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Complaints & Reviews

cat adoption

I have never been so embarrassed in my life! Went here to get a 3rd cat from this place after having amazing experiences with my first two and was treated horribly. I wanted to adopt a beautiful baby boy with no tail. He had been there for a while with no one wanting him. Not only was my adoption denied. When I went to here the explanation in person not over the phone I was met in the lobby at reception infront of staff and visiters and was scolded! My previous cat passed away at 14 years old from being old! First I was told 14 was not old for a cat.. Which is ridiculous! She told me average age is 22. Which is completely incorrect. Then she pulls out a vet printout and says u had options too give her multiple blood transfusions and u chose not to u chose to kill her.. Can u imagine this? Yes we choose to put her to sleep bc she was old and suffering and those "transfusions" wouldnt have don't anything but torture her further according to the doctor himself!... How dare she judge us for such a hard painful choice we had to made... And make us feel like cat killers in front of everyone! I just feel bad for the cat that was left there alone with no home. They think they r holier than thou. I will never step foot in there again in and urge you to not go here! This is not a rescue it's a pageant parade! All they care about is their famous donations!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!

medical records

I called to get my cat's medical history from my previous vet- the North Shore Animal League and spoke to Candy. Who was rude and nasty. She told me there were no medical records b/c 'you haven't taken your cat to the vet in 8 years'. My cat is a very healthy cat and a little skiddish being outside of the house, so if she isn't sick, I never felt the need to take her. I asked, am I supposed to take her to the vet every year for an cat annual? She scoffed and said, 'of course, yeah!". I asked her to be a little more gentle, and if she could possibly just send me what she has available showing what my cat's had in the past. She said, 'I doesn't make sense, since there's nothing to show." SHe wouldn't let me speak, she kept talking over me and was extremely rude. I asked for a manager instead and she said there wasn't one available. I think training needs to take place here. She needs to have compassion and patience with pet parents. We're vulnerable enough as it is when calling about our pet's health. She was rude, dismissive, and not hearing what I said. SOmething so simple turned into a nasty, unpleasant phone call!

poor care for the animals

Do not go here. I adopted my puppy from them Friday evening, Saturday afternoon I brought him back to the medical center for kennel cough. He was not contained he was with other dogs even though kennel cough is highly contagious. He was check by the vet who spent a small amount of time with him and sent him home with meds. Within a few hours he could barley breath and needed to be hospitalized with pneumonia. His white blood cell count was elevated which does not happen within 24 hrs. So pretty much he was released to me without being checked out first. But north shore animal league will take no responsibility for what happened, I question how they care for there animals.

complain about the service and manager's follow up

I brought my dog to have a check up on her leg limping. Dr. Laura Gorman was a so unprofessional and cold doctor that I have ever seen at North Shore Animal League. I had pretty...

unjust treatment in the adoption process

On Friday, July 12, 2019, I, Khadija BK, and my children were treated in an unfair and unjust manner by a manager and her staff at the North Shore Animal League, 25 Davis Ave, Port Washington, NY 11050. I had returned to North Shore after picking my kids up from work to see if we could adopt Petunia (ID: G22707), a mixed Pit Bull Terrier puppy. An application for her adoption was started by another family at 4:18 PM so when we returned at about 6:15 PM, the status of her application had not yet been determined. I spoke with an employee in a red shirt named Sarah to let her know that we wanted to adopt Petunia. She said that someone else had already started an application for her adoption and that they normally don't suggest that we wait around so that we don't leave sad/upset if the initial application goes through. I decided to wait anyway just in case the opportunity presented itself as it had the last time we had successfully adopted from North Shore last year so we stayed around her cage periodically and played with her a bit while she was in the cage.
During that time, we also spoke with a second employee who saw us around Petunia's cage and she asked if Petunia was the one we were interested in. I confirmed that we were interested in Petunia. At around 7:30 PM, we overheard a family that was upset that they're adoption paperwork had not gone through, but we didn't know that they happen to be the ones who were initially going to adopt Petunia. Petunia had urinated in her cage and while he was cleaning the cage, he must have also taken out the card in the slot on the cage that indicated the time someone had been interested in her. I had not seen when he took the card. We waited by the cage to see when the card was being put back into the slot, but it never was.
There was an elderly couple who had walked in about 15 - 20 minutes prior to that moment who were talking with the male employee a few steps away who must have asked to see Petunia. When I noticed that they had been given Petunia and they were playing with her, I asked if they had been interested in adopting her. They said yes and then I went to speak with him to explain that we had already been waiting to adopt Petunia and we had spoken to another employee. He said that he had not known about this and that he already promised the elderly couple that he would give them Petunia. I told him again that we had already been waiting and he asked me who I had spoken to. I had not yet known Sarah's name so I described her to him. The second employee that I had spoken to looked at him and pointed to me and my children indicating that we had been there first. He told me that he already told the elderly couple that he would give her to them, but I could speak with a manager. He also said that I should have started an application, which didn't make sense to me since she was not available for adoption at that time and no one told me to start an application. Another woman in a blue shirt went to get the manager for me. The manager came out wearing green shirt. She said that she would look into the situation and she asked me for the name of the employee I had spoken to. That first employee in the red shirt was not around to speak to, but the 2nd one was still around. I pointed her out, but the manager said that this was the young woman's second day so the manager didn't bother to get a response from her at all in that moment.
The manager went to the back and shortly afterwards the first employee I had spoken to walked out. I asked for her name, Sarah, and I asked her to speak to the manager on our behalf to let her know that I had said that I wanted to adopt Petunia. Sarah went to the back, but I didn't see her again that night. The manager came out and said that she spoke with the two employees that I had spoken to and that neither of them said that I said that I was waiting for Petunia. Yet I spoke with both of them and they knew I came specifically to adopt Petunia. The manager also said that she could not pry the dog out of the couple's hands, but that she would be happy to help me find a new dog. I explained that the system is first come, first served and my children and I were there first. While I was having this long discussion with the manager, I overheard the woman from the elderly couple saying that they are interested in starting the application to adopt Petunia and the male employee started the process with them.
My son, daughter and I left at 8:00 PM feeling sad and cheated out of an opportunity that we waited for and that was rightfully ours. A mistake was made and the manager along with the male employee were unwilling to make the accurate decision based on who had been waiting first. The system at the North Shore Animal League needs to be updated. It would be helpful to have an employee making some sort of note or list of who is next in line to adopt a pet that may become available in case an application is not approved. Furthermore, since we were next in line to adopt Petunia, we would like to be given this opportunity once more by someone who will make the accurate decision this time. Thank you for your time and attention to this very important matter.

Khadija BK

  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019

    Huge paws means huge dog but she’s adorable. You now know to fill out an application right away. I’m sure other dogs will be there for a good home and you’ll just have to wait.

    They made a mistake but no one is perfect.

