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fraudulantly charged my debit card

I got my wallet stolen on the 22nd of February. a couple minutes after it happened I called my bank and they said they changed my account and i would get a new card and number. then I went online to check my transactions and there are two pending transactions to them for a hundred dollars each. i just thought that someone called and tried to use my card but after reading these it sounds like they did use it and then the company double charged them thinking it was really their card how can they get away with this. I cant even get my money reimbursed until the transaction goes through its ridiculous it just goes to show how many good people are really left in this world. I hope they get caught because this is ridiculous.

  • Ve
    Vesta eCustomer Support Jun 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vesta processes millions of prepaid recharge payments each month on behalf of telecom companies and their customers. We continually monitor orders for unauthorized or fraudulent use of payment devices, and actively work with customers to resolve any issues or disputes promptly and fairly. This is evidenced by our “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau.

    If you have questions regarding a charge from Vesta on your credit card bill or bank statement, email [email protected]
    or call toll free 877 386 5330. A representative will be glad to assist.

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warranty issues

I have had AT&T for about a year. For all that time I have paid into the warranty coverage. Recently I lost my phone. They sent me a new one however it wasn't the exact color that I bought. Now I know to some of you this probably isn't a big deal but I feel that I should of gotten the same exact phone that I bought. They told me that I had to deal with whatever they have in stock and that they will do nothing to fix the situation. Is there anything I could do? I am really not happy.

  • Ta
    takiyah boone Jan 31, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a valued customer for over five years with at&t up until now. The warranty department is a disgrace. My device recently started over heating and read a message that stated for me to turn off the device because of over heating. So I did just that and called up warranty to inform them of the issues I was having. Not once did the agent tell me that if any other damages like liquid or external damages are found on the phone I will be charged the full fee of the phone. The replacement phone came about two days later with no extra charger head set nothing just the phone. About 3weeks later I receive the original phone back with a letter stating that there was liquid damage indicator activated and therefore I would be charged the full cost of the phone which is $706.00. I couldn't believe my eyes. I called at&t immediately. I explained to the representative that I was not informed of the terms and condition that I received in the mail and had I i wouldn't even bothered going throw warranty I would've went with the insurance company. I was told that no matter the actual problem with the device if it has water damage or external damage then I will be charged. Now at first the representative was nice to me while going over the details of the phone but after putting me on hold several time she started to get frustrated and was refusing my questions' so I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the matter but to no avail she wasn't available. If its not a scam then how is it that they don't inform the customer of important parts of the terms and conditions and if there are any damages then give them the option of it either being fixed or returned to them. Outrage. I still haven't received a call back from the Supervisor. Switching my wireless company immediately

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outrageous charges

On 9/26/2008 I went to the AT&T Store #M327(1813 Village West Pkwy Suite 103, Kansas City, Kansas 66111) to inquire about the AT&T USB Connect Mercury prior to my trip to Spain planned for October 2008. I had two very specific questions: whether it would work in Spain and how much it would be. Sales person Lisa Overall told me it would work just fine and the rate would be $60 per month flat fee; I was not told about any additional charges, so I signed in. I got on the Internet, checked my e-mail etc. couple of times while in Spain and then it quit working, it turns out that it got disconnected because I spent "too much money" but I only found out about this when I returned home from the trip and then was able to check my e-mail.
This was followed in short order by two bills for a total of more than $20000
I called the store and the manager Alex Montgomery-Soares agreed that Lisa Overall did not correctly explained everything to me, but since it was alot of money, he had to go "higher up" to solve my problem.
To make a long story short, after multiple complaints to AT&T and spending very long hours on the phone, I was told that although I was given by mistake the "National rate" instead of the "International rate", I would still have to pay almost $4000 which would have applied with the International rate, and that was their final decision after reviewing my case. My contention is that if I would have been told about additional roaming charges/outrageous amount of money for very little megabytes of download I would have never signed for it so I don't know why I still had to pay anything other than the promised $60/month flat fee.
After threatening calls even on Christmas Eve, I payed the bill so my credit rate would not be affected, but I think this is abuse/robbery to the poor consumer by a big company and something needs to be done about it.
After googling "AT&T outrageous charges" and seeing the number of people in the same situation, I am surprised that nothing has been done so far and that all of this has not found its way to TV/newspapers etc.

