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Banfield Pet Hospital reviews & complaints

Banfield Pet Hospital complaints 400

Banfield Pet Hospital - Major discrepancies and inconsistencies

Dear Sir / Madam: January 14, 2022 My name is Jeannie Louie and I am filing a formal complaint against Banfield Pet Hospital located at 119 SW Loop 410, Bldg 3, San Antonio, TX 78245. I am...

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Banfield Pet Hospital - Injured dog

I dropped Poncho off at Banfield on 1/10/22 @7am for urine test. Banfield associate aggressively tried to get a urine sample which caused Poncho to bite at him. The associate pushed Poncho hard...

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Banfield Pet Hospital - Billing

I feel like I am being harrassed as Banfield bills double and they are billing by credit card. I don't owe anything! I left for a while because of billing issues and I came back and they are double...

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Banfield Pet Hospital - Inhumane euthanasia process

On December 29, 2021, sadly my husband and I took our cat to Banfield Pet Clinic in Newcastle, WA to have her euthanatized. We made an appointment for 2:00 pm so that they would be expecting us. We...

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Banfield Pet Hospital - My cats wellness plans

I am Lillian Perry and my two female cats are 'Miss Ciely' and 'Sophia'. They have been taken care of by Dr. McGee, who is now the Chief of Staff at several locations here in So Cal, since they were...

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Dec 10, 2021

Banfield Pet Hospital - Re: abuse or not

To: [protected] Sent: Friday, December 10, 2021, 11:04:05 AM PST Subject: RE: Complaint and command RE: Banfield Pet Hospital 10210 59th Ave SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 Hello I'm here to...

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Nov 28, 2021

Banfield Pet Hospital - Unacceptable Lack Of Availability/Service

I have been a Banfield Wellness Plan customer for several years. Currently with 3 dogs enrolled. Service has steadily declined each year for the past several years. On Saturday 11/27/21 I called my Banfield hospital to try to bring my sick dog in and was told that she could not be seen until Wednesday 12/1/21. The call taker would not even offer to fit me in for a visit. I had to take my dog to a local vet for a visit which ultimately cost me almost $500. Much of this bill would have been covered by the wellness plan I have at Banfield for this dog. This is a large sum of money that I should have not had to incur. I want Banfield to reimburse me for all the fees from this visit except for the prescribed medication.
In summary, Banfield is a poor representation of what a pet clinic should offer, constant revolving door of vets, rude staff, and long if not impossible timeframes for appointments. I pay almost $150 per month for the wellness plans for my 3 dogs and this is the service I receive. I want a managing representative to call me and provide my sought resolution.

Desired outcome: Refund all except medication of charges incurred at competitor pet clinic.

Nov 10, 2021

Banfield Pet Hospital - Veterinary negligence and fraud

We are residents in Florida and Ohio. Joined Banfield plan for wellness and day to day needs. Also hope of sharing records between locations. Turn over of vets at their locations results in unnecessary appointments to renew prescriptions. Locations are over booked and in some case referring us to other Banfield locations an hour + away. Today we called on our sickly 12 year old golden and was told best they can do is a week out and if he needs to be put down we will need to schedule that a week out. This is a disgusting, overwhelmed un-empathetic and negligent business model that has put money ahead of pet safety. Until they are properly staffed they should be banned from acquiring anymore practices and should be barred from selling these plans that they can not responsibly fulfill. If an owner needs to go out side Banfield then Banfield should reimburse 100% of the cost and refund cost of the plan.

