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unauthorized debit from checking account

I closed my AT&T phone and internet service account after 6 years of excellent service provided by AT&T. This is where the trouble began. I forgot to remove the autopay I set up online before I cancelled service. When I realized it I called AT&T and they said no problem, they would stop the autopay and send me a final bill for me to pay by check. They stopped the next autopay, but never sent me a final bill and just took the final bill amount out of my checking account which included an additional charge that was not clear to me. I called them and after being transferred around at least ten times, and hung up on, I finally got someone who said they could help me, but wanted to know if they talk to me about other options available to me from AT&T. I SAID NO. They wanted an alternate phone number on me so they could call me to sell me new products, I SAID NO. I just wanted to find out what the extra charge was for and make sure there would be no more debits against my checking account. My internet billing cycle ended on 5th, and I cancelled on the 9th so this made me responsible for the entire months billing. When I cancelled I was not told this. Apparently it was in the original agreement, but it would have been nice for them to remind me of this when I cancelled. NO MORE AT&T FOR ME!

  • Uo
    Uoller Feb 19, 2010

    Do not believe anything AT&T tells you. If you do you will be very surprised when you get your bill. I got screwed before I knew what was happening. Now I am a disabled person on a fixed income that has to rely on my phone but thanks to AT&T and their lies I may not have one for long. I switched over to the so called bundle package to save money and boy was i surprised when I got my first bill which was over $300.00. Only God can help me now becauseHe is the only one who can defeat saten aka AT&T.I was told I would get a $325.00 rebate but so far all I have coming is $125.00. I want to know where my other $200.00 is and will I ever get it? I am going to have to do without my medication to try to pay this bill.

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  • Gl
    glafferty8 May 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also signed up with AT&T bundle package because it said I could get unlimited home phone service, satellite, and internet for $99 a month. I only got home phone and satellite service.That was over 2 years ago and I haven't had a bill that was less than $167 a month. Also, if my disconnect date is on a Monday and I pay my bill on the weekend I will still get disconnected on Monday at 6am. They don't even open until 8am. They also offered me a $50 rebate when I added my dsl and when I kept calling because it had been several months and I hadn't received it yet they kept telling me they were reissuing me a check. I still didn't get it and after several calls they told me that I DID NOT qualify for a rebate. Why didn't the other customer service people tell me that and why did they tell me I was getting a rebate in the 1st place? AT&T will tell you whatever they want to in order to get you to sign up with them and then make you pay a ridiculous amount if you try to quit using their services.

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  • Fe
    FedUpATT Jun 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What others are saying
    ATT Consumer Fraud
    In December 2008, ATT promised bundled service for $98. The bundle included internet, phone with long distance, and a two year contract with DISH Network. EVERY month I have to call to get the bill corrected because of over charges ranging from $30 to $300. Now, they won't take off the over charges, but they won't release me from the two year contract with DISH. If you are a victim of this scam, call FTC at (877)382-4357, FCC at (888)225-5322, State Consumer Protection Agency (Attorney General) at (800)869-1123 or (404)651-8600, AND the AJC at (404)526-7003.

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  • Ir
    IrritatedwithATT Jun 01, 2011

    I have had too many of the same problems in addition to many other issues regarding AT&T; but what options does a person have to be able to go to anyone else when the service is a monopoly? I don't understand why they can't do a better job helping customers with ANY KIND of concern for the customer...it's non-existent when you deal with them.

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continuously increasing rates

The billing keeps going up and was supposed to be the same. We are in a recession or worse--think again. You are getting to be like Charter.

overcharging and refusing to fix it

I had home phone service. I qualified for and got on the program for low income people. My bill was supposed to be $40 a month and include everything and long distance. After a couple months they took me off the $40 plan and charged me seperately for everything. My bill was over $400. I called several times and even sent a certified letter but they refused to take care of the problem. Whenever I asked for a supervisor I was told they were always busy. I was continually told that they don't change plans for their customers without the customer requesting it. They did and then they charged me for long distance. Why would anyone, especially someone who qualifies for lifeline, asked to be charged individually for everything rather than the $40 it should be. Most of the extras I didn't even use so why would I have paid $250 a month for services I didn't use.

I had to change my phone number and company and pay for an unlisted number. It has now been 3 years and they still refuse to admit they screwed up. I now have bad credit over the bill they sent to collections. They technically owe me almost $400 and they have ruined my credit and it was their fault.