Jose I. Dulin
185 Terrace Trail South
Lake Quivira
KS, 66217

  • So
    S Ovadia Dec 12, 2009

    Jose and those concerned,
    Although my situation is different than yours, I too was hit with an outrageous call charge. I was charged $10.55 per minute for a call to Afghanistan to talk to my son who is serving in the U.S. Army. The first 3 calls were not answered but I was charged $10.55 for those unanswered calls. The fourth call, he answered and we talked for a total of 20 minutes. My international charge for a total of 23 minutes was $242.65. This does not include the "FED UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND" fee, STATE and MUNINCIPAL taxes for a grand total of $290.90. This is only the international charge and does not include my normal domestic charges.
    I feel that this is an absolute injustice and although I know that most international calls are important to those making them, the fact that families of our American soldiers can not talk to them and hear their voices and visa versa, is disgusting. My son, along with thousands of sons, daughters, husbands, wives, sisters and brothers, are being punished for being in a foreign country, fighting for OUR freedom. They need to hear familiar voices. They need to hear "I love you", instead of reading it in an email or letter. We, as parents and loved ones, need to hear our soldiers laughter, sorrow, anger or any other emotion that they want to share. It sickens me that AT&T abuses the American people by charging these ridiculous fees. It sickens me that after receiving that first 'international' bill most will not be making those calls to say "I love you".
    What does it take to fight this unfair, overpriced violation? How do we as Americans and military families change this? I don't know but one thing I do know... I would love to send AT&T's upper management to the Middle East, set them down in the middle of a desert and tell them "You aren't going to talk to any of their loved ones for 1 1/2 yrs. and by the way, your life is in constant danger and they may NEVER hear your voice again"
    Those of us who can't afford these phone calls are, in a sense, being told the very same thing. I'm disgusted. I'm angry. I'm heartbroken.

    Susan Ovadia
    Proud Army MP Mom
    [email protected]

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  • Al
    Alex Montgomery-Soares May 27, 2011

    Jose, I hope you remember me. As you probably remember, I not only agree with you on the mistake as you described on your complain post, but I also helped taking the issue all the way to the Office of the President in Atlanta, GA to get this resolved and minimize the costs to you. I am sorry that you still have to pay something for the usage of the DATA card in Europe, but I did what I could in a company the size of AT&T, it is not sometimes so easy to get things done, specially values of this high amount and have it reverted to Zero. I am no longer with AT&T, I moved on to do bigger and better things with my career, but this post still shows on a Google search of my name as the number one thing when you search my name Alex Montgomery-Soares.
    I would sincerely appreciate it if you could be so kind and remove this post, so that Google does not show this when someone searches my name. I want to remind you that I did what I could and I was just a Retail Sales Manager at the time with AT&T. I do not want to associate my name with this episode. If you feel like you should leave the complain up, I am okay with it, so long you do not mention me by name. you can say the Store Manager, I would sincerely appreciate your kindness. Thank you Jose and may God Bless you and your family...

    Alex Montgomery-Soares.

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  • Su
    Susanimher Jul 29, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased an AT&T Go-Phone (Alcatel 871A) on July 24, 2013, along with a $25.00 top-up card to establish one month of service. I also put $15.00 on the phone to use for purchasing ring-tones, games, etc. Since then, there have been over THIRTY (30) charges to my phone, referred to as "GPRS" charges, all for a few cents, but totaling $6.09, bringing my account balance down to $8.91. Today, I received a text message telling me that my rate plan did not RENEW due to a low account balance. I already PAID for one full month - it should not NEED to renew until August 23rd or 24th!! I could not reach any department or person on the phone to address this problem, and was just sent in circles on the website. When I tried to email AT&T, I was told that Go-Phone customers do not have this privilege. So far, I have been ripped off for $25.00 plus $6.09, and I have never even made one call on this phone.