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unethical behavior from staff and veterinarians

I purchased two female rescue Yorkies from North Shore Animal League America in December of 2010, approximately 8 years ago. They were apparently puppy mill dogs and they were abused and mistreated. I named these two yorkies Angel and Precious and they have both become an important part of my family ever since I adopted them. On Friday April 12, 2018 I took my pet yorkie Precious to North Shore Animal League America for a follow up appointment and I was treated with the utmost disrespect and I was yelled at and treated unfairly. I even witnessed another dog with the same issue my dog has, get put to sleep and there was no empathy provided whatsoever, all the staff was concerned about was how the people were going to pay for the dead dog. My yorkie Precious has been receiving blood work yearly since I purchased her because she initially had elevated liver enzymes and from medicine and the proper nurturing and caring Precious was giving the liver enzymes went down. Unfortunately they have went back to being elevated approximately four months ago and since then she has had four blood test, an x-ray, and a sonogram. Every visit that I have had since Precious as been re-diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes have been unpleasant disrespectful and unacceptable! My dog is obviously dying and I love her unconditionally as she became a part of my family, but no one has told me the truth at North Shore Animal League America, they continue to take my money and lie to me about the prognosis and diagnosis for Precious. The manager Jackie yelled at me and told me that she will watch a video tape to prove that I was irate, but rightfully so since I get disrespected and belittled and discriminated against every time I come to North Shore Animal League America. Sam told me to shut up and Melissa is very mean and disrespectful in person and over the phone. I was speaking to the physician Dr. Yousary and Melissa, and another lady with long brown hair interrupted my conversation and discounted me like I wasn't even standing there and I feel this is because I am a black woman. However, every white patron was treated with respect and they were patient with them and spoke nicely to every white person. Even the lady whose dog died that I mentioned earlier was a black woman who was crying extremely hard and loud and no one tried to console her they just asked how she was paying like five different times because the lady was so overwhelmed with grief she couldn't even think straight it appeared. No one ever empathizes I had one Physician Dr. Dunlap tell me Precious was blind and she never even checked her eyes. She gave her an antibiotic from what told her about her teeth, but she never checked her teeth, however I told Dr. Yousary what Dr. Dunlop told me and he replied that is false information that Precious isn't blind she is just confused and he thinks it may be a brain tumor, which is also an educated guess, but at this point I am not looking for these veterinarian's to guess if my dog is in fact dying. I spend the money for Precious's appointments, medications, xrays, sonograms and anything else she may need and I have been doing this since I adopted her, which was also not free! I say all of this to say I love my dog and if she is dying be real with me! Don't rob me and treat me like a second class citizen, when all I want is my Precious to be comfortable and to live as long as God allows! I came to the North Shore Animal League America to adopt a pet and need and ever since I have been treated like garbage and have been disrespected by multiple staff, as well as my daughter who also adopted a yorkie on the same day I adopted Precious. This negative treatment that North Shore Animal League America is giving to me, my daughter and my Yorkie Precious is not fair and its unacceptable, so please help me! All I want is some empathy and real answers in regards to my pets health! I will get my lawyers involved for the discrimination and disrespect I continue to receive and I will report North Shore Animal League America to the Better Business Bureau and I will continue to complain about this situation until my voice is heard!!!

pet adoption guideline policy

As you are aware most families would love to have a pet to give a great home to, as my wife and I tried to surprise our 3 Daughters with a new addition to the home that dream was crushed by one of the assistant managers at this facility. On July 4th 2017 we were told that due to our property management office being closed they were unable to verify if we are allowed to have pets. I had a copy of the Lease of the Lease to provide and informed the asst-manager that there was no restrictions on my lease to state that pets are not allowed.
If the Lease reflects no restrictions as to No Pets then does that not mean we are allowed to have pets, correct?
The Asst-Manager further goes into detail as to well I don't understand why the lease wouldn't state what size or breed you are allowed to have in your apartment. Then replies "well its not fair to homeowners who want to adopt as we don't have to go through this with them" so this leads me to believe there is a discrimination between -Renters- and Buyers who are looking to adopt. I also gave the Super's contact info to verify and her reply was that he doesn't sound like the super because he couldn't verify who was in your home and how many pets you have. I responded and said those are inappropriate questions to ask, all you need to verify is that the building accepts pets. I said he manages over 50 rental units he is not going to know everyone's household.
I personally believe this facility needs better training on their response to customers and a clause as to homeowners and Renters. I understand they want a permanent home for the Pet being adopted, we all do. Everyone should be treated fairly, I mean there is nothing on the site that list what documents to provide if you are a Renter. July 4th 2017 has been ruined by North Shore Animal League due to their unfriendly and unknowledgeable upper management staff.

MR. Calvin Francis

North Shore Animal League — Pet adoption

Over 10 yrs ago I went with a now ex boyfriend to adopt a dog. The guy that interviewed me wrote down all the information my ex was telling him about his past pets which were...

North Shore Animal League — Sick puppy bogus insurance

I adopted Lilly a 11 week old puppy on August 11th. I was told since I had free 30 days pet insurance I could go to my vet if puppy sick. Lilly came home with diahrea and it got...

North Shore Animal LeaguePoor Behavior of staff

I was a volunteer for many years and had nothing but the best to say about NSALA from the second I walked through the doors. I was recently fired, but even before I was fired there were problems, some that I only noticed when it was too late.

I adopted my 2 to 3 month old puppy the day I interviewed for my job. The woman who handed her to me told me that she was "so funny and cute that they had her in the back because she was so much fun." RED LIGHT #1, as I learned once I started as a volunteer. An adorable puppy that is in the back is in the back because not because of cuteness but because of an issue.

I had to come back the next day because my husband was on the fence about adopting. We already had the perfect situation with a wonderful dog and cat, but I thought the dog could use a friend. When I came back the next night, the puppy was still there. RED LIGHT #2. In all my years there, the adorable, tiny puppies flew out in no time. This puppy was still there.

Within an hour of adopting her and taking her home, I had a short list of what I, as a volunteer, would have wanted to tell interested adopters.

I couldn't take a toy away from her without risking her biting me. I couldn't move her food without risking her biting me. If I pet the cat I risked her biting me. And our poor older dog could no longer eat in peace because the puppy would go over to her and bite her neck when we put down their food. We had to feed them separately.

Now, I know that the staff had to know this, because as I volunteer I was told to write on a certain puppy's crate that the puppy was OP (object possessive.) My puppy was severely object possessive and had multiple issues. The thought of returning her and seeing her there weekly was heartbreaking, so I kept her and instantly fell in love with her, but she turned our home upside down.

For whatever reason I was fired, I treat people and
animals better than many people there. I was fired by e-mail, pointed out bad conditions in areas that weren't even mine, and was extremely helpful to guests.

North Shore Animal League — Dog adoption

Worst experience ever - was there for 4 hours trying to adopt a dog - while waiting for my application to go through, I went to check on the dog that I wanted to adopt and found...

North Shore Animal League — Sweepstakes

Months ago I received a letter from the above named company stating I had definitely won a prize. Every other day I receive a similar letter from this company, but have yet to...

North Shore Animal LeagueDog Surrender

I first want to state that this business is and has always been more interested in making money than their non-profit title leads everyone to believe! I adopted a dog form NSAL league several years ago and can no longer care for her due to health issues. My contract stated that she could be returned anytime. That is total B.S.! After several phone calls and unanswered messages, I was finally able to speak to an operator who connected me to Lauren who was extremely condescending, rude and of no help whatsoever. They purposely train their employees to be aggressive bullies. So much for the best interest of the animals. Save a pet elsewhere and also yourself the aggravation of this joke of an operation!