Customer service sucks. I talked to at least 10 different people and they all told me something different. They don't even know what they are doing..that is IF I even got a person who could speak English. On one call I got some foreign person and after 45 min of me trying to explain my problem she still didn't understand.

This company is not a company you want for home service and their cell service is even worse.

lied about direct tvs capabilites

I had to notify at&t that I was moving and needed to see what my options were in the rural area I was moving to. The representative of course only wanted to talk about new features and screwing you out of more money. One of the new features was satellite with DirectTv instead of Dishnetwork, which the rep failed to tell me for alot of the conversation. When I found out it was with Directv instead of Dishnetwork whom I was already with she assured me that they had the same capapbilities as Dishnetwork. She even put me on hold and "spoke" to a Directtv rep to confirm that they had the same capabilities as Dish Network. Wrong!!! Come to Find out the DVR only pauses live tv and records on the tv it is connected to. You cannot watch your recorded shows on any other tv but the main one the dvr box is connected to. In order to record shows and pause live tv you have to purchase each additional dvr box which is $199 ontop of that you have to pay an additional $5 a month for the standard satellite box that does not do anything just to be able to watch tv. I noticed the other night that when just one show on the dual dvr is recording you cannot change the channel or it stops the recording. So its just like not having a dual dvr. You either have to watch your show you are recording or not record it. So its fair to say att screwed me on the switch and coaxed me into switching under false pretenses. The rep also told me that Dish network would charge an installation fee upon the move. That was FALSE also. Oh and on top of that in order to get the special pricing you have to go online and sign up for the rebate through directtv or otherwise you don't get the special pricing and you have to pay full price of that programming package. Guess what? I didn't have internet access because i moved to a rural area and att or satellite doesn't provide internet in a rural area. so i wasn't able to immediately sign up for the rebate. Get this it takes 6 to 8 weeks to process if you do not sign up before installation. they don't tell you that either! If I cancel direct tv its $480 and I never would have went with them if I wasn't lied to in the first place. Ive contacted direct tv and att. Directv won't even offer anything. Not even a second dvr to at least make up for the fact that my kids can't watch recorded playlist in their play room. Att has forwarded my complaint to a supervise of the department in god knows what state of the woman i spoke to that lied to me. Does anyone honestly think I'll ever get a call back? Not a chance. They should be responsible for the fees it will cost me to cancel directtv or or at least another dvr box but it won't happen. DO NOT SWITCH to Directtv especially if att is trying to sell it to you!

  • Ve
    Vegeta_GG42 Jul 08, 2010

    Directv now has the capability to have a DVR work multiple rooms, actually one DVR can run in 4 rooms now instead of just one with the new Deca system.

    As for the single line DVR I would call Directv at 1-800-531-5000 and ask to have them fix that, it sounds like the technician/contractor that did your install only ran the DVR as single line and not dual line like he was supposed to do.

    As far as the rebate you can do that through the phone as well, you do not have to have internet access.

    Also if you look at your monthly bill from Dish Network you will see where they charge anywhere from $5-$15 per receiver past the first one, and $5 per receiver that is not hooked to a phone line, Directv only charges $5 fee for each receiver past the first one, and nothing for no phone lines.

    I am sorry you had a bad experience but if you just call 1-800-531-5000 you and explain about the installer only setting you up as single line tuner then they will fix it, and it should be at the installers expense, they get charged back for issues arrising from an install if within 90 days of the install.

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  • Ma
    Mad in Kansas Oct 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too was ripped off and lied to by Direct TV/ATT. They promised a bundle price and after I signed and committed to a two year contract they did not honor that price. My bill has gone up 20 to 30 dollars each month. I have tried to call them and talk to them about it but their customer services reps just lie to you to get you off the phone. They also promised me a $225 Walmart card because I made the switch in Walmart where Direct TV reps were pitching how much I would save. I still have the paperwork and I am going to pursue this full throttle. I don't see how it is legal for them to straight out lie to consumers to get their business. How is this legally possible? If I cancel the service or just not pay they will charge you an early termination fee. It is not fair for them to straight out lie to hard working consumers who just want to have a little entertainment after a hard days work. I will take it to the Better Business Bureau if I can not get what I was promised.

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  • Jw
    JWN12 Feb 01, 2017


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rebate on (modem)

I would like to know when I can expect our $100.00 reward on our internet promotion it was to be mailed around or about 1/11/2010 that is what our status proessing states we mail in our payments on time I think you should keep your end of the deal
Thank you WDR

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unauthorized debits

*Disclaimer* All info presented below is not 100% correct due to the length of timing for this incident. Only going by memory and notes.

