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The worst decision I have made in years was to change over from Dish Network through ATT to the bundle of U-verse internet, digital phone and cable TV. We have had nothing but grief. Their technical support is non-existent, or puts you on hold for days. It is all miserable


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Jan 07, 2016 4:25 pm

I was promised FREE installation and a $100 gift card and received neither. Called and they said I don't qualify for a gift card. Since I know they record all calls, I asked they review the transcript of my call and they said they would and get back to me. Nada nothing. I even had a witness since i was on speaker. Crooks!

Oct 11, 2015 1:21 pm

Their Billing Department are a bunch of crooks.

We have had At &T Uverse for just over a year, , , , First year was great very pleased with since Jan 1, 2014 it is sucky the worst service ever we have had 6 techs out and even senior techs...still crappy as ever we are now having a 7th tech coming out on monday...the phone cuts out all the time and at times we dont even have a phone line...
in order to try and complete a call its usually after about 5 calls ...its so frustrating! totally unacceptable ...we are paying for a service we are not being provided with... this is illegal!

the internet sometimes doesnt even work... I want results! and I want them now! We would get rid of them, however there is nothing else in our area, unless we go get cell phones...which not all of us get free handouts from the government to get.

Feb 13, 2014 2:21 pm

I got AT&T uverse in November 2013 I have been out of phone service 4 different times, this time I'm being told it will be 5 (thats right 5 days) days with out phone service. It is only February 13, 2014. I am tired of getting Phillipines and India, at&t uvers has the worse customer service I have ever seen. They just flat lie to you about sending out a repair man. After seeing all the problems about the TV service glad I only have the internet and phone.

Jul 11, 2008 3:02 pm

I applied for the Uverse services from AT&T. I have had cell phone service with them since they first took over Cingular. I have over $200 in cell and data services for my two sons and myself. I found that when I had moved I had an old home phone cell bill so paid that $69 bill that I was told was outstanding in order to get service. I was then told that my credit I have bankruptcy was not good enough for the U-VERSE feature yet they were willing to sell me home services, internet and satellite services. Although my account for cell phone is in good standing and I paid off my debt they refuse service. I asked to lodge a complaint and have been told on 3 separate occasions that a supervisor/manager would call me back. It has been over two weeks now and no one has yet to call me back. I was told there was no online way to make a complaint. I was also told that it's different credit report they run for the other services and that there is no way to make deposits to get service on etc.

Before when it was SBC and Cingular services was very good and always a response back. Since AT&T has taken over services have gone down hill and just because I didn't qualify for one of their offerings I found it inexcusable not to get call back. I will probably start looking for other cell phone services based on this poor representation by the new U-Verse process.

Aug 02, 2013 7:04 pm

Absolutely one of the worst decisions I've ever made was to agree to AT&T service. No one knows what's going on. Customer service is deceitful and in- knowledgable. They continually make promises they don't keep and they have no customer support. It is unbelievable how this company remains in business. It's awful! Beware before switching over!

Jul 30, 2013 5:33 pm

I am so very disappointed and dissatified with At&t. I wish I had read the complaint post before I actually purchase this crab. They are the worst cable providers I have ever experience and that means a lot since I left Time Warner. They have no communication between departments and no one know exactly what is going on. They are a bunch of baffons and I wish I could cancel. This company is so horrible that before anything can be connected I am already fruastrated and regretting having them as my cable provider.

Sep 16, 2011 10:47 pm
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I scheduled the installation of uverse four weeks ago. Technician never even knocked at my door, and in poor English, explained that the service can not be installed. Though he disconnected my land line, he never hooked it back up. I called Att and had to call for the supervisor several times - simple agents do not know squat. Finally, they were trying to raise the price of my initial order, and have me wait for another two weeks to install it - and this after they admitted it was their fault! Unsatisfying, very disappointed, now I am without internet service and have to start my research again where to go for the service. Att is just outsourced their customer support to India and Indonesia, they don't want business with us, but the truth is - the customer is still right! I am thinking about suing them - maybe after, they will realize something... Ugh!