North Shore Animal League — Rude Administration

After about a hour and a half drive with 3 kids we got to north shore about 30 minutes there we found the perfect dog that the kids all loved and proceeded to fill out the...

North Shore Animal League — Bad service

I provided all of my reference information and the information on where we live. They made some calls had me wait for three hours. They said based on my information I needed...

North Shore Animal League — Sick puppy

This facility is repugnant! We adopted a puppy 3 days ago, who quickly started suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. After bringing her to our own vet, she was diagnosed with...

North Shore Animal League — Volunteers Treated Shabbily

As a former Volunteer I can say that NSAL is a lousy place to volunteer. The Kennel staff and the Volunteer Office are very anti-social and ungrateful. Most of the dogs just sit...

[Resolved] North Shore Animal LeagueCat named Max

I wanted to adopt a black and white male cat, 9 years old -- they wouldn't let me for some bogus reason? I don't know? I saw Max in a Petland store located in New York City, on West 23rd Street, he had been there for a month and he was old and looked so scared and miserable. After seeing him there for a month I decided I would adopt him and I filled out an application and then another application, two of them? Spoke to a woman named Cindy on the phone, an employee of North Shore and gave her all kinds of personal information about me, including two friends names and addresses for references. She, Cindy of North Shore Animal League called them and they gave me glowing references, like I love animals and have always had animals and I treat them like my children, etc. etc. That was not good enough for Cindy at North Shore Animal League, she said my references didn't know my pet history? What? what a lie!!! They did so know my history. And she also said I couldn't adopt old Max because I had a Chihuahua. I had told this Cindy woman I had a Chihuahua from the outset, so why did she make me fill out 2 applications and give her all personal stuff about me, she knew I had a Chihuahua from the beginning? AND THEN REJECT ME BECAUSE OF THE CHIHUAHUA, SHE IS FULL OF YOU KNOW WHAT OR SHE'S JUST INCOMPETENT, I THINK BOTH. North Shore Animal League has hurt me and above all, she hurt Max who could have had a home
with me with soft beds, toys, food but no, they want him to stay in the cage all day and night because I have a Chihuahua, a Chihuahua who loves cats because I always had a cat and the cat and dog would have gotten used to each other. Isn't that better than being in a wire cage all your life in a drafty store and how could they do that to an old cat? These people, there are no words to describe how crazy and stupid they are and what they are doing to this poor cat who only has a few years left? Why, where is God?

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  • Li
    liberty1776 Feb 22, 2014

    You are making a mistake by thinking this outfit is about animal welfare. They are not. They are merely a front for a political, liberal fund raising effort. That is their business, not saving animals. Sorry you were scammed by them

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  • Li

    I never said or thought that North Shore Animal League is about animal welfare. I wanted to adopt an old cat that needed a home to live happily out his last years of life! I had adopted a cat years ago from North Shore Animal League when it wasn't run by amatuers but by people who truly wanted to have the animals adopted into loving homes. I never had a problem with any adoption agency before, including the ASPCA, where I adopted a 9 year old cat named Ms. Lemon
    who had many different homes because she was like her name, a sourpuss, and each time she was returned to the ASPCA. Ms. Lemon was feral but with me she began to love me and my dog at the time, Rocky. The ASPCA was thrilled that I took her as she didn't have too many opportunities at her age and with her personality. You can't compare the ASPCA with North Shore Animal League, they are very intuitive and not looking for problems like North Shore Animal League. The owners are never at North Shore Animal so the women there can do whatever they want but their power will be gone one day and it will be better for the animals then. As for now, North Shore Animal League has so many complaints about its adoption department. I know that when I first applied for Max, this woman Pat who works for North Shore Animal League called me and we talked for about 10 minutes. Then I never heard from her and so I called her and she said she put Max in another Petland Store and I got angry and upset and asked her why, when she knew I wanted to adopt him. It all went downhill from there and I believe that this woman Pat and the other woman Cindy in Adoptions decided not to let me have Max from the beginning because I criticized Pat. Like you said North Shore Animal League is not interested in animal welfare. You have heard of the expression "A Woman Scorned"? thats what happened here, a little criticism and my adopting of Max, they couldn't care less about him having a good home after that. They spread rumors about my not adopting Max throughout North Shore Animal League after that and then it was curtains for Max. He will have to stay there until maybe he is adopted but not too many people would adopt an old cat and if these people were normal who are employed at North Shore Animal League, I would have gotten him a long time ago, but they are not. My only hope is that someone in North Shore Animal League will have the intelligence and see the light about my adopting Max, but it doesn'[t appear that anyone will. Like I said I only wanted to give an old cat who looked like my late cat PeeWee a home and time is of the essence as he is old and doesn't have much time left. I can't believe that these people at North Shore Animal League cannot see the truth of this situation and will keep this poor cat in a cage, rather than give him to me to have a good life for his last remaining days. God help these people, they know not what they do.

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  • Sl
    slynn1 Jun 02, 2014

    That is ###! What a horrible! F them!

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  • De
    DEleteFacebook Mar 30, 2018

    why the hell hasn't the complaint status been changed to unresolved. i'm typing so it will eventually get the attention of the board owners at also, this is about as annoying as aliens, ufos, jfk, and making fun of donald trump ; )

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North Shore Animal LeagueHorrible

Noth Shore Animal League is a horrible glorified puppy mill! We adopted our puppy in January 2012. According to their adoption agreement they are looking for forever homes for their animals and although they don't encourage it they will take the animal back (no refunds). We have been in constant contact with NSAL regarding this not being the proper dog for our family. We have worked with our puppy for months on end and he is just not working out for our family. We were told to hire a trainer for his aggression issues with toys and food (we have a 3 yr old and an 11yr old). Now anybody that has small children knows that they usually have some sort of food at one time or another, and of course whenever our children have food he is forcibly taking it which is not safe. We hired the trainer ($136 per week) and had the dog nuetered and also took away any rawhides and treats as suggested. In turn he has now eaten every piece of molding in his caged off room, the wood blinds and a windowsill. Nothing is working other than to keep him muzzled and or crated at most times. He is a very energetic dog and not mean (other than food aggression & toys) but too powerful around the children. He constantly wants to play which is normally good but just barrels down the children to the point that most children are frightened by him. He doesn't mean to hurt them but tends to hurt them more so than not. We have expressed our concerns for months with NSAL and they finally agreed that perhaps our home was not the proper environment. They had us set up a return appt. for our dog. They explained that we would go in to surrender him and as long as he was healthy (he is) and not mean (which he is not) they would take him back, along with a necessary donation of $75. What a waste of time! They take the dog away from us for five minutes and bring him back and say, "sorry he is too aggressive, we can't possibly take back all of the aggressive dogs that come from shelters". Now the only time he has been aggressive to anyone stranger or not was around food. They said they could not even walk him or get close to him because he was too mean and putting him in a shelter would just make him angrier. Their suggestion is to find him a new family! They are nothing more than a glorified puppy mill. They pump out the dogs as fast as they get them and have no concern about their well being what so ever. We are highly upset because we don't know what to do. He can be a great dog for the right home, striclty without children as we have expressed. They claim to work with people but they do not. They make you go thru an intensive adoption process (which I agree with) and check references. We have had to dogs prior to this one where I had to explain one was 13 and one 14 before passing away and everything we had done for them. We are two of the most compassionate animal owners I honestly know and do everything possible for our animals because they are family to us. So now we have a dog that is not getting any better with training and is not working with our family and no solutions since no local shelters are taking in dogs at the moment. I do not want to bring him to a kill shelter because he does not need to be euthanized for not fitting into our household. This shelter just lies we have tried working with them for months and setting up return appointments and they have just completely emotionally drained our family. So the only choice we have is to let the dog stay for now muzzled and crated, what a horrible life for him. I will never have anything positive ever to say about this place!