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raised interest rates

I have had this credit card for years and not missed any paymets in fact have paid it off twice in the last 4 years of over $20000 each time, They raised my rate almost 10% more after the balance got high, The government needs to stop the credit card companies from raising rates, and if they do they need to raise the rates on future purchases not purchases already on the card, this is a rip off.

unauthorized charges

I've had ATT Uverse for almost a year now. I have all the bundled services a person could ask for, voice over ip, wireless, U200 package and broadband service. Since September 2008 my bill has been sky high, but i did not really wonder why, just thought the services i had were the cause only after receiving a bill February 2009 for over $700. After being on hold with ATT for about an hour and speaking to around 7 people who had no clue of what they are being paid for, i found out that i wa sbeing charged for ordering adult movies for about 6 months. I told ATT that i have not ordered any movies since i had the service, and why should when i can go to Walmart and rent them for $1 brand new. They told that yeah they were ordered from my home, but the funny part is that while i was talking with them and complaining there were 3 more movies charged that same day, during the time i was on the phone. So after two days a technician called and i explained the what's going on. Did you know that ATT is giving it's customers refurbished/used Uverse boxes? i know when i signed up for service they were suppose to be new, i never signed anything on receiving used equipement. Also i was told that there could have been a crossed signal with the previous owner of the boxes. At this point they are still not willing to admit to their own mistake and refund me almost $1000 since september. Oh did i mention that the majority of the time that these were ordered that my kids are in school 8 hours, my wife works all day and i am retired and in college full time.

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unauthorized charges

I DID have a prepaid cell phone. Do not use it anymore, infact i have not used it for almost a year. Then I...

misleading advertising

I finally caved in and decided to switch from DISH to ATT Uverse because of the $200 promotions, ability to "record 4 programs" at once and have them play anywhere from a single DVR versus my current DISH setup using 2 HD DVR's.

When completing the install yesterday the technician informed me that because of distance we are from the DSLAM, (over 4500 feet) they had to lower the IP speed from the street to the house from 25mbs to 18mbs. Consequently, we can only watch a SINGLE HD station at a time and can NEVER record more than 1 HD program at a time and that the maximum number of programs we can record simultaneously is 3(all SD) rather than the advertised capability to record 4.

I immediately told him that this was a showstopper, and that was less capability we had with our existing DISH setup. He acted as if I should have been informed by the sales reps at the ATT store where I signed up the day before, or at minimum by the other technician that was at the house previously preparing the switch at the street.

Essentially, ATT is using bait & swithc tactics to entice people like myself to swith with promotional offers, etc...however the system does not even perform as advertised, nor where there any warnings that we would have fewer than advertised capabilities.

I have already called to cancel and plan to have my DISH service resumed.

wireless rebate not received

Here is the letter I tried to send to AT&[protected]@CustomerCare regarding an unreceived Rebate for a SONY ERICSSON...

automatic renewal falsified

This company AT&T states that we had an automatic renewal. We did not. We signed up for regular phone ...

visa gift card

I ordered at&t's dsl 1.5m internet service. I was told to go to www.att.com/rewards in 21 days from...

fraudulent charges

My mother had a business phone line with AT&T which my sister helped set up the plans and services. When my mother retired I attempted to setup call forwarding for that business phone number. To my surprise a cryptically titled item 'SimpleLink Enhanced MMRC' changed from ~$8 credit to ~$26 charge every month. I did not get the full story of what this plan/service was 6 months latter. Every month I would talk to an apologetic supervisor would would offer a few dollars of credit and assure me that the plan was terminated and the charge would not reoccur. Every month brought a bill with the ~$26 charge which prompted another phone call. Once they even suggested that it might take some time for the cancellation to be processed, suggesting that I should ignore the next bill and look for the charge to be eliminated on the following bill. All the while accumulating ~$26 a month.

I get the full story after I have the account transferred from my mothers name to mine, which seems to have terminated the program. In April of 2007 my sister signs mom up for this program that will provide the ~$8 as long as we are billing a minimum of $45 dollars, which costs ~26 when our bill falls below that figure. This is a reoccurring year long contract, which renewed for a second year in April 2008 after AT&T sent use a cryptic letter explaining what we had to do to cancel in February 2008. At that time I was helping mom with post brain-injury therapies. In May 2008 we reduced our service charges below this limit and incurred the charge. In October 2008, by closing the account, we were charged ~$26 for every month remaining in the contract through April 2009, ~$180. I doubt that my sister would have signed up for this plan if it was fully explained to her. AT&T certainly made no attempt to explain it to me during those 6 months, I suspect hoping to capture another year by running the clock.