I've had AT&T UVERSE for about 3 years and I've had to my DVR replaced twice a year, each year. Each time it goes out getting a technician out is a nightmare. You have to go through a long routine with a customer service rep from India that you can barely understand, before they will send someone out. I'm calling it quits.

Jun 20, 2011 6:05 am
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I thought I was saving $50 or more by switching from DirectTV to combine my internet and TV in a bundle price. Yes, I saved for the next 6 months but they did not tell me how much it would be after 6 months. Everything was now $100 more than I was payimg before. All kinds of fees; HD fee $10, each box $10, HBO, Showtime, $15 each, $30 of weird fees. You pretty much have to go with their basic Plan for $29, which is just the local channels with a bunch or infomercials or spanish channels. The only good thing with ATT Uverse you cancel anytime no fees. Yippy!

Bottom line, ATT sucks. PERIOD!

May 19, 2011 9:30 pm
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I would like to share my AT&T story. They cancelled my uverse, internet and phone services by mistake. When I called to straighten this out, I found out after many transfers and painful navigation through their automated menu ("I SAID HOME [censored]!"), that there is no technical service after 6pm. REALLY?!? When I finally did get someone on the phone, they were unsympathetic, uncaring and totally useless. The customer service with AT&T is the worst I have experienced ANYWHERE and that's including McDonald's. I had to tell my problem to person after uncaring person and was transferred so many times that I actually broke into tears out of frustration. It took hours on the phone over several days to finally get my services working properly, but not before the idiots opened TWO accounts in my name and I was the one who had to call and talk to this person and that person, be transferred here and there again, tell my story over and over again, and oh the technical service people that are outsourced won't even transfer you! They make you write the number down and call only to be transferred back to them by the number you just called! Each person would ask me my account number and I would tell them I don't know. They would tell me I have two and ask me which one was the correct one. HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW? SO FRUSTRATING! Anyway, once this was finally straightened out, two months later, my service goes out again because they didn't link the new account number that THEY messed up in the first place to my bank account that the old account was linked to, leading in a failure to pay the bill. I called straight away to pay the bill. It took me two hours to pay the bill over the phone. This should be a simple transaction, but the phone number on the bill takes you to the God-awful automated menu which took me to the wrong place, then I was transferred to the billing department for the wrong department of AT&T, then I finally got to uverse, but for the wrong state...JESUS H CHRIST! None of the departments apparently talk to eachother and none of them can perform but one function each and that is transferring you to another department. Once I finally got to the right department, the person had the nerve to try and charge me to make a payment over the phone. Oh and here's a funny one, one of the people who transferred me told me I could make a payment online...YOU TURNED OFF MY INTERNET [censored]! Once I finally got the bill paid, it took another two days to get my service cancelled. I got Comcast installed today. The AT&T equipment is boxed up...if I didn't have to give it back I would be having a bon fire tonight. And that is why I hate AT&T.

May 03, 2011 11:44 pm
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I agree with the complaints. My picture freezes up...impossible to talk to someone who cares...and a repairman was out last night...shorted out a coax cable to an electrical box. DVR AND TV blew up! I mean sparks, popping, smoke! I have been on the phone over 4 hours today trying to get someone to take care of mt TV!

Feb 10, 2011 6:12 pm
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I got u-verse in June of 2010 and it work fine for the first couple of months. Then my t.v.s would freeze up for minutes, sometime hours at a time. I called customer service and they ran a so called check on my phone line and said there was trouble on my line. They sent out a outside tech to fix the problem, he couldn't do it. They sent another tech out, but this time it was a inside tech. He plug a scanner thingy into the phone jack and said, " Yep it's definely a problem here". He ran some coaxial cable from outside to my modem and it worked for a day. I called them back again, this time they sent the head outside tech. He ran all new coaxial cabling from outside to the inside of my home and told me if the didn't get it right the company would fire him. He got it right and I have not had any trouble since then, which was last month, but I take look at my new bill and snakes charged me over 300 buck for repairs that I didnt know I was being charged for. They told me when I called the charges were for inside repair of cable lines. I told them I was unaware of any fees that where to occur, if so i would have just cancelled my service instead of being charged 300. They said they only can remove half the fee, they suck!