  • Sa
    SAD CAT PARENT Apr 13, 2013


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North Shore Animaladopting sick pets

We decided to adopt another pet after having to put our last GREAT BEAGLE DOG down. We decided to go to North Shore Animal League after finding out our towns shelter was closed because of an illness in the kennel.
After browsing at NORTH SHORE ANIMAL for awhile we picked out a puppy the fam liked.
It took over 3 hours to adopt this puppy. I have purchased cars in less time than it takes at this place.I figured, its over we got the puppy and where on our way home...NOT SO FAST...We get the dog home and he has "kennal cough", and other illness.We live out in EASTERN SUFFOLK COUNTY We call to tell the vet the problems and the response we get is "THERE IS A FEE TO SEE THE VET PLUS THE COST OF ANY DRUGS THAT ARE NEEDED"!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I just adopted this puppy from you, SICK I MIGHT ADD and you have the balls to want to charge us for this?
Before I say something I regret, I want to warn anyone looking to adopt a pet...

North Shore Animal LeagueWorst Experience in Animal Shelter

My family and I went to adopt a dog from this animal shelter and we knew something was wrong from the time we went in because when we asked about the dog we wanted the staff was extremely unhelpful and reluctant to provide information. We were denied because apparently you are never allowed to keep the dog outside unattended EVER. They were never able to produce the policy in written form but nevertheless we were denied because of that policy. Even after explaning that we have an enclosed dog pin with a dog house in the yard and the yard itself is also enclosed we were still denied and never able to speak to the head manager. We were told our only recourse would be to write a letter to the board of directors at which point the dog that my family had fallen in love with could have been adopted. I don't know if they had already promised to hold the dog for someone else or what, but we will NEVER again revisit this animal shelter!

  • Ad
    AdrieT Jun 21, 2011

    My family and I went to adopt a dog from this animal shelter and we knew something was wrong from the time we went in because when we asked about the dog we wanted the staff was extremely unhelpful and reluctant to provide information. We were denied because apparently you are never allowed to keep the dog outside unattended EVER. They were never able to produce the policy in written form but nevertheless we were denied because of that policy. Even after explaning that we have an enclosed dog pin with a dog house in the yard and the yard itself is also enclosed we were still denied and never able to speak to the head manager. We were told our only recourse would be to write a letter to the board of directors at which point the dog that my family had fallen in love with could have been adopted. I don't know if they had already promised to hold the dog for someone else or what, but we will NEVER again revisit this animal shelter!

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    AdrieT Jun 21, 2011

    In fact, when I called later to inquire about it the person I spoke to didn't even know where the policy was kept. She had to find a manager and could not do so, so she offered to have one return my phone call. After sometime I did receive a phone call from a manager who told me they WOULD NOT provide me with a copy of the policy, but if I wanted to make the hour long trip out there they would show it to me.

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  • Fy
    Fyrecat Jul 28, 2011

    I worked in adoptions for many years at a rescue. Sorry, but in this case NSAL is right. Many animals organizations have rules about keeping dogs outside. Our rescue doesn't allow it, as we believe dogs are companion animals, and belong indoors with their people. I wouldn't adopt to anyone who wanted to keep a dog outside, regardless of how nice the dog house was or the yard was. The dog is being adopted as a companion, as an indoor pet, and thats that.
    Any organization has the right to do this...their job is to find the best home for the pet.

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  • Ke
    kel2910 Aug 15, 2014

    Don't try to get your refund for the puppy neutering fee... I took my dog to our vet to be fixed, as opposed to returning to NSAL where most staff was rude and unhelpful, and made us wait for 5 hrs... and faxed the paperwork to them the same day. I knew it would take sometime to get the $75 I was forced to pay since my animal was too young to be neutered, but its now close to 8 weeks. I have called and left several messages and always get the run around. This is unacceptable! I was told my animal was a plot hound, and I have had several vets and animal enthusiasts all say he is mutt. I am fine that hes a mutt, but they made me pay the purebreed fee, plus non neutered fee... so over $250. He didn't even have his shots completed. The way they caged the animals lead to very bad cage anxiety and unlike any other animal I have had/trained, no concept of no accidents where you sleep. By far the HARDEST animal to train, and I believe a pure result for how these poor animals are kept. Oh yea and I did I mention that my dog along with most dogs there were sick... hes been on 4 rounds of medicines and finally is healthy. We purchased him in May and was under the assumption we were "rescuing" him... yea right!!! If it wasn't for our son who feel in love with him, we would've left and dealt with a different agency. Its just another ploy to get $$$ for sick, uncared for, misrepresented dogs while dealing with staff that is really just nasty to speak with... except the volunteers.. they were all genuinely kind.

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North Shore Animal LeagueCharitable donation

In mid-March, 2011, we made a donation to NSAL in honor of my parents' anniversary. The one request I made of Greg, who took my phone call, was that a card advising my parents of our donation be sent before their anniversary date of March 31. No card was ever sent, only a credit card charge notice sent to me 2 weeks after the donation. When I called to ask why no card had been sent, I was trested very rudely, and their representative hung up on me. I wrote a letter to both the director and CEO of NSAL describing my situation, and have never received any reply. There are MANY worthwhile animal not for profit organization who would gladly receive donations and send desired acknowledgements - don't give your $$ to an agency who can't be bothered to even speak to you politely, never mind send any correspondence.

northshore animal leageprize fraud

north shore animal leage is a scam. I have sent them money once & was told i had positively won & would be recieving a prize, well that was a year ago & i just keep getting the same prize notice over & over NO prize they just ask for more money. DO NOT send these people money they are NOT using the money for the animals, they couldnt be they have spent more on postage & more FAKE prize papers than the money i sent them so they couldnt possibly be using it for animals. DONT send money & Dont buy into thier lies.

North Shore Animal LeagueBogus Adoption Policy

My family and I drove to the Port Washington Animal League to Adopt a Dog for my son's Birthday. Just like everyone who visits a dog shelter. You should ask many questions about the dog. We asked about the dogs being housebroken, why they were placed in adoption, are there any hyper-allergenic dogs, if the were good with kids, return policy... Wrong, we should have not asked any questions. Once we decided on the dog to adopt. They used our questions against us. The rude Supervisor Adrianne with no last name, stated we could not adopt a dog because my son had allergies.. I tried to explain I was just asking questions because of my preferences and my son has no allergies to dogs. He was so rude, I ask him to bring the associate that I asked the questions to, so I could speak to her in front of him, he refused and told me to get a note from an allergist. I explain why I would pay for an allergist if my son did not have allergies. He ask about my son eyes being red, and I told him my son was crying because he could not get the dog.. And at that point my son was in full tears crying and he just shrugged, offered no apologies or suggestions.. Adrianne than refused to give us the Director's name, a copy of the policy and would not let me see my adoption application. He stated once I filed out the adoption application, it was their property and he did not have to let me see it.. Even though, I gave them my license and credit card info. Adrianne, also stated since I said my daughter has a dog in Albany, if he could not prove her dog was there with her.. We could not adopt. He would have just been better telling me, I not going to let you adopt a dog and I am going to find any reason so you can not.. This was a horrible experience on my son’s Birthday, I thought I was helping them by paying to adopt a dog from a “Not for profit” no kill animal shelter.. What a FRAUD.

