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Medical Management International, Inc.

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+1 866 894 7927(Corporate Headquarters) 3 0
+1 877 500 2288(Hospital Experience Feedback) 0 0
+1 866 277 7387(Enrollments and Information) 0 0
+1 866 935 5738(Billing or Payment Information) 0 1
+1 888 649 2716(Questions and Plan Cancellation) 0 1
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Banfield Pet Hospital Complaints & Reviews

Banfield Pet Hospital / I will never return

Necati on Aug 28, 2017
I was extremely stressed out and had probably the worst day in my life. My 18-year-old dog was ill and stopped walking and our family made the hardest decision to put him to sleep. When I brought him to the hospital the vet started to tell me that our dog had chances to survive and live in...

Banfield Pet Hospital / pet insurance

MJ Loflin on Aug 9, 2017
I cancelled my pet insurance for my two dogs several years ago, after an incompetent vet at a Banfield location nearly killed my German Shepard. I should have sued, but instead decided to let it go and try to move on. Banfield is still trying to collect on the insurance I cancelled. That'...

Banfield Hospital / tooth extraction

SamandtheBaz on Jul 31, 2017
Our 12 ½ year old Whippet had his teeth cleaned at our local Banfield. During the procedure, Banfield contacted us for permission to remove one of our dog’s molars because the root was showing right above it. We gave them the ok, and after the procedure was over, we were informed that during...

Banfield Pet Hospital / the wellness plan

1127Bigdaddy on Jul 28, 2017
Well My dog had been on the plan for over 14 years. I had to put her down on Saturday July 22nd, 2107. I was told to call the Banfield 800 number to cancel the plan. The girls working at Banfield, seamed very strange when I ask how to cancel the plan. Well now I know why, I am now paying...

Banfield Pet Hospital / cancellation policy is non-existent

P Maye on Jul 11, 2017
First of all, while I will not deny attempts have been made to contact me, I will say that your representative always call me when I am at work and I have explicitly told them that information and asked that they instead call my husband's number to get the bill taken care of. Instead your...

Banfield Pet Hospital / banfield wellness plans

Vasanth Bala on Jun 27, 2017
There's a policy of cancelling the Banfield Wellness Plans within the first 4 business days to get the full refund of your membership fee. I called them on Monday(Signed up on Friday) and waiting time of 80 minutes so that system put me in line for my turn. When I received a call back, it...

Banfield / payments

liza capo on Jun 21, 2017
they wont allow me to control my own account, I didn't get paid on a Thursday and they tried taking money out on Thursday but money wasn't available till Friday so they pinalized me with a $20 charge. I called and tried to make weekly payments and they said they have no system to make my...

Banfield Pet Hospital / wellness plan

lizettp on Apr 5, 2017
Good AFternoon I'm very disappointed with the service that we received from the Banfield clinic. Our puppy had the wellness plan with them, when I phoned this morning cause money is still getting deducted for this plan they informed me that this was a auto renewal plan (we were never informed...

Banfield Pet Hospital / veterinary services

CHAdams on Mar 24, 2017
Our dog was poorly diagnosed and treated when it was noted that his liver enzyme levels were climbing. Instead of a strong recommendation for aggressive treatment, no especial concern was expressed and a non-urgent drug treatment was suggested. The result within little more than a month...

Banfield Pet Hospital / quality of services

Matthew Fitter on Feb 11, 2017
You may feel free to email me later but to make it short and to the point, I just wanted to warn you to re-consider taking your beloved family member to any Banfield Pet Hospital. Banfield seems like a great choice up front. And to be honest, the Wellness Plans are a decent deal. But the...

Banfield Pet Hospital / wellness plan

Really Me!!! on Nov 3, 2016
This is the biggest rip off out there!!! Do not use this plan. You cant even cancel the plan if your pet dies!!! This is the most insane thing I have ever experienced!!! It is crappy!! I took my cat in to get fixed for a urinary tract infection and the "Doctor" said that she had to have an...

Banfield Pet Hospital / refuses to work with you on payment arrangements after their services!

joey on Oct 25, 2016
I took my dog stella to the vet due to her ingesting a piece of plastic from a flosser she gotten a hold of! So they kept Stella for 4 or 5 hours and they said only 2 hours and did x-rays and blood work an thorough check up and injected her with fluids! I Than went to pick up Stella and to...

Banfield Pet Hospital / ripoff

Lady BDB on Sep 19, 2016
This office has not seen my dog since June and its not because I did not bring him in. When we came for an emergency one day with blood in his stool along with diarrhea, they were too full to seem him. They recommended taking him to an emergency vet (affiliated). Of course while taking him...

Banfield Pet Hospital Oviedo Florida / care

Carriesun on Sep 10, 2016
My cat was left there for routine teeth cleaning at 7am in June. I was told I would get a call just after lunch. At 5pm I called to see if I could pick him up. When I did the person handing him to me could not tell me anything about his procedure or how he was. I left. In the car I thought...

Banfield Pet Hospital / neuter surgery

CJ Parkman on May 26, 2016
Two years ago I adopted a rescue puppy. Because he was an abuse case, I worked with him for aprox. 18 months prior to taking him to see a vet after the initial checkup so that he would learn to trust people again. After two visits I felt that he was comfortable with the staff so I signed...

Banfield Pet Hospital / anal gland expression

Reviewer77112 on Jan 29, 2016
My dog was injured after the anal gland expression. She's been scooting, panting and licking. They returned her to me full of crap. Date of incident 1/28/2016 I want my dog checked to make sure her glands weren't ruptured. I sent banfield an email today and will call them tomorrow morning...

Banfield Pet Hospital / atopica

Alesia Voss on Oct 24, 2015
I took my beagle in for itiching and scratching problems, I had been to another vet who couldn't solve the problem. I had received a coupon for a free visit to banfield. They prescribed cortisone and and antibiotic. They said it was from fleas. They gave my only part of a prescription...

Banfield Pet Hospital / awful work environment

Reviewer51506 on Sep 30, 2015
Do not go work here The quality of medicine is way below industry standards and if you try to improve things you will be shut down and terminated for you efforts. I have seen so much malfunctioning equipment and retained tooth roots on dentals its ridiculous. You are paid on production and...

Banfield Pet Hospital / banfield wellness plan

Reviewer76195 on Sep 29, 2015
I took my cat to Banfield Pet Clinic to have his tail amputated after he had been in an accident. During the initial exam, they kept asking me if I wanted to apply for their Wellness Plan because it would save me about $300. After reviewing the plan, I found that the savings would be the...

Banfield Pet Hospital - Columbia SC / banfield pet hospital inside pet smart, columbia sc

Reviewer16836 on Aug 31, 2015
Don't take your beloved pets here. Horrible service, they don't know what they are doing. Don't waste your time or money - just go to a normal vet office and you will save time and money and not have to deal incompetence. Went on 8.28.15. Went to a real vet practice on saturday morning and my kitty is now great.

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