Att Reward Centerhave not received my $50.00 rebate


My dsl was actived on 6/3/08. When i call the reward center.I 'm told that there is no rebate for me. I'm tried of the run around regarding my rebate. Please help.

Home # is [protected].

Thank You


  • Ro
    Ron Churchard Oct 02, 2008

    Reward - What reward!! Still waiting

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  • So
    sondrachukes Nov 10, 2008

    cant get my attrewards.

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  • An
    Ann O'Dell Nov 19, 2008

    I have had DSL since March of '07. I was promised different amounts of cash back rewards at several different times & phone calls. I have bundled cell phone, internet & land line. Everyone promises but since March I have never seen a dime. Why do all the representitives work for at&t, yet tells something different every time. I have threatened to cancel everything I have with your company if I don't get a response. A woman called Wendy Emery sent me an e-mail saying to explain my problem. I did that but again no answer.
    My bill is a lot higher every time I recieve one. The last person I talked with called Fernando says it will be fixed. Seeing is believing. Why did I get lied to so much?
    [email protected]

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  • Bi
    Birdie Blevins Nov 25, 2008

    I think the fast acess DSL sucks. I am going back to road runner,

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  • Mr
    mrscullen Dec 27, 2008

    this is for ann, if you ordered in march of last year chances are you are not gonna get that reward, it's been to long for anybody in the reward center to do anything. customer service may be able to credit your bill but unfortunately you wont get your reward, you should have called or gone online 30 days after you got service and not waited so long

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  • Ke
    kelly albright Jan 06, 2009

    I purchased dsl and was promissed a$50 reward aswell back in July 08, i did my redemption over the phone with a live person. i was suppose to recieve my reward 4-6 weeks later. now if i go to the reward center on-line it says that my time for redemption has expired. when in fact i already redeemd my reward. sometimes i think at&t runs scams justs as well as other companys to get your business!!!

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  • El
    Eleanor Feb 24, 2009

    Maybe it isn't AT&T. Call 1-877-847-7213. This is the Credit Card Activation Center. They can tell you if the card was issued, activated and used. In my case, I was told it was activated, the dates and locations and stores they used. I caught mine early, and am contesting the charges. I MAY be able to recover the $50.00 . My mail comes to a locked mail box, and I am the only one who has keys. I can see the mailman when he delivers the mail, and pick up my mail as soon as he leaves. I am sure it was stolen by a local postal employee. All they need to activate the card is the last 4 digits of your phone number. That can easily be obtained from information. By using 3 different charges, no signature is needed. (Remember, they already have your name & address)

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  • Ha
    H-att-e Mar 04, 2009

    I, too, have been going around and round with different att reps...since last september. I've upgraded, bundled and checked reward center more times than i do my email. I have probably spent more time on hold than I have spent in talking time. I am in fact holding as I type, once again, trying to track down the last reward promised.
    Years ago I got into a dispute with att over an installation fee/problem and once it was settled (in my favor) I dropped the service and vowed never to go with att again. Well I only went into their store to replace a missing sims and was talked into more services because I would be receiving 100.00 cash back.
    Needless to say I would not be typing this here now if I were a satisfied customer. I just got off the phone and you know what I will be doing for the next week...watching closely for the the promise goes, on and on and on.
    I really needed to speak with someone from the wireless billing department, as my bill has also risen leaps and bounds. It does so every month and I have yet to be late in paying it. But after sitting on hold for more than thirty min...I opted to waste more of my time tomorrow on hold just to give my arm the break today.
    I'm sure I won't be staying with att, they waste far to much of me, my money and my life away. They don't care, they have all of you to run around. (you know who are you)

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  • Ni
    Niecy47 Aug 10, 2009

    I had the same trouble when I was supposed to get the $50 rebate for signing up with DirectTV as a new customer which made my ATT Bundle include the Complete Choice Package for home phone, Cingular Wireless, DSL and DirectTV. I was also told bythe 9th ATT Rep that I would recieve a $5 ATT monthly discount on my DirectTV bill, my 6.0 DSL service rate would drop down to $ $5 montlhy credit) and that I would also get a $5/month credit on my Wireless charges.

    I had the DirectTV sercvice installed on 7/1/09, when I call for my rebate I was told by ATT that I had to have the service for 30 days before I could activate the rebate. On 8/1/09 like yourself I kept gettiang the "ineligible for rebate" response when I checked online. I called DirectTV and they told me that ATT had to send a "Code" for the $5/monthly ATT discount to show on my DirectTV bill. Of course after talking to the 9th rep I got pissed, because ATT was trying to put the blame on DirectTV. Finally on my 12th call to ATT I got a nice gentleman rep. whom I told at the time how his fellow ATT reps kept lying to me and giving the run around and I was about to contact the licensing commission about ATT violating their end of the agreement. He apologized for the frustration that I was put through and ask me to give him a complete account of each rep I had talked to, what they had promised they'd do and the steps I took. He noticed that nothing had really been done except notations from several reps. He then asked me to hang on the line while he made a 3-way call to DirectTV and they discussed what needed to be done. He told me that he(ATT) had to send a code to DirectTV, plus send the information validating my DirectTV service to ATT Rewards Center which acts indpendently from ATT regular service. In other words, if ATT Home service does not send the required inormation to the ATT Rewards Center, the Rewards Center has no record of your bundled agreement and the rebate(s) youmay be entitled to. After sending the info, the ATT Rep told me to wait 12-14 days for the "rebate offer submission" link to show up on the site. If not, then call them back. So I am giving them until 8/14/09 to provide my rebate submission link.
    I feel your pain and disgust with ATT.


