I signed up for the lowest speed on DSL internet from AT&T. I was told it was going to be 25 dollars a month. They said due to my no credit history I was required for autobill pay out of my bank account to which I agreed. The first charge made was $49. Seven days later a second charge of $106 was made. I had to call and have this explained to me that the two charges together were for a connection fee, a modem fee, and first week of services. I was never informed that I was going to have to pay these amounts. A month goes by and they deposit $46 into my bank account and a week later then withdraw another $128!!! (therefore overdrafting my acct!!) After calling NOBODY knew what was going on. I had to deal with calling back and forth for a week before I had my banker finally make a 3-way call to AT&T to end up having to claim FRAUD!!!

They came up with multiple excuses for this last charge...
One person said it was fraud, one said it was a charge made in texas for someone elses account, one person said they just "accidentally double charged me for a month and a half". One person said that the larger amount was the initial price of my services with the deduction of the deposit they had made, and about 15 people DIDNT KNOW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! The charge was not even showing up on my account and the only way to access it was by entering my credit card information (which I have now had to cancel)



  • Dk
    D.K.C.P. Jones Feb 21, 2011

    I previously had AT&T home service for approximately 10 years. We decided to use the DSL service and the fun began. Not only did the DSL service only work for one day, but the home line stopped. After numerous calls to try to have this resolved, I simply asked that everything be disconnected, including the home service. We returned the modem via the shipping label that was sent to us (after 2 calls since they did not send it the first time). Then the fun began...apparently, you have to speak with numerous uneducated folks who simply tranfer you to another department and everyone says you have to speak with someone else. I spoke with billing, the DSL department and even someone in the warehouse. At one point, I was told they could not tell if the item had been returned because the often just receive them and put them back on the shelves (huh?). Finally, got someone who said it was received and that while he could not send me a letter stating that, that my next bill would cycle out and show a zero balance. Fine, never received the billing and went throught he whole dance again two months later; however, did have original person's name and as resolved only after 2 hours. Two months later, guess what... yet again. Called again and had same solution. At this point, I asked for the name/address/phone number of CEO who could help me. No one would give me this information. So, here we are in February and I've been turned over to collections for $118.00. Hell will freeze over first. These folks are totally incompetent and I will use two tin cans and a string before I use AT&T again. Their customer service is lousey and they products are horrible. It has been interesting to share my story with others. It appears that AT&T has a horrible reputation for billing/customer service.

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  • Em
    emcd Feb 23, 2011

    In 2004, I got a cell phone from Cingular wireless. My phone stop working properly and I notified them. They agreed to send me another phone and I was to send the other phone back to them. I never recieved the phone and when I contacted them, they told me they had proof that I recieved they phone. After my complaint to different people and offices, they researched and informed me that they postman left the phone on my porch. I informed them I did not recieve the phone and therefore I would not need their services without a phone. They refused to send me another phone;therfore I cancelled the contract. They then charged me phone remainder of the contract and the phone.
    During this time I find out that my cell phone and home phone bill have been combined after I told them during the purchase that I did not want a combined bill.
    It is 2011, I still refuse to pay for a phone I never recieved and AT&T refuse to take it off my bill. Eight months ago, I signed up for internet with AT&T and was approved only to find out on the 9th of this month that my services were disconnected because of the Cingular bill.
    I have spent 3 days trying to get this cleared from my account and has been unsuccessful, even though my home phone and internet bill is paid and update. This is ridiculous and something needs to be done. AT&T waited until I have 2 remaining payments on the modem to inform me that I can not have internet the Cingular account is paid in full. Again, I have lost money and have no services.

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  • Kg
    KGall Apr 11, 2011

    AT&T charges customers a Worldwide Occasional Calling amount every month. If they are charging all their customers this they are making millions of dollars a month in this bogus charge that 60% of the customers will never use and most of the customers do not even know they are being charged. Call AT&T and have this bogus charge taken off your account.

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  • Sp
    Sprague May 03, 2011

    Had bundled service through AT&T with Dish Network. Disconnected all service in October in the middle of billing cycle. Dish Network credited my account for the middle of the month charges and AT&T claims they did not recieve this credit of $69.70 and is billing me for it. Several calls were made to Dish Network/AT&T to no avail. One says one thing and the other denies it.

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  • Mp
    MPrice Jun 21, 2011

    My bill is past due because I do not receive the bill. I have tried calling but I’m always transferred to somewhere where the phone is not answered. I just spent 1 hour on the phone trying to resolve this issue. I keep calling back and the last time I asked for a supervisor and again I was placed on hold and no one ever answered. They are a phone company that does not answer the phone. How ###ic is that.

    I have a history of horrible service from AT&T. My Pac Bell phone service was once hijacked by AT&T and my bill was much higher. I had a time getting my service back and getting my bill reduced. I currently live and have a business in an area that only has AT&T. What happened to breaking up the monopolies.