Starting at the beginning, On December 21, 2009 my checking account with Regions Bank went thru Bank Fraud. The next day, I filed a police report and shut the account down with the exception of deposits. All transactions from that day was set up with my new account at Regions Bank.

On December 28, 2009. I received a anonymous debit posted to the fraud account for the amount of $10.00 The person speaking in behalf of AT&T could not find any information in there OPUS system that leads them to believe that there was actually a $10.00 charge. But after about an hour of speaking to a region banker, AT&T finally gave in and refunded me the $10.00 within 24 hours. I was told by the AT&T representative that they were sorry that this happened. That it wouldn't happen again. And would start a case for the problem. I contacted AT&T thereafter and the case was closed do to insufficient data.

On January 27, 2010 I received another anonymous debit of 20.00 This time instead of calling the 1-800 number at AT&T or speaking to my banker, I decided to go to the AT&T store. There I spoke to a AT&T representative and/or retail agent. He was very sorry for the trouble that I have been thru and worked with me to get the situation back in order. AT&T again couldn't find anything in there OPUS system that leads them to believe that there was an actual debit coming from my account using my old debit card that has been destroyed and removed from the regions database. The representative at the AT&T store wrote a email to his Assistant Manager and Manager. He also told me be expecting a phone call between Feb 5 thru Feb 10 from AT&T so they can receive the information regarding my past checking account. I told the representative at AT&T to tell them not to call before 3 PM central time as I am working until that time.

On February 5, 2010 a representative called me around 9 AM telling me that I need to call them by NOON on that day to resolve the issue. I got off work at 2:30 PM and after listening to my voicemail, called her back and left a detailed message to call me back. 2 days later and no response. I called again. No answer but in her voicemail she stated if she doesn't call back within 2 business days to contact two other people she listed on her voicemail. I called those two and neither answer. I left both of them a detailed message. And didn't recieve a response from either of them.

On Feb 9, 2010 I called the 1-800 number at AT&T again and spoke to a AT&T business representative. She told me that the case was closed, again due to insufficient data.

Today is the 10 of February, 2010 and the issue remains. I have not been credited nor have been told any information as to why this has happened. AT&T either can't find a answer or doesn't want to. Plus this latest debit took away from my sons disability check. So my son will be not going to some of his appointments as we cannot fund them without that money, or add the needs of food, etc. This is the first out of many actions I will be taking in order to resolve the issue but also get compensated on for myself and my son for this situation.

I am filing a complaint with AT&T Mobility, only to whom it concerns. Note: At the end of today February 10, 2010 this letter will be sent to the Better Business Bureau as a complaint. If these actions are not resolved by the end of February, further actions will be taken.

bogus charges

Got a new computer with a built in ATT air card...$60/month contract.
Went on a short cruise to Puorto Rico, St. marten, Nassau on MCL Cruise line MS Poesia!

Had no ATT reception once left Florida and Paid MSC over $100 for limited access to their WiFi service aboard ship to ck email etc.

Att suspended my service even tho I only used 357 Kb of 5200kb monthly allowance.

Then I rec'd a bill for 80, 613 kb of usage ($1671.95 ) for roaming in Jamaica !

I was never near jamaica and, I am 75 years old and couldn't use that much time if I lived to be 100 !

After my complaint, they said the charges were legit and that was that !

What do I doi next ?

overcharging for bundled services

I am having the same problem, with AT&T i ordered the phone bundle and got a total different Bundle, they was charging me for services i didn't even order, when i complained to them and told them to take it off my bill they still charged me again for this service the next month and the next month, i originally ordered the phone service with internet only for $68 a month and they were charging me $192 for one month bill, finally i had to tell them to discontinue all together. I am contacting people with this situation, because I am planning on a possible class action against them. They are overcharging people and making them pay these bills regardless and it's not right. Why should we pay for something we didn't ask for. Any one having the same problem my email address is [protected]@aol.com if you want in to contact me.

  • Mo
    Mogli2302 Feb 13, 2010

    It looks like AT &T is doing the same poor performance since years, with no signs of learning. The y never for filled my contract, which was land line and internet. Nobody was able to fix the internet and so I canceled the contract ofter two months of trouble and no usage.
    No they want to charge me the service and the two months. !!!
    I am looking forward to go in a law suit.
    Everybody out here : DO NOT WORK WITH THEM !! EVER !!!