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  • Fa
    F_ANDRES Sep 12, 2009

    ATT Rebate Offers... or maybe ALL Mail-In Rebate Offers... the biggest SCAM in this century.

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  • Ja
    jasune Sep 26, 2009

    AT&T is cheating customers out of their rightfully earned rebates. I have been waiting 4 months for my $49.99 rebate. I switched to AT&T to save money, not to be cheated out of money.

    First, they sent a letter saying I did not qualify for the $100 switchover rebate because I did not have AT&T internet service. I looked at my computer and sure enough, there is was ... AT&T! I called and they at least rectified that issue by sending my $100 rebate. Next, I received my first bill, which was at the rate of their fastest internet service. My order was clearly for the lowest rate. They fixed that.

    As for the $49.99 rebate, I have records of every call (of which there are many), every internet visit, every order and rebate form. I even saved a copy of the text they sent July 30, 2009 stating, "Your rebate has been mailed". Today is September 26, 2009 and I have yet to receive it. Hmm.

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  • Ms
    MSBLACK Oct 28, 2009


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  • Mi
    Mickeymc Nov 19, 2009

    ### it what can you do!!! STOP COMPLAINING, AND DO SOMETHING, These stupid complaint sites are a joke we all let these corporate ###ers get the best of us and we figure logging on to a dumbass website will ultimatly fix our problems. try filing a group lawsuit. You may not think you're entiteled to much more than $50.00 But I'm telling you they don't want to be publicaly exposed, which could and would be dramatic to theie company. if you want more information and involment, contact me at [email protected] and we will help each other

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  • Ca
    CABLE FILMS Dec 02, 2009

    I just switched from Time Warner to ATT on October 28, 2009...and have paid my bill (somewhat confusing, to say the least...over $240) for phone, DSL and internet...with a rebate supposedly coming. As of this moment I am planning to contact ATT with the paperwork I received:"Your reward is waitinf for you!". NOW -- after reading about the problems, above, with respect to ATT NOT FULFILLING their obligations to us, I am quite concerned and IF att does NOT respond to my application today (Dec 2nd) for their so-called rewards, I will CANCEL and return to Time Warner, here in Kansas City. (Let also it be known I've waited more than the 30 day period to apply for "so-called rewards.") [email protected]

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  • Jh
    jhb1 Dec 17, 2009

    We got at&t service back in Oct 09 and had trouble with there service and we had it for a week and they took out the 50 deposit from my wifes account and after changing service as they said i was suppose to get a visa gift card, i just got it yesterday. Well after we went to another phone service it wasn't good so we went back to at&t and they took out 50.00 again and we were suppose to get a paper bill but we didn't use the internet but one day and i called them to disconnect it and they did but they took out 11.75 just for that one day of service cause it was very slow and i had the fastest service they have and i got a bill for the phone saying i have to pay 6.76 but what happen to the disposit? they just kelp it the second time and on the rebate card i called to activate and when i put in the card numbers they repete it back but the numbers are wrong and i have tried it ten times and i even went online to do it but it say's theers trouble. We will NEVER get anything that has at&t on it ever again but i'm fixing to turn them into the BBB here and let them take charge cause they owe us money but doesn't want to pay.

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  • Da
    DAKODA Sep 24, 2010

    Iam sick a tired of ATT and there REWARD CENTER . Feel free to call me anytime to hear my stories, Iam getting ready to drop there service, because I think they give us the trouble getting are REWARDS because most people just wont keep after them.Well they just messed with the wrong man!!! 765-557-2279 D.J.G

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  • Le
    leon gardner Nov 05, 2010

    i done had this service for 4or5 months and still havent recieved a reward

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  • At
    ATT Furious Jan 26, 2011

    ***************************************************** READ THIS ONE ***********************************************************
    I was promised $275 in rewards and only received $50. Good thing I kept my online receipt to fax to their Reward Center at 309-736-8101. Despite faxing my request and proof of rewards over 10 times over the last couple months, it is still not available for me to redeem. Phone calls didn't help. I am close to being angry enough to begin faxing random junk into their fax line to cause the same amount of confusion and frustration they have caused me. I should have learned by the past rewards experiences from years ago - not sure why I returned to AT&T.
    ***************************************************** READ THIS ONE ***********************************************************

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  • Ch
    CHUCKUFARLEY Jan 29, 2011


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  • Jo
    Jodie Wilson Apr 19, 2011

    My told my sister about Dircetv I talk to the person at att gave them my account number told about my sister gave her the phone.She asked them about my 100.00 for refureing her they said no I could not get it because she did not give them my account number hello I did all that before I gave her the phone got cheated out of that 100.00

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  • Jo
    Jodie Wilson Apr 19, 2011

    I told my sister about Directv so I call the number told them my name, phone number.Them I told them I had told my sister about Directv, gave her the phone she got it then she asked them don't my sister get 100.00 for refureing me they said no you didn;t give use her account number hello i did all that before I gave her the phone.Got cheayed out of that 100.00

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