Jan 31, 2011 7:40 pm

We decided to get uverse and bundle our services. biggest mistake of my life. We got connected in Sept 2010 and are yet to get a full month service without our service crashing. the tv freezes and our internet goes out and our phone line goes dead all at the same time, and sometimes for days! If you are contemplating switching...DON'T. Am still waiting for my visa gift card too...what horrible service. Customer service says if I want to cancel, I have to pay a cancellation fee of $180. And the techs are giving me the run around. No one can fix it!

Jan 15, 2011 1:57 pm

I am a Service Rep for AT&T U-Verse and unfortunately must agree with most of the complaints here. I have been with the company for several years and after the department I was with downsized last year I was transferred to U-Verse customer Care. The job is an absolute nightmare and I have gone from a loyal AT&T employee to someone who hates going to work and am having a hard time dealing with the stress of the job. I spend 8 hours a day listening to people scream at me and complaining about the constant technical problems with U-Verse and the many billing nightmares. Most of us really do care about our customers and will do whatever we can to help but the company doesn't give us the tools to do so. I certainly don't blame my customers for being mad because I had my own problems with AT&T service and now use Charter for my telephone, internet and TV. I also dropped AT&T wireless and went to Verizon for my cell phone service. I think it's pretty bad that I can't be loyal to the company I work for but I just don't need the aggravation.

Just yesterday I had a customer call me to tell me that a technician installed her U-Verse a couple of weeks earlier but was unable to complate the installation. He told the customer that he would call her back and then come out to finish things up in a couple of days. To make a long story short, she never heard from him again. I put the customer and hold and contacted Dispatch to send out a tech to finish the job. The dispatch rep told me that there was nothing she could do and also told me that they do not talk to customers. So there I sit with this poor customer on the line and I can't do a thing. I then tried to call someone on our escalation team but couldn't get through because their line was busy for over twenty minutes. As a last resort I had to transfer the poor customer to tech support in the Phillipines. I seriously doubt that they did anything but transfer her somewhere else. On top of being unable to help my customer, I had to ask her if she was "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with my service and try to sell her a cell phone. Is this [censor]ed or what? Personally, as soon as I can find another position, I will leave AT&T and don't ever plan on doing business with them in the future. My personal suggestion: Stay away from AT&T and their U-Verse services at any cost and if you are a U-Verse customer be sure to check your bill out thoroughly each and every month. If a tech does show up to fix a problem on your service, chances are there will be a charge for that tech visit ranging from $50.00 to $150.00. I have never seen a company charge their customers for problems that they should correct but AT&T does.

Aug 27, 2010 1:12 am

AT&T did the same thing to me when i moved into my existing apartment complex a customer service rep stated i had an existing oustanding bill of 98.00 which was a final bill from a previous residence i had occupied i had since lived elsewhere where that apartment complex had an exclusive contract with timewarner cable. The customer service rep told meif i just paid the past due amount i would be able to order new service. Well i payed the bill and I was denied. i asked if i could pay an additional deposit and they stated no we cannot offer you service at all due to you being high risk. WTF? So i just don't get any cable service i asked and he responded yes theres nothing i can do. Luckily my apartment complex offered an alternative which is Att home entertainment go figure. its basically directv without bundle service only cable cost me about 94.00 per month no premium channels I have 2 receivers with one of them being a dvr. I had to order internet through which costs me 40.00 per month and is a gateway 2 wire. What I don't understand is how they can offer you service through other att companies but not uverse. Its all AT&T people whats the hype. The equipment is basically the same. I just think all apartment complexes should not enter into exclusitivity contracts with cable companies if all residents will not qualify or at least apartments should be made to offer an alternative.

