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Reviews and Complaints

Bank of America Financial Centerservice

This really used to be a good good bank years ago when they actually had people working there. They let most of the employees go so the customer service has really went down. This bank is on the main street with lots of traffic but yeah they're down to usually one cashier and one CS person to help you. I went in there to try to get a replacement card I waited so long that I left, 30 minutes later I returned. The same CS man was with the same customer with a bunch of people waiting. There's always only one CS person now to help you, there is one walking around really doing nothing when she could and should be trying to help customers instead of just walking around asking them what they're here for. You usually have to wait forever to see a cashier because there's usually only one working. Please, either close the branch down or staff it enough so this bank can be a good representative of most Bank of America's. This has been going on far too long at this bank.