AT&T Uverseridicluous service


This is my log over just the last month!!! This after I have had service personnel at my home no fewer than 3 times before I got so fed up I began keeping this log. I am forced to have to pay for extra service otherwise I would have to pay for all these service calls for this ridiculous service. 6/1/13, repair svc; 6/8/13 repair svc; 6/9/13 bedroom tv freezes; 6/10/13 fam rm froze and jumped to live; 6/10/13 6:12am fam room jumped to live 6:41am; 6/10/13 7:04am fam room jumped to live tv to 7:28am; 6/10/13 mstr bedroom 8:38pm jumped to live; 6/11/13 fam room 7:58am jumped to live; 6/13/13 mstr bed room 7:51pm, 8:2pm9, 9:47pm jumped to live; 6/17/13 lr 5:44pm froze then jumped to love so it could record???Nothing scheduled; 6/17/13 mstr bedroom 9:27pm froze then jumped to live so could record???Nothing scheduled to record; 6/18/13 lr 12:06pm picture froze (Was on pause from 11:39) had to change channels to view; 6/21/13 7:48pm mstr bedroom froze had to turn off/on; 6/23/13 9:36am fam room froze then jumped to live; 6/23/13 mstr bedroom10:24pm jumped to liv, 6/24/13 9:03pm mstr bedroom said leave hd or choose recording only one other tv being watched and no sched recordings; 6/24/13 10:29pm mstr bedroom jumped to live; 6/25/13 7:46am lr wouldn't allow to rewind or pause; 6/25/13 1:28pm fam room froze then jumped to live; 6/26/13 6:11am lr jumped to live; 6/26/13 6:52am lr jumped to live; 6/27/13 7:23am fam room jumped to live (Am I mad now!!!) ; 6/27/13 1:19p, fam room froze then jumped to live; 6/29/13 12:48pm kitchen froze had to turn off/on; 6/30/13 8:46am fam room jumped to live after holding for 14 mins; 6/30/13 12:16pm fam room jumped to live after hold for mere 9 mins; 7/2/13 7:27pm fam room jumped to live after 16 mins - said dvr sched recording - nothing sched to record and only one other tv on in home. So fed up with this lousy at&t uverse crap. This is the way my service has been since I signed onto to this garbage nearly two years ago. I know I can't be the only one experiencing this or else I must have the worst equipment/satellite in america. I would highly encourage anyone thinking of switching to uverse - do not do it!!! Will add that the men who come work on my service are the nicest bunch of people, but this does not nor has it resolved my issues. I am thankful for one thing, after nearly year and a half - my internet seems to finally be working 24/7, now that my friend is real progress, too bad I had to pay for year and a half for something that I rarely got the benefit of, oh wait, that's right, one service rep showed me how I could move wires up and down when I lost connections, when it goes down I move the wire up one notch when it goes down again I move it back down one notch - that high tech stuff there! Good grief, I am so over this!!!

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