Jun 11, 2010 10:08 am

Same story here although I've been a phone customer with them forever and a day. I can only get satellite for tv & a tower on my roof for internet where I live (3 meg speed at peak). Called when u-verse/internet FINALLY became available for my area. The guy asks for my ss#, b-day and puts me on hold. I was never told they were doing a credit check. He comes back and tells me I'm "high risk" and won't offer me the service. I too own my own home, car, etc plus in good standing with AT&T. The guy told me they don't factor in credit with AT&T and it's based solely on credit rating. Unfortunately, I don't have the option of cable because it's not available where I live so I'm stuck with directv and that crappy internet.

Apr 02, 2010 11:25 am

This just happened to me yesterday. The guy was here for TWO hours! After the whole info session he called the center and they denied my once, and I was like, WHAT? I own my home, I own my car, I have great credit. So the guy called another"center" and they denied me again! Two hours of my day ruined and left me confused and scared to what might have happened to my credit. SO, I paid to get a copy of my credit report and my score was a 777!
Everything said credit in good standing. I think they are trying to take alot of your time, so when they do deny you that you have wasted so much of your time that you'll pay a hefty non-refundable deposit. They told me it would be $400! Im livid!

Dec 31, 2009 10:26 pm

I had Uverse installed in June. I have had over 10 tech visits and I had a visit today and it still isn't working, so I have another appointment tomorrow! Happy New Years! And that isn't counting the many times I had to reboot the central device and the Uverse device. There is hardly a week that goes by that there isn't something going wrong: Pixilating, intermittent interruptions so that my recorded programs have skips from 5 seconds to sometimes half the program being missing.

This is the worst tv service I have ever had. The last service I had was Dish Network. I never had to have a tech come out and I only had to reboot less than 10 times over probably 10 years. If this doesn't fix it, I will go back to Direct TV.

Nov 03, 2009 10:38 am
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I think it is so stupid that they require a credit check. I did away with the phone company years ago when the cable company offered the phone service. But now I see that the phone company is now offereing television services as reasonable prices. So I was very interested however they don't want to offer me service because of my credit. They don't realize how much service they can get if they did just require a deposit instead. I would be willing to pay a deposit and earn interest on it.

Oct 28, 2009 5:32 pm

At first, Uverse seemed liked an excellent idea, so I ordered it...three weeks ago. Good thing I didn't cancel Dish Network, because AT&T has missed 4 install dates in a row, each preceded by an automated call which directed me to [protected] where I got 15 minute holds, rescheduling notices and no good answers. The service reps blamed "facility issues" for everything, each time. My own sense is that "management issues" should be blamed. It's still not installed, I can't anybody who's happy with Uverse, and I'm losing faith fast.

Jul 28, 2009 11:33 pm

I got uverse a month ago and I'm already having the same problems everyone on this page had...I am so sick of the picture freezing, the long time you are placed on hold, and your whole day being tied up waiting on a technician! I am just about to give up on uverse and return to the cable service I had before this uverse nightmare began!ugh

Jul 25, 2009 10:15 pm

We have had U Verse for six months. When it works - it is absolutely great. Internet is fast, tv is pretty incredible, phone is fine. The wireless router provider has the best range of any router I have tried. The issue is really keeping the system operational.

We live in an older area of Dallas - and perhaps that is the issue but we have technical service at our house at least every other month - and are trouble shooting the system via their customer service line at least monthly. Their people are pretty professional - but I think they cannot (and maybe no one) manage this technology. A typical call goes something like this - system down, call 1-800 number to schedule tech, sit around wait for tech, tech comes in and states needs line tech, resked for line tech, line tech comes in and states first tech should have found the problem. To get resolution (on three separate occassions) it took 3 1-800 calls (avg call about 20 minutes), one tech visit (sit in your house for five hours) and one line tech visit (another five hours). Total time from outage to resolution about 48 hours.

So get the service - but set aside some significant time for tech visits

Jul 15, 2009 3:26 pm

After waiting over a year for uverse to roll out in my neighborhood I finally tried to sign up and like everyone here I got denied. I suspected they were gonna run a check because the website asked for my SSN. But I didn't think it would be an issue since my credit score, which is above 600 on all 3 agencies, is far better than it was when I switched to Comcast early last year. The bankruptcy I had is well over 13 years old and has since dropped off my report. Sure I got a few derogatory remarks that haven't dropped off the radar yet and one late payment due to an error in my bank's ebill payment screwing up. But other than that I'm doing good. Yet I still got denied.