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  • Jk
    JKDE Jun 22, 2011

    You can access your AT&T bill online anytime.

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  • Eb
    ebhntk Jun 28, 2011

    I've used AT&T for many years for long distance (goes way back...) Years ago I was encouraged to use automatic bill pay by one of the representatives, and I also went with paperless statements. Two years ago when I changed companies and cities and moved my service with AT&T. I had a DSL/land-line/cell phone bundled package. It was supposed to be flat rate kind of thing, unlimited everything...I didn't want nickle and dime charges and wanted a predictable bill. They moved my service, installed everything and I was off to focus on life. Today, Monday 6/27/2011, my cell phone was disconnected.

    When I tried to place a call I received an automated message to hold for a customer service representative. I was greeted by a cheerful sounding customer service rep who told me my account was past due and... "would I like to make a payment over the phone for...(drum roll)...$6, 835.54...? "

    I don't know if it was the "cheer" in her voice, or the absolutely absurdity of the "past due balance", or a combination of both...but I actually laughed out loud...a real laugh, not a fake sarcastic laugh, the kind of laugh you'd have at a really...really funny joke. ...I asked her to repeat what she just said. ...and she did. My laugh quickly faded. I said there must be some sort of mistake, I had an automatic payment set up for this account, and besides, even if there was a draft error my bill shouldn't be any more than $175 dollars for the month...(I giggled again here...)...not almost SEVEN THOUSAND dollars. She said she saw where I had set up the automatic payment on the account but for some reason it looked like I had NEVER made a payment. Now, I've been with AT&T for decades ( least long distance), I've made lots...and lots...of payments. She said "the system" was showing that I had NEVER made a payment...and THEN...asked if I'd like to make a telephone payment now. (?!!!)

    I asked her to tell me the breakdown of the charges, which... she couldn't do. After fumbling around for awhile, I assume trying to read "the system". She put me on hold for five minutes (which is a long time, long time on hold). When she came back on the phone she said that she had "found" where I had made my last payment in November of 2010...but she STILL couldn't explain the charges. Doing some quick math I said "this still doesn't add up...EVEN if you've not received a payment from me since November of last year...7 months ago...there is no way $175 per month would add up to almost $7, 000. I need to understand the charges you're asking me to pay (still with a smile on my voice)... Believe it or not, even after all we had been through she made another canned attempt, "...will you be making a telephone payment today for the past due amount of $6, 835.54?"...(???????????!!!??????????!!!???????????)

    "No...I won't"

    ...I said I did not believe HER "balance" was accurate and that she needed to provide me information supporting her claim that I owed ANYTHING. This kind of threw put me on hold...after a few minutes she said she was sending me to "customer service" (ah! now we are getting somewhere...CUSTOMER...SERVICE!!!)

    ...after waiting on hold ANOTHER cheerful voice came on the line with the same canned greeting, "HOW MAY I BE OF SERVICE TO YOU today?!..." I told him that I had been transferred to his number from another "customer service" area...somewhere... He responded, "Great! can I have your name...home telephone number...and the last 4 digits of your social security number (little did I know how tired I would get of this routine...AT&T should have some sort of software to "hand-off" customers so they don't have to keep reexplaining AT&T's screw up)...this rep knew less than the first rep, it was completely obvious to me that my problem wasn't part of HIS script...SO...he put me on hold.

    When he came back online he cheerfully informed me he was transferring me to billing (...but that's where I THINK I just came from?) I think I was being shuttle passed, like a hot potato from billing(... or collections) to customer service, and back again. None of them had the appropriate script. The only additional information I gathered from all these hand-offs was that there had been a "SYSTEM ERROR"...oh, and that no one at AT&T knew how to read their billing system, or could explain the "past due amount". I must of had to answer the same "security questions" and explain the situation a half dozen times or more ( went on for the better part of an hour...holds and transfers). The second to last representative (...perhaps collections?) did not have a happy voice. ...after going throw the security questions she said, "I see where your account has a past due balance, were you planning to make payment over the phone today? " (I was so proud of myself for keeping my cool throughout this ordeal...up until this point...where, I lost it...just a little...and began...well...yelling...a little) She became angry and said she would not be spoken to in this manner (I wan't cursing...still was able to hold that together...just raising my voice... a little) I want so badly to hang up but this company had me by the short-hairs. EVERYTHING was with them...and it was OFF. I contemplated ending it right there...but thought crap, I don't I don't have time to make all the 1-800-who-cares calls to other providers. I pulled it together and told her "I've asked to speak to a supervisor for the past half hour of my life. I am only going to try explain this to ONE MORE PERSON at AT&T...this last person needs to be ABLE to help me or I will end THIS call and dial my attorney.