  • 10
    108Days Feb 04, 2009

    I had AT&T phone and internet service for 6+years. We never use the house phone anymore, so I called AT&T to ask if I could cancel the phone service but keep the internet. I was told "Sure, I can take care of that for you."
    I'll make a long story short. On Jan 13 2009 they shut off the phone and internet service, and the internet hasn't been back on since. We have called or visited the local AT&T store in person on a daily basis ever since. Let me tell you what M at the local store told my husband just an hour ago. "I'm very sorry, I'm working on it, I'll call you. We're going to put you at the top of the list since you've had to wait so long." We've been told that every single time we call or go in person. This is the short story and there appears to be no end in sight. "Oh, I have to go through 4 managers blah blah blah." In the time since, I know of 2 co-workers and a relative who have ordered and had installed AT&T Uverse service...yet we're still trapped in some AT&T black hole of their own making. This is the short story.

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  • Di
    digitugur Jul 20, 2009

    Same thing happend to me. Five years I didn't use phone service. After 5 years I decided to shut phone service and keep the internet. But AT&T shut both. I think it's some kind of punisment. after that 10 days I couln't use internet. Still I don't have internet. Every day I am calling them. They just apologize. Apology takes 20 min. Other 20 minutes for asking your adress name last name, new adress, old adress accunt number telephone number ... . Every day I waste 40 minutes for nothing. AT&T is not a professional company (They are cvery cheap)

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  • Ga
    gaildianna Aug 16, 2010

    On August 2, 2010 I sent the following letter to AT&T and filed a complaint with the BBB, consumer affairs, and the State of Texas Attorney General's Office:

    Mr. Randall Stephenson
    Chairman, President, and CEO
    AT&T, Inc.
    208 S. Akard St.
    Dallas, TX 75202

    Dear Mr. Stephenson;

    The purpose of my letter is to tell you about a recent customer service experience to you.

    Last week I contacted AT&T to review my plan to see if we might find a way to reduce our monthly charge of around $150.00. The individual I spoke to was most polite and helpful. However, I was informed that the plan I had was nonexistent. Moreover, it has been nonexistent for years. I also learned that I could have a much improved plan at a savings to me of around $60.00-80.00 per month. We made the change effective for the following day.

    My question to you Mr. Stephenson is how many years did I pay for this nonexistent service? How could AT&T continue to send me a bill each month, over how many years, for a service plan that was no longer existent?

    Is this an example of your "Centered On You" customer service, as stated online:

    "Great customer service is the cornerstone of AT&T, and we’re passionate about providing a superior customer experience. It’s a vital part of everything we do—from keeping you connected with the latest technology to delivering the best value."

    In essence, just how much money did I actually overpay AT&T for your "thoughtful, caring, and prompt attention" to my needs as also stated online?

    How long would AT&T have let this continue?

    Then, I received the following response from AT&T via the BBB:

    On 08/04/10 an AT&T representative spoke with Ms. Caruth and acknowledged this complaint. AT&T explained that through out the years services as well as promotions change. At the time services and packages are ordered AT&T offers the plans and price points that are available at that time.
    At the point of sale when Ms. Caruth's previous service package was ordered it was at that time the most cost affective. Ms. Caruth acknowledged this information but stated that she felt that AT&T needs to lower the rates and proactively contact the customers to apprise of new pricing.

    AT&T does advertise new products and pricing. In addition, customers are alerted via billing statement inserts, telemarketing efforts and when AT&T has direct communication with customers via customer service, unless otherwise requested by the customer.

    Of which I replied:

    No, I do not accept AT&T's disingenuous response to my complaint. Following is a point by point response to their response:

    • "AT&T explained that through out the years services as well as promotions change." When I set up our phone service 12 years ago it was not a "promotion" it was explained as a standard service rate.