Supposedly the check was a "soft credit check" according to the CSM which is not supposed to affect your credit - we'll see how that goes.

It pisses me off because essentially I'd be trading one 170/mo service (I've always been on time for) for their 130/mo service. Its not like I'm adding to my debt or anything sheesh.

I knew there was a reason I dropped ATT as my provider for everything last year. Think I'm gonna go to a Verizon store and switch up my ATT aircard for theirs and I'll be completely rid of ATT forever.

Jul 13, 2009 3:58 pm

Do NOT do Uverse !

This has been a 3 month nightmare. Many hours, missed work, many 'on hold' phone calls, 3 technician visits. Still doesn't work well. Radio station in the background of all phone calls/ slow or no internet / in and out cable.

Trust has been so hard to get back to where we were. My wife has to temporarily lose her email address (great for work), and comcast is charging to come back and re-wire (Att pulled their cable).

Terrible service!

May 26, 2009 11:43 am

We are having issues with the TV side of Uverse as well. Picture will disappear for 10-15 seconds - then we get a error message that the picture is unavailable, then it comes back on. It will repeat this for several times before it starts to work properly again.

Also, we were told our alarm system would work with the Voice Over IP signal on the phone. Of course it didn't as we learned after our alarm was going off on day and we received no calls from the security system and no police response. So we have to switch back to an Analog phone line or pay more money for some cell transformer. It took 3 hours and 10 different ATT groups to get this resolved. Royal pain...

May 20, 2009 1:29 am

Wow, my husband and I are so dissappointed to be in the same situation as all of you. We live in Houston, TX and absolutely love all the features of AT&T UVERSE. But it doesn't work. I work as a recruiter and I remember about a year ago I met with a former AT&T employee who quit her job in technical support because she said the system was so messed up that all she did all day was deal with unhappy people. She said the system has serious problems and they didn't have the people it took to fix the problems or to support the issues. I remember she mentioned something about the remote controls not working with the system well. She was a temporary employee assigned there from a placement agency and didnt have a technical background. I've been a recruiter a long time and have heard a lot of ex-employees say a lot of things so I took what she said with a grain of salt.

I was hoping when we got UVERSE that they had resolved those issues because my husband was very excited about getting it. So here we are a little over a year later after having UVERSE. We got off to a pretty good start I don't recall any major issues for the first 6-9 months but all of a sudden the problems started and they haven't stopped. It started with our system freezing the image on our screen for a few minutes, then it would freeze for longer and longer until it just stayed frozen. So we did the hard reset of the box. I don't think that has ever worked for us once--in fact it seems to just make sure the system will not come back on. So then we called technical support. Although we got an automated system every time we called our tv would start working within a few minutes at the most of calling and sometimes when we answered the first question. So seems like they have an automatic program set up to check your system as soon as you call in. Now that makes me wonder how much money and time it took to write that program and leads me to think if they took the time and money to do that then i would have to think that there was no other more cost effective or efficient fix---in other words quite possibly they can't fix the problem so they created an automatic fix when you call in.

Meanwhile back to the facts. So every day we call somewhere around 2-5 times. We call, get the auto system, answer one or two questions the tv comes back on. Inconvienant but it wasn't like we were missing out on entire tv programs. But when that started taking more like 45 mintues on the phone with them, we asked for technicians to come out and check out the system. They rescheduled the first appointment but showed up for the second. Technician said we had an old box and replaced the main box (modem or gateway whatever it is) So we have a new box. Now the system goes out even more often. Technicians to the rescue again after another 45 minute phone call. Second time two technicians are sent again. First one said he couldnt find anything wrong with the lines so the second one is going to come the next day. But he ended up being right down the street and stopped in the same day. That was nice. Second guy showed my husband how to check the box (modum--gateway whatever) to see if the green light was on or the red. And if the red light was on he needed to unplug it and plug it back in. I thought that was rather innovative. I'm thinking that I'll try that with the washer and dryer, my blow dryer and a few other items to see if I can get better performance out of them.