    I was handed off to a billing supervisor who had the sweetest most motherly sounding voice (nice). We had a great relationship together for next half hour, delving into the nether regions of AT&T's "SYSTEM" trying to find the esoteric knowledge of HOW an AT&T balance is fruitless...she couldn't figure it out either. About the only thing she could determine is that I had set up an automatic payment, that had not worked since Sept 2009 (almost two years ago) was a "SYSTEM ERROR" and they picked this fix it.

    She did one thing right, made the smart choice of turning back on my cell phones, internet, etc so that I could work this out. The math still doesn't work for me on this one, but I did find out that they were not taking the automatic payments from the household account. But they'd have to be charging me double what I thought I was paying (That's the only way the math works). SO...I just paid some LIFE Tuition today...#1 No more automatic payments #2 pay close attention to those "little" bills because they can bit you in the ### and #3 NO more bundled deals...none. I will NEVER depend on ONE company, especially AT&T for ALL my communication and how.

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  • Av
    avis mints Jun 30, 2011

    That is CRAZY! Sounds like this is going to end up in court. There are HUNDREDS of people getting ripped off by them and no one is doing anything about it. I actually have been with every major carrier and they are all the same. You should check out scam book. They actually have a bunch of people who are filing claims against at&t, once a certain amount is gathered the scam book legal team might file a class action law suit against them.

    Check out this article about at&t's data overcharges:

    Check them out, they are actually getting me my money back from BidRack... (I hope... lol) It is not definite that they will file a suit on At&t or if one is filed that they will win. But it does not cost you anything so I would say it is worth a shot.

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  • He
    Hed1379 Oct 18, 2011

    I had service with AT&T a long time ago and had cancelled it. Months ago I agreed to have service with them but cancelled in plenty of time and never got hooked up. Now months later I am getting billed for a service I never had. I refuse to pay the $191.95 bill they keep sending me. I have tried getting this settled and the last person I talked to said she would see to it that it would be taken care of..well I'm still getting billed and I'm worried about my credit since this is not going to get paid by me. I am totally frustrated with AT&T and will not refer them to anyone.

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  • Ju
    June B. Green Dec 14, 2011

    I had a similar problem. Had AT&T service for years, cancelled to try Verizon, that didn't work and after about 8 days went back to AT&T. I just received a bill for $219.52...much larger than my normal bill. After multiple unsatisfactory phone calls, I wrote to AT&T Acount Receivable Managment in Greensboro NC, an address given on back of my bill. I wrote on Dec 2 that I would not pay that amount and wanted it corrected. I have not heard from them. The date my payment is due is 12/17...I don't want to be subject to late fees. Any suggestions of how to get through to these people????
    June B Green Greenville SC.

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  • An
    anniemary Dec 29, 2011

    I noticed new charges on my AT&T landline bill - when I called I was told they were for NOT choosing a long distance carrier, not meeting minimum usage, and then taxes on these charges!! WHAT??!! They have got to be kidding...someone must have gotten a huge bonus for thinking up this ridculous fee. I am paying AT&T for local service - it's none of their business if and who I choose for long distance. Their CEO must be asking for a pay raise...or maybe they need to add a new corporate jet to their fleet! They must be taking lessons from the banks. This is outrageous and after this email I a going to look for a new carrier. Goodby AT&T!

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  • Lv
    LVM Feb 23, 2012

    I am so angry and fraustrated with AT&T. They are just to rip you off!
    I was paying more per month for Internet services in order to avoid having a contract! I closed the account 6 months after with zero balance! 7 months later I received a bill for $150 cancelation fee. I called right away, they said they will credit me back! I just received call from collection agency that my account is in collection because of that!
    I called AT&T. 1hr and 45 minutes transferring me from one person to the other and it is not resolved yet! Their customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with. They kept on connecting me to the other and to the other states when they didn't feel like helping! I hate big corporation like at&t that want to become fatter by stealing from hard working people like most of us! Never Again with AT&T. This was the second chance I gave them and I wish I never had!

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  • Si
    Sick of being scammed Mar 13, 2012

    I received $18 charge on all 4 phones when I upgraded phones. I was told by Costco that I would not be charged upgrade charge. I called AT&T when I recieved bill. I was told that they would not remove charge of $18 per phone and that I was lucky that I wasn't charged $36. How nice of them to tell me I was lucky! I told them I would return phones to Costco and would switch to another carrier, they told me it was past the 30 days(I didn't get billed untill after 30 days) and that I would have to pay them to get out of contract. Costco has 90 day return policy but AT&T still says I owe them to get out of contract.

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  • Te
    TEZCMY Jun 24, 2012


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  • Re
    Reviewer64784 Nov 22, 2015

    I noticed while looking over my credit report a open account for collection in the amount of 34$ for ATT was on my report, says from dec. 2013, but just showed up. i have never had any accounts from ATT, every time i try to dispute won't let me .. This is some sort of scam.

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