Desired outcome: If an owner needs to go out side Banfield then Banfield should reimburse 100% of the cost and refund cost of the plan

Banfield Pet Hospital - Refused to treat sick animal

I have been taking Daisy to Banfield located in Hybla Valley, Alexandria, Va. since I adopted her in 2012. She got sick in the weekend of 10/24/2021. and we took her to emergence vet early that morning. They did blood work and said her vitals were ok and few other small matters .That total bill was $700 They were going to do xray but being a senior citizen I could not afford extra $400. Since I had Banfield ins. I would take her there Monday morning as the ER vet said to take her to see her primary doctor. And they would fax Banfield the results. Banfield opened at 8 am but got no answer so I drove to the hospital to get appt. They must of gotten the fax from ER and the man working the desk disappeared into the back while I was talking to a young girl. He came back and said the vet. would not see Daisy to take her back to ER Vet. They were prepared for us and refused to see her even tho I begged and cried for the vet to just check her out.

Desired outcome: They refused to treat Daisy

Banfield Pet Hospital - Two german shepherds

This is my second German Shepherd lost to Banfield by a wrong diagnosis, if one at all. Chloe, we lost last Sept 21, 2020, after bringing her to Banfield 3 times. She had stopped eating. The Vet...

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Oct 15, 2021

Banfield Pet Hospital - Euthanized Dog

I had to put my dog down on October 12, 2021. I pay for a wellness plan every month, and they would not do anything for him. The Veterinarian had such an awful attitude, and all she suggested was to put down my 16-year-old miniature schnauzer. Getting appointments with them when I did have an emergency with him, were scheduled two weeks out. I had to take him to Blue Pearl Veterinarian Hospital, two weeks earlier because he had pancreatitis. On October 12, 2021, they asked me to bring him in for a drop-off, and I did. This is when I got the bad news that his kidneys were failing. Pepper, has been on Levateracitum an anticonvulsant oral medication since February 2021, I had mentioned several times to Banfield Hospital, that I don't think Pepper was tolerating this medicine very well. I got no response from any Veterinarian, at the Fredericksburg, VA location, nor did I get a response from the Augusta, GA location, and now my dog's life has ended due to their negligence. This company is awful, and all they seem to do is want to put dogs down, instead of treating them. I two pay for the rest of my wellness plan, even though my dog has died. They need to be shut down, this company is scamming customers out of their money.

Desired outcome: Compensation from Banfield Hospital, and shut them down.

Banfield Pet Hospital - Neglect

I have been a customer at banfield since March 2020 and I am extremely disappointed at banfield hospital. My dog has had worms since I got her, every visit that I have made to banfield I have expressed my concerns. They would ask me what kind of worms was I seeing in my dogs stool and each time they would tell me that the worm medication that they were prescribing her would clear it. On October 6th 2021, I called extremely disappointed, telling them that I was still seeing worms after ten months of insisting and finally they told me that they have been prescribing the wrong medication this entire time. I pay for the dog health insurance and I have been paying for the wrong medication this entire time. The people on the phone were extremely rude claiming that it was not their fault at all and that it was hard to diagnosis and on top of that I had to pay for the correct medication. I completely understand that the medication would prevent ticks, flees, and heartworms but what they were giving her was for round worms and hook worms instead of tapered worms. Even though my plan said that the medication would be covered, I still had to pay an extra $50 for the injection to remove tapered worms. I have called many times expressing my concerns and was always dismissed. They promised the vet would call each time and never did. They collected stool samples and never saw anything. Why ask me what I was seeing if my dog wasn't going to be helped? I absolutely would not recommend.

Desired outcome: Money Back

Banfield Pet Hospital - Dental care/extraction

Well on Sunday 8/29 we took Kaiha in to the same Banfield for a standard tooth cleaning and extraction since she had cracked a molar chewing down on metal on her collar. Keep in mind Banfield is not...

