talked to who seemed like he actually cared about my situation, was able to give me a 100 dollar loan so that I was able to provide something for my family until the check cleared (he was probably fired for having a heart). Now we come to wednesday, I placed another call to customer, theres no way in hell we are gonna give you, service, where I was told that my account was closed by them because of a business decision (what ever the hell that means) and I would not have access to the account. What??? I then asked well can I go pick up the funds at the financial center, to which the very rude rep on the phone replied, " no because my payroll check had not cleared. I, being the skeptic I am, quickly placed a call to my employer where she then called her bank to find out that my check, that allegedly had not cleared, was cashed on monday, again what??? I believe I was just told by the, we dont care about our, customers service rep that it hadn't. Lies
The following wednesday I placed another call to bull * of america and asked if my check had been mailed out and the paid liar on the phone said yes it was mailed this morning, I said thank you and hung up.
On the next monday, I rushed to the mailbox, like a kid rushing to open his presents on christmas morning, to fetch my beloved check from that dusty ole tin can, only to find, yep, you guessed it, no check. Ok now I am getting a little upset and I head off to work, and on tuesday I go into the financial center once again and the obviously over payed desk jockey makes a call to see if he can do anything, in which they reply no, great. And that brings us to today, wednesday again, and to my not so amazement no check. I pick up my poor abused cell phone and place another call, and find out that it was not mailed on last wednesday, lies, that it was mailed out thursday. Whatever. I know this if I mailed a letter to new york from california that swift sucker would be to my awaiting friend in 3 days but I am supposed to believe that the mail runs slower for you, bank of, sure the hell not america. How gullible do you think america really is? So I have now been lied to, pasified, and treated like something I scrap off my shoe at the end of the day, for three weeks and I still dont have my short, you suck, bank of non americans, and to whoever sees this, run, run as fast as you can to some other financial institution, just not this one. One final thing to put to thought,,,,,,,, if I had done this to you it would be called fraud and I would be sitting in a jail cell. Quit frauding the people of america you shameless excuse for a financial institution.

Where is george bailey when you need him?


Another ripped off customer

Oct 09, 2019

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