Davis Family
Wheatley Heights, NY

  • Di
    dianne zoppa Dec 30, 2008

    North Shore Animal League America did not turn down your adoption application because you asked questions; rather, because you stated on your application that your son had allergies. Our first priority always is to find a permanent home for our animals and to the best of our ability, match the most appropriate pet with our potential adopters. The application responses and interviews help to guide us in making placements that we believe will be lasting. This benefits both the pets and the adopters, respecting the bond that quickly develops between them. Too often, adopters think that they can live with a pet allergy, only to discover the opposite, and pets must be relinquished. The question that you had regarding allergy was not used against you; rather, it was used to help make the most appropriate match. Your application was not denied, it was voided pending the visit to your child’s allergist. We asked that you check with an allergist to ensure that you could honor a long-term commitment to an animal without harm to your child. Imagine the disappointment your child would face if you had to return the dog after a week.

    The pet that your family wishes to adopt is still at the shelter. Kindly contact us immediately if you remain interested and can show that your son’s allergies will not compromise the adoption. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Dianne Zoppa
    North Shore Animal League America

    -5 Votes
  • Sd
    S. Dean Mar 28, 2009

    North Shore Animal League is the biggest fraud there ever was. You were denied the dog because you asked too many questions. NSAL is a giant pet shop, posed as a rescue center. Once a week they get a delivery of puppies from down south, from puppy mills. The animals on this delivery truck are not cared for, in fact once they reach the organization, a good percentage of the animals are dead. If you have ever been to a real animal shelter you will notice that a majority of the dogs are adult dogs. Shelter dogs are usually ones who have been abandoned, and they are usually adults. (Who gives up a puppy? They are too cute, once they are full grown then all their cute habits like eating your shoes are nuisances) NSAL always seems to have an abundance of young dogs. That is because they are buying them! Not finding or rescuing them! Also I have seen many people adopt a dog that is sick, or had behavioral issues. By law a shelter is required to take that dog back. NSAL refuses, How do they get away with that?
    If you want to really adopt a dog, find your local shelter that actually has the dogs that have been picked up off the streets. That shelter will not have the Disneyland-esq presence that NSAL has. It will probably be dirty and smelly. That is because those people are volunteering there time to help animals who really are homeless. Real animal shelters need help because they are truly a non profit organization.
    Boycott NSAL, and spread the word! They are the devil in disguise!

    3 Votes
  • Th
    TheJaybird23 May 18, 2009

    I am in complete agreement with these complaints. What kind of Adoption Agency interrogates you as if you were a criminal from the beginning? And when you ask for thorough information about the pet's health, no one has a direct answer? The FBI is less invasive. BOYCOTT NSAL!

    2 Votes
  • Je
    JenM Jun 04, 2009

    I just had a terrible exerpience at NSAL... I went there to adopt two kittens, spent two hours picking them out, filled out the form with my mother and sat in the other room for an hour while they checked my references. My mom needed to make her doctors appointmet so she left me there to take the kittens home myself. When they finally called me in, they said that I could not sign the off on the kittens because 1) I was 20 and not 21, 2) My mom filled out the form. I then told them she was at a doctors appointment and then going to work so if they could hold the kittens until the next day, and they so rudely and arrogantly said "no. we do not hold any animals for more than one hour. We believe it is in the best interest of the cat." this is complete ### because we obviously wanted the cats, we already filled out a form and everything. So I asked if I could have my dad sign it and they said yes. I begged him to come out of work and when he got there they already voided our application! they said that my dad would have to fill another form out and have to wait another hour while they went through the same nonsense they already went though. Obviously these people dont care about animals at all.. they are uneducated lowlives who feel important because they can determine if you will get the cat or not. They dont care if they get homes, all they care about is that they are the "boss" of absolutely nothing. Pathetic. We left, and after reading up about how they ship off cats to kill shelters or for laboratory testing, im absolutely digusted.

    2 Votes
  • Tr
    Tru Sep 09, 2009

    I have proof that north shore and their affiliates put ads in classifieds news papers across the mid west and purchased dogs for up to 50 dollars for their so called puppy mill rescue. I challenge any real reporter. No I dare you to try and report the truth. These rescue groups make a lot of money while they are closing down legal licensed tax paying businesses that provide jobs. They lie where they get the dogs. Please stop the cruelty. rescue is big business that does not pay taxes

    2 Votes
  • Tr
    truthtellerabout Oct 16, 2009

    Let me tell you the truth: Alex Lewyt was a money hungary sob who was addicted to fame. He daughter starved and lived in an orphanage... out of guilt he supported this adoption for dogs... meanwhile he ignored his responsibilities and refused to pay one dime towards child support or to help. The dog shelter was him working out his guilt. He was hot-tempered and nasty; never had any other children; married late in life; had no friends and was addicted to money and fame. the NSAL continues with his philosophy of being all about the money... they buy puppies; they don't treat the sick dogs well; they drop off dogs to other shelters when they are not adopted; they "charge" all kinds of fees to adopt the animals and they are very very nasty. Nothing has changed since Alex's death. The philosophy is still the same. And by the way, when he died his "family" never bothered to put a gravestone on his grave... it was only after his daughter complained to the NSAl (7 years after his death) that a gravestone was put on his grave... That's the kind of people you are dealing with...don't donate a dime to them. Lewyt had a ton of money; he was a war profiteer; had a major collection of French impressionist paintings... let them us his money to support NSAL...

    1 Votes
  • Ai
    aim37 Nov 18, 2009

    If they were soley nonprofit and every dime you gave them was a DONATION, then why is it extra for a pure bred or a puppy? it sounds like youre buying from a pet store or some other profiting business. if every dog was truely the same to them and all they cared about was providing a home for the dogs, pure bred or not wouldnt make a damn difference..right?

    4 Votes
  • St
    StevePitBull Nov 27, 2009

    WOW! I just saw a story on ch 12 News. That NSAL just some how stumbled across a "ton" of puppies from a Midwestern puppy mill. Is anybody stupid enough to believe this would happen so close to Christmas???? They got busted once for crap like this this now it looks to me like they are at it again.Its public record how much they make go look it up and get sick like I did a while back at that time the 10 highest paid people made over $100K a year and if I remember correctly at least two people where over $400K. Just what the local animal kingdom needs. The local shelters will be filled up by March next year. Just remember where you heard this first.