So now our system goes down about every 20-30 minutes but sometimes we can go for two or three hours without it going out. The Internet is an entirely different issue. It goes out regulary and says we have local access only--- in otherwords no connection. Thank goodness I have a verizon wireless card and can get online that way. So today the TV went out about three times, the internet did not work for most of the day but the topper was when the remote stopped working. That happened at about 5 pm. I changed the batteries thinking that had to be it. No such luck. So I can't get the guide to come up, then the volume control didn't work, then I cant turn the TV on or off. I got the remote out of the other room. It pulls the guide up but no volume control. I called technical support and they are sending someone out tomorrow between 12-4. I told him if they can't fix our system we are going to have to cancel the service. I'm sure he was thinking--sure lady--I'm just a temp and I wish you luck.

May 17, 2009 3:53 pm

We had everything in the entire set-up replaced, from the phone pole fittings to every last connector inside. They even replaced the gateway, the dvr and the second tv's receiver. It seemed to get better for a very short while, but then started freezing up again. Absolutely nothing AT&T tried helped. :-( Why are they selling a system that doesn't have the bugs worked out of it yet?

May 17, 2009 12:52 pm

I just left Directv after 10 years and had Uverse installed 5 days ago. Yesterday was the absolute worse day..EVER. My screen froze up every 15 - 30 minutes. We tried the soft reboot ; the hard reboot ; was on the phone with tech support three times where they ran their tests and rebooted my whole connection and all it did was get worse. The TV with the DVR receiver is the one that freezes up. My other TV does not.

I have a tech showing up tomorrow evening. Has anyone changed the receiver and had the problems corrected? Everything else seems to be working fine.

May 17, 2009 1:16 am

This system crashes more often than a demolition derby entry. We've had it for nearly a year, and love all the cool channels, but it locks up/crashes/freezes continually, and nothing AT&T's techs tried to do (we had them out a dozen times just after our installation) helped at all. Today it (both tvs and the broadband connection) went down no less than 25 times - every few minutes, all day. The problem seems to be triggered *somehow* by certain frequencies/tones: it often freezes the moment the phone rings or when you push particular phone buttons. It's also frozen when my mantel clock chimes, and when the front porch wind chimes are ringing on a windy day! Not a coincidence: it's happened too many times. Usually it comes back on within 30 seconds; other times, it stays locked up for 20-30 minutes. And yes, we've also tried all the resets and "cures" their tech support people suggested. Nada. After all those service calls proved futile, AT&T appeared to throw up their hands and put us on some sort of "ignore these people" list: they'd schedule a service call, but no one would show up. So... we're about to give up and, most reluctantly, go back to Time Vader Cable. Not that we really want to. But sadly, Uverse just plain doesn't work.

May 03, 2009 7:30 pm

You know I agree with those who say AT&T Uverse does not work. I signed up for the system when it open into my area, about a year and half ago. The problem with the system freezing is not acceptable. I have called their Tech service so many times since I signed up I have lost count. I have experienced all of the problems. I have put them on alert that I am going to change all my system from AT&T and that means the three land lines and two cell phones at my work and the Uverse system at home. They will really not care until the noise gets too loud. At least I have a case number now that I can refer back to.

Apr 30, 2009 10:37 pm

All you have to do is say operator and the recording stops and send you to a tech. Just spent 20 minutes telling him we were about to cancel. I've had them out 4 times since December...and it's been that few because I can't stand using cell phone minutes to spend an hour on the phone because my home line doesn't work...and I can't catch the ending to Grey's Anatomy because Meredith Grey's Face is Frozen on the SCREEN! I hate AT&T Uverse...I kept getting apologies tonight for my non service. I have several friends that have NO PROBLEMS at all and all I have are problems...Drives me insane! We are getting a $50 credit..and a SENIOR TENURED TECHNICIAN to come out...whatever that means! I just want to cancel and continue to get ripped off by Suddenlink!