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this cable t.v. & internet sucks

Please save yourself the headaches I've had with this service. Time after time, when I turn on the T.V., there is no picture and it takes forever to get it re-set! Additionally, when I leave the T.V. on for a couple of hours straight, it'll time out, and I'll have to push the "O.K." button to turn it back on (let me tell you, my cat gets PRETTY pissed off about this)!

I have only had this service for a couple of months, but today, I made arrangements to go back to my old cable company. Save yourself some trouble, please - don't go with AT&T Uverse!

  • Bs
    bsetney Jan 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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remote technology services from at&t connectech

The online remote technology services offered by ATT Connectech are provided through PlumChoice Online PC...

misleading sales

It makes me mad that I ask the sale person how much I'm going to pay for Iphone/family plan including taxes... tells me one fee.. I get my first bill and it's 60 dollars higher than before! I knew out of experience with other cell phone companies that they only give you a guess without the tax.. So this time I wanted to get down to the point and asked him if he could tell me what the the whole bill is a month including taxes. I don't understand how they can quote me on one thing and then my bill tells me another. If it would have been even 5-10 dollars of, I would still have been ok with it... but $60? I'm so tired of be scared to get phones these days because I know I'm always getting screwed over. Everything they do is in their computer system, I don't even have an actual contract in hand to read over other than the receipt indicating how much I paid for my phone, the 36 dollar activation fee.. and how much money i saved on a 2 year contract. I'm looking everywhere for an actual contract and nobody can get this to me. I called customer service and man.. If I provided a service like that at my job, I would have been fired. I explained my concern as I felt like I was mislead.. I wasnt given any solutions or recommendations on what I should do... so it came down to either 1.) I cancel my phone after 2 weeks of service and pay for each phone 175 dollars.. or 2.) pay this 198 phone bill that was totally misquoted. I've only had this 2 weeks and I can't believe how much this is going to cost me... How can they get away with this and how can they try to sell me on a monthly plan that cost 140 dollars and now I'm at 198 for 2 phones?

bogus billing

I had a home land-line through AT&T for several years. I only used it for dial-up internet service, and my internet was through a different company. I had the cheapest basic service through AT&T, all I had was a dial tone. I used my cell for phone calls, which I had through another company as well. My bill was less than $25 per month from AT&T. In mid-November 2008, I took advantage of a bundling package from my wireless provider and I purchased a cellular modem and wireless internet through Alltel. Once it was up and running, I called AT&T and cancelled my land line. When I got my bill, it was for the entire month of November. No big deal, but I didn't see anything about a cancellation so I called AT&T. They said they had no record of a cancellation, so they supposedly cancelled it at that time. I told them to send me another bill noting the cancellation. A month later I got another bill for 2 months of service. Again I called, again there was no record of cancellation of service. They supposedly cancelled it at that time. I told them I would not pay for December, but if they would simply send me a bill for November I would pay that. A month later I received a bill for 3 months of service. I called them, raging mad, and I told them I would only pay for November, not December or January. I told them that they could check their records and note that the line had not been used since mid-November, because I haven't had anything even plugged into the phone jack since then. I also told them I would pay for November if they sent me a revised bill only charging me for that month. Instead of trying to resolve the matter, they turned it over to a collection agency and now they are threatening to sue me for $75.

  • Ho
    Honesty123 May 04, 2011

    AT&T sucks. They overcharged me and cut the phone off. Then, AT&T continued to bill me after they had cut the phone off. Now, AT&T is messing with my cell phone bill. I looked and AT&T had lied and said that I went over my minutes by 344 extra minutes charging me .45 a minute which equals to $154 something plus an extra $10.00 for other charges.
    Note, I never ever went over my minutes since I had service with AT&T. AT&T has put the bogus house phone charges on my cell phone bill. When my contract is over, I am out.

    Of course, At&T turned it over to a collection agency.

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rude service & misrepresentation

I have been a wireless customer of at&t for almost 3 years now and I added a new line and purchased a brand new phone because my old mother was travelling to asia. I also enrolled the phone in the 'international traveller's plan'. Now my mother is in asia and I cannot make or receive calls from her. She is an old lady travelling by herself.

I contacted at&t today who were so rude and un-helpful and also hung-up on me twice (Including the supervisor) for the 'at&t travel department'. Ms. Lorena and her supervisor ms. Rowlings or whatever their last names were, informed me that the travel plan was never added 2 days ago because the line is not eligible for international roaming because it is less than 90 days old! When I called 2 days back at&t confirmed that the international roaming is added! First of all why was I not informed about the 90 day rule by at&t about this when I called to add the plan? I would never have spent that money!!! Secondly when I requested her to over-ride the 90 day rule, she rudely came up with another excuse saying that my service was disrupted in the past and hence I am not eligible.

