Avis Rental Carcustomer service

T Aug 06, 2018

Went to Avis Rental car this past Friday to return a car. The agent came out to my car and was out there forever. I went out and he was telling me to put more gas in the car. The tank was full. He insisted he would charge me a quarter tank at 5 plus dollars per gallon so I went and added gas. It took 68 cents. I returned and the agent was back in the car reviewing the gas gauge. When I exited he got out of the car and then said, "Get that bag and wrapper out of the car. You know better than that." At this I was offended and realized that the guy was just being direspectful with me on each item and I refused to get the bag. It was after all his job to clean the car. He then said, "Thats why I hate renting to fat slobs like you." That led to an exchange between us and I took out my camera and begin to film him as he was cursing at me and calling me names and telling me to get my Fat ass out of his store and so on. The following video is the part that I was able to get on camera. It speaks for itself. Help this go Viral. I publishing this so late because I reached out to AVIS and they have not gotten back to me despite making claims they would.

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