Apr 30, 2009 5:53 pm

DO NOT subscribe to this product. Our volume goes out, picture freezes up. computer wont run and remote control buttons stick! I have spent more hours on the phone trying to get these issues resloved than I would like to remember. After another gruling 2 hours today and a few tears. NOTHING has been resolved! The contantly have me unplugguing and plugging in power cords. I have asked for a service call and was denied this service until I went through there systems check. Well I did all disconnected and here I am at square one. AT&T IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS PLEASE CONTACT have my number I have left it pleanty of times.

Mar 30, 2009 8:04 pm
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i have had this service for two weeks. half the time the system does not work. picture freezes up. help line is useless. you call for service, they allways have an excuse as to why i should try something different to see if i can get it to work before calling out a tech. customer service is lousy. they hung up on me when i told them i wasn't paying for service i have not had or that i have to work on. this company is a joke.

Nov 24, 2008 4:59 pm

we were to have connection 11/21 08 today is the 24th everything is done inside and we still have no connection. called and we might be connected 11/26 I am not very satisfied with this service

Nov 12, 2008 12:02 pm

I was a satisfied AT&T DSL customer for years - switched to uverse and so far the words "nightmare" and "unacceptable" are appropriate.

As others are commenting, the worst part is calling [protected] - absoutely impossible to get the voice-automated assistant to get you to "uverse technical support."

I had it installed yesterday, and have been on hold for over an hour (20 mins each time to get anyone on the line, longer to get to uverse support).

I demanded that the residential support agent NOT put me on hold, told her to cancel uverse and put me back to DSL...after tracking down the uverse cancel agent, he offered escalated support number and dispatched a technician...

uverse escalated support - [protected] - supposedly they will get tech support on the line and call you back.

i have a tech coming today, if this doesn't resolve the issues, i will cancel rather than go through the PAIN of trying to get to technical support.

AT&T had sort of impressed me with the relative ease of getting DSL tech support on the phone - this UVERSE nightmare has changed my opinion of them.

Oct 29, 2008 9:03 pm

I regeret the day that I signed up for uverse. For the second time, they are willing to let me live without phone service. The last ime it was for a week, until a tech told me how to jerry rig the system. Now it will be another week before they will correct the problem. And the jerry rig is not working this time. I will be calling in the morning to have the system removed. All the phone people have been nice, but apparently, you can't get uverse to give you service. I have begged and begged for them to correct the problem but it doesn't seem imoportant to them. I have spent over 500 minutes tryng to get the problem solved. I give in.

Oct 23, 2008 3:21 pm

Dont feel bad, I work for them! They call me three times a day wanting me to get the service. Finally I agreed. They ran me through a credit check and told me I was high risk because I filed for bankruptcy three years ago. Since then I am on the road to repair my credit I have two low rate credit cards in which I pay in full every month and a low rate car payment. I pay all of my utilities on time every month not to mention my phone bill (I work for them for heavens sake!) I asked why and they said because of the equipment, not that they think I would steal it(hello? they know where to find me!) then they had the nerve to tell me that the CEO and shareholders don't want to offer this service to people with bad credit. Hello? I AM a shareholder! Did I get left off of this vote? I feel that this is discrimination. I told them that credit can be fixed but loyalty cannot. Pretty soon they will be throwing uverse at us. Don't worry, I know first hand... It just makes me mad that they call us wanting us to get this and then embarrass us by running our credit and denying us. I don't think this is the time to be doing this to us given our economy and all.

Oct 13, 2008 7:20 pm

Do not switch to AT&T beside the fact the system is never working, & you can never get thru to the company. They don't show up when appointments are scheduled. I had my uverse dvr/computer/phone put in in August 2008, and I don't think I have had more than one week go by that I have had to call them out for repairs. They have missed 5 scheduled appointments, with not even a phone call. Try to call them and you go thru a rediculus recording system, only to have to hold for 20 or more minutes. They seem to think all you have to do is sit home by the phone twiddling your thumbs.

Oct 08, 2008 9:30 am

All of these services run credit checks, they arent gonna put up all this equipment in your home if youre a bad risk. All wireless carriers do credit checks as well, but may have different standards.


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