    • The following statement is not correct: "Ms. Caruth acknowledged this information but stated that she felt that AT&T needs to lower the rates and proactively contact the customers to apprise of new pricing." What I said was: "When rates change AT&T needs to contact customers about the new lower rates rather than continue to bill for obsolete services at higher service rates."

    • I never see any TV advertising for new service rates as stated: " AT&T does advertise new products and pricing "

    • I challenge the statement: " In addition, customers are alerted via billing statement inserts, " What fool would continue to pay ($50-80/month) overcharge when it was so abundantly clear they were over paying?

    • The statement is false: "In addition, customers are alerted via ... telemarketing efforts ..." We never received one call informing us of how we might save money ($50-80/month) on a new service rate.

    • The first time the statement is proven false: "In addition, customers are alerted via ... when AT&T has direct communication with customers via customer service..." is when we changed our internet service from a dial-up to DSL. I called customer service to disconnect the dedicated (second) land-line. During the phone conversation I was not informed of the service rate change during that call which clearly was to specifically reduce our monthly invoice.

    • A second time the statement is false: "In addition, customers are alerted via ... when AT&T has direct communication with customers via customer service..." Spring 2010 my husband and I went in to the AT&T store to upgrade our cell phone to reduce our monthly rates. We also discussed our land line and internet service rates. The customer service rep who assisted pulled up our land-line billing information and informed us we could reduce our monthly bill if we included AT&T U-Verse, another AT&T service.

    AT&T has been raping us for years. The response to this complaint both over the phone and in writing is clear that they plan to continue rape the public until they are stopped.

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selling a product (u-verse) they cannot actually provide

My girlfriend and I waited quite some time before At&t claimed that their U-Verse package was finally available where we live(Carol Stream, IL). Last week our apartment complex left fliers outside everyone's door stating that an At&t sales person would be in the office over the weekend to sign people up. So my girlfriend goes and signs us up for the U-verse Cable & Internet package.

Two days later we receive a phone call from At&t telling us that they made a mistake & U-Verse actually is not available for our apartment. There is apparently some technical issue with some apartments being able to receive the service, and some not being able to. They told us to go with Comcast until this issue can be resolved, then to come back to them.

I understand mistakes happen but wow is that a colossal screw up. It would be one thing if we signed up over the phone and then they called and told us this, but a salesman was THERE at the apartment complex signing people up(us included) with SERVICE AGREEMENTS. Now I've heard the old saying about people who assume & I know how dangerous that can be. However none of my assumptions are ever THAT far from the realm of reality. Call me crazy, but when a salesman works out a deal with an apartment complex to sell internet & cable to EVERYONE there, then yes I am going to have to assume that company would have already sent a tech to each and every building to check and make sure all are potentially eligible for this product. Such a wacky though right? Boo At&t. You stink.

poor quality, misleading sales pitch

FInally I thought I can get away from Comcast hell. umm wrong Uverse is actually worse. Installer used my existing co ax wiring but still took 4.5 hours to install 1 dvr box and 1 modem
tv picture os ok channel line up is ok, BUT WAIT I want HD. ok now the picture quality is more like something you would view over dial;up connection. very pixelated and frequantly it simply drops out.
Great concept but it needs some work. If you like any quality picture stick with cable or satellite

deceiving airport wifi service

8 months ago I purchased one time WIFI internet service from AT&T at an airport. Now I realise that I am subscribed to a yearly service paying 20$ a months.

I built web sites all my life for a living so I'm 110% sure that it wasn't very clear that I'm subscribing to a yearly service.

I find AT&T's aproach very deceiving because I opened up a web page designed for that airport and its clear that %90 of the passangers would like to purchase a "one time" service. The default options could have been that way.

This is such a huge disappointment!

  • Da
    Dan Feb 17, 2009

    Same thing happened to me at a Starbucks. When connecting there was just a sign in screen that implied I was paying $19.99 for a month's worth of access. Turns out that it is a year long agreement @ $19.99 /month with a $20 early cancellation fee. Starbuck and ATT... Not names I normally associate with such a devious scam, but I've learned my lesson. Maybe this will help others avoid it.