This customer service sucks and this is very frustrating and all the more reason why now I am truly thinking of changing them and moving on to someone who will atleast be nice to thier customers!!!

poor customer service

I have two phone lines and internet with ATT. I need to disconnect my 2nd line and when transferred to that dept, I get a recording that states they are NOT answering and that they are disconnecting my call. I did this 5 times with the same result. Then I called and said I was ordering new service...Guess what??? I was put on with a representative. I advised Jeff, that I wanted to disconnect one of my services and he said hold on let me transfer you to that dept. I advised that I did not want to be transferred as I keep getting disconnected. He said that when there are too many calls holding that it will disconnect you??? The oddest thing is that he thought that was acceptable.
I asked for a Supervisor and his response was “Why" What can they do for you? He said He did not do anything. I advised him that I do not want a Supervisor for him nor for his convenience, but for me as the customer who is irritated with being disconnected, however, his customer service will lead to a complaint. Then he chuckles at me and says to hold on for a Manager. His supervisor or what I believe was simply an hourly employee sitting as a Relief Supervisor came online and said that They could not help me and would need to transfer me even if I get disconnected because they are busy. I advised her, Mary, was they name she gave me, that I wanted her to take my name and Call back number and get it to her internal help desk in the correct department and have them call me back at their earliest convenience since my time is not convenient for them. Then Mary laughed (so now we know where the reps get it from) and said she will transfer me back to Jeff to take my information.

My issue is the following:
1. The system should never hang up on a customer - The Ultimate insult and inconsideration for my time
2. The hourly rep Jeff had a total disregard for my concern of being hung up on by the system
3. Mary the "Supv", also was very rude, short, and began her statement to me as "We can Not Help you"
4. I did not know that AT&T was doing so well that they can afford to laugh at customers and be rude. I am now considering disconnecting my primary line and my internet service with AT&T and going with just my cellular service w/Verizon and Cable for my internet...

  • Ev
    evilhall Feb 12, 2010

    this just happened to us too...I STILL can't disconnect my 2nd line and the www.att.com has NO WHERE to disconnect...were you able to get thru somewhere? how? HELP!

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rip off artists

I was deployed to iraq recently, and i set up an international plan so that i may call my wife. first month goes by and i have a bill over $1, 000!!! after 2 days of me trying to connect with a special help number they gave me, they said the plan change was never made. AT&T would give me the run around about changing the plan and adjusting the charges. they said it was fixed and the next month i had an outrageous bill... again. we ended up canceling AT&T. customer service is garbage there.

cell phone chargeback

I ordered an iphone from AT&T, and when i found out they charge premium for using service with the phone, i cancelled my account with them and returned the iphone, insured and had proof of receipt by their warehouse. they refused to acknowledge the return, and after dispute with my CC company, they partially refunded the cost of the iphone, only to rebill it to my now closed account along with additional cancellation fees and other crap amounting to over $800. then they turned over the account to an agressive collection agency that started calling me day and night. so in effect, they created a large bill and went after me to collect on it, all bogus and not true. i filed complaints with the State AG, the FCC, and contacted my attorney to prepare a lawsuit against them. we're now tracking down the return and trying to see why they are billing me like this and on waht grounds they are going after me for a bill. they are just a terrible terrible company that is a desparate for cash and try to bully people into forking over their hard earned money by acting like a big fat corporation, typical of all the wall streeters out there!! and after being with them for over 5 years, i was treated like a second class citizen. i would never ever consider them for any service even if it was offered for free. bye bye AT&Crap!

cell phone chargeback

  • St
    state Jan 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After paying $52/mo for home phone called to try & reduce bill. Representative redid plan. Next bill was $62. Called to go back to old plan. Was told it was no longer available & I could not go back to it even though at&t lied to me & messed it up. Kept calling to get fixed. Everytime next bill would be even higher. Finially got someone who got my bill down to $38. That means for years I paid a higher bill than I could have. DSL box is 1/2 mile from my house. Cannot get DSL. After several calls was told I could get it & would receive modem in 3 days. Wrong! Again I was misinformed. Someone called my parents home & told them they had made a mistake. Explain why they called my parents number? My daughter is a freshman in college & internet is a necessity not a luxury. Wire card does not work here either. We tried that route. Cell phones have no 3G network but we get no price break on plan. Also several parts of our area we have no service at all. If we have trouble on our way to Elizabethown we are out of luck. Keep getting all these offers w/bill to bundle but guess what...We can't cause nothing is offered in this area. I think At&t service is rediculous. Have searched everywhere for address to go higher up than regular customer service #. Cannot find anything.

