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bank causing high overdrawn account & unnecessary fees

Filing a complaint and want to file a claim against what ever department has left me with such a huge...

fraud department

I was scammed by a fake collection company. I paid them under duress only to find out I never owed money to...

credit card

I paid my Bank of America bill off on December 21, 2018 so I had a balance of zero. I did not know that an automatic payment would be taken out of my checking account if my balance was zero. January 3, 2019, I noticed Bank of America automatically took $253 out of my bank account. So, I called customer service to make sure this never happened again, and to have my money put back into my bank checking account. I talked to an associate and she said it did not matter if I had a zero balance the automatic payment would still happen. So, I asked her to close my account so it would never happen again. She said that she took care of closing the account so no auto payment would happen again. On January 5, 2019, I checked my checking account and I found that Bank of America pulled another $290.00 out of my account!!! The automatic payment for 3 months earlier. Now, Bank of America has $543.00 of my checking account money causing me to be overdrawn. I called again and talked to another associate and he said it would take 5 to 10 days to put the money back into my checking account.

rewards program

This has to do with reward points. On 11/18/18 I ordered a $25 Visa Gift Card, order # [protected]. I never...


I live in South Lyon Michigan and both myself and wife are retired. Your South Lyon location was closed several months ago. We depended on bank for all banking services. Your next closest location is to far to walk to and we do very little driving if none at all. I have been able to use your computer banking as much as possible but would like to request placing a ATM in the South Lyon area 48178. This would provide me and I am sure other customers the ability for cash deposits and withdrawals etc. etc. I know its probably not a priority but it would certainly help those senior citizens that depend on Bank of America and the convenience you once provided.

Thank You
Fred Friedman
866 Norchester
South Lyon
Mi. 48178

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bank of america good staff in l. a california

저는 지금, 오늘 미국에서, 아니 전 세계에서 가장 큰 회사 중의 하나인 Bank of America에서 무레 하게 큰 소리로 불평한 점에 대해 공개적으로 사과합니다. 오늘 아침 10시 30 분...

fraud claim investigation dept

Mar 26 - visited a site that asked for payment info BEFORE showing the cart items or total. When I realized...

customer service

Firstly I called [protected] as soon as they opened at 8 am was on hold for 20 minutes when someone finally answered the phone they asked my name as I was telling them my name they hung up... After I had already been waiting for 20 minutes!!! So I called back waited again!!! And they hung up a second time this is ludicrous obviously if i'm calling I have an issue that needs to be resolved this wasted my morning and got me in a terrible mood worst customer service ever!!! I'm really thinking of just closing my account all together not to mention i've been waiting for a transfer to be posted for 5 days ridiculous!!!

  • Ej
    E John Curcio Jan 10, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is typical of people who work for the BOA constrictor! I've been banking with them over 12 years and they just denied me a verification code to open on-line banking. I am hearing impaired and can't use a phone. The government mandates that institutions have to make concessions to allow the handicap to access them. There is no email address for BOA and they won't give me an access to open an on-line account with them. They don't even recognize my debit credit card number - this is something that they created! Somebody ought to sue these jerks!

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improper service

I work a few stores up from the bank, my bosses business acct. Is through boa. I decided to check out their...

unethical behavior

My husband is a retired veteran. He received a insurance check from USAA insurance company. The check wa...



Veronica Jones
Thu, Nov 8, 1:29 PM (21 hours ago)
to brian.t.moynihan, me, dfwholistichealth2018

I filed a claim against GAMEDAY MEDIA. A $500 transaction turned into $2500 and $3500 of invalid charges.
I was assured by BOA when I filed a claim that after the 45th day, my account would be refunded if no dispute. the 45th day was Monday 11/5, I have called every day since. I called the 46th, 47th and today is the 48th day. Now I am being told it could be another 45-90 days. I am being told this could go into JANUARY! I WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS! I cannot buy merchandise, pay my employees because I do not have $ to buy merchandise! I spoke with the CEO at GAMEDAY MEDIA Justin Johnson [protected] ext 437. He stated the $ has already been taken from their account November 2nd. I have spent 2-3 hours per day calling and getting thrown into the hamster wheel. BOA will no even credit us either the $2500 or the other $3500 until it is cleared up. We are talking $6000 that is being held by your bank. I am a small business owner, if I end up closing my business over this, someone will have to answer from BOA. I trusted your bank for our business and clover accounts. I need answers now, I need our money credited back now. I am a former AVP of JPM CHASE BANK, it should have been cleared up by now. This is sitting on someone's desk, an aged report etc. I have been asked by the media if I want to go public, I do not, but I will if this is not resolved ASAP.

STORE PHONE 817.722.6060

PER JUSTIN $3500 WAS TAKEN FROM GAMEDAY MEDIA from their account Friday 11/2.
Everyone at BOA is sending me into a hamster wheel and states their are no supervisors in the claims/fraud department to talk with

unethical behaviour

In the matter of delivery of the ATM Card through the Bank of America employee Mrs. Justina Mcdonald phone +[protected] HQ, Charlotte NC, I am telling you that the delivery is being conducted under false false information giving the White Collar Crime the knowledge. As a result, the content of the ATM Card was designed to financially ensure the introduction of the first demonstration practice of the management of the technological complex of digital nanotherapy of infectious and epidemic diseases and immediate first aid by the affected contact with WMD's ABC resources, the risk of economic sabotage and defense of US capabilities. It is necessary to realize that the current technology and the deployment of civilian defense units lack the potential to protect the civilian population in areas with a high concentration of civilian population because they do not have the possibility of immediate first aid for the disabled and the more the state of mass shelters lacks the possibility of immediate first aid. This could be the cause of the need for thermal weapons, as all living things that could be in contact with free-lying contaminated cadavers must be destroyed. It means destroying auxiliary personnel, surviving, wildlife, birds, and insects.
As a result, it is a high-utility technology - over $ 1.0 trillion a year in excess of the industry's revenue - it is necessary for your banking institutions to order the immediate closure of the matter as it has been repeatedly proposed and the matter closed in today's day.
Engr. Richard Knedla
Email [protected]@gmail.com