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  • Ra
    Rachael Feb 28, 2009

    This is definitly a scam!! When I tried to contact AT&T about this issue to discuss the lack of clarity about the "1 year sign up" and get the charges reversed, I found that they keep transferring you from dept to dept, hours on the phone, without the ability to "find your account", much like a dog chasing its tail... yet they still keep charging my credit card. A truly dissapointing situation from two reputable companies.

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very bad service

We had an installation schedule for the AT&T U-Verse on January 31 st, we had ordered this on the 31 of December. We were in the living room waiting for the cable guy to show up and do the installation so we can get on with other important chores. We were sitting there with my brother, mom, and his two friends that came to play a video game. The installation was scheduled for 12:00-2:00. We finally got a call from an AT&T U-Verse employee, the one that was supposed to install U-Verse for us today, [protected]. It was 12:45. On the call he asked if we wanted to re-schedule, and we replied "no, one month is not enough for you?". He then told us that he will come at 1:00. We said alright. Hours passed, and there was no sign of him, no call, nothing. We tried, and tried alot to contact him from the number that he called us from, and a few other numbers. They all had us waiting for 2.5 hrs. Like I mentioned earlier, we were all waiting for him, from 12:00-2:40. We got on the internet, and saw that our appointment was scheduled for 8pm. We were shocked, and then waited for a few more hours, and then finally our call got to them. Someone from the AT&T U-verse picked up the phone. We asked him about the installation, he said that it has been re-scheduled for February 24. We all were sad, and didn't talk much, because it just wasn't clear enough, on why he re-scheduled. The someone also said that he came at exactly 2:40, and knocked a whole lot, then went away. THAT WAS TOTALLY A LIE. WE WERE IN THE LIVING ROOM, OUR FRONT DOOR WAS COMPLETELY OPEN!!! SO WAS OUR BACK DOOR!!! THE ONLY ENTRANCE THAT WAS CLOSED WAS OUR GATE, BUT IT WASN'T LOCKED!!! OVERALL HE LIED, AND NEVER SHOWED UP, AND WITH THAT HE SQUELCHED OUR EXCITEMENT, ANY HAPPINESS FOR GETTING THE U-VERSE, AND HOW ENTERTAINING IT WOULD BE. AT&T U-VERSE WAS THE BADDEST SERVICE WE EVER HAD.

  • Un
    unsatisfide customer Apr 17, 2009

    I agree, AT&T U-verse should not even try to compete with comcast or any onther TV services. Their servces sucks, they do not even know how to repair or troubleshoot their own hardware. They have left a 72 year old lady without a phone line after switching over to AT&T Uverse. She can not make or recieve any calls. If her house was to catch on FIRE AT&T would be a fault since they are not willing to fix their equipment. They should be hung and should not even try to compete with Comcast or satelite TV. They Suck... They told this lady that if she had any problems just call, however when she did the service technician never answered the phone. Lose AT&T U-verse everyone should boybcot the phone company... They have a lot of nerve competing with Cable companies... Get realy AT&T U-verse... then they want to charge $140.00 for a service that does not even work... Go Figure... LOSER Can you say LOSERS... Thats what U-verse is flakes and rip off dont use them lose them...

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  • Pa
    panna patel Jul 18, 2010

    Ban/Acc#104893437. Modem ID -2 wire 280-Net Work KEY-9827374660
    [email protected] .
    My television and internet is working, but there is no dieling tone on the telephone, on the telephone led screen
    it says check telephone line, line looks ok, i also switched the modem and dvr off, then even no change