    3 Votes
  • Mb
    MBW621 Apr 18, 2010

    I adopted my dog from North Shore three and a half years ago. I filled out all the forms, payed my fees and upon check-out was told the dog was "resistant." What does that mean?, I asked. "It means you have to muzzle her when she goes to the vet." Three and half years and several thousand dollars in behaviorists, trainers, vet bills paid for dog fights, I am convinced this dog was never properly evaluated by a skilled staff of dog behavior experts. I passed as an appropriate owner, but I know they never called my references. They were looking to unload a dog. She's my troubled girl and I've gone above and beyond helping her because I know in most scenarios, she'd be put to sleep. But the past three and half years have been a grueling journey. Please do not adopt from NSAL. Go to the ASPCA or other shelter where experts thoroughly evaluate dogs for food aggression, resource guarding, stable personalities and other behaviors. This is not something you want to be dealing with.

    2 Votes
  • Rb
    rb117 Dec 14, 2010

    I've been involved in animal rescue for many years. Over those years I've heard and experienced many negative things about NSAL from people who went to adopt, people who obtained dogs from NSAL, other rescuers and had a personal experience there myself. What I know is that the higher ups in the company are paid a salary not commensurate with charity status. True it costs money to run a shelter and help homeless animals, that I know, but where the money from donations is going is questionable. My biggest issue with NSAL is the soundness of the dogs they adopt out and the method by which they adopt. I have heard more than my share of dogs who had serious behavioral problems as with the owner of the dog above, one who had to euthanize their dog due to severe human-directed aggression. I commend those who work hard to help these animals but I find it extremely irresponsible and dishonest that an animal rescue organization would adopt without evaluating an animal or being up front with a potential adopter. So there are issues on several levels. The methods by which they select adopters is neither in the best interests of the animal or to insure the right match. (I am currently fighting a case of a neglected outdoor dog who lives in a shed that was adopted from NSAL) and the behavioral health of many of the dogs they adopt out is very often in question. It does seem that NSAL does do some positive things for the homeless animal problem but their shelter, it's methods and where they obtain their dogs is very questionable. Every rescue/shelter should be concerned first and foremost with the well being and future of their animals. They should provide all necessary medical care both physical and behavioral. Animals should be evaluated and the temperaments of the dogs should be disclosed to the potential adopter. Those who handle rescue animals should have some experience with them or training at the very least. In rescue, those of us who work hardest for the animals are volunteers. We do it because it is in our hearts, not because we are being paid for it. In addition it would be a nice change if the workers there were not all so young and seemingly inexperienced with animal behavior. Whatever the case may be, there is and has been a call for change at that "shelter" and many of their methods are questionable. I wouldn't support a charity that had any questionable practices.

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  • Wa
    Wake Up People! Apr 11, 2011

    They are selling dogs and puppies, why is it there are never any puppies at the pound and NSAL always has so many?

    3 Votes
  • Wa
    Wake Up People! Apr 11, 2011

    This is a review of the North Shore Animal League I found online:
    As a former volunteer, I'll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about North Shore.

    The good:

    1. There are lots of great animals up for adoption. However, I would steer clear of the puppies as I'll explain later in the post.

    2. The staff is for the most part friendly and knowledgeable. This is especially true of volunteers (those in red shirts) as they are not paid to be there.

    3. It is a clean facility - at least the parts the public sees.

    The bad:

    1. The puppies on the website are not in the shelter. If North Shore was a business - and in many ways it is - it would've been fined a long time ago by the BBB for this blatant bait and switch scheme.

    2. Most reputable shelters will never adopt out a pet that has not been spayed or neutered. Not North Shore. They require you to leave a $75 deposit which you will get back when you bring back your puppy/kitten. I can tell you that a large percentage of adopters never come back to get this done which of course further worsens the pet overpopulation problem. Now why would North Shore, an organization that is supposedly set up to fight this problem actually be encouraging it? Cos they don't have to refund that extra $75 of course!

    3. Many long-term "problem" animals are neglected - kept in the back away from public view in small cages. Partly because they are understaffed and partly because not enough people care, these animals behaviors get worse the longer they are there.

    4. There are way too many animals and not nearly enough workers/volunteers. If this was someones home, North Shore would be called the equivalent of a hoarder.

    The ugly:

    1. The president John Stevenson makes an obscene amount of money - nearly half a million a year. To put this in perspective, the top ranking executive at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - a charity that actually has higher revenue and expenses - makes less than a third of that. This information is readily available at http://charitynavigato... For the record, I never saw Mr. Stevenson once in my years there and I've been told by employees that he rarely makes appearances at the shelter.

    2. North Shore will most likely not accept your animal if you should ever return it. Now I have little sympathy for most people that do return pets, but that said, it's almost criminal that a no-kill shelter will basically turn away their former animals and have them most likely end up in a kill shelter. Unless your dog is small, young and "cute" (e.g., not a pit bull), your dog will most likely not be accepted back after the 30-day return policy is up.

    3. Conditions can be often disgusting - areas can be neglected for hours at a time resulting in animals laying in their own urine and feces. Of course this is only in areas away from public view.

    4. At a recent major event, many puppies were not checked out by the vet staff before being put up for adoption. Because of this gross negligence many sick animals were adopted out and ended up passing away from the parvo virus. A large amount of the veterinary staff quit in protest.

    5. Ask yourself why every other shelter does not have puppies, but North Shore seems to have an endless supply of them. There is a dark answer lurking there if you search deep enough. If you do adopt from North Shore DO NOT ADOPT A PUPPY.

    So in summary, I would encourage everyone to adopt from North Shore as long as it is a kitten/cat or adult dog and NOT a puppy. I also would not donate a single cent to the organization until some serious philosophical/organizational changes are made. There are much more reputable charities out there to support.

    5 Votes
  • Wa
    Wake Up People! Apr 11, 2011

    Take a look at the following sites and look at the other side.

    3 Votes
  • Sa
    Savethewhales Apr 11, 2011
    Just look them up!

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  • Th
    Theverybravest Apr 26, 2011