unethical behaviour
unethical behaviour
unethical behaviour

  • Updated by schild of Medusa · Nov 09, 2018

    Tell us how much action has been taken in this matter, because through this fraudulent ATM Card, the US loses access to the modernization of the mass protection of the civilian population and more than 5 years in the field of cosmic medicine. This scam is spread under the name of your banking institution and despite the fact that this is reported to Mr. Thong M. Nguyen
    no action has been taken. Probably the economic sabotage of the economy and defense of US capability led by Mrs. Justina McDonald, in excess of $ 1.0 trillion in revenue over the US industry, is irrelevant, even though it is a federal crime.

bank teller

Last week y'all detected Fraud on my card and contacted me, I Appreciate that on Friday, November 1, I went...

credit card

I closed my credit card account in May & set up payment arrangement to pay off balance. They took the payment...

credit card account turned off bc I didn’t use it enough

My account was recently closed. They sent me a list of reasons why but they was inaccurate and every reason was false. The bottom line when I got off the phone with a manager after waiting 45 mins to speak with him was you don't use it enough, we can't make money unless you use it. Supposedly theres only so much credit they can offer and when someone don't use their card often they get closed without prior notice where they can offer it to someone else in hope that they will spend more than me. The account was opened 3 yrs ago and I've never been late on a payment and paid it off every month keeping a zero balance and for that loyalty my account gets closed bc I did have enough transactions. Bank of America YOU SUCK. I will discourage any one from using Bank of America bc of how they treat ppl that are responsible with there card and don't run up a high bill and then Bank of America will charge you out the ass in interest...APPARENTLY that's the clientele that they want and they can have it bc they WILL NEVER HAVE MY BUSINESS AGAIN..AND I WILL BASH THEM TO WHOEVER I TALK TO. Find a reputable credit card company not these jokes at Bank of America

checking account

I have been with bank of america over a year and all was good until about two months ago. I made a serious error in my checking account and it overdrew it and caused problems for about a moth but I slowly got it fixed. I had much less than perfect credit and had been working really hard to get my credit up. I started looking on line for a consolidated debt loan who would pay off my debt and I could get good credit then. I thought I found one and stupidly i gave this company my banking info, They deposited a partial payment of $990 into my account, which I never touched. My bank had a hold on it and I wasn't ready to use it yet. The next thing I knew my account was closed without any warning. The check the consolidated loan people deposited was no good causing fraud on my account, Again, I never touched the check. I did have $632 left in my account from a cashed and then deposited pay check. I also had two direct deposits go into the account. All of this is money I worked very hard to make. I am a single woman and work three jobs. The bank will not allow me to get to any of MY money, I need to pay bills desperately. My utilities are about to be shut off. I own my mistake of going online and giving that company bank info but I had no ideal it was a scam. I though it was someone who worked with bad credit. I have called the bank every day to see if I can get my money and every day they tell me a different story. I have been lied to several times. I don't understand any of this. None of that loan companies money was touched. I am desperate to get my money. I am totally broke. Please help me!
[protected]@foundationscorp.com or [protected]. SS [protected]. Please help me!!!

Beth Cook

  • Updated by Beth Cook · Oct 23, 2018

    My social is 259 15 5696. Typo above with ss number.

a denied credit card dispute

I purchase a car hood and bumper, the bumper was received and the hood was not i filed a dispute for the hood plus shipping fees, the claim department processed 2 claims that same day 1 for full invoice of 2 parts and shipping $515 and 1 for the missing part and shipping $363.78. the one claim for $363.78 was correct, BOA credit and debit both claims i called claims department i was told they received merchants information invoice and freight receipt which in deed stated that they only delivered hood therefore claim department open a 3 claim and it was refused once again. i finally went into a branch for help they asked to write a statement and fax it to claims department. as of today the dispute was refused again and im lost at $363.78 i don't understand why if BOA has all information they need for refund of the part that i did not receive. can someone please contact me and help me resolve this issue i have been a customer for over 10 years and cant believe that your are company is not helping me. im not asking for free money im asking for a refund which is my money and i have a right to get refund for something i did not receive

checking deposit

On March 19, I made a mobile deposit for $5000. The $5000 was a personal check from my aunt from her credit...

credit card car rental

I used my BOA cc to rent a car July 2018 credit cards are supposed to be your insurance BOA only pays up to...

base earned reward points

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been using VISA credit card (Last 4 digits 5439) from Bank of America for many years. A few days ago I called the customer service Reward department to get my reward for which I am entitled for. The customer service rep told me that she was giving me .5%, I told her that I always got 1% reward. She told me that in order to get that percentage, I should have above 25, 000 points. Since I had less than 25000 and I wanted 1% reward, I clearly told her that I could wait for the reward till my points go up to 25000. I never asked her to send me the reward at this time.

Even after telling her clearly she went ahead and sent me a check for $32.93. Disappointed, anyway, I went and deposited the check. Lo and behold! the check bounced and they charged me $12.50. It means, the customer service rep had cancelled the reward. Is this my fault? When I called the reward department, they refused to own their mistake and were rude at the same time. Please send me the check for $12.50 to the following address:

Vijay K. Bhat
2000 Briggs Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20906