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lost phone nightmare

On November 3rd I thought I had misplaced my cell phone, so I looked for it the rest of that day and on the 4th but could not find the phone so I placed a lost phone entry on November 5th. I received my October bill and it had that I owed $124.00 and I knew this was way to high being that my normal bill has been between $39.00 to $45.00. So I saw on my bill that all these downloads were fraudulently made to all these various game sites and porn sites. I immediately called AT&T to complain and inform them of the problem and they of course told me that I was responsible for any downloads that were made on the cell phone before I reported the phone lost so I had to eat the $124.00 bill. I had just renewed my contract and just got the new phone when it was lost so I had my old cell phone and they told me to go to the nearest AT&T store and have them put in a new sim card and that will take care of the problem. I did that immediately. When I received my November bill I was shocked to see a $299.00 bill and when I looked at how that could be possible it showed that there were downloads made on the phone after the 5th and after I had the sim changed. The rep I got was very nice and the said they would fix the problem and that I would owe $75.00 for that months cell phone bill so I paid that. December when I received my bill it showed I owed $526.00. The bill showed I was past due by $2.89 which should not have been possible being I paid exactly what the rep said. There were no downloads this time but it said that I went over my 450 anytime minutes by 897 minutes that just isn't possible yet when I look at the bill it is my cell phone calls. What I didn't realize was that when these people were downloading on my cell phone they must have used all of my roll over minutes which I usually had 350 roll over minutes. They say I am responsible for this bill but there's something very wrong here cuz it's my usual number of calls for the month. This is a disaster and I need to know if anyone else has had this problem and if they know what actions I can take on this.

  • Ka
    kamlesh verma Mar 08, 2010

    my samsung cell phone lost please note details

    my name - kamlesh verma
    address- rajnandgaon, chattisgarh 491441.
    model - gt-m3510
    make - samsung
    lost date - 24/02/2010
    email address or communication- [email protected]
    last used no. on cell - +919713694222
    current contact no. - 9755889086
    imei no. - 354627020328102

    i have doubt this reliance gsm no. is activate on this cell (+919827877601)
    please check it by your operating system and gave back my cell to me...


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rude customer service

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote: 01/31/06 16:36 Good Afternoon Ms. Dowling. I am writing to you today...

fraud and cheating

Today Monday January 26, 2008 Linda the supervisor I talked to on Friday and had told me she would talk to their sales department and try to straighten out the situation and would give me a call back today...called, well it was useless, basically to tell me that nothing can be done, that she contacted Tiffanies supervisor and let them know what gave us the wrong information... whoopie! but that was all she could do for us!

so basically we are stuck going from 2 brand new 2008 Sidekicks with Tmobile 3 -4 mths old $300 phones... to these two piece of crap phones with AT&T...that we basically settled for, because of what we were told... and they are not willing to do anything what so ever to correct their screw up!!! basically Linda's last words on the phone were...'Sorry we can't do anything for you, and for the misinformation!!' EVERYBODY BEWARE!!!

  • Valerie Sep 29, 2008

    All of a sudden I have this 21.15 dollars charge on my ATT phone bill. I still don't know why. I requested no such service--I pay a pretty penny to ATT for my long distance service. I don't understand why ATT arbitrarily billed me for this service. What is the logic? It is a big rip-off and ATT is guilty for being the billing agent for this fraud. Do we have no recourse for this kind of crap? When I called ATT, they had a hands-off attitude--basically saying this company asked us to bill you for the service and you must talk to them about this.

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  • Valerie Dec 01, 2008

    AT&T allowed this company, who they claim no affiliation, to charge me for a voice mail service I did not authorize. Now I am being charge late fees added for not paying this bill. I feel AT&T is responsible since they allowed this to happen without my authorization.

    I never wanted nor ask for a voice mail. Did not even know it was active until the charge showed up on my bill. I call the phone company and was told by a customer service that I automatically sign up when I opened a website. I continue not to pay for something I did not request. AT&T should be held accountable.

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  • Bo
    Bowie Dec 17, 2008

    AA&T signed me up for long distance service without my knowledge. When I called they refused to remove all charges and didn't even cancel my account until 3 months later.

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  • Fe
    FedUpATT Jun 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ATT Consumer Fraud
    In December 2008, ATT promised bundled service for $99. The bundle included internet, phone with long distance, and a two year contract with DISH Network. EVERY month I have to call to get the bill corrected because of over charges ranging from $30 to $300. Now, they won't take off the over charges, but they won't release me from the two year contract with DISH. If you are a victim of this scam, call FTC at (877)382-4357, FCC at (888)225-5322, State Consumer Protection Agency (Attorney General) at (800)869-1123 or (404)651-8600, AND the AJC at (404)526-7003.