    I am a decorated Firefighter from Ny . One of my decorations was given to me by the ASPCA . Arriving at the house fire I was told there where several animals inside the dwelling . All where rescued including the kitten to which I gave mouth to mouth recessation . That won me first page on the Daily News a large NYC newspaper . My wife and I lost a pet of 13 years who due to her age. She deaf and blind for at least the last two years . ." Cookie"also could not control her bowel movemenst so we had her put down at a cost of $200.00 . We arrived at the North Shore Animal Asylum Thinking we would adopt a dog or cat . We found a small black Lab puppy . Now this place is run by DUMB and Dummer!We went to this place, as for three days the adoption fees where being waived [ Adoption Fees} aka sale price, by the staff when we called . . Any way We where told by some gal who looked like she just got released from thne laundry hamper that we needed a computer coupon .to qualify for non payment ...which we where not told about where we began this odessy . She Refused to help us by having one printed up for us there and suggested we return home 45 minuets away to get one printed at home .This place is so incrediably stupid you will just have to evaluate what I write as the truth .{see other complaints} Long and short of it we got the coupon printered there . Now we are going to have to pay 75.00 for The nutering ..jeezzz I thought it was free, , , , , , , , , , and pigs fly !We cooperate .Have a seat it will be 20 to 30 minuets . An hour and 15 minuets later no dog, no contact, no nothing . I go into the "Playpen" aka office and there is about a half a dozen young gals chit chatting about their social life . Text text text ...! I complain ...WRONG MOVE! This little sbnippy gal tells me that they haven't even started on my application which incidentially I had only put one "GOOD " reference s telephone number on . I explain my position even go so far as ask here to help me as time is critial [have to pick up my grand daughter} No good .Im a Fireman I tell her pleading, well my father is a cop and he would have to wait also, is her response! Hate to meet him ! any way .Go to your seat ...How much longer .20 to 30 minuets . 45 minuets later i snag a older gal who i saw working in the office . I explain what has been going on . Just one secound sir .2 minuets later im called in . WE CANNOT GIVE YOU A DOG ! WHAT ...Why ? Because one of your references says you gave you prior dog away, neglected it and left it to its own resources for long periods of time. You never had the dog put under .I was waiting for "and your a serial dog killer and molester" all the people are standing around looking at me . My Irish temper gets the best of me . Where did you get that info from I ask . One of your references I cant tell you which one . Well bucko it could only be one . My son and daughter in lawas you only had one good telephone number to call . and there is NO WAY they would have told you that !!! I call my daughter in law and she tells me she got into a fight with the woman on the phone when the woman asked her if she knew her husband was adopting a dog ...No she didn, t as her husband my son in paralyzed fromthe waist down {Line of Duty injury}and in the bed room next to the kitchen as we speak .OH no he isnt hes HERE ! for clarification I am SR he is JR . Any way I had just been arguing with her in the office 30 minuets before ...DUH! Finally after much adeau I get the "Manager " to speak to my daughter in law at which time she tells him of the problems . After speaking with her i ask ok are we good to go .NO ! NO why not ? I dont know all the facts! I am a retired Chief ...Held command for 22 years never ran into a Young man who had such a lack of manners and common sense, and I tell him so . His parting comment to me is .LEAVE !!! So for all who read this be prepared to spend time in the asylum with the inmates when you go this place to adopt a pet.

    2 Votes
  • Ba
    Banfield Overbills People Apr 29, 2011

    This is all about the NWO, if you are worthy to buy an own an animal next it will be your children and family.

    1 Votes
  • Ia
    iariciu Jun 28, 2011


    My name is ION ROTARU, in january 2011 I adopted a cat from NORTH SHORE. The cat went back three times for different vaccines . Last visit was today 6/27/2011 for neutering . I personally gave the cat to the vet and I was told to come back around 4 pm to pick him up. Around 1.30 pm I got a call from NSAL to be informed that it was a mistake and my cat has now a clipped ear. they told me that they do this for ferret cats. It was no the case my cat had a leash with 3 tags all from NSAL . The person on the phone did not want to give me his full name was only DAREL, medical manager. At 4.00 pm. when I picked my pet I had to talk to a different Senior Medical Manager, Ms .Theresa Fastaia who told me that she just came in and she can't give me any paper stating the facts until she will investigate.I was told that I will get a letter in the next few days. Please be aware of this negligence when you take your loved pets for any surgery and make sure people understand why are they there. PETS can't talk !


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  • Te
    Terrilab Oct 22, 2011

    North Shore Animal Shelter is a complete scam. The town of Hempstead Shelter just a quarter mile away even told me yesterday 10/21/11 that North Shore drops off dogs that they no longer want to care for at there shelter!! I would have never known that had NSAL not denied me a puppy and I would have never checked the other shelters out. They dont care about the animals they have there at all. The volunteers seem to be there because they genuinly love animals and want to help but half of them cant tell you any useful information on any animal you are interested in, besides the breed which i was told by an employee that they simply guess! Fine for me because i love mutts and dont mind having a huge dog and wouldnt mind having a DNA test done on my pet to see what breed/mix he really was but what about others who do care and cant afford or keep such a big dog? Once people adopt pets and they grow to proportions bigger than expected ofcourse they will want to return it but can they? NO! NSAL will only go dump the animal at another shelter like Hempstead because it is there responsibility to care for abandoned animals in that area! The people who work there, in the adoption center are RUDE and plain unsympathetic. They will give you any excuse humanly imaginable if they just dont want to approve you and wont show you any adoption policies, just a straight "WE WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE DOG, SO LEAVE." I went there with the intention of finding my new family member, fell in love with a dog, bought all the supplies and then was denied because i am 20 and not 21, which they knew while i was with the dog for hours and filling out paperwork.. fine policy is policy but even when i was with someone 21 of the household and it was known i could have the dog in the house, i was denied. JUST BECAUSE. Weeks later my sister went to adopt a puppy, her landlord and refrences were great, she was allowed to keep a dog in her apartment, she has a job and is married to someone who also works, but apparently my sister alone did not work a total of 40 hours and that was a problem, it would be a financial burden for her to take the dog and so she as well was denied? HOW THE HELL DO THEY KNOW HOW MUCH SHE EARNS AND HOW MUCH HER HUSBAND EARNS? its all BS! We have had pets before and have never neglected any animals and the Vet was able to assure them of this but of course they dont care. Meanwhile they gave a dog to someone who put a border collie puppy in a crate it couldnt even turn around in and left it in the trunk of NSAL for 40 min! My parents couldnt have even adopted the dog for me seeing as 18 years ago they adopted a dog at North Shore and it attacked my sister and bit her face! Ofcorse NSAL wouldnt take the dog back so my father found a new owner for it, he wasnt going to keep a dog who kept attacking his children and he did tell NSAL of that, yet they had never evaluated the dog for any temperament issues and let the dog go with a family with small children and for there mistake they did not approve my parents application for a new dog severl years after that. One of there careless mistakes and then 3 denials later, i am fed up and disgusted by NSAL. I have seen people who are clearly not fit to care for another living being for the next 15 -20 years and are yet given pets. Considering the fact that i had applied to volunteer and then called in, 5 months later!! i am so glad i turned them down in the end. There is no way i would be able to deal with the rude employees who dont give a damn about the animals actual well being!

    3 Votes
  • Sh
    Shirley Slick Oct 27, 2011

    I've had exactly the same kinds of experiences with National Mill Dog Rescue in Peyton, CO. I was a volunteer for them, had an approved application and approved home visit; but when I chose a dog to adopt, they refused to let me adopt--but wouldn't tell me why. When I questioned them, they first ignored my questions, then ordered me not to come on their property, then blocked my email address, ignored phone requests, threatened to call the police on me at a public event when I asked to speak to the director, and threatened me with a lawsuit if I don't "go away." And I still have NO IDEA why any of this happened. It has been enlightening to read these complaints because NMDR makes North Shore sound like the perfect rescue organization. NMDR is partnered with NSAL who just recently gave NMDR a huge truck. NMDR "rescues" dogs from MO and KS and then drives many of the dogs to NSAL. I can't imagine what is costs just in gasoline to drive to New York and back 1 to 4 times a month. NSAL also gets dogs that NMDR no longer wants. I just found that out today from their Facebook page. If NMDR needs to partner with a bigger organization, it would make more sense to partner with Best Friends--they are much closer to Colorado than is New York!