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  • Tk
    TKCandy Jan 25, 2010

    Get to the retention department. They are the only ones who will actually help you and most likely apply a monthy credit to your bill for your trouble. Don't bother with supervisors or trying to get to corporate.

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  • Yo
    Yosef18 Jan 20, 2014

    AT&T Sucks ! Is the worst company !

    This company charged me ###ing a giant fine for finish my carissimo phone plan that does not offer me anything!
    I paid the early termination, and that this crap should have done the contract is fulfilled!
    RELEASE my phone! but more than 20 requests, 20 denied protocols!
    Hours and hours with incompetent
    and NOTHING

    Chargeback did! and you take them to small claims

    Someone needs to make a class action against this garbage company

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Set up appt with att unverse to have cable tv installed, called around jan 11th. appt was made for jan 28th, however we thought it was made for the 21 of jan, we called on the 21 st thinking no one had showed up and was told are appt was for the 28th, told at that time that I was lucky I called because they had internal problem with appt, and no one would have showed up, problem was fix. Great.
Jan 28th ATT Uverse installer show up on time, GREAT, oh wait no not so great he found a problem with with line going into the house and would have to leave and get it corrected, doesnt sound good.
Good news he showed up later that afternoon with a box and attached to outside of house, all set line fixed, will install service next day, do we need to reschedule oh no we where told. I thought I better call ATT customer service just to make sure they would be here next day. Customer service, OH YOUR SERVICE HAS BEEN CANCELED, WHAT THEY JUST FIXED THE PROBLEM WITH THE LINE, sorry we will have to reschedule we have an oening in two weeks, after TWO HOURS I WAS TOLD THEY WOULD HAVE TO CALL DISPATCH AND THEY WOULD CALL US BACK, SUPERVISOR AGREED we shouldnt have to wait another two week, GREAT NEWS


false advertising

They send these promotional cards advertisements in the mail and when you try to use them, you end up finding out that they give you credits on your service instead and only give you particial funds on the card.

Then they transfer you back and forth from uverse customer service to att customer service where they swear they can't see notes from each other and then you get no resolution other than them saying they are sorry.

installation stall

We have been trying to get uverse installed since 1/6/10. On 1/6 the inside installer was to show between 9-11am and did not show until 5:35pm and was unsuccessful in getting it to work. He called in a ticket and said that uverse would be out on 1/7/10 to fix the connection. Never happen, no call, nothing! I called no service at 5:11pm and after being on the phone for 30 minutes, they said a new appointment is set for 1/26/10. I said it was unaccepable and he (Rick) told me that is the way it is! I asked to have my dsl with att back and after being on hold so long, my cordless phone went dead and they did not call me back when they had my cell phone!! On 1/8/10 a technician showed up at our door and realized that he had to go to the box down the street to switch it back to dsl and then I finally had internet back on 1/8/10. Jan 27, cory, an outside technician from uverse comes and says he has the uverse lines tested and working and switched off the dsl to uverse thus no internet connection. Corey stated that uverse internal technician would be out that same day to set the uverse up. Uverse never called us. We called uverse at 7:11pm and spoke to dan in arizona who promised that the installer would be at out home on 1/27/10 between 9-11am. No show again, no call from uverse again! We called uverse customer service (Ha) at 11:10am and spoke to brian and said there was a facility issue (That was the issue on 1/7/10) and that he would get a supervisor to call us back asap. No call back again! Jan 28/10 we spoke to crystal at 3:45pm and the install date changed to a ridiculous 2/8/10 and that a supervisor would call us. No call again! We need our old dsl att back since no uverse. No one is helping or understands the issue. Order number [protected]. Mrs melvin j evans

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    Shazzaz Feb 09, 2010

    I am having the same problem.they don't show up, they don't call...you sit on hours on hold with them trying to get anywhere and don't. They've disconnected our landline for Uverse and haven't installed the Uverse and can't figure out they've done something wrong???? Poorest customer service I can ever remember from any company!

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won't cancel ad contract

Last year I spoke with someone on the phone from AT&T and THOUGHT I had cancelled my yellow pages contract a...