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billing continued for months after disconnect

I physically disconnected my AT&T land line in late November, having advised AT&T of my plans about 2 weeks prior, and switched over to a cable service for TV, Internet, and telephone. I got a disconnect confirmation number from AT&T, and I was told that I would not be billed for any services I had not used. A month later, I got my usual AT&T statement, billing me for all the non-used services, just no phone calls. So I called AT&T, and after some time, the customer service person told me not to pay on the bill, just wait, and next month I would receive a "Final Bill" fixing everything. Now another month has passed, and I have yet another AT&T bill just like before, but this time with late fees added. So I called AT&T again and complained, and I was told that in another month, "everything will be corrected" and there will no effect to my credit scores. I wonder why I'm having just a little bit of trouble believing that AT&T has any intention of ever fixing this ?

  • Sc
    Scott123 Aug 28, 2009

    Has anyone ever noticed that after you supposedly get something resolved, it comes back unresolved or another problem rears its ugly head with AT&T..? Plus, just try getting them to stand behind what they tell you over the phone (in WRITING) when they supposedly fix it. They won't send you anything (email, mail, etc) confirming the problem was there nor fixed (and later you WILL find out it wasn't fixed after all)...

    Just try getting the same representative you spoke to the first time when trying to resolve the problem/issue….It isn’t going to happen!… AT&T never lets you speak to the same representative that you had spoken too earlier.
    I’ve tried too (it was even in the same identical department) and I was told that they are not allowed too by AT&T. They told me that I had to talk to the person at hand, of course this causing me to start all over with an existing/old problem.

    What I’ve found out that AT&T NEVER leaves a paper trail in the consumers hands of a problem/issue being worked on nor what it was about and specially ever being resolved. Therefore, as most of you all ready know, that the same problem or new problem that AT&T creates shows up and you have no proof of what was discussed earlier to resolve the problem.

    This just leaves you more frustrated only to start all over working on the same problem/issue and/or sometimes a new problem that AT&T created (and a bigger bill) with new representative.

    I thought in the beginning I was the only one going through this. I just couldn’t understand why my problem wasn’t being resolved even when the representative said they fixed it. It would always come back NOT fixed. Just as if I never had spoken to them. A friend of mine, I’ve since talked too, had somewhat the same problem with AT&T. He told me to check out the internet on AT&T and the problems others are having. It’s simple to find out… just GOOGLE “AT&T problems” and later try “AT&T complaints” and see it for yourself. I couldn’t believe it! AT&T is a scamming company… And how they do it while just staying within the law is that they never leave a paper trail in the consumer’s hands. Therefore, we are back to “he said, she said”. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist… AT&T is infact slick…

    To recap:
    AT&T doesn’t allow the consumer a paper trail to show proof of anything. It’s left to a “consumer said, AT&T said… With no proof, AT&T knows they will win most of the time. This is why you will notice that they can add other things to your bill that you didn’t order to jack up the cost and add money to AT&T coffers.

    You can never speak to the same representative that supposedly fixed the problem. You always have to start over with a new representative. I believe this is a tactic use by AT&T to wear the consumer down so that he or she won’t fight anymore with AT&T and just except the problem and sometimes pay the larger bill.

    You will never receive confirmation of a problem/issue in detail being worked on nor exactly what was to be fixed in detail or that it was resolved via an email, mail, etc. Therefore that leaves you without proof. I had received a reference number but I’ve found out later that they change some of the information on it from time to time. It’s all computer driven leaving you (the consumer) with a leg to stand on when trying to get them to admit to ANYTHING! It’s rigged from the start!

    I would love to take AT&T to court, but I don’t have anything in writing from what I agreed to when first starting up my service with AT&T. I’ve seen enough court shows to indicate that if you don’t have anything in writing, you WILL lose your case. Once again, AT&T wins (though deception) and the consumer loses…

    The best way to kill a snake is to cut off the head. AT&T’s head is MONEY… Therefore, it’s up to us to go to cable, satellite, etc services anything AT&T doesn’t have its greedy hands in. There are a lot of services out there to replace AT&T. I’ve change services and it’s been great! No more problems :)

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harassing calls

I have been receiving calls from AT&T for 5 months about a bill. I do not have service with AT&T. Someone...