ATT Uverseterrible service

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If you are considering att uverse, you may want to think about one of their competitors... Unless you enjoy choppy service and endless wait times to speak with someone on the phone.

I'm writing because I was just on hold for 50 minutes to speak with billing because the first bill I ever received was a disconnect notice and a bill for over $400. After being transferred to several other people, I was finally sent to someone who allegedly could make an adjustment on the bill. After more time on hold, I was told that the first person I spoke to could only do the adjustment. So, that was basically an hour long call that accomplished nothing since the other office closed while I was on hold.

On top of the recent experience, i've had a technician come to my house 10 times for the terrible quality of service. They still have not fixed the problems.

The only reason i'm with them is because the channel lineup has potential and the cost is less than the competition. But honestly, I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.


  • Be
    beachwader2011 Nov 20, 2008

    What is this claim by att installation that plug in must be 3 prong wired outlet? I have 50 yr old home with all modern electronics, modem, satellite TV, central heat, etc. TV, etc, computers are currently plugged in to 3prong adaptors, and surge protector strips. I have used these plugs for 30 yr in this house---never had any problem. NO one at ATT explained this. I complained bitterly. The tech just came in --said he would do nothing--after we waited several weeks for installation--and prepared for install. Why could he not do the other parts of the prep. If a 3 prong plug is really needed--he could have prepared everything else, and we could quickly get the plug in installed. ATT offered "custom" installation. They said the tech would come and do everything. They are in breech of contract. The tech came, refused to do anything. they should have been prepared to do the outlet work. The tech clearly knew he would refuse to do the job. I suspect that he is on contract-- and goes around telling people that he cannot do anything because there is no 3 prong plug. Then he collects full pay for his "NO" service call. What is going on with ATT uverse? Are they total fraud? Also, I could not find an ATT complaint deaprtment---as often happens with those big corpss.

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  • Co
    corpoate greed Feb 20, 2009

    How about all of the everse customers out there that are tired of turning the TV on and off 3-4 times to get the BOX to engage. Or getting up and pushing OK.--- I have 5 boxes and they all do the same thing.

    I complained and spoke w/ ATT techy and he too gave me some more channels, blabla bla.. to compensate.

    Now I am seeking out charter and may go back to analog.

    Someone tell me what my Samsung 52 " 1080 will produce with Cable Analog.

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  • He
    help Feb 27, 2009

    have had U-verse less than one month. Having big problems. This service seems to be eating our TVs. Big screen TV in living room went out after less than 2 weeks on U-verse. Bought a new TV and cant get the U-Verse remote to work with the brand new hdtv. Called, but sadly we can not understand these people, accent is too heavy. Now tonight, another of our TVs going out. I don't think I'm going to be able to afford U-Verse and call Charter to take us back.

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  • Ro
    Rocky Apr 23, 2009

    Att Uverse is a lying deceiving part of AT&T That really sucks bad. They lie to you and offer a rebate check that will never come. You are told that you will receive $200.00 after the 30 days after sighn up but nver told how to redeem it untill its too late. Finally you are sent a rebate rewards certificate to an internet address. But to no avail, When you log on to it you are advised that this offer has expired!! But Wait my friend! We will give you $50.00 !!! WOW!!! WHAT A ###JING DEAL AFTER BEING ###ED OUT OF THE 200 !!! WOW !!! I CANCELED THEIR ###!!! YOUY SHOULD DO THE SAME !!! THIS IS TYPICAL AT&T LYING ### ###. THEY WILL NEVER DARKEN MY DOOR AGAIN!! THAT INCLUDES THEIR LYING ### CELL PHONE SERVICE TOO.!! tHink about it, Who Needs AT&T anymore??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    NO ONE!!!
    SO WHY TAKE THEIR ###?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • Ro
    Rocky Apr 23, 2009

    AT&T SUCKS ### LYERS!!!

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  • Ro
    Rocky Apr 23, 2009

    AT&T IS SUCK ### LYING ###S

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  • Rh
    rhf-16c Apr 28, 2009

    they have very bad service and lying big time. I will cancel them

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  • Co
    Consumer May 26, 2009

    ATT Uverse is absolutely the worst there is. I agree copletely witht he comments made. When I have some more time I will be writing in length just how terrible the service is and how horrible their customer service is. Just note: a company forces you through a lengthy automated answering system...and then when you finally reach a live person...when they say "how can they provide youwith excellent service today" ...just know that they are asking youthis becaue they simply do not know themselves how to provide even fair service! They are horrible. Don't use ATT for any services. They are the 800 pound gorrilla and they simply don't give a damn about you. They promise you the "moon" when selling but - once you buy - then they give you nothing but "space" when you need their service. Just moveon to another company. You'll save yourself tons of grief and frustration.