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Aug 26, 2021

Banfield Pet Hospital - Dental Cleaning

We took our 3 year old healthy happy Chihuahua in on 8/20/21 for a dental cleaning to the Banfield location he has always went to for his care. After convincing us he needed a dental cleaning we added it to our plan. We picked him up that evening and he was ok. They told us a cough was normal so to watch him. He started breathing heavy late Saturday night and into Sunday. He then developed a cough. We took him back Monday morning where he was diagnosed with Aspiration Pneumonia. He was sent to be hospitalized for treatment. He stayed there for 2 days and died from cardiac arrest at 1:30am on 8/25/21. They did something during that dental. It has been acknowledged by the chief of staff. We went in on8/25/21 to speak with the vet and the tech that did his dental and the technician was doing a dental on a pet! WHY? If a tech had done a dental on a pet that died as a result of it why is she still doing them? Take her and the vet that was supposedly in the room the whole time off of dentals. Period! We are heartbroken and livid at the same time! The chief of staff is doing everything he can to make it right but I never will be. We have gotten no apologies or anything from the tech and had to make the vet talk to us. I'm gathering information of any kind related to the dental and his health records from day one. I'm not sure if a lawsuit is coming but the state veterinary board is going to get a complaint filed with them. They need to be stopped!

Desired outcome: Stop pushing these dental on clients

Banfield Pet Hospital - Wellness Plan

I started my puppy on a Wellness Plan when I got him. 11 months into the Plan I inquired about canceling the plan because I didn't feel it was beneficial. I was told that I had to call the 800# AFTER his next series of shots, which were scheduled at that time. I then called the 800# after we left the office the day of his shots and the recording stated that the plan could not be cancelled because it was already automatically renewed. I tried talking to someone and they told me the same. I now have a derogatory report on my credit report for $362.00 which the credit company will not compromise on at all. I feel like suing Banfield for fraudulent negative marks on my credit report.

Desired outcome: Cancel plan and correct my credit report

Banfield Pet Hospital - They killed my cat

This morning we brought our 2yr old AMAZING cat into Banfield (Harrisburg location) to get a teeth cleaning. Approx. Half hour after we brought him home he DIED. I'm telling you all this because a year ago when he had his teeth cleaned he had a bad reaction. We made Banfield FULLY aware of what happened last time. When I spoke to the tech this morning, he said he would speak with the Dr and that they would do something different with his meds this time. After speaking with the Dr. after my cat started convulsing in my arms, foaming at the mouth, he told me they gave him EXACTLY what they did a year ago. I am not a vet so IDK but common sense tells me that something isn't right here. How does ANY Dr for ANY animal give the same medication they had a bad reaction to again? I am BEYOND ANGRY that my 16yr old daughter just lost her best friend. We will be speaking with the medical board tomorrow to see what can be done if anything. I will say, my dog WILL NOT be going to Banfield any longer. Please BEWARE if you bring your animals there, that the staff actually listens to you when you speak.

Also, if anyone has any insight on someone we can talk to, to try and figure out what happened, I would greatly appreciate it. This is very hard for us to wrap our heads around this right now.

We just want answers how this could happen.

Banfield Pet Hospital - Service / care / lack of care

Wellness plan for 14 years. First 8 in another state. Adequate. At 1 pm today called and wanted to talk to vet about elderly pet who has been declining, but suffered an event today (possible stroke...

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Banfield Pet Hospital - Service

I am filing a complaint against the Vet Hospital Banfield Josey Oaks. I took my Cat Max there on July 1, 2021. I took him for his yearly check up and shots. When I spoke to the Vet she said that the...

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Banfield Pet Hospital - Misdiagnosis

Took dog to Banfieid for coughing. Sent home with misses diagnosis. Took in again and diagnosed with pneumonia. Told to return for x ray at end of treatment. Took dog in for x ray. He was in hospital for four hours. Came to pick him up. Told x ray machine was broken. Asked to be called when repaired. Told, no you call us next week.
Really. I proceeded to take dog to Peak City Veterinary for follow up x ray.
Had he still had pneumonia, this could have proved fatal for the dog.

Desired outcome: Shut them down


Banfield Pet Hospital - Wellness plan-Can’t cancel

I signed up for this plan as I thought I could cancel any month. I had cancelled before no problem for my dog that lived for four years. He just passed and I still have to pay $60 per month for 3 months until the contract ends. The fact that I have to pay for a beloved pet that is no longer alive is ridiculous. They do not care about your pets. Please do not sign up for this plan.

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