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AT&T Customer Service

1530 Reviews

AT&T Inc.

575 Morosgo Dr., NE Rm 14f67
United States - 30324-3300

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 288 2020(Customer Service)
44 62
+1 888 333 6651(Order New Wireless Service)
1 0
+1 877 782 8870(Check Wireless Order Status)
2 0
+1 314 925 6925(Support For Travel Abroad)
1 0
+1 800 901 9878(AT&T PrepaidSM)
6 8
+1 844 827 7057(Order New U-Verse TV Service)
1 0
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Internet Service)
1 0
+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Customer Service)
13 31
+1 866 294 3464(ConnecTech PaidTechnical Support)
1 0
+1 866 435 3264(Dial-Up Billing & Payments)
1 0
+1 877 990 0041(Order New Fixed Wireless Internet Service English)
1 0
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Digital Phone Service)
1 0
+1 866 975 0050(AT&T PREPAID Wireless Home Phone)
1 0
+1 855 288 2727(Digital Life)
1 0

AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Directory / total rip-off

they suckered my girlfriend into delivering att phonebooks in the local area, promising wage, milage, and a bonus for correct delivery. the results were a job that one person couldnt do alone, so 2 people, getting paid $1.47 per hour. the milage racked up in in a 1993 ford explorer was 115...

Cingular Wireless / Fraudsters


I called Cingular to change my monthly billing from the $59.00 to the $39.00 plan since I never use all my minutes and had over 1200 rollover minutes stored up. I was informed that I would lose all but 400 of my rollover minutes because of a new rule that went into effect October, 2009. I...

AT&T Mobile, Downers Grove, IL / don&t shop here! they will steal your money.

Buyer Beware! They will try to scam you out of your money by tricking you into purchasing then not following the return policy. I went into the AT&T store located on Ogden Ave in Downers Grove, IL. I was looking for chargers for my cell phone, one for the car and one travel charger to plug...

AT&T Internet / Phone / unauthorized billing

In late October, I ordered AT&T internet service; 3 days later after ordering the service on the internet, I cancelled my order. I received a better deal with Comcast, plus, I remembered how displeased I was with their service when I lived in Memphis, TN. About 2 weeks later I received a...

ATT collection dept and agenciesh / harrassment,slander false acusations

I am a dis abled veteran . several years ago I went through the michigan rehabilitation program to attempt my buisness. An unbelievable amount of strange events took place to hinder the buisbess . A radiator hose unexpectedly blew off an engine severly burning my face and eardrum leaving...

ATT Uverse / billing costs

I have been very happy with my Uverse. I was offered the $200 when signing up. Yes there was some work done to get this- waiting for the appropriate time to do it etc. but I did receive it. Read the fine print and bug the hell out of them if needed. My complaint now is a 40% increase in the...

AT&T / don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you


Have you recently experienced more drop calls or bad reception on your cell phone or has your so called high speed DSL slowed down to a crawl? If you are an ATT customer, you know what I mean. I've been talking with a few friends of mine who also had ATT and I have noticed a pattern...

AT&T / damaged phone pole in front of my home

For 5yrs. ive owned my home and today ive tried to set up another work order to get this fixed...i dont have an acount with them. The issue realy is this pole directly in front of my home. Previously, i asked at&t to send someone out to fix this pole which was hit by a car about 6-7yrs ago...

ATT Uverse / horrible product

I usually don't go out of my way to post complaints, but there's only so a guy can take. The AT&T Uverse (Pverse seems more appropriate) is a sub standard product that AT&T is over selling. I received this call from AT&T promising a $200 gift card for switching from my current...

ATT Uverse / super imposed advertising on tv

I am a sometimes a happy but most times unhappy Att customer. The problem I'm having this time is Att decided to super impose advertising on the TV. What this is actually is a Dominoes pizza advertisement that comes up between the movie you are watching and you. It is very annoying...

AT&T / fraudulent practices

I filed the following complaint with: AT&T FCC Attorney General's Office Better Business Bureau I am SICK and tired of AT&T's underhanded practices... I left AT&T because of past fraudulent practices. But AT&T bought out Cingular & I got stuck with them again. Lo'& behold...

ATT / scam charges


Att has offerd, through mail advertisements, a package of home phone, high speed internet and choice of wireless services for the price of $99.00. I called this morning to inquire and sign up because my current billing has increased to $162.69 for wireless service and home phone. Please...

At&t Advertising / bait & switch

AT&T Advertising calls me several times a week trying to upsell me on an Ad I already purchased. When I originally purchased the Ad I was told I had first page placement "Guarenteed". Now come to find out they have me on the second page and will not put me on the first until I pay them...

ATT Uverse Rewards / rewards program


I referred four people to AT & T Uverse for their AT&T Referrals program in May of 2009, and did not receive the rewards for them. On the website it asks for their phone number or their account number. I entered their phone numbers. After waiting 3 months, and no rewards, I called and wa...

Gophone AT&T / Poor servicebordering on a scam


I had previously purchased a $4.99 feature card for my gophone, $4.99 for 200 messages. After a few texts I noticed I was being charged the standard rate for messages. I call customer service and they "inform me" that even though I had purchased a feature card I had to add the feature...

AT&T And Franklin Collections / incompetence and harassment

I can't decide which was more infuriating, AT&T's incompetence, or Franklin Collections' cocky little worm who seems to think answering phones makes him GOD! I made the mistake of signing up with AT&T for home phone service last year. I eventually decided to drop them. I PAID...

AT&T / scam and lies


I am a small business owner and have done yellow page ads with Bell South now AT&T since about 1991. They now sell internet yellow page ads. About 4 years ago I tried the internet yellow page ad and decided on renewal that it did not increase my business and cancel that part of my yellow...

AT&T / unfair billing

In Oct.2008, my husband and I called ATT to switch our phone to just basic service with maintanance and DSL Lite. We made payment arrangements. We found out that ATT left unlimited long distance on our phone, *69, answering service, and all the other bells and whistles. We called back..still... / Rewardscenter / there is no reward


they told me after 21 days to contact them to redeem a giftcard for $100. i can't even get on the rewards website.i am very upset with this i upgraded for this reward.

AT&T / disgusting service


I thought my number was unlisted but it still appears in AT&T online white pages. No wonder, I have a lot of telemarketers calling. I called to complain and to ask for credit. AT&T admits this is a problem but would not give credit. They said my number will not longer be listed in October...