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  • Bi
    BijonsDaddy Aug 14, 2009

    I'm in Houston, TX also. My complaint is I had to wait 3 months (November to January) before AT&T could install U-Verse. They advertise "professional" installation, which is the biggest joke. If you could see how the technician installed it, you would see there is nothing professional about it. The sad thing is we were having problems with the television, and after numerous attempts telling the dispatch department that I needed a human being in my condo to see what's going on instead of me unplugging all the crap and running from room to room to see if this or that tv was working, they sent out a repairman while we were gone and our 20 year old son was left to deal with him. When we returned, more line was stapled down along the baseboard, then stapled over the door facing, down the baseboard again and into the Master bedroom. If I would have known that the 1st installer wasn't suppose to use the existing Comcast cable, I would have taken it out of the walls with plate covers and run the lines thru the walls myself. Now my experience with customer service has been pretty good with AT&T, but with Comcast their customer service sucked the rag. Comcast could not careless if they lost you as a customer, even after being with them (Time Warner was taken over by Comcast in Houston) after 20 years. I also just switched my wireless provider from Verizon to AT&T after 13 years. Verizon is another one that needs some help in the customer care department. Their prices are astonomical, that's why I was told I had the rich mans cellular provider. However, I was considering T-Mobile, but AT&T seemed like the logical solution. Who knows, in 2 years I may switch if I become dissatisfied with AT&T. If some of these providers would listen maybe they would have more customer loyalty. We're sick of paying high prices. One more thing AT&T. I hate the hold times and those stupid voice prompts that never direct you to the correct department. I want to talk to a real person.

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  • Ro
    Ron0309 Mar 02, 2010

    ATT has to be one of the worst in customer service in the world---the problem is the CEO, the board should fire him and top tier of Sr. VP immediately and start over. I tried for 5 months to get a correct bill and to get them to disconnect a phantom dvr and tv connection that never existed. I finally canceled, they still owe me $10.52 8 months later. Thankfully I have excellent records or they would have screwed me out of hundreds. They offered me $200 to stay when I called to cancel -- I told them the company did not have enough money to get me back--and heck I am unemployed.

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  • St
    stefdacodele Apr 14, 2010

    My compaint is about television censorship. These people should spend more time worrying about things that matter than some thing so petty. How about the fact that my 3 year old niece can turn on tv at any time and see full ### cheeks on people in thongs and hear people saying "bicth" on tv.
    When i was growing up ### cheeks were sensered. Practically nothing is sensored any more. Why dont these people worry more that a 17 yr old child can go to an R rated movie and see full frontal nudity! They see things that used to be considered soft porn. And on tv late at night too!

    Where are the people that should be sensoring everything on rtelevision? Why arent there any laws making these people clean up tv!!

    Do you want your 17 year old son/daughter growing up seeing ### on tv and hearing swares and seeing such tastless things on tv?? or watching a movie that should b soft porne? a 17 year old boy or girl should not be able to see full vaginal or penial images rated R. Its people that make these things okay to see on tv and movies that are corrupting children to have sex at the age of 12, wear makeup so young and worry so much about their looks. We tell our kids growing up that loooks dont matter and its what is on the inside that counts but your all setting bad examples and making these kids self consience and turning them into young women and too young at an age where theyre bodies and minds are not mature enough to handle these things.
    Why dont you people worry about the integrity, family values and good taste america so 'claims' to have???!!! The girls gone wild commercials are RIDICULOUS! My 3 yr old should be able to turn on the tv in the middle of the night if she cant go back to sleep without seeing this!! Then she is mocking it!! And its the channels that have appropriate things on during the day and at night are ridiclous. Thse things should be pay per view. I cant parental block all the "bad" night time channels because then she cant watch them during the day. Things like this should be commericals for the pay per view channels. And to be honest, i dont want to see those things either. Just because one fool thinks its okay and approves it doesnt mean its okay. If they think its okay to have sex in public than are we going to walk into targer and have sex there too? People need to do whats right and i want to know who the fool is that okayed television to get so "dirty" and inappropriate in the past ten years!!!

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  • Dg
    dgowen Aug 27, 2010

    I have had ATT Bundle U-Verse since 4/09. Since that time it has consistantly dropped service. I work out of my home so this is costly and irritating to me and my clients. I have called many many times. Many agents have been to my home, they all say something different about what is wrong, one didn't even show up and then the one recently who I had to ask to leave because of his rudeness. (I filed a complaint against him and 4 days later the phone service is totally out? Coincidence?) The phone agents are more concerned about rather or not you will complete the survey about them, then they are about you being happy with ATT. They even will say the survey is about them in particluar NOT how you feel about ATT Uverse in general. I guess they are more than aware few are happy, especiallyif they get service such as mine.