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  • Ho
    honeybear004 Jul 11, 2012

    A puppy recently had surgery from North Shore Animal League, and was staying at the veterinary hospital I work at (in their ICU). They said the dog was not yet adoptable, because it was recovering from surgery. I stayed with the dog for hours while it was recovering from its procedure, and I fell in love. I offered to foster the dog for free (which is pretty common at our place...and they said they MAY be looking for a foster), with intent to adopt after recovery. They told me that I could not do it. This was before I even filled out an application! They told me that the dog is a "high profile adoption", and that they will "market" the dog to pay for its care on their website (the care was already paid for). So they basically wanted to milk out money for this dog that would have already had a home. I work with one of their doctors and told them I will use him a reference, and they didn't care. I really don't understand that...If I took the dog, they could find another animal to occupy the cage, thus meaning having more room for another dog that can potentially be adopted. Instead of finding a home for the dog, they were worried about how much money they can make off of it. UNBELIEVABLE! I lost all respect for these people and will never adopt an animal there!

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  • Rc
    RCV1 Jul 18, 2012

    North Shore Animal League is a disgrace. There should be an investigation into their finances and their policies. these people turned down a friend of my who was in her mid forties, financially comfortably established but who had returned to school to start a second career. They then turned her down stating they have a policy "not to give pets to students". Strange. The miserable and offensive man refused to give his name, when asked for it, and refused to give the directors name.

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  • Li

    I am also having a horrible experience with North Shore Animal League. The employees there are either eccentric, or crazy, or have no common sense, and wouldn't know a good pet owner if they ever met one! These women, Pat and Cindy do not care if an animal lives in a cage for the rest of its life. I wanted to adopt a 9 1/2 year old black and white cat named Max who North Shore animal League put into a wire cage in a drafty Petland store for two months, they said, to be adopted? I had seen Max for about a month in this pet store and finally, after no one else came forward to adopt him, I decided I would. You must know the ending of my story, I filled out 2 applications and in the end was rejected, not allowed to adopt Max, an old cat, who no one else wanted by the way? They said they rejected me because I also have a tiny Chihuahua. I said not to worry that I only work part time and that I would supervise the cat and my tiny Chihuahua until they got to know and trust each other? They still wouldn't let me adopt him. THEY KNEW I HAD A CHIHUAHUA FROM THE OUTSET, I TOLD THEM ABOUT MY CHIHUAHA SO WHY DID THEY MAKE ME FILL OUT 2 APPLICATIONS AND THEN REJECT ME? WHY DID THEY MAKE MAX STILL LIVE IN A CAGE WHEN HE COULD HAVE HAD SOFT BEDS, TOYS, FOOD, AFFECTION? WHAT IDIOTS AT NORTH SHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE. I HAVE NEVER BEEN REJECTED FOR A PET IN MY LIFE? PEOPLE BEG ME TO TAKE MORE HOMELESS ANIMALS BUT I SAW MAX AND I WANTED TO HELP HIM? NORTH SHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE IS FILLED WITH INCOMPETENT PEOPLE IN ADOPTIONS, DON'T KNOW THEIR ###, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT MAX, AN OLD CAT WHO IS IN DESPERATE NEED FOR A HOME. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND I ALWAYS SAY. ONE DAY THESE WOMEN PAT AND CINDY WON'T ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER TO HURT PEOPLE AND ANIMALS ANYMORE. THAT DAY COULDN'T COME SOONER FOR THE POOR CATS AND DOGS AND OTHER ANIMALS THERE TOO.

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  • Lf
    lfgrady May 13, 2014

    Please report all your animal illness and keep accurate records. NSAL has many issues. Currently we are looking at the tour across the US to spread more "goodness" to their adopters "victims". If you have had a good experience with them, then you are 1 in 100 (rough estimate). We are finding issues that need to be addressed. If you have an animal from them and you have vet bills and documentation. Please lets know ASAP. [email protected]
    Thank You,
    The IRA Team

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  • Lf
    lfgrady May 13, 2014

    If you have a problem with this rescue and have documentation of adoption and vets bills. etc. please get in contact with us at [email protected]

    Thank You,
    The IRA Team

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  • Jf
    JFP01 May 23, 2014

    I agree with most of these complaints and I will use a local shelter who does not pay staff and Directors and presidents but rather runs on Volunteers and foster homes and there are plenty of Volunteers to help rescue organizations by donating their time and resources. We see it in our town all the time and we are a fairly large city. I would not donate to pay someone's salary when I can donate and know it is going for food and shelter and vet bills for the animal ONLY.

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  • Li

    You are so right! I never thought of it that way, that donations are going to pay employee salaries rather than going to the needs of the animals in this disgusting North Shore Animal League Agency. To top it off, North Shore Animal League thinks they are the greatest! And turn down many good people who want to adopt the dogs and cats in their sick and stinking care!

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  • Co
    Concerned fur mommy Feb 02, 2015

    I was highly considering adopting from The Northshore Animal league, but after all these horrible sad reviews NO WAY!!! They make themselves seem like such a perfect caring place with the animals best interest at heart, but from what I read it's all a lie!! Very sad for the animals that they take in =-[

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  • Ju
    Judy Starr Aug 01, 2015

    Does anyone have an ADOPTION Application from NS that you can email .
    Please, blank out your name & contact !
    Please, email it to [email protected]

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  • Tr
    truthspinner Dec 23, 2015

    Allow me to clarify for many of those who may consider reading coming to NSAL ., but after reading these complaint might consider otherwise.
    Don't listen to any of these chronic complainers. If you are an honest broker, who understands what type of pet is suited for you, there will be no problem with adoptions.
    As someone who has intimate knowledge of what the people have to deal with there to make sure that the animals receive a proper home, I could fill a book full of the self centered, obnoxious, lying people who come in looking for a pet and when they are properly denied, come to websites like this to vet their sob story.
    This is not Walmart folks, these are living animals. Know that your 85 year old mother can't handle a puppy and look to take an older, more subdue dog rather than asking if there is a return policy.
    Don't live in an apartment with 5 obnoxious kids, who are poking at all the dogs in the kennel and a landlord who doesn't allow pets and come looking for a pitbull and put down on the application you own a home.
    As for the puppy mill stories...puppy mills call them to see if they would like to come take the animals that will most likely be destroyed if they refuse.
    Are there some problems there, yes, what work place doesn't have issues, but the bottom line is the care about their pets and do the best they can to find them a good home.
    Do you think some of the biggest stars of New York would make huge donations and link their credibility to NSAL if there were really serious issues.
    Come on in, be honest, patient, understanding and you will leave with a life long friend.

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  • Ne
    Nelson58 Jun 28, 2016

    So we went to adopt a dog. We have 3 cats already that we adopted at North Shore. We saw a cute puppy with a sign below it saying "terrier". We knew we couldn't get a pit bull because of the cats so we asked, "is this puppy a pitbull terrier". They said "no, just a terrier". So we paid $200 plus a $75 fee for spaying and took it home. I did some research and found a photo of a puppy online that looked just like the one we adopted. Below it was "American Pitbull Terrier Puppy". Your insurance company may not insure you if you have a pitbull. We had it 2 days and it was a sweet dog. We had no choice but to bring her back. They kept our $200 even though they lied. These guys are not good to deal with. We will never go there again.

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  • Ne
    Nelson58 Jun 28, 2016

    They are liars, tell you lies about the animal, then keep your money. That's messed up!!

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North Shore Animal League — Terrible service!

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