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  • Ki
    KIBOSH Dec 10, 2010

    I hate to say it, but you people are a bunch of whiners and hypocrites. saying that the one person that should be fired is the CEO of the company? try the managers of the offices that are causing the problems. The CEO has only one job, to run the head of the company not the body. There is a great old saying you all should know "Sometimes the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing." That said, don't blame someone so far from the problem. On to the next piece of this crap, censorship? there are channels dedicated to kids, Disney for one where kids televisions should be on. Why would you let a 3 year old have a T.V. in their room anyway??? LONG LIVE THE INFINITE BABY-SITTER!! Lazy parents are the real problem here. You all complain about gangs, murder and all the violence on T.V. but you would rather sit your children in front of it and basically show them how to act by that. I don't have any kids. I will be the first to admit I'm not ready for them, but if i did I for damn sure wouldn't let them sit in front of the "boob-tube" for longer than an hour. So you say AT&T is the worst thing out there? Really? They are a business and as such their main focus is money, but i have had worse times with Time Warner, Dish Network and Direct TV then AT&T. Not to mention the only time i really get to watch T.V. is only an hour or two a night, but that's all i really want or need. So lets focus on your real problem, yourselves, STOP BEING [censor]ES. Another phrase for you to know "You and only you can control what your children watch." Yes you have the power to stop them from seeing the stuff you are complaining about and I can give you some steps on how:
    1. Talk to them and let them know what is ok and isn't ok.
    2. There was an invention a while ago called a V-chip, USE IT.
    3. An invention from way back called a REMOTE, same as the V-chip, USE IT.

    My parents controlled what i watched by CUTTING THE POWER CORD TO MY TV. Sounds hard but trust me it's really not, a knife or a pair of scissors and there you go. I really hate to vent but you [censor]s have brought it upon yourselves.

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  • Mi
    Michael999 Feb 25, 2011

    AT&T U-verse and AT&T guys are so stupid!
    Yesterday morning 9 am, I ordered to install AT&T U-verse service at my new apartment.Then, I got the appointment today 11am-1pm. So, I requested my office 3 hours to wait AT&T technician at my apartment.
    Normally, the technician ever call before he come to the installation area/apartment. But, I didn't receive any call, and then I called to AT&T CS, and one lady said my appointment is 11-1 pm, so I have to wait the technician anyway, and call them back after 1pm. I was very disappointed, and I called them again at 12:40 pm. One guy, named Carl, picked up my call, and said please hold on 1 second, I was holding on the call, and he told me again please hold on 1 second again, after 30 minutes over, he said we are so sorry, the guy you ordered yesterday didn't finish my order completely, and that's why their AT&T technician cannot come and install at my apartment. And he said the only way he can do is try to order again with next available schedule, and he cannot guarantee the next available time exactly.
    How's stupid AT&T customer service, and how they do respect their customer!
    I've already wasted my office 3 hours to wait their AT&T technician.
    They don't care their customers. Just only say apologize.
    After that, I tried to call back again to their U-verse order department, you know even one guy who picked up my call lied me they didn't give any appointment for today to me. Then, I told him so why did I need to wait their technician at my apartment by using my office time, and why they cannot check my order status thoroughly?
    I didn't do any mistake, I used my office time, but I got nothing.
    So, who is responsible for that, and to whom can I complain for my wasting times?
    Any advice please?

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  • Mj
    mjclark Mar 18, 2011

    My service is in Atlanta, GA The customer service department doesn't have any respect for the customer. I received a past due bill for my new service...had not ever received a bill for current service. I was on the phone with ATT-Uverse report for 41:28 min...did not get ANYTHING resolved (after speaking with four people)...Tried signing up for their on-line service..that doesn't work either...and they have a $159 charge to hook up your service...and you have to be responsible for returning their equipment just to change service from one location to another in the same complex! This is my last dealing with ATT - Uverse...

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  • Un
    unhappyagian Jan 14, 2012

    Service interrupts almost everyday and I am waiting 15 minutes to to on line chat with ATT

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  • To
    Tom Carruthers Aug 14, 2018

    scam calls and other annoying calls apple scam

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  • Li
    LilSooze Aug 20, 2018
    My wifi is horrible. I made an appointment on 8/10/18 4PM to 8PM. per my RING the tech arrived at 332! I wasnt home my appointment was at 4! I was told to reschedule he could show up to an hour early. NOT acceptable or true! Called, no help, no wifi help, and complete run around.

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  • Ja
    Janiceclark Aug 20, 2018

    Tech damaged my $1, 000 Pier One dresser. Left without telling me. Still do not have the UVERSE installed in my home. They have failed 3x's to install it. One tech did not know what he was doing. Second Tech was not given the complete work order. and Third tech never showed up!

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  • Sa
    Sam C Clark Sr. Sep 02, 2018

    1 . instant Rebate $299.00 2. instant Rebate $100.00 3. instant Rebate $297.00 Bill for month was to be $117.29 . Is this the way Att is doing all there customers, the first bill wae to be $117.29 + $35.00 + $14.00 + Tax . Have been over charged on all Bills I have received . A copy of order is attached .

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  • Ja
    jacob frasier Sep 05, 2018

    Rodney Warren as manager was very unhelpful and disrespectful!!! I will be canceling (ALL) three accounts that I pay for and